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  1. We will as we whisk off to the postseason!
  2. My main slate cash lineups got pretty crushed. Luckily I won some at 1pm Only and will easily cash my Sun-Mon lineup tonight (hopefully do well on the GPP it's in too w/ Ryan, Tamme, Cooks, Lutz). Still will be a losing effort.
  3. Thanks guys. Wasn't feeling too good about the season after the Winter segment. I ended up dropping to 642nd overall and 1343rd in the last segment. Had a good shot to get close to the top, but fizzled a little in the end. Hard to make a move as the fields shrink too. The Casey train down the stretch was huge. I was lucky to get on when it started. Of course I missed his -6 yesterday though!
  4. Apologies to Mr. Parkey. Just snuck one in from 46.
  5. That FG would have been short. They'll have to draw that fancy FG line on tv at the 23yd line for us.
  6. Tanny lol Maybe a good thing.
  7. Want to play Brees alot, but since he's not on the new main slate I feel like he will be highly owned in the Sun-Mon slate. Any thoughts on this?
  8. And then go get it whenever he wants. Seems like the best thing to do honestly.
  9. Yes, starting this week against the Steelers. Still, being in the NFC East means lots of close, winnable games. That's just how that division works.
  10. I'm not sure if Conor has said anything like this (besides wanting to be a multi weight class champ), but this is my theory: I think he wanted to beat Diaz the first time and then go for the 170 belt (and of course win it). Then he was going to demand a shot right away for the 155 belt (and of course win it). This would make him champ in 3 weight classes at one time. If that all happened, it's horrible for the people that like to see title fights. But I really think he wants to control multiple straps at once and take the biggest fights available as champ. Once he lost to Diaz, he lost a little luster, and didn't prove himself at 170, thus the rematch vs Diaz and now a drop to 155 to go for his 2nd belt.
  11. Scary that you put Mcgregor and Punk in the same sentence like that. I know McG has created a hype train out of control, but he's also been very successful.
  12. What's the concern? You want to play the WC and let Tex/Bos slug it out in a 5 game series? HFA would be nice against Tex/Bos/Tor. I'm just excited the magic number is OURS!
  13. Well yes, we think CBS has a bunch of garbage shows but they obviously don't think that way. I'd say they could easily allocate 2 hours a week on TV over some time period that doesn't interfere with BB Summer and Survivor. Maybe BB isn't one of their biggest shows, I have no idea. I'm sure alot of people will pay for the internet thing, but I won't even though it's not that pricey.