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  1. I find this akin to Hillary calling Trump supporters deplorables. They were both unforced errors that can do nothing but lose votes in the next election.
  2. Ive got no sour grapes towards the winners because those are the same types of lineups that normally have no shot at anything that we usually take advantage of having no chance in these contests.
  3. Congrats to the winners...... I finished 41st which was my best finish ever. I even had a brain fart and took 4 eagles and still did well...
  4. Somebody please post Lawrence Tribes response to Dershowitz the flip flopper who has the audacity to call Tribe out for flip flopping on the same issue that Dersh has flip flopped on. Ir should be gold Jerry gold!!!
  5. Sounds like I would have had a great shot at this if there was many more entries and a decent 1st round cut. I have 10 players left and with Derrich henry and Kelce/mahommes I would have sailed through to the final while alot of these teams at the top would have been eliminated
  6. Bowden is not a triple threat. How he got away with playing almost a year as a running back from the QB position and doing it so well is definitely a testament to his physical skills however (and also Kentuckys offensive line was great)
  7. Did you read what I wrote? I said I watched all of his and Cobbs games. He is a good college Wr..... If he gets in the right position he could stick in the NFL... if not he will be training camp fodder like so many other college players who put up 4/79/1 against florida or 5/ 84 against Penn State......or the only game he has had that really stands out 13/166 against a mediocre Missouri team. He is fine as a sleeper pick but the only real thing that stood out to me as a player was what he did last year playing running back from the QB position and that ISNT something he is going to do in the NFL.
  8. This is such a great matchup. Defense wins championships and SF has the better defense. KCs offense is great so SF wont shut them down. Im calling it 31-28 SF!!!
  9. Any time you use stats against Louisville 2018 as proof a player is good you lose all credibility because you KNOW by the end of the year that team had given up and Petrino had been even fired for quitting on the team. Plenty of players who suck and will never amount to anything on the football field ever again put up stats against Louisville. If I remember correctly they ended up dead (or damn near it) last in defense in 2018. Having said all that the kid has talent but he will have to show me something in the NFL before I would say he is a better version of Cobb. (and yes Ive watched all of their games in college as well) Not sure why he is being compared to Cobb anyway? Cobb actually did play QB his freshman year whereas Bowden played runningback in the qb position this year.
  10. He is a player for sure but lets not act like he played in the SEC division that actually plays SEC football. Aside from a close loss to Florida they played Georgia and didnt score a point.......and the rest of that diivision isnt even Big 12 or ACC level competition.
  11. Jackson is a very quiet kid and about as opposite of lebron/kobe as you can get. Not sure where you are getting your take on him but its way way off base. Just because the kid can do things with his legs that no other QB has been able to do doesnt make him someone who wants the spotlight. Can that change with fame? Sure its possible , but again having watched him at Louisville and knowing a few people here who actually know him I can honestly say Ive never heard a single peep describing him the way you describe him. Having said that right now I would also take Mahomes. He can do things with the ball that other QBs just cant do. Not that Mahomes doesnt have upside but I do think Lamar has more upside. I understand Lamar comes with more risk with his running but for someone who runs as much as he does he takes very few hard hits because he is so shifty. I watched a video compilation of all of his TDs at louisville (and I recognize thats not the same thing as the NFL) but it amazed me how FEW legitimate shots the other team got on him compared to all the tds.....I watched most of the Ravens games this year and compared to other running quarterbacks again he seemed to take very few hard hits.
  12. If somebody good at this tool could check out my team and see if I have a chance? or at least a chance at a prize I would be greatful......entry 100238 5 Niners and 5 Chiefs....both qbs but no Hill for KC.....
  13. yeah Hou got away with one on that. Highly doubt Hill knows where he is at right now.
  14. In calcomatic what does match mean? Some of my players that have already played has an X in that category and some dont.....and the same with players who play tomorrow? Also my score adds up to be in the 70s yet calcomatic is listing it as 57.7. Having trouble making heads or tales out of this.