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  1. In September of 2019 this guy offered: Get: Matt Ryan, Peyton Barber, and a very late 2020 2nd Give: Amari Cooper and Miles Sanders. It's a 1 QB, full PPR league. I also own RoJo.
  2. Which team is available? I'm interested.
  3. I see... i'm surprised he wasn't owned in a dynasty league!
  4. Why would you be drafting AJ Brown with a 2020 rookie pick?
  5. This guy passes the eye test, and looks like a bona fide stud to me. If nothing else he should see a lot of targets in the red zone and be a threat for double digit TDs throughout his prime.
  6. Yeah I think he's here to stay in this offense. Everett looked promising for a minute, but he never saw the volume or racked up the yardage that Higbee has. The connection between Goff and Higbee seems very strong. Obviously Higbee won't see ~10 targets weekly over the course of an entire season, but I think he has a legitimate chance at 1,000 yards in 2020.
  7. Is he a good stash for a year 2 jump? I wouldn't expect the Ravens to be adding a lot of passing weapons this offseason after drafting Hollywood and Boykin to go with breakout TE Mark Andrews. Does Boykin see a significant bump in playing time/targets in year 2? It would be hard for him not to...
  8. I like this kid from a dynasty perspective, although I want to see how he's used with Juju healthy. I wonder if the extra attention defenses will pay Juju could give Johnson that little inch of space to break big play(s).
  9. I didn’t know where else to post so I thought maybe this would gain some traction here. I spot started Jarran Reed in week 12 in my idp league. He played 28 snaps before exiting with an injury. In the box score he was credited with 2 solos, an assist, and a half sack. This was good for 6.25 points in my league. after stat corrections on Thursday I saw he got me 0.00 points. Weird. I’ve never seen someone go from 3-4 entries on the stat sheet to zero. After looking into it further I see not only did the NFL take away all of his stats but he went from have 1 Games Played to 0 Games Played. Basically the NFL wiped out his entire existence in week 12. Did this impact anyone else? Anyone ever seen anything like this before? I’m not holding my breath for a stat correction on a stat correction but it stinks because there’s about $300 in prize money (for most regular season points) in my league that could come down to less than 2 points
  10. was literally only coming here to say that I do not enjoy watching him play. Regardless of the numbers, or how much he peppers my players (Ekeler, Keenan Allen) with targets, I feel annoyed by all of the bad throws, bad decisions, and the complete lack of any rhythm to the way the offense runs. Glad I'm not the only one.
  11. I think he lines up as something close to a 3-down workhorse. 15+ touches weekly, and he's looked good running the ball even against some tough defenses. I don't see anyone else who would assume the passing-down work, so he shouldn't be gamescript dependent. Could be huge.
  12. It's definitely a big risk either way, and you really have to be honest with yourself and realistic about the quality of your roster and your likelihood of making the playoffs sans Barkley. The early reports seem pretty pessimistic about his recovery, indicating it will be on the longer side of the 4-8 week timetable. 8 weeks from now the Giants will be on bye (week 11), meaning there have probably already been some internal discussions about keeping him shut down through week 12. That means Barkley owners could be without their best player for weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. And if he has any setbacks, or if he's just not as explosive when he comes back, patience may not be rewarded. If you think you may struggle to make the playoffs without Barkley, it makes sense to trade him now and get a healthy body who can help you pick up Ws and stay on track to make the playoffs. There's a TON of regular season left to play and Barkley could very well miss the bulk of it. On the flip side, if you're stacked and feeling very confident about your team's chances, Barkley is a no brainer to BUY at a discount now, knowing that you will almost certainly have him in your lineup come playoffs, and you may even get lucky and get him back in 6-7 weeks.
  13. Howard is 6'6" 250 lbs with 4.51 speed... He's a better vertical threat than a lot of WRs in the league based on his speed/agility/catch radius. It remains to be seen what Arians will do with Howard but I have to believe his old school stance on TEs is based on old school style TEs, and not unicorns like O.J. Howard. Did he ever coach a guy with Howard's measurables? If they're not going to use him, surely they would do well to trade him and get a big return.
  14. Depends on your definition of "ham and egger stats" I guess. Do you think he will put up WR3 stats?