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  1. It doesnt look ok at all.....could you please UN Update it? I made the cut last week but this week is looking prett rough, 😢😁😁😁
  2. Is calcomatic working for anone else? Still showing last weeks score for me.
  3. Trump thought he was debating the my pillow guy for christ sake ????
  4. I was done last week if not for a monster game from CEH. I figure at this point Im playing with house money. I sure could use a goedert miracle (thats not happening) though.
  5. Trump did well.....Joe did well enough. Joes biggest mistake was he kept answering Trumps questions. He should have pivoted away from anything Trump wanted an answer to to the questions THE MODERATOR was asking.
  6. I say 70-79....if he can make it through the debate without coming off as a babbling fool that goes up to 80-89
  7. I used to listen to rush every day when he was more of a comedian than a hard core political guy. When he started taking himself seriously (or I did one ??) It was time to stop listening. Still dont want to see the guy suffer. Cancer sucks.
  8. o used KC,Dallas,AZ,seattle,baltimore,miami d used buff,tenn,cleveland,rams, AZ, Indy offense Atlanta defense philly
  9. 12 team league....traded freeman and tee higgins for cooper kupp and ekler.....He needed rbs bad and I have the luxury of waiting on ekler to heal.
  10. I think its safe to assume those 2 missing Cornerbacks probably made a difference today. 😁
  11. Thanks for the response. Im not so much concerned about IDP (Im in team special teams/defense leagues) as I am information about injuries and how they are apt to affect m players performances. For example: Minn today has 2 cornerbacks inactive. Ive got Matt Ryan plaing against them. He has been lousy for the last 2 weeks. Information Im looking for is does somebody write a column somewhere that sas either: these 2 CBs being out doesnt really affect Ryan that much because they are really just scrubs who dont pla much anway OR these are there 2 starting CBs and both are top 20 CBs in the league and having them both out means their backups who are horrible will be forced to play making Ryan a much better start than he otherwise would have been. Information like that would be invaluable to lineup decissions. There must be somebody somewhere who specializes in this soort of analsis.....not IDP but rather injury situations that may have an affect on start/sit decisions.
  12. Im a seasoned vet of FF but recentl realized Ive probably been making lineup decisions without complete information. Here is the thing. Ive never plaed IDP and except for a few players here and there couldnt tell you which defensive players (or offesive lineman for that matter) REALLY make a difference in how my offensive players are about to perform when they are out injured. For example: a team is without a safety and a cornerback for the upcoming game. Well except for a select few players I dont know them from adam to decide if my wide receiver has a better matchup or not because those 2 players are out. I mean they could be scrubs who dont even play for all I know. Best I can do is see Joe Schmo cornerback is injured which is pretty much meaningless unless I know good old joe is Indys best corner who alwas covers the other teams best WR. My question is: Where do you gus go to get that sort of info to take your lineup decisions to the next level? Other than a blurb here or there that says team X will be without their best 2 linebackers this week which should make it easier to run on an already bad defense. stuff like that...I really dont know where to get that info without doing a ton of in depth research. So where do those of you that take this sort of information go for that information? Like are there articles written each week on injuries to take advantage of game by game? If there are concise articles on FBG I havent seen them (yes Im a subscriber) If its free info/ articles written each week on other sites Id love to know about that as well. Just seems like since injuries to our players opponents is a big part of how my guys will perform and Im not doing nearly as good a job as I could be taking that into account.
  13. o used KC,Dallas,AZ,seattle,baltimore d used buff,tenn,cleveland,rams, AZ Week 6 O miami D INDY
  14. 2 states.....Michigan and Virginia....but whos counting.
  15. I saw a republican pollster speculate that he thinks alot of that shift has to do with democrats who voted Trump last time registering as republublicans. If so he suggested that its not as big of a deal than it seems because its not a shift in actual votes...just party afiliation.