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  1. Jones has been in only 2 drives in the first half and mustarded 7 yards....unreal
  2. Burkhead on next drive, 3 carries, and 3 and out for the Pats....that guys is just not that good...I don't get it...
  3. yeah but since Michel doesn't really get any looks on passes, he needs TDs to be a viable remove the TDs from Michel, he's not a great option
  4. third TD is two weeks from Develin...this really blows for Michel's owners....
  5. because of QB issue, I actually would go with Ware on this one. I would play the RB in a big offense instead of the RB with a questionable QB. here is mine
  6. brainer here...Watson. here is mine
  7. I'm leaving Jackson out of those 3 as I need to start 2 ( I lost Gordon and OBJ), Michel, Ekeler and Jackson. But honestly, not feeling great about it. I also think that Chargers go up big early and therefore we will see a lot of Jackson. Leaving him on my bench might piss me off
  8. Yeah, I'm really struggling with this one this week because I lost Gordon and OBJ and I gotta chose between of the two and it scaring me....I'm starting ekeler but my gut feeling tells me Jackson is going to be the best of the two...he's just a more natural runner than Ekeler. I think Jackson ends up with more points than Ekeler even in PPR but the safest play is ekeler....tough one though.
  9. yeah, just saw that as well, might make Jackson the best RB this weekend. If the Chargers are ahead fast, we might see a lot of Jackson this week.
  10. PPR league and just lost OBJ with out of the blue injury so now, I got both RBs from the Chargers, Ekeler and Jackson, and Sony Michel on the Pats. Need two from these 3. Michel scares me with now Burkhead and White. Last week, he was in and out on a lot of plays...I'm thinking starting both Chargers. Any thoughts appreciated please. thanks in advance. I'll answer your questions back if you have some.
  11. Tough one for me this week because I got both but only have to start one. It's a PPR so most likely gonna start Ekeler but man, I think it's really close between the two and it depends on Ekeler's success early on. If he struggles on his first few carries, I think we are going to see a whole lot of Jackson.... Ekeler is just not an every down back....Jackson fits the job better.
  12. Discuss Your needs tonight. Personally, I'm down by 12.8 pts and I have Ertz going tonight. PPR league so I like my chances. Would be a huge win for me without Gordon injured and Michel a non-factor. Would be nice if I could get those points fast so I can go to bed early, I'm really tired....long day today. Good luck everyone.
  13. nevermind....I guess he didn't do anything for 2 1/2
  14. Did something happened to A. Jones? he hasn't recorded even a yard since the end of the first quarter. Is he injured?