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  1. I would guess: " most likely to cry for every little thing" and "most likely to be homeless"
  2. most likely to complain about a thread being terrible @OrtonToOlsen
  3. And a traitorous president giving American enemies classified information DIRECTLY to our enemies. Neither is right but when you have a president who is a puppet of the Russians stuff like what you are complaining about is going to happen.
  4. I would be happy as a lark if He appointed Kasich and then somehow it came out that Pence was sufficiently tangled in this mess that he has to resign as well. I bet there is a small patriotic part of John Kasich that wishs he had become Trumps VP in the first place. I bet he would have weathered several months of Trumps unraveling and helped start the healing between the left and the right. Might be wishful thinking but I can hope.
  5. Yeah kinda like that lol....
  6. article says 18,000 jobs in the US vs 450 in SA..... Im not sure how much assembling you can do with 450 people. Maybe it was more along the lines of assembling the group of helicopters....IE maybe building new hangars and such to accomodate them. Article also talks about maintenance...maybe that is part of the 450. I have bigger issues with this than 450 new Saudi jobs...no matter what they are doing. edit to add I misread....article says 450 Saudi jobs .....and more than 18,000 jobs in the US and thousands of Saudi jobs eventually..... Still highly doubt these blackhawks are being wholey assembed in SA with only 450 workers (and no new ones in the US)
  7. This just in...water is still wet.... The handwriting was on the wall when he asked for Immunity and didnt get it.
  8. For those who are suggesting this isnt possible: what of their very few PUBLIC appearances leads you to believe they are a happy couple? I mean From what I could tell it sure didnt seem like Melania was happy at the swearing in ceremony. ....its not like we can judge their behind closed doors time they spend in the whitehouse...errrr....wait.... not that either. Not sure why people would find this so far fetched.
  9. Nice response. Now go forth and sin no more.
  10. How about the President stop doing negative things at such an alarming rate so that the NYT doesnt have so much negative articles to report? Perhaps the President and those around him should dial back all the idiotic and in some cases potentially/ proven illegal things they do? .... How about our President is the equivalent to Myspace who seems to damage himself and our country every chance he gets and its tough for those of us who are paying attention to ever see him ever doing 100x better? Our country is damaged ....and its time to do damage control by getting a new President/ White House staff. Time to clean house and start over. It is time for facebook.
  11. Might be time to get the debate sniffles !!! He had amazing energy on the campaign trail.
  12. Yes,,,,read downa few tweets and she explicitly answers this.
  13. So you have no complaint with the accuracy just that they are reporting it? Isn't that their job?
  14. oooffff so close and yet so far....hey but its not pizza gate and civil war...... but youre getting warmer.