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  1. I thought he was very close to a lock if it was them and felt the same way after last night. I still think he would have taken it, but close like you say.
  2. I'm saying he should/could have crafted it that way. It's not that far off from truth, they were real close. They both had relationships throughout the house that benefited each other. Enzo gave Cody alot of useful information and vice versa. Would the game have changed if Cody didn't know about Memphis' Wiseguy plan? Not sure, but that's the stuff Enzo needed to convey to the group. Cody mentioned how others were feeding him info as well, and that's true, but I think Cody smartly didn't want to build Enzo's case for Enzo so he didn't really mention him much. Enzo should have played it up...not that he was the mastermind, but that he was more than a cheap sidekick. He started to do better towards the end of the night, but his first few answers helped Cody more than himself. Like I said, in the end it probably didn't matter. But Enzo didn't give himself enough credit or try to really craft anything up to really go for it.
  3. Enzo BRO c'mon! Like this guy alot, but man did he melt down for pretty much 2 hours. He pretty much had no shot against Cody, but he also did not nearly present his case as well as he could have, not really surprised at this I guess. Without going into it too much, I think he didn't play up his partnership with Cody enough, how they benefited from each other, Cody isn't sitting there without him, etc. Really glad he got the $50k, I think he deserved it. I don't believe Nicole.
  4. Are we not going to play Joseph and Harrison together? Sendejo starting next to Joseph on week 8 unofficial depth chart. Higgins is listed as a starter!
  5. I'm not saying you're wrong about Hunt playing hurt, but I'm basing my claim off of more than that past few games. Doesn't matter to me what Sendejo was or wasn't supposed to be. He's horrible. You and MAC can't convince me there isn't a better option out there on a practice squad or a street free agent (even besides Reid). Bring a few guys in, we have extra practice squad spots this year. There is no reason to settle for him just because he wasn't supposed to play. Yes, I heard that about Hodge. Regardless of how many healthy WRs we have, that still doesn't leave me warm and fuzzy about Higgins being on the field all game as he should be. Once a Browns head coach proves it to me, I'll feel better.
  6. If she wins with the "I did what I had to do then turned it on at the end" argument I'll be completely floored. Enzo and Cody should both steamroll her in the final vote. Her edit the last few weeks has been a little bizarre also, not that it has anything to do with the end result this season.
  7. I like Hunt alot, but there is no comparison to Chubb. Awesome tandem for sure though. Problem with Sendejo is he doesn't even deserve to be rostered let alone get playing time. Sucks we lost Delpit and have had issues getting Harrison and Joseph on the field together, but still think we deserve better than Sendejo and what he's brought to the table. It still literally boggles my mind that we've had several coaches and GMs bury Higgins. Please tell me Hodge isn't coming back this week and Higgins will be inactive again. What a nightmare.
  8. It was his pressure today. I’m not saying his striking is bad, it’s simply good like you say, but he literally wore JG out in less than a round by stalking him. Didn’t think that would happen. He can eat a shot too...JG tagged him a few times and he looks completely unfazed.
  9. Cody and Nicole came off a little butt hurt Monday night. If the goal was to eliminate Xmas and not let her win HOH, then the goal was met. They were essentially acting like the goal was to eliminate Xmas and have Enzo throw the HOH to Cody. Either way, the veto holds all the power this week. Maybe I'm looking at this wrong...
  10. There were definitely some things I didn't like to see...or that I wanted to see that I didn't. But the fact is, both of our losses came on the road (some people think no / few fans means road games are easy, I think not) and the Baltimore matchup week 1 was just a kick in the nads from the schedule makers. Let's see what happens in round 2 of both of those matchups. The schedule is favorable to make a run at double digit wins and that's what they're going to do. One of the biggest hurdles they'll have to clear is keeping noise from the outside minimal, especially over the next few weeks. The dummies in the media and on social media are already getting loud.
  11. When you’re in the lobby, do you see a Horses tab? If so, when you drill into it, is there 1 slate for Saturday at 8:55am (ITV racing) with 1 tournament? When I try select that tournament it simply clocks and clocks. This tournament shows up for me every Wed or Thursday for the last couple months but I’ve never gotten to the point where you can choose horses and enter. I mostly use iOS apps, but I have also confirmed it’s there when I use a standard web browser. FanDuel support has been rather worthless, but they did relay to me last week that it should be a legit contest to enter. Beyond that, not much help from them. I’m more curious than anything, although I did enjoy the horses at Gulfstream this summer.
  12. Tough call but Enzo should probably be her backdoor if she chooses to go that route.
  13. Based on what CBS shows us, I think Enzo is playing a very strong game, minus comp wins. He's controlling the house with Cody and nobody has a clue. He was in a really tough spot too with that one eviction vote and his decision hasn't come back to haunt him. The problem he has with his endgame will be whether Cody takes him to the final over Nicole or if Cody takes the layup win versus Nicole, assuming that's the final 3.
  14. And the 2pt attempt was unsuccessful... (just sayin')...