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  1. Heartbeat City was the first album I ever bought. AS a kid I always loved their videos. Before we got MTV, we would watch them on Night Tracks on Tbs. RIP Ric.
  2. “You know what really gets me though? I mean, here I am, I gotta live in this stinkin' town and I gotta read in the newspapers about some hot shot kid - new star of the college team. Every year it's gonna be a new one. And every year it's never gonna be me. I'm just gonna be Mike. Twenty-year-old Mike. Thirty-year-old Mike. Old mean old man Mike. Great line in the movie that always stuck with me
  3. give it a try. It may be nostalgia, but watched it this summer and still holds up well.
  4. so perfectly predictable... Guess I'll change party affiliation to at least vote for the Democrat I like best.
  5. As a registered republican in Kansas who did not vote for Trump the 1st time I can assure you I wont in 2020. I hope he gets primaried so I can vote against him twice. I will be voting for who ever the Democrats put forth, even if that person is way too progressive for my liking. This election is that important to me. Unfortunately, Kansas will always be red and is not in play electorally so my vote matters little.
  6. this man will get around 60 million votes in 2020.... great job America🙄
  8. Steve watkins( my rep in ks) May be in a scandal involving #### pics and inappropriate relations with an intern. Starting to hear rumblings on Twitter. This could all break soon. He ran against Paul Davis (the Democrat) and made a huge issue of Davis’s being in a strip club when it got busted for drugs...( he wasn’t involved in the drugs) and they questioned his morals...
  9. Whats the profit on selling the yearlings at market? Are the margins better that on beef cattle? thanks.
  10. We have been thinking about goats. Not sure what we do yet. We are probably a year or more away from livestock. We have a lot of fence to repair first.
  11. She thinks my tractors sexy just purchased!