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  1. It depends........ It depends on how deep you normally draft. Do you draft a ton of flyers hoping one strikes gold or do you draft steady and take the best proven players you can find? If you are the former this strategy might not be for you....if the latter it can work. It depends... is your league full of sharks? a mixture? guppy central? The better your leaguemates are at this the less likely you are to be able to pull this off...... It depends..... how many teams make the playoffs? If only 4 teams make the playoffs its much harder than if 8 teams make the playoffs...... Put all together: I did this one year in a rather new league where 8 teams make the playoffs.....worked like a charm and I won the championship....... being the smart guy that I am I tried it again last year..... the league has gotten much MUCH harder over the years...... and I failed to make the playoffs. Its not about the individual players involved...its all about the league.
  2. Starting to remind me of Percy Harvin and all his headaches
  3. I am SERIOUSLY set to draft my first qb round 10 or later.... And here is the kicker....does it really matter all that much who it is? ...... Why do I say that: We all (everybody who is paying attention anyway) know that the QB position is even deeper than it has ever been. What does that mean? It means good (fantasy) quarterbacks are a dime a dozen. So are these dime a dozen QBs all the sudden going to have outstanding value once the year starts? I really dont see that happening supply and demand being what it is. Not unless there are injury issues of epic proportion. What I mean by does it really matter who it is is that given the current value of the QB pool is such that there will be so many great choices on the waiver wire weekly that you could easily do very very well just picking up QB's off the waiver wire each week and do very very well. Dont have the stomach for that? Fine...Supply and demand is STILL what it is....trade for one. Sure there will be people that try to hold you randsome but those people who overvalue what they THINK they have, will play hell moving them for anything like the value they think they have. I saw it starting a few years ago..... its gotten more and more obvious. Does it really matter what QB you draft? Not nearly as much in the past.
  4. Yeah the after game discussion is kind of disappointing to those of us who fought so hard for the draw.
  6. I thought this was going to be about Ralph Nader running for president again. So disappointing....carry on.
  7. Presidents approval rates always go up at a time of war. Those are meaningless. The 3rd lowest not so much..... Bush was the worst president in my lifetime and its not even close. So the answer is no.
  8. The game has been going on over a month...No need to get in a hurry now. That quick a move lets him know he did what you wanted him to do.
  9. SWEEP THE LEG !!!!
  10. I got one in the mail today. I'm in Kentucky. Interestingly enough the attorney must be just mass mailing the entire customer database since I got one and haven't played in a Phenoms league for the last 2 years.
  11. He is being reported as out by NFL medias Albert Breer in a story on NFL.com written by Kevin Patra. (front page of NFL.COM)
  12. This. This times 2 .... If a fumble out of bounds just before the goal line and through the endzone results in a change of possession then to be consistent every fumble out of bounds should result in a change of possession where it went out at. This penalty is far too punitive in comparison to similar fumbles on any other point on the field.
  13. Thanks Sig..PPRleague where I THINK I have the best team. .ive got shady. lamar miller, latavius murray, andre williams, and toby gerhart...need 2. Ive had Gerhart in and out of my lineup 3 times. In the 10 second primer between the 3 of you you have all 5 of them selected with only Murray listed as a repeat. HELPPPPP!!!! Im not usually this confused as it seems like drawing names out of the hat might be the best option?
  14. Comes down to Giants vs Chiefs for me. Both have very similar points n the year. Here is what sways it for me!!!!! 7 and 8 sacks for the Gmen in their last 2 games vs lousy teams..... 5,6,5,6,7 Sacks given up by Washington (a lousy team) in its last 5 games. It will shock me if the giants dont have at least 5 sacks...thats a heck of a start towards a double digit total for the week even without a touchdown they should get 10 or more points.
  15. I would look elsewhere even if he is active