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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Garoppolo is just an above average QB?
  2. Top 5 QB is where I think most of the disagreement in here and in the league is. I personally don't see him ever being a top 5 QB. Not talking about FFL here....
  3. no love for Josh Reynolds with Cooks out this week? I need to pick up a waiver free agent and have to decide in a PPR between Josh Reynolds and Ted Ginn....
  4. Take a chill pill buddy. It's a forum to discuss anything FFL related so why not a topic about people sharing their losing team while in theory a great line up. You seem to have some anger issues, therapy maybe?
  5. Yeah, gonna be toilet bowl for me this year....and eyes on next year. The weird thing too this year is when I look at the top teams in my leagues, a lot of them are really not that good. It's been such an injury plague year for many, the top teams this year are often the ones who got through the weeks without injuries. I feel it's every year that way but for some reasons, I find this year to be brutal overall.
  6. 12 team Dynasty league, PPR. I'm on pace to be 2-7 while I was one of the favorites at the start of the season. Brees, David Johnson, S. Barkley, Juju, Thielen, Davante Adams, Ertz. Looking at this team before week one, I was feeling pretty good. 2-7 later, not so much.
  7. he needs to spend less time on social media and more time focusing on his job.
  8. I dropped him as well in redraft and holding onto DJ. I think at this point, DJ might be closer to play than Edmonds. Who knows.
  9. If you are looking for a WR with potential upside, Amendola. Tons of targets the past two weeks in a pass happy offense.
  10. Nice matchup against the texans indoor.....he's still a question mark...but i am thinking of putting him my lineup in PPR instead if Derrick Henry. Tough one to decide but Williams injury is mostly about pain management so how long he will play could be depending on how much pain he can take.
  11. Williams should play and in a PPR...i am thinking playing him over Derrick Henry who's facing a tough TB front 7. Whatcha think? I will answer your question as well. Thanks
  12. Telling you what's gonna happen because that's about the way me season is going with Juju, Thielen, DJ and Co.... Last week, DJ is game time, I started him, Edmonds on my bench. This week, gonna start Edmonds, DJ on my bench and DJ will go off.....LOL....tough season this I need a drink.
  13. My bench...Brees, AJ Green, Thielen, Ty Williams. I'm running out of options so in a PPR against a weak Redskins team, at home, I'm thinking Cousins will want to give a sweet ### whooping and therefore throw the ball like he's been doing the past 3 weeks. Wishful thinking.
  14. Would you guys trust his replacement this week in PPR?