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  1. Wondering if I should start Doug Baldwin or Joe Mixon need help. Leaning towards Mixon even though schedter said he is playing
  2. I would start Bradford because the saints defense is not very good and I heard a stat they allow somewhere around 2 tds a game to a qb so
  3. I would go with Zay because he is going to have more opportunities then Shepard. Plus they are going against the Jets. Answer mine please!
  4. Need to pick a flex. PPR league Kendall Wright Ameer Abdullah
  5. I would go Graham just because you know you will more than likely get something from him. Lewis not so sure how much he will play and I wouldn't want to take that chance
  6. I'd go Lewis. I can't trust a Green Bay rb ever
  7. Should I go with Tyrod Taylor or Matthew Stafford?
  8. Should I start Randall Cobb or Michael Thomas? I'm leaning Cobb but not sure
  9. Either one is droppable imo
  10. Id go ivory. I think he's gonna start picking up here now. answer mine:
  11. I'd get: AJ Green Deandre Hopkins Devonta Freeman for David Johnson Michael Thomas Tyrell Williams i have Spencer Ware, Bernard and Ivory at rb and Julio Antonio brown and Demarious Thomas at wr. Should I do it?