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  1. Carson RB Seatle carted off...Looked horrible. Doubt he plays again this year.
  2. Trump will take credit for bringing it back even though he has nothing to do with it.....then a month later it will be cancelled again. Did I integrate it into the political forum correctly?
  3. Sounds like a fun Friday thread.....and it IS Friday you know !!!
  4. I watched every apprentice and loved the show.....except for the very beginning when the thought of an outsider becoming president appealed to me. I never considered voting for Trump after he opened his mouth and spoke. I may be the exception to the rule though. Your theory may have some merit.
  5. I've followed politics for my entire life and have never been in such a depressive funk like I was after the election. The people I have supported have won and lost but I've never questioned why....until Trump. I know there were many factors that were at play during the election but I still, to this day, cant fathom totally how we got here. I DO know that during the republican debates and speeches (and later the presidential debates) I spent considerable time thinking. Why are these people wallowing in the mud with Trump instead of hitting him repeatedly with the issues...over and over until it finally sunk in that he hadn't a clue about pretty much anything except self promotion and denigrating others. Any attempt to delve into issues invariably showed that he didn't have even a rudimentary grasp of the issues. I so wished we had elected John Kasich.....or at least Kasich had held his nose and accepted the VP nomination for the sake of the country.
  6. You don't qualify to apply Your score: 13 Minimum score: 30 apparently poor disabled people over 50 are a yuge threat!
  7. He can do it on a golf course in a moving golf cart whilst doing brodies on the green. I;ve seen him say it!!!!! Jail cell would be a piece of cake for him. I bet he would even be allowed to tweet for our enjoyment!!!!
  8. The secret service wouldn't give him up easily (without the okie dokie from the head cheese) but getting arrested isn't a threat. Now I'm sure they could probably arrange for jail cells on either side of Trump to protect him just in case Barney Fife gets an itchy trigger finger and decides to put the country out its misery. How sad for our country is Trump that we are even having this discussion?
  9. Succinct and to the point as always. Welcome back Bob
  10. Ken Starr This from a guy who started investigating Vince Foster and Whitewater and ended up at who was doing who in the oval office. If anybody knows about fishing expeditions Ken Star would be the guy. If only he had "fished" a little more at Baylor perhaps he wouldn't have been fired leaving behind a disgraceful culture where rape is swept under the rug. If Mueller has found any evidence that leads him to believe that the Trump administration MAY have colluded with Russia the next logical step would be to investigate reasons that might be true... which leads you to the money. Follow the money. Trying to determine whether Trump or his merry band of cohorts who seemingly all had Russian ties had a financial reason for colluding isnt even close to a fishing expedition.
  11. He had yellow eyes......yellow eyes!.....so help me God YELLOW EYES!!!!
  12. Such a great poem. If only I could live up to even a small part of it (and I hope I have) ,,,,,,,,I feel good about where I have come from and where I'm at as a person. So thanks for this.
  13. So whats up with almost 40% say hell yes to the tomatoey sugary greatness on a dog....and another 28% say maybe....indicating the willingness to admit grudgingly that its good (at least in limited situations) Yet the vast majority of the thread posts are either negative towards this condiment greatness or people afraid to come out of the proverbial Ketchup closet. I say...stand up fellow ketchuponhotdogsaholics!!!! The can take my Ketchup bottle when they pry if from my cold dead fingers! !!!
  14. Ketchup is a hell of a condiment !!!!!
  15. Its even more than the public trust though. This idiot framed someone whom I guess he assumed was a criminal, and in an effort to MAKE SURE he went down, has now effectively freed a bunch of other criminals because the evidence this particular group of 3 officers now cannot be trusted. It would take alot of coincidence for them to have framed everybody they arrested and anybody who was a legitimate criminal now has grounds to appeal their convictions. Well done idiots.