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  1. Good points. Over time, I've cared less about the house/training stuff in general. I do like the coaching banter (like Conor's season, Faber's, etc, and now this one), but the meathead tough guy in the house stuff wears off. I'll probably watch until they pull the plug....nothing better to do with my nights. I would have thought Dillashaw and Cody would have drawn in more viewers because of their known feud. They also went back to the well again and have names people know (I suppose this could be a negative since none of these guys became a real UFC contender).
  2. Only thing missing was Bartokomous. Recognized the song for sure, but couldn't place it until they mentioned it. PS was a good show back in the day. Good stuff again last night...much like the S1 Nora episode.
  3. 230, 229, 242.8 Cashed all 5050s with these scores, but zero GPPs.
  4. WAY more intelligent than me then.
  5. Isn't he even more suspect in the OF than at 3B? I thought he played a pretty decent 3B to be honest. I agree with Servo though, give him everyday ABs in the minors right now. Work on defense at 3B and OF.
  6. Spaun went off, nice little 5-under round there. That Smith dude went for 7-under today for me. Looks like 11 of my 12 golfers will make the cut. The two lineups that were 4 for 4 in the 3/4 group are in the 170s for total points. One is barely cashing a GPP and the other isn't. If you had Finau and his 80pts (10% or so did) you would be in a nice spot right now. What percentage of people cashing in GPPs do you think have less than 4/4 left? Randomly picking lineups in the top few hundred I'm not seeing many. Donald and Horschel are the most common I see.
  7. Looks like the cut is at E right now. Kuchar and Spaun are still fighting at +1. F-U Luke Donald. So dumb.
  8. They are just holding the fort down for Zimmer in June, at least that better be the case. No reason not to try.
  9. Normally top 70 and ties. I need Spaun too. Him and Donald were my only 3/4 round picks that I considered risky.
  10. Did I sound concerned? I'll be ecstatic anytime the Tribe is .500 in April. The true team leader is coming back tonight also. How's that?
  11. Just have to avoid the dreadful April's, which we know all too much about being Indians' fans.
  12. Doubling up my entry fees so far. The bottom lineup is in 106th place of the Hole in One but 3 of my guys are almost done with their 2nd rounds. If you don't know alot about golf, the players that tee off early on Thurs get the later tee times on Fri, and vice versa. So yesterday I remember my bottom lineup coming on strong at the end of the day, where today it's peaking early. Smith, Poulter and Schnieds were late Thurs/early Fri players. I'll surely fall back this afternoon unless List has a great round.
  13. That's for sure. I watched s3e1 again just now and I didn't see the upcoming scenes during the first Upon 2nd viewing, I picked up a few nuggets I missed and have a couple questions. Kevin telling the story on the porch that Matt oddly said he never heard before now makes sense because it wouldn't have been in the book. I remember watching that the first time thinking that scene was weird. But it was a great scene. I hope Nora doesn't have dog DNA. What was the significance of Dean blowing the whistle in Kev's office? Did he want to see if Kev would react to it since his back was turned? How do people know that Nora/Sarah was in Australia during the flash forward at the end of the episode?