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  1. As a local GB fan I would go with with Jesse James. Cooks is very tempting but so far GB hasn't figured out how to use him right (a la Graham in Seattle) and is sharing catches with Richard Rodgers. Cooks is probably going to go off a time or two, but good luck figuring out when. Jesse James is a good pick b/c of high octane offense, has caught nearly everything so far, has literally been on the field for all offensive snaps for the first two weeks, and Big Ben knows how to use him. Definitely James in this situation.
  2. Fair points as well Pigskin, especially since Ware should be involved even if they are playing from behind. They straight up sent him out on routes and targeted him in WK1. Good point about Diggs, pure volume and a mind meld with Bradford plus his after the catch ability could lead to a decent a tough call for sure. I'd still lean Shepard but see no fault in starting Ware or Diggs.
  3. I would go Shepard vs Wash. Norman going to following ODBJ all over so leaves juicy match-ups for Shepard and Cruz in a rivalry game....yes please. Ware is tempting but a tougher matchup, Dorsett will do ok but not as high a ceiling, and Diggs could get held in check since no run game to speak of and CAR defense a lot better than GB's.
  4. I would go for it, Foster no guarantee to ever be/stay fully healthy and no one else to really compete with Ajayi for the back up role. Plus lots of offseason hype for Ajayi before the late signing of Foster.
  5. Blount for sure and I would lean towards Pitta in this ppr league, Thomas is more TD dependent and Flacco is a savvy enough quarterback to support Wallace, Smith, and Pitta as fantasy relevant. Plus the organization was willing to hang on to Pitta all this time so you know they love him.
  6. I've always believed in/had success with going after kickers that are high potent offenses as long as the kicker doesn't suck. This is a close one but I would go with Cat over Bailey because over the course of a season he is going to have more attempts at the plate so to speak than Bailey.
  7. I would do Maclin straight up for DeAngelo. Gotta keep Benjamin.
  8. Having some difficulty deciding which 3 (2 rb and my flex spot) rb's to start out of these 5. Standard League non-ppr scoring. Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, Mark Ingram, Spencer Ware, Christine Michael. Currently leaning towards Gordon, Gurley, and Ingram but having a hard time justifying leaving Ware on my bench. Any thoughts appreciated.
  9. agreed I would keep Ware and destroy people with him in your lineup as a stud flex play. He shouldn't go away even when/if Charles gets back.
  10. I also am a Allen owner and thinking about looking for a trade in my league. Who do you have on your roster and what are your starting line ups like (1qb, 2rb 3 wr and a flex for example). I ended up getting Josh Gordan late in my draft so I think I'm going to try and stick it out until he gets back and pray he returns to form. It all depends on your league and roster.
  11. Agreed with everyone above. Keep Bell. Especially since he got downgraded in the substance abuse process, was just one more toke away from season long ban, no longer the case after his appeal.