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  1. This. When I drink it's almost always day drinking.
  2. would you drop a Yeldon or Sproles in a PPR to pick DW up?
  3. Lock her up Hillary handcuffs
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l2q_-xN2N54
  5. RIP the GOAT
  6. You're right he's not... Alcides Escobar is a world champ
  7. Same here
  8. caught my 7 year old daughter watching videos of other kids playing with their toys... lost my ####, told her to go play with her own toys! WTF?
  9. Well at least you know they put out
  10. watched "21 days under the sky" about 4 guys riding vitage choppers across america. well done documentary and nice use of music too. If you like docs, check it out.
  11. I'm here for the gang bang.