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  1. "Playing it safe is the most popular way to fail" - Elliott Smith
  2. Well ####
  3. Jokes on you... that fat ### doesn't eat salad!!
  4. This chick goes to 11
  5. Ferris bueller day off Breakfast Club Caddyshack Top Gun
  6. I vote skiing... I was a pretty good athlete back in the day... picked up most sports fairly easy. But I went to Keystone while in collge and spent 2 days falling down a mountain. hardest thing I've ever tried to do.
  7. perrywinkle blue?
  8. I'm reading as Richard Dryfuss from Stand By Me.
  9. His other argument is because his son has a hand me down flack jacket, we don't fund enough for the military. I tried to say we spend way more than most countries...but that makes me unpatriotic. I'm a teacher and he said that we should take my money away to fund the military lol
  10. No the inverse would have been I hope your son(who is a marine) dies in iraq because I don't believe in war. Seriously when did we get to the point where disagreeing on policy in a personal attack. I hate this
  11. I just had a guy who I have been friend with for almost 30 years say that he hopes my daughters get raped, because I disagreed with the immigration policy of this administration... and maybe then I would see the danger. WTF???
  12. Been doing this for about 3 years. I really enjoy it as well
  13. Even Arizona Ron is jealous
  14. wait I thought we were supposed to hate executive orders?? Isnt that what the right has been crying about for 8 years?