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  1. Tonight’s setlist looks real solid. Hopefully they stick to the script. That’s why you go to both Bobcat!
  2. Gimme Some Truth, Evil Little Goat, Leash, Baba, Indifference, All Along the Watchtower versus SoLaT, Know Your Rights, RitFW, YL
  3. Cringworthy for sure...and it seemed extra long to me. CBS knows she's a train wreck.
  4. Good times, fellas. Very solid show...I give it a 7.5 out of 10 on my tough grading scale. I think I liked the setlist before they changed 5-6 songs. Thanks again for the merch @[icon] Looks clear after this wave rolls through Chitown? You guys are going to get a doozy tonight.
  5. I expected Haleigh to go into the diary room to say how she figured out Tyler has a power app that would in some fashion help him not get backdoored...instead she went in there and told us how Tyler was playing right into her hand.
  6. Thoughts on the posters? I’ve gone back and forth but I think the 3 I like most now are the Train, the woman and the elephant. The first 2 have some significance to Chi and I’m leaning towards the elephant looking better in person. Not sure how I’ll pick 1 of these 3. By far the worst to me is the man/baby head. Then I think the baseball one totally missed the mark. That poster could be for any city with a baseball team.
  7. Rockstar is one of my least favorites ever. The double botch was so awesome. And how dumb is that side of the house, especially Haleigh during this HOH (because I thought she was competent previously). Has anyone ever asked to get backdoored? ALARMS, HELLO. Maybe they're just getting a bad edit...
  8. In other liquid news, the Browns are bailing on Pepsi. Pepsi to RC Cola, Sierra Mist to 7Up, Pure Leaf to Snapple, and MUG to A&W. At least upgrading their root beer. And I think the lemony drink.
  9. Awesome. Those PJ merch hats are like $35! Let me get a count and I'll PM you. Check out my PM one buddy asked about the other stuff.
  10. Let me send out a few texts and I'll let you know. What's the cost? edit: already getting is that New Era...
  11. Possible to get a hat or three? 3930..good taste
  12. Yup, life threatening bacterial infection.
  13. Wrigley has a curfew right? 11pm? Well looking forward to it...never been there. I'll be pretty stoked to get any of these songs that have eluded me since 1994. Around the Bend and All Those Yesterdays to finish off Code/Yield. My Binaural fix - Gods Dice, Of The Girl, Rival (pretty please!), Soon Forget There are some others, but the newer stuff doesn't mean as much to me as Code/Yield/Binaural.