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  1. Am I missing something, but in past weeks there was an option for DraftKings Sunday early only games. This week there is not?
  2. Debating who to start this week, Jameis Winston or Alex Smith? I also have Travis Kelce as my TE. Opposing person has Kareem Hunt.
  3. I got the same notification, and am confused too. Said week 11 points will count toward week 1.
  4. Now I am really confused. Do I start L. Murray or Dion Lewis? Murray is going to have a tough game against the Jets run defense.
  5. I am in the same boat. Think I am going to start L. Murray ahead of him, though I may change my mind last minute tonight. Luckily starting my other RB is a no brainer---D. Freeman!!!
  6. Everywhere seems to say start Olsen over himthis week. But after leaving Eifert and all his points on the bench last week I think I am going to take a chance and leave Olsen on the bench. I should probably trade one of them to improve my weakness in rb's.