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  1. Day 59 for me. Still going strong. Heading to a football coaches clinic this weekend at a casino/resort. Going to be a lot of temptation around but honing to continue my push to 100 days.
  2. Day 50 today. Halfway to my goal. Feeling great. With the no alcohol and low carb diet I’m down from 183 to 168 this morning. Would like to lose 10 more in next 50 days. Good luck to everyone
  3. Just bought Foo Fighter Tickets... My spring is looking NICE Pearl Jam April 4th Foo Fighters April 18 Rage against the Machine May 14th Broke all summer LOL
  4. Got my tickets for the Kansas City show today. Just me and my 16 year old son who loves them too! So Pumped!
  5. Day 31 for me. Going to finish off tonight with a Dry January and keep on trucking into a sober February. Was going to just do the 2 months but now I think I'm going to shoot for 100 days. Sugar cravings have subsided. I've lost 11 pounds this month and overall just feel better. I'm hosting a Super Bowl Party and by buddies will be drinking mass quantities of beer, but I have no worries that I will abstain. For those of you about to start, good luck!!
  6. It isn't unless you are portion of the population who is looking for something, anything to be upset about. and the Right wing talk radio, fox news, and others have been flaming the flames for years, This predates Trump, but those who defend and support Trump at cost folks are in a perpetual stage of validating your victim-hood. War on Christmas, Sharia Law, etc. The Left is out to get you and your way of life. They are Hyper sensitive to it all and actions like the Lemon interview, no matter how inconsequential it may seem to you or I , is a big deal to these people. I see it everyday. You can not argue emotion with rationality. That why facts mean little to them.
  7. I agree with this completely. Things like the Lemon segment are exactly what Trump supporters feed off of. I am a Republican in one of the reddest states in America. I am what our Trump supporters call a "Never Trumper." Didn't vote for him, wont next time. I feel he has turned out to be exactly what I feared he would be. But what I see around me is a group of people who have felt marginalized, ignored, and yes made fun of for a long time. Trump is the giant middle finger at the rest of the country. They have a victims mentality( right or wrong) and incidents like this feed that narrative. Its something the Left has failed to understand. My dad used to say " There are people out there always looking to shoot you, don't give them bullets"
  8. I ended getting adjacent to stage. Section 119 in St. Louis. Never sat in side seats for a concert before. Hope I’m not staring at back of Eddie’s head all night
  9. Got in! I’m going to Pearl Jam!!! First time seeing them!
  10. Ok maybe someone can help me. I put in for St. Louis show verified fan presale( not 10club) I received and email that was put on waitlist and if additional tickets came up I would recieve a text with a code. I just did and followed link and hit the queue to purchase tickets and it won’t give me access. I don’t see a place to put in code. No idea what to do next
  11. I’ve been really looking at my alcohol consumption for a while now and had to admit to myself that changes had to be made. Too many binge nights a week. I was sober for November minus day after thanksgiving. Sober through December minus the 28th. So far sober for 2020. I plan on going till end of February and go for my yearly checkup in March. Do bloodwork and liver ultrasound (had a fatty liver) last time they checked. If everything checks out I plan on keeping lifestyle changes. Once or twice a month drinks. If things don’t check out I have a nice head start on my new teetotal life.