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  1. Debating who to start this week, Jameis Winston or Alex Smith? I also have Travis Kelce as my TE. Opposing person has Kareem Hunt.
  2. I got the same notification, and am confused too. Said week 11 points will count toward week 1.
  3. Now I am really confused. Do I start L. Murray or Dion Lewis? Murray is going to have a tough game against the Jets run defense.
  4. I am in the same boat. Think I am going to start L. Murray ahead of him, though I may change my mind last minute tonight. Luckily starting my other RB is a no brainer---D. Freeman!!!
  5. Everywhere seems to say start Olsen over himthis week. But after leaving Eifert and all his points on the bench last week I think I am going to take a chance and leave Olsen on the bench. I should probably trade one of them to improve my weakness in rb's.