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  1. Sasgaard

    Dynasty: Mixon and ABrown for Bell and AJ Green?

    Right now, as of today, I would do that deal for sure.....then looking back next year, you might think it was horrible. It all depends where Bell ends up next year. Since we don't have a crystal ball, I would do the deal but you might not get the better end of the stick once you know where Bell goes next year. Who knows.
  2. Sasgaard

    Duplicate - please delete

    I have him and he's won me a couple of weeks on his own already. Love the guy in PPR.
  3. Sasgaard

    trade assistance

    to add to my comment, anything less than Woods/Hunt for Kamara is not worth it for you. You are not bettering (if that's even a your team if you get Landry. In a 10 teamer, I guarantee you there is a bunch of better WRs than Landry even on the waiver wire. Landry is not a starter in a 10 teamer unless you guys start a lot of players. You gotta go for Hunt, that's a gimme. I would throw a counter like Kamara and a lesser WR from your team for Woods/Hunt. That I would understand the deal and it would make your team better.
  4. Sasgaard

    trade assistance

    based on your team, I don't like this trade at all. It's not that it's an unfair trade...not at's more that I really don't see how this trade helps you while losing Kamara in a PPR league.
  5. he's listed as active....he should have normal workload. I think they were just resting his knee injured in pre-season
  6. Sasgaard

    Pick one running back

    I'd say it depends what you feel you will need. If you need 10pts or so, go Ekeler because of all of these guys, he's the safer bet in PPR....He has had at least 10pts every game so far so if you feel you won't need tons of points, play it safe with Ekeler. If you need a boom or bust type of guy, I would go with Lindsay or Drake. Prolly Lindsay.
  7. Sasgaard

    Dalton or Luck?

    Leaning towards Luck on this one. Dalton has a history of not doing well against the Pitt D.
  8. Sasgaard

    Goff or Winston

    I am against most here if it snows. If it's brainer for me..Winston in a dome against a horrible pass defense.
  9. Sasgaard

    Aaron Jones or Chris Henry?

    I am actually thinking of dropping enunwa and keep both. I can't push myself to start a jets WR so i will stash henry and jones on my bench hoping one of them gets out of the funk...
  10. Sasgaard

    Aaron Jones or Chris Henry?

    Yeah sorry, I was on the phone talking to my buddy Chris when I writing this, my little brain couldn't separate both things and Derrick Henry became Chris Thanks guys
  11. Sasgaard

    Aaron Jones or Chris Henry?

    In a redraft PPR....who would you prefer having ROS? Chris Henry or Aaron Jones? Both underachieving RBs.
  12. Kirk somehow is still in waivers in my league. I'm thinking about dropping Chris Henry for him. It's a PPR redraft. I have the feeling that the minute I'm dropping Henry, he will go off but Kirk looks pretty good and seems to have a good connection with Rosen. Not sure on that one.
  13. You really think Bridgewater is the solution? Really? Sorry but I can't agree to this. They grabbed him fir a shirt term solution in case brees gets hurt but no way Bridgewater is the long term replacement. At least I hope nit.
  14. Definitely not talking about Bridgewater....Talking about Hill....he's 28 but only 2 years in. I think he will get groomed by Brees and could become really good in this offense once Brees is gone. I know, it's a big assumption and a bit of a stretch...but I like the guy.
  15. Good comment here but looks like the Saints are very high on Brees replacement. The kid looks good and if you look at his skills set, he's a mini-Brees. A bit bigger but very mobile and accurate. I think the Saints are doing the right thing by keeping him while Brees plays. Brees is a good mentor and teacher and the kid has some good weapons. I think he could be a stud once Brees retires assuming he stays in NO.