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  1. I think he lines up as something close to a 3-down workhorse. 15+ touches weekly, and he's looked good running the ball even against some tough defenses. I don't see anyone else who would assume the passing-down work, so he shouldn't be gamescript dependent. Could be huge.
  2. It's definitely a big risk either way, and you really have to be honest with yourself and realistic about the quality of your roster and your likelihood of making the playoffs sans Barkley. The early reports seem pretty pessimistic about his recovery, indicating it will be on the longer side of the 4-8 week timetable. 8 weeks from now the Giants will be on bye (week 11), meaning there have probably already been some internal discussions about keeping him shut down through week 12. That means Barkley owners could be without their best player for weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. And if he has any setbacks, or if he's just not as explosive when he comes back, patience may not be rewarded. If you think you may struggle to make the playoffs without Barkley, it makes sense to trade him now and get a healthy body who can help you pick up Ws and stay on track to make the playoffs. There's a TON of regular season left to play and Barkley could very well miss the bulk of it. On the flip side, if you're stacked and feeling very confident about your team's chances, Barkley is a no brainer to BUY at a discount now, knowing that you will almost certainly have him in your lineup come playoffs, and you may even get lucky and get him back in 6-7 weeks.
  3. Howard is 6'6" 250 lbs with 4.51 speed... He's a better vertical threat than a lot of WRs in the league based on his speed/agility/catch radius. It remains to be seen what Arians will do with Howard but I have to believe his old school stance on TEs is based on old school style TEs, and not unicorns like O.J. Howard. Did he ever coach a guy with Howard's measurables? If they're not going to use him, surely they would do well to trade him and get a big return.
  4. Depends on your definition of "ham and egger stats" I guess. Do you think he will put up WR3 stats?
  5. I dunno... 55/788/2 receiving and another 172 yards rushing (960 total yards) is a pretty good rookie season. When you consider he did this as a 21 year-old, and he didn't play more than 50% of the snaps until week 8... I don't see how that's a ham & egger. I have a hard time seeing less than 70 catches for 950 yards receiving in year 2. That would be a very minor step forward to his receiving line, considering he probably would have posted those numbers as a rookie if he'd hadn't spent the first 6 games in such a limited role. His big play ability and explosiveness may make him a high variance fantasy player, but the big weeks could be week winners (like week 9's 7/157/1).
  6. Anyone else intrigued by the reports that Gore really took this kid under his wing all season? I read an article on The Athletic that Gore invited Ballage to join him in his pre-game warmup rituals which begin more than 2 hours before kickoff. I've read a bunch of quotes from Ballage that show a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for the way Gore mentored him. Doesn't necessarily mean he will be successful on the field but if there's a RB to learn from, Frank Gore has to be one of the very best.
  7. How about Karl Joseph in Oakland? He was completely buried on the depth chart to start the year, barely seeing the field and then straight up benched for a stretch of games. It wasn't until week 10 that he played 80% of snaps in a game, and he's playing 100% of the snaps weeks 14 & 15. Still just 25 and a former 1st round pick (14th overall). Could he re-emerge in 2019?
  8. Haason Reddick kind of coming on strong to finish the year. First round pick in 2017, been playing 100% of the snaps for several weeks and has started making some big plays. I would imagine he will have ample opportunity in Arizona next year. Any thoughts on this guy moving forward in keeper/dynasty leagues?
  9. Now obviously this quote begs the question, "Why didn't Ballage get more run earlier then?!" Nothing in Miami makes sense, but something inside me is saying don't overthink this one. The "starter" Frank Gore went down and Ballage took his role. Drake's touches remained limited, and Ballage showed his speed and explosiveness with a long TD. The coach then indicated that he was not surprised by his performance because he has a tendency to "finish in the end zone." That sounds like the kind of player who will get plenty of chances to show what he can do down the stretch...
  10. Any thoughts on Dixon in terms of keeper/dynasty value? I just saw this stat on Twitter from @ScottBarrettDFB (senior fantasy analyst at Pro Football Focus, and an excellent follow): Kenneth Dixon (rank by Missed Tackles Forced per Touch): 2018: 1st of 88 2017: DNP 2016: 1st of 66 2015: 4th of 114 2014: 5th of 108 Obviously Dixon was drafted in 2016, so 2014 and 2015 stats are based on NCAA action. Since turning pro he has missed a lot of time with injuries, suspensions, etc... so we are dealing with a smallish sample size. However... he's definitely flashed a 3-down skillset (catching 30 passes in 12 games as a rookie) and he could be a VERY good fit in Baltimore with Lamar Jackson at QB opening up running lanes. The Ravens never committed to Alex Collins (fumbles, too one-dimensional?) and now he's on IR and will be a restricted free agent this offseason. Gus Edwards flashed for a minute but has since been pretty unimpressive (not all that surprising from a undrafted FA rookie). Ty Montgomery is a nice 3rd down back but it seems like he won't hold up to consistent carries and he will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Buck Allen has been completely phased out and will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. That leaves Dixon, who the Ravens have held onto despite his off-filed issues and constant injuries. Just this week Harbaugh told the media his role will grow going forward. Could just be coach-speak, and all signs still point to some form of a committee, but if Dixon continues to impress and Collins/Montgomery/Allen are all gone next year, there could be a big opportunity for him. Of course the Ravens could draft a RB and muddy the waters considerably, and given Dixon's lack of availability in the past that might be wise, but for a cheap stash and hold I really like this guy.
  11. This ROFR is not a concept I'm familiar with, nor do I think it's commonly used. It's probably a smart addition to leagues like this but it sounds like it would be something you have to manually track which could get messy.
  12. In my experience these leagues play out like redraft leagues, except the ability to turn the page and look to next year keeps the non-contenders somewhat interested (until they’ve sold off all of their non-keepers). But because they have incentive to sell any player they won’t keep, the good teams get really stacked and the middle of the road teams (who are not quite good enough to truly contend but not so bad that they commit to selling) are stuck in purgatory. No matter how many draft picks the sellers acquire, however, theyre really only set up for a one year run (assuming they draft really well) at most, since they can still only keep 2 players. At the end of the day the best and most knowledgeable owners are likely to be the only ones who can consistently make the playoffs and contend year after year.
  13. The answer is yes, in a league where you keep any fewer than say 5 players and especially where you only keep 2, you dump future picks to stack your roster and make a run at a championship. Bottom line is no one is going to have a huge advantage when you only keep 2. As long as you’re a sharp owner and you’re able to keep 2 first round caliber studs, you will be able to cobble it together every year. Gotta go for it all when you have the chance because frankly if you don’t the others contender(s) will and then you’re liable to always to a top team but always come up just short.
  14. Price check on Anthony Miller? I'm very impressed by what I see from him...