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  1. Whether he deserves to be fired or not, or whether he will be fired or not, I don't think there's 30 other NFL teams lining up for his services. It's widely understood that he's clueless in game, and he has underachieved considering the talent he's had to work with.
  2. 10 tackles (6 solo, 4 assists) and a sack for Te'o against Minnesota in the divisional round. Is there any buzz about him in New Orleans? Seems like he really stepped up at the end of the season.
  3. Thanks for clarifying the purpose of this post.
  4. my league is big play. TFL are +2 points. PDs are also worth +2. the last 4 weeks Te'o has put up 17.50, 11.00, 12.25, and 11.50 points.
  5. My hope is that Te'o will play well enough to force their hands and give him a sizable role next year, regardless of Klein's health or contract status. Might be unlikely though, these things are hard to predict.
  6. My format is similar to this. $200 auction budget, can keep as many as you want. Salaries inflate by 30% or $3, whichever is greater. If you claim a player using FAAB, their keeper price is based on the amount of the FAAB bid, or their original auction price (whichever is higher). A few examples: Julio Jones - kept for $45 this year, would be $58 to keep next year ($45 x 1.3 = 58.5, rounded down) Dede Westbrook - picked up for free, so his price is $3 ($0 + $3 inflation) Robert Woods - picked up with a $7 FAAB bid, so his price is $10 ($7 + $3 inflation) Keenan Allen - kept for $12 last year, so his price is $16 ($12 x 1.3 = 15.6, rounded up) We also have a rookie draft with pre-determined prices slotted. The four non-playoff teams are in a lottery for the top 4 picks (so no incentive to tank), and the prices are as follows: 1st round: $16, $15, $14, $13, $12, $11, $10, $9, $9, $9 2nd round: $7, $7, $7, $7, $6, $6, $6, $6, $6, $6 3rd round: all picks are $3 You aren't required to keep your rookies, and if you throw the rookie back they are available in the auction with the other unkept players (where they could end up going for more or less depending on demand). In this format we've had a few owners get very lucky with extremely underpriced studs. We've only had the rookie draft for 2 years, but that's been really successful at establishing solid values for the influx of talent each year and preventing a bunch of incredible bargains at the end of the auction. Before we had the rookie draft, Odell was a free agent pickup, for example, so he's just now getting out of the single digits. Now the owners in the league are much sharper about bidding up and/or stashing high upside players, giving it more of a dynasty feel, with the added bonus of some forced turnover due to inflation.
  7. People might laugh but I think Manti Te'o could be interesting if the Saints commit to him. He's been looking pretty good in recent weeks and that defense has really lacked consistency and playmaking ability at the LB position.
  8. 12.5 point avg. in my scoring format.
  9. Interested to know more about how you know Gilmore would be on Brown. I could see it going either way. Butler's last two games against Brown/Pitt: Oct. 23 2016: 3 solos, 3 assists, INT, 3 PD Jan 22 2017: 3 solos, 1 assists 1 PD
  10. I don't think the Patriots will be foolish enough to leave Butler on an island against the league's best WR. I expect they will roll a safety to Brown's side of the field to give some support over the top almost every snap. Having said that, do we expect Butler to draw the primary assignment on Brown? I'm thinking he could be a good spot start in week 15 as the Steelers will feed Brown regardless of coverage and give Butler plenty of tackle/PD/INT opportunities.
  11. Okay but even in the article you linked it says this pretty clearly: Jones worked behind fellow rookie Jamaal Williams, who received the start at running back but gained only 31 yards on 11 carries. Williams has been second in the backfield pecking order all summer, but his extensive usage and lack of production in Thursday's exhibition provides reason to question the security of his spot on the depth chart. Jones could make a push for backup work if Williams struggles in relief of Ty Montgomery early in the season. We wouldn't even be having this conversation right now if you hadn't taken such umbrage with my original post which was simply pointing out that Jones did not get the first crack after TyMont got hurt (which was and remains false). Thanks.
  12. I am not "Team Williams" either, simply trying to set the record straight on what the pecking order was before the injury roulette started. I agree that with Jones and Williams healthy, based on what they've each shown so far this season, it's anyone's guess how the touches are distributed moving forward (and next year).
  13. Sigh. For such a veteran poster you sure are muddying this thread with garbage. Williams was the #2 in preseason and until he got injured in Week 4. Aaron Jones played ZERO snaps until both Montgomery and Williams were injured. If that doesn't make it accurate to say that Williams was the #2 in training camp and preseason, I don't know what does. Snap Counts Weeks 1-3: Montgomery: 74, 65, 65 Williams: 6, 11, 5 Jones: N/A, 0, 0 Fifth-round RB Aaron Jones is listed on the third-team offense on the Packers' initial training camp depth chart. Ty Montgomery is the starter with fourth-rounder Jamaal Williams and seventh-rounder Devante Mays on the second-team offense. It is disappointing Jones is listed behind Mays, but the pecking order won't be fully hashed out until preseason games. Williams is the best fantasy bet behind Montgomery. Aug 6 - 4:23 PM Aaron Jones did not gain any yards on his three touches in the Packers' preseason opener. Jones did see some snaps in the first half, but all of his touches came after the break. The fifth-rounder is clearly behind Jamaal Williams for the No. 2 job at this point. Aug 10 - 10:30 PM Aaron Jones rushed two times for 10 yards and caught three passes for 11 yards and a score in the Packers' second preseason game. Jones looked good on his two runs and found the end zone from five yards out in the passing game, but he played clearly behind fellow rookie Jamaal Williams. Even if something happens to Ty Montgomery, Jones will struggle to find fantasy value. Aug 19 - 9:44 PM Aaron Jones rushed 13 times for 49 yards and a touchdown in the Packers' Week 4 win over the Bears. Pressed into duty after Ty Montgomery (ribs) and Jamaal Williams (knee) departed with injury, Jones wasn't spectacular, but did what he could behind the Packers' injury-ravaged offense line. It was clear he has giddy up, probably more than Williams. (Not a surprise based on their respective measurables.) If both TyMont and Williams are sidelined for Week 5 against the Cowboys, Jones will have some low-end RB2 appeal in fantasy. He's certainly worth targeting on the waiver wire. Sep 29 - 1:03 AM
  14. Got it. So I was "suckering" other posters by mentioning that it was reported that Jamaal Williams was pushing Montgomery in training camp.