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  1. I’ve seen Kush get put on his tush multiple times off the snap. He has seemed adequate though which is essentially your point the last 2 pages. It’s regression to me only because of how good Zeitler is.
  2. No I didn’t take it as you saying they’re playing well. I thought Robinson was an upgrade compared to Harrison last year. This year it feels like he is Harrison. You’re right in that Hubbard was never any good so it’s hard to regress there. Obviously RG has had major regression as a position.
  3. Some thoughts.. My main issue with the OL is that the 2 games where we’ve seen this offense at its very worst (Tenn and SF imo), those opponents realized very early in the game they could generate quick pressures on Baker while only bringing their front 4 (usually dropping 7 into zone packages). Our tackles are horrid too. This is a problem and if some people don’t think so that’s ok. Maybe Vernon is helping Myles get to the QB overall, I’m not really sure (but sorta doubt it). I haven’t been impressed. Not good against the run, doesn’t shed the initial block. Seems like this trade is a big loss 5 weeks into the season. Someone educate me if I’m wrong. I still don’t have a good feeling about Monken and his influence on the offense. Higgins is a big missing void for Baker, more than some people want to admit. Same goes for Njoku. His 2 fav red zone guys too. Do we still get steamrolled if Callaway makes the easy catch and it’s 14-10? Similar to the Henry screen (although not a botch by the refs this time), it’s a game altering type play.
  4. Agree with a lot of what you’ve said so far (still catching up), but how do you write this and not mention the OL as an issue last night? ok now I read all your posts, no need to beat a dead horse by replying here.
  5. Good info here, thank you. Will be going with the wife and our 4 & 14 year olds. So, lots of competing agendas, but with the 4 year old as main priority because going back to Disney is all he ever talks about and Halloween is easily his favorite holiday. Since we're just doing this quickie visit (working in Tampa most of the week), we'll definitely be heading in at 4pm and staying til close. My wife has actually mentioned something like that about different characters being available and Skellington may be a priority for us. I tend to agree about seeing the first parade also, I think that's our plan.
  6. Going next Friday to MK for the Halloween Party. Any tips? These are separate tickets, my wife says they clear out the park that the party crowd in the evening much smaller than a normal Friday night? I know these nights sometimes/usually sell-out.
  7. I like that they picked up Kluber even though 2016 Kluber is probably gone forever. He comes out pitching well, we have options with him kind of like what was done with Bauer. Johnson should come into camp competing for a corner OF spot. Based on the way they do business, Johnson and (definitely) Jones will start the year in the minors. Perfect world would be Jones at 3b, JRam at 2b, and Johnson in LF. That gives them the opp to resign Puig, or another corner OF, and work on the back end of the pen. Really their only holes if they'd give the kids a shot and they earn it. I think they'll check in on Puig and would resign him at 1 or 2 years for the right amount, but he'll probably be too expensive and they'll go the inexpensive veteran route (while crossing their fingers).
  8. Amazing that people feel the need to defend either one of the players. Forcing both fists into one’s neck while holding the jersey is most definitely a choke. You don’t have to wrap your hands/fingers around someone’s neck to choke them.
  9. Stats don’t always tell the complete story especially at the start of the season playing the dreds of the league. If you want to frame your argument that way and listen to the media (lolz), ok...I’ll just disagree.
  10. Chubb has Superman vision. What superpowers does he not have? Total package RB.
  11. Baker's flight path That's my qb! And oh ya....Chubb!
  12. Then why do you keep coming back? I’ll put an end to it...the O’s and Jays are AWESOME! You win!
  13. While obviously I’m stoked we won, I’m really glad the noise will quiet down a bit about the Ravens.
  14. Makes no sense. Just because he’s using “analytics” doesn’t make it right.