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  1. Yes, that's more drinking/bar food. Which is fine if that's what you're looking for. We usually go to the Clevelander over there. Obviously Panini's for a loaded sandwich and a beer. For better sit down food and drinks, still right by you, is like Prospect / East 4th and all down E. 4th. It's a quick stroll to see what's there. Right next to Residence Inn is Barrio which is real good tacos.
  2. Should be a great atmosphere down there tonight. And very crowded. Def pay for the valet, maybe they'll let you only do that for one day. Not 100% sure on the craft beer....I think if you find one in the uppers it will be limited. There are a few vendor stands on the main concourse where you will have more selection. Prospect / Huron / E. 9th intersection is where you'll find the most scalping activity along with between the stadiums. Check online first to at least have some comps. And take a walk over to the ticket window, never know what's available.
  3. Yes, quite a bit.
  4. What prelims are worth watching? I might just FF thru it all later anyways.
  5. Fun while it lasted...
  6. We might have to file Commish's report for a future draft. "I don’t know if these are my last two games in Europe. I am still weighing my options and I will make that decision at the end of the season," Doncic said in a news conference on Thursday.
  7. I'm with you! So many guys bunched up right now. If you are -4, you're T28th. But -1 isn't making the cut currently. I have Laird sitting at E and Murray at -1.....nice looking lineup if they can make the cut and Haas stays where he is.
  8. Is Turner your SS for years to come or is there a possible position change coming? This is a fantasy question to you guys. Basically, I have Correa and Turner in a keep 4 that has 1 UTIL spot. Besides hating having UTIL locked in on a daily basis, my team has some holes I can fill by moving one of them and I think I’d be able to compete this year.
  9. Same with me. I would recommend to anyone. Great show. To binge also.
  10. Ariel to ESPN. This entire Disney situation is going to be interesting. Fox did some pregame/postgame studio stuff, but not much else as far as reporting and promoting that I noticed. Thinking ESPN is going to do more on those fronts.
  11. I tend to think "very soon" = "days"
  12. I wondered on Mother's Day if they really thought a 3:30 tip would bring more viewers than say 8:30 that same night. I'm sure they have the data and chose wisely, unless there was no choice to be made because of something contractual (ABC not wanting to disrupt their primetime slate or whatever).
  13. While true, it's the right time for Hue.
  14. DK this week: Leishman, Sabbatini, Uihlein, Murray, Laird, Haas
  15. Finally bailed on Carpenter during his benching and like clockwork goes 3 for 5 with two doubles.