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  1. He's getting into my lineup this week, benching Watkins for him, expect a dud and Sammy to return to week 1 form.
  2. I might end up starting him over JuJu this week, would like to get some clarity on that situation.
  3. got him on waivers for 2 of 170 FABB. Eveyone else sleeping on him Having trouble deciding on him., AJ Brown, or Crowder, all FA's shallow benches. The situation sold me as the intial move over those other 2. Bad team with a bad D and weak run game going to be throwing, somebody besides V Davis has to catch it there.
  4. The only trouble I am having starting him is that I either need to bench Michel against the dolphins or JuJu to do it.
  5. Jesus, lock this thread this stopped being football discussion 20 pages ago.
  6. Bench one of these in PPR Ekeler Watkins JuJu Michel Henry Hopkins Roethlisburger or lamar jackson start?
  7. I see Watkins top 10 if he can stay healthy this year, the talent is not a question, his talent was largely suppressed by poor QB play in Buffalo and LA on bad teams. He pulled off a WR15 finish in 2015 missing 4 games with Tyrod Taylor throwing him the ball in a run heavy Offense. No Reason he can't pull a WR1 finish in 2019 with Mahomes throwing him the ball in a shootout offense, even if he misses a few games with injury.
  8. would have set all time high score by 1 point starting Watkins over Michel in the flex.
  9. Conspiracy time: Steelers kept on lid on their trainer accusation while he was there and then traded to Oak. Bellichek orchestrated AB's release from Oak. Steelers got pissed about AB going to the Pat's and took the lid off the rape accusation. AB's antics all a show to get what he wanted.
  10. Watkins on the bench for Michel. could have flirted with setting the all time high score if not for that. Would have been Lamar jackson Henry Ekeler Hopkins (still to go) Juju Sammy watkins (flex over Michell) Evan engram Lutz (still to go) Rams D
  11. riveting thread, read more of it than I care to admit Could you negotiate 1rst waiver priority for some weeks, I guarantee 1 rb1 type and 2 or so rb2/rb3 types will emerge this year, you just have to be in position to get them.