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  1. His other argument is because his son has a hand me down flack jacket, we don't fund enough for the military. I tried to say we spend way more than most countries...but that makes me unpatriotic. I'm a teacher and he said that we should take my money away to fund the military lol
  2. No the inverse would have been I hope your son(who is a marine) dies in iraq because I don't believe in war. Seriously when did we get to the point where disagreeing on policy in a personal attack. I hate this
  3. I just had a guy who I have been friend with for almost 30 years say that he hopes my daughters get raped, because I disagreed with the immigration policy of this administration... and maybe then I would see the danger. WTF???
  4. Been doing this for about 3 years. I really enjoy it as well
  5. Even Arizona Ron is jealous
  6. wait I thought we were supposed to hate executive orders?? Isnt that what the right has been crying about for 8 years?
  7. https://twitter.com/nicholaspegg/status/823131504922529794
  8. well I just saw two Mexicans disappear and I start my first factory job tomorrow... so it must be working.
  9. Dont forget about death panels, $10 gas, 8% unemployment, and a stockmarket crash
  10. Hey these guys are booked to play the Florida Strawberry Festival in March... the Florida ####ing Strawberry Festival!! So you can shut your mouth!
  11. I can't get behind this... if you were a hero you are still one... Lewis lived and fought for something we can never imagine. I believe that gives him some political leeway. Even if that seems as partisanship you can not take from the fact that this man was On the front lines of the biggest civil rights fight of the 20tj century... and for the president elect to say that he is all talk and no action while Lewis was getting his head beat in on the Edmund pettus bridge is simply ignorant.
  12. Good thing for Trump is his supporters don't understand irony.
  13. Stay home with wife and kids every year. Few drinks, some board games, snacks, and i wouldn't want be anywhere else