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  1. JAK Straw

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I own him in a 16 man full IDP league, and wouldn't trade him for any less. If he starts the season healthy and puts up some numbers like his starting stretch last year, his value only goes up IMO, so I'm not especially incented to trade him.
  2. JAK Straw

    JPP is a BUC... wOT!?!?

    I suspect the Giants are simply reordering their salary allocation priorities. There was arguably too much money tied up on the D-Line and not enough at other positions (such as LB), especially if you're changing scheme to one that doesn't rely as much on the down linemen to generate a pass rush. Having traded for Ogletree, someone had to go; note their recent signing of Josh Mauro and re-signing of Kerry Wynn, two guys who fit better with the 3-4 (and are a lot cheaper).
  3. This article mentions that Shurmur is hiring Jack Del Rio as DC. First I've heard, can anyone else confirm?
  4. I'm encouraged
  5. If Burress doesn't shoot himself, they probably/likely win the SB that year. They were far and away the best team in the league before the shooting. Does that make a dynasty? Dunno, but success can often breed success.
  6. JAK Straw

    LB to DE - projecting 2018

    How about Arizona? Arians is retiring, does the next coach keep the 3-4 or might we see a 4-3? Steve Wilks is a candidate for the job, and he ran the 4-3 in Carolina? Might Chandler Jones finally get back on the DL?
  7. Here's a thought, what if Gettleman waits to see what opportunities arise and THEN decides whether to draft a QB or trade down? The MO for this team has been decide way in advance for every single move, telegraph it to every other team so they can pick you off/trade up ahead of you. It's time for a little bit of deception and keeping cards close to the vest for a change. The same mentality has often infected play calling over the years. Why is it so hard for the Giants to surprise their opponents? Is it the way ownership sees the world that influences the decision-making up and down the organization?
  8. JAK Straw

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    Starting them both
  9. It has been Josh Gordon for a long time. Perhaps that will change now, but maybe not.
  10. Another long-time subscriber. It's always been an easy decision as the content was very worth the price. This year like many others I'm considering alternatives; I may resubscribe but haven't made a decision yet. I'm going to give two instances of my unhappiness from 2016, not to say FBGs are terrible, but because you're asking for feedback. I want to comment specifically on the often used explanation for lack of content, delayed timing etc., that the authors have other jobs and so don't always complete their assignments on time. This explanation has always been a problem for me. You guys are charging a price for the service. As with any business, I really only care about getting what I pay for, its really not my problem as to how you produce it. If you have over-promised then you need to cut back to what you can reliably produce. If I said I'd pay you weekly, and then didn't get around to it sometimes because I had other things going on, that wouldn't be acceptable to you. Having been here pretty much since the beginning, that was ok back then when your content stood out for insight and the fantasy business was a lot smaller. These days the industry is huge, there are much better competitors and frankly you charge a lot more than you once did. It's insulting and unprofessional to say you're too busy with day jobs to provide what we paid for. Please stop using this lame excuse. If you need to hire more people, even full-time employees, to be able to complete promised content, I would expect you to do so. I also want to offer a specific example that hasn't been mentioned yet, David's Game Predictor. I've been using it as a basic building block of my weekly prep for a long time. Originally it was out Tuesday, usually by mid-afternoon. It started slipping to Wednesday, then in 2015 I got to Thursday and still didn't see it I think two different weeks. Both times I posted on the forum and the content was submitted almost immediately afterwards, as if it had been long completed but overlooked. Last year I'm not sure it was ever posted before Thursday. My posts asking for updated were totally ignored. I'm not sure why you think a feature called Game Predictor can be usefully posted after the first game of the week starts, but that is in fact what happened often. It was a combination of both the poor timing, AND the lack of response that I found so frustrating. Like others have noted, 2016 seemed to mark a substantial change in the level of service. Thanks for listening. I hope FBG is successful at regrouping and returning to former levels of service.
  11. JAK Straw

    FBG Dynasty Rankings?

    I won't be surprised if FBG announces in the off offseason that they are completely revamping and dropping coverage of many subjects including dynasty. They clearly don't have the staffing to handle these areas any more.
  12. JAK Straw

    Game Predictor

    It would be nice if I even got a response. I'm trying really hard to be respectful here, but not feeling like I am receiving any.
  13. JAK Straw

    Game Predictor

    Another week, and once again this feature isn't posted. Why don't you rename it Game Recap if its not available before the games actually begin? This is a blatant disregard for a paying customer. Have you guys just stopped caring?
  14. JAK Straw

    Game Predictor

    At the risk of being repetitive, this week's version not posted. Can someone please do so?
  15. JAK Straw

    Game Predictor

    When is this week's version expected to be available? This feature is normally posted on Wednesday. Is there a specific problem causing the delay? Thanks.