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  1. I'm sure Ed will be there. They'll crush some great covers with him. I'd def want to go if it was in my backyard.
  2. Just came to post it. Only 5 shows on here also.
  3. Sorry....not sure why they list him under Ep1. Poor work, imbd.
  4. Was that Omar/Chalky? MKW is listed in the cast and I don't remember seeing him or a character named "Freddy". The dude with all the weed pouring out of his pockets is Bodie from the Wire too.
  5. Visited my doc on Friday and asked him about sleep apnea. So I qualified for the study and he's like ok let me go show you what you will get in the mail. NICE! He said it's a fairly new test but very accurate, I won't have to go get hooked up to machines at a hotel or whatever, and it won't cost me a dime. Anyone ever done the initial test from home?
  6. Hydroxy Clomiphene (an anti-estrogenic agent) and Letrozole metabolite (an aromatase inhibitor)
  7. Lots of things in life don't make sense. Apparently, TV dramas must make 100% sense from the opening credits.
  8. Never even seen this lime kind in our dugout. Best I've tried are the cracked pepper and also the Tabasco. The rest are pretty horrid, besides regular of course.
  9. PH is a nice choice over Luxor. Location is one of the best. Some quick places to eat in the attached mall also. Wife and I just booked Sun 9/11 leaving Thu 9/15. I used Hotwire (confidently) and got Mandalay for $74/nt (plus resort fees). When I looked at booking on Mandalays site, it was coming out around $1100. Pretty good deal I'd say.
  10. Banned substance...could be a lot of things. So like Jones, these guys are testing clean right up to the fight (Lesnar 5 times probably, Jones probably more), then they're getting hit. Are they trying to jack things in right before the fight and really clean all the other times?
  11. Is this difficult to do?