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  1. For FF we want him to be good enough to draw the assignment but not so good that the opposing QB won't throw at him. Also, I believe 2 of the 3 TDs to Brown were with Logan Ryan in coverage.
  2. Well I'm putting my money where my mouth is and starting Jackson tonight. One of my biggest pet peeves about IDPs is that it can take so long for the rankings to adjust to what is happening on the field. I've learned that with IDPs, even moreso than offensive players, you can't be a slave to the rankings/projections, and you have to trust your own assessments. Guess we'll see if Jackson can make it three good games in a row and finally get some attention, or if he fades back into irrelevance.
  3. I don't know about CBS as I don't play on that site. The points do count on my site, the same way offensive players get credit for tackles.
  4. I know, I know, it's a small package of plays and it will probably never evolve into more than a bit role on offense. BUT Adoree' Jackson had 1 carry for 20 yards in week 9, and followed it up with 3 carries for 30 yards in week 10. If you read this article, it seems like the Titans like the mismatches that are created when defenses have to account for Jackson on offense: http://www.espn.com/blog/afcsouth/post/_/id/68694/madden-fantasy-adjustments-needed-for-new-offensive-playmaker-adoree-jackson Now I'm not in any way saying he will gain RB eligibility in fantasy, nor would that really benefit us as fantasy owners, but any offensive contributions would give a boost to his IDP appeal. Even without the offensive touches, he'd been a pretty consistent contributor (Rookie CB rule) with about 4 tackles and a PD per week.
  5. Hey Sig - how much do you raise LeGarrette Blount's stock if Smallwood is out? Would you play him over Crowell? Thanks!
  6. I'll just add on to this that Irvin has been vocal that he wants to get to 10 sacks this season (would be his first season with double digit sacks). He needs 3 sacks in his final 2 games to get there. Indy and Denver remain on the schedule, and both have given up 40 sacks this season, tied for third most in the leauge. Irvin might be a sneaky good start in IDP leagues this week.
  7. Su'a Cravens just tweeted that he'll be a Safety in 2017. Run, don't walk, to add him if he's still available.
  8. Su'a Cravens ‏@Sua_Cravens . @Redskins newest 2017 Safety Yal done woke a sleeping giant!!! #PATIENCEwasKEY 2:11 PM - 22 Dec 2016
  9. I gotta say this up front - I play in a big-play scoring format, where sacks are 5 points and TFL are 2 points (solos are 1.50 and assists are 0.75). I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing any long term value/upside in Bruce Irvin in a format like this. He had a pretty mediocre first half of the season, failing to register more than 4 solos in any game, and putting up just 2.0 sacks through week 9. He did force 4 fumbles to pad his stats, but he was not anywhere close to reliable for a LB. Since the week 10 bye, however, Irvin has been borderline dominant. Here's his stat lines the last 5 weeks: Week 11 vs. Houston: 9 solos, 1 assist, 2 TFL, 1 sack Week 12 vs. Carolina: 3 solos, 1 assist, 1 TFL, 1 sack, 1 PD Week 13 vs. Buffalo: 4 solos, 1 assist, 1 TFL, 1 sack Week 14 @ KC: 3 solos Week 15 @ SD: 5 solos, 1 assist, 2 TFL, 2 sacks, 1 FF If you don't play in big-play scoring, you probably don't see the utility in starting a guy like this, but in big-play this has been elite production (think Von Miller or Justin Houston). I figure he's signed long term in Oakland, and defenses will likely continue to be pre-occupied with stopping Khalil Mack. Irvin has the pedigree (2012 first round pick by Seattle) and has always been a good pass rusher. He had 22 sacks in 4 seasons with Seattle despite being used as more of a situational pass rusher. With Oakland he leads all LBs in snaps this season, rarely leaving the field, and he's embracing his role as "Robin" to Mack's "Batman." I'm thinking this could be a situation where a still relatively young player has found a home with a team and in a scheme that allows him to fully achieve his potential.
  10. Has anyone mentioned Sean Davis? He's been coming on strong, and is now the starting strong safety for the Steelers. Looks fast, strong, athletic...they're using him to rush the passer, and his coverage skills musn't be too bad because he was playing CB earlier in the season. Perhaps he's too shallow for this group. If so, I apologize for stating the obvious.
  11. So what are people thinking his playing time will look like the rest of the season? Will the Patriots find a way to get Hightower, Roberts, and Collins all on the field together (when they are all healthy)? Roberts seems too explosive to leave on the bench, but I'm concerned that he will be used situationally and see limited snaps.
  12. So my league's host site is crediting Dunlap with 2 sacks, a forced fumble, but only 1 TFL. I know it's possible to get a sack and not get a TFL (you can get a sack at the line of scrimmage, for a loss of 0), but both of Dunlap's sacks were well behind the LOS. Is it because he stripped the ball loose and forced a fumble? Does he not get credited with a TFL on that? Looking for clarity and it's not easy to find definitions/explanations for this sort of thing.
  13. Hey Sig - I need one for flex this week in PPR - Sammy Watkins, Jerick McKinnon, or Derrick Henry. Thanks! Watkins - concerned about the foot and Pat Pete in coverage McKinnon - concerned that Vikings can't run block, and Panthers D is good. Will he get checkdowns? Henry - concerned that the touches are still unreliable. Needs a big play or TD to pay off.
  14. Now he's playing DE... What are the odds of a position eligibility change in-season for him? Would be huge for his value in IDP leagues.
  15. My league is pretty unique, and as commish I take on a lot of extra work myself to keep it running, mostly because I've never found a site that could support what I wanted to do. Here's the particulars: 10 team, auction, PPR, 2 QB we do a three round rookie draft with slotted values, with the non-playoff teams drawing the top picks (lottery system). $200 budget for offense $100 budget for defense (IDP auction is first, and then I enter those results into the main league before the offensive auction begins) Keep as many as you want. Inflation is 30% or $3, whichever is greater. Lineups: 2 QBs 2 WRs 2 RBs 1 TE 1 W/R 1 W/T 3 DB 3 DL 3 LB 1 D Flex I've found this format forces many of the biggest stars back into the auction year after year, so the weakest teams can find themselves in a vicious cycle of needing to spend big to have studs year after year, but not really being able to "build something" that way. Best way to build is hitting on your rookie picks, stockpiling rookie picks to give yourself better odds of hitting on rookie picks, trading for young/cheap/under appreciated players before they break out, etc... ive seen teams come from the absolute basement and compete the very next year due to smart trades, cap management, and drafting. I've also seen some teams get stacked and stay stacked for a few years. But eventually age and inflation catches up to everyone...the best owners are constantly tweaking and looking for young, emerging players who they can build around for years. There's tons of trading all season and offseason because the caps are set loosely enough that you can easily take on or shed salary depending on what you are trying to do.