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  1. O.J. Howard played 43 snaps (65%) and Cameron Brate only played 24 snaps (36%) in week one. Howard had 2 targets, 2 catches, and 54 yards receiving. Brate had 2 targets, 0 catches, and 0 yards receiving. I'm trying to find statistics on "routes run" but haven't had any luck yet. Either way I think Howard playing almost twice the snaps and being infintely more productive in week 1 is notable. If DeSean Jackson is out (now looking like he may have participated in practice in some fashion), I could see the Bucs using Howard more as a vertical threat. If he has another good game he'll likely become a pretty hot commodity...
  2. This. Even better than emailing around a spreadsheet...use a Google Sheet that updates live and auto-saves, plus you have a full revision history so if something gets messed up you can restore an older version of the document. Everyone can access it through Google Drive simultaneously.
  3. I agree, but Zyphros said Hamilton would be #2 when DT OR Sanders were cut... If it's one or the other, I'd expect Sutton to be the #2. Not a given, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
  4. 10 team, 0.5 PPR. start 2 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, TE, W/R/T, W/R/T 1.01 - Saquon Barkley 1.02 - Derrius Guice 1.03 - Rashad Penny 1.04 - Sony Michel 1.05 - Ronald Jones 1.06 - Baker Mayfield 1.07 - Nick Chubb 1.08 - D.J. Moore (me) 1.09 - Royce Freeman 1.10 - Kerryon Johnson 2.01 - Josh Rosen 2.02 - Lamar Jackson 2.03 - Calvin Ridley 2.04 - Sam Darnold 2.05 - Christian Kirk 2.06 - Michael Gallup 2.07 - Anthony Miller 2.08 - Courtland Sutton (me) 2.09 - James Washington 2.10 - Josh Allen 3.01 - Mike Gesicki 3.02 - Dante Pettis 3.03 - Hayden Hurst 3.04 - Nyheim Hines 3.05 - John Kelly 3.06 - Tre-Quan Smith 3.07 - Kalen Ballage 3.08 - Antonio Calloway (me) 3.09 - Keke Coutee 3.10 - Mark Andrews
  5. Whether he deserves to be fired or not, or whether he will be fired or not, I don't think there's 30 other NFL teams lining up for his services. It's widely understood that he's clueless in game, and he has underachieved considering the talent he's had to work with.
  6. 10 tackles (6 solo, 4 assists) and a sack for Te'o against Minnesota in the divisional round. Is there any buzz about him in New Orleans? Seems like he really stepped up at the end of the season.
  7. Thanks for clarifying the purpose of this post.
  8. my league is big play. TFL are +2 points. PDs are also worth +2. the last 4 weeks Te'o has put up 17.50, 11.00, 12.25, and 11.50 points.
  9. My hope is that Te'o will play well enough to force their hands and give him a sizable role next year, regardless of Klein's health or contract status. Might be unlikely though, these things are hard to predict.
  10. My format is similar to this. $200 auction budget, can keep as many as you want. Salaries inflate by 30% or $3, whichever is greater. If you claim a player using FAAB, their keeper price is based on the amount of the FAAB bid, or their original auction price (whichever is higher). A few examples: Julio Jones - kept for $45 this year, would be $58 to keep next year ($45 x 1.3 = 58.5, rounded down) Dede Westbrook - picked up for free, so his price is $3 ($0 + $3 inflation) Robert Woods - picked up with a $7 FAAB bid, so his price is $10 ($7 + $3 inflation) Keenan Allen - kept for $12 last year, so his price is $16 ($12 x 1.3 = 15.6, rounded up) We also have a rookie draft with pre-determined prices slotted. The four non-playoff teams are in a lottery for the top 4 picks (so no incentive to tank), and the prices are as follows: 1st round: $16, $15, $14, $13, $12, $11, $10, $9, $9, $9 2nd round: $7, $7, $7, $7, $6, $6, $6, $6, $6, $6 3rd round: all picks are $3 You aren't required to keep your rookies, and if you throw the rookie back they are available in the auction with the other unkept players (where they could end up going for more or less depending on demand). In this format we've had a few owners get very lucky with extremely underpriced studs. We've only had the rookie draft for 2 years, but that's been really successful at establishing solid values for the influx of talent each year and preventing a bunch of incredible bargains at the end of the auction. Before we had the rookie draft, Odell was a free agent pickup, for example, so he's just now getting out of the single digits. Now the owners in the league are much sharper about bidding up and/or stashing high upside players, giving it more of a dynasty feel, with the added bonus of some forced turnover due to inflation.
  11. People might laugh but I think Manti Te'o could be interesting if the Saints commit to him. He's been looking pretty good in recent weeks and that defense has really lacked consistency and playmaking ability at the LB position.
  12. 12.5 point avg. in my scoring format.
  13. Interested to know more about how you know Gilmore would be on Brown. I could see it going either way. Butler's last two games against Brown/Pitt: Oct. 23 2016: 3 solos, 3 assists, INT, 3 PD Jan 22 2017: 3 solos, 1 assists 1 PD