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  1. That's the season 2 finale name.
  2. I have not read the books. Probably one of the better shows I watch that nobody talks about and I don't have any friends that watch it. I'd put The Leftovers in that group too, which starts up again soon. I crack up every time Dawes says "Earther". I can't believe they did Miller like that, but something is still telling me we're maybe not done with him.
  3. I know...isn't he like 35 years old? I thought he was more like 25 years old, then we lost him on waivers or whatever to Boston last year (before he came back again), and heard he was older. Can't imagine he's the best util player out there that we can find or within our system.
  4. What I think the Tribe will do: Even though his bat is impressive, Diaz will start in the minors because of his defense. They'll justify it that way and kind of already have. Then, they'll play JRam at both 2B and 3B with Urshella at 3B and Gonzalez at 2B depending on where JRam is. If Urshella is hitting, they'll go with him and JRam 5-6 times a week. If Michael Martinez makes this team I'm going to ask for a tryout.
  5. It's the constant obnoxiousness. I can handle you. I'll move if I can't, no biggie to me. It's not like he was the only person cheering out loud for them. He's just the person that needs the entire book to know who he's rooting for every 20 seconds. Standing up right in front of me, yelling at his people (or maybe randoms) a few seats down....enough.
  6. That said, the Flamingo wasn't that bad of a place to stay. I actually liked the casino level. Their book almost always had a place to sit (comfy chairs too) and it's not even that big (Friday was a mess though with NCAA and St. Pats, I should have left Fri morning not Fri night). Quick access to the Linq/Harrah's for a different vibe, but also basically mid strip for the upper scale casinos if you wanted to head across the street. The street/area between Flamingo and Linq has a bunch of places to eat and drink and people watch. The rooms at the Flamingo are probably the worst part and I even had a GO room, but for the amount of time you spend in the room, and the price, it's not that bad.
  7. I was super annoyed with obnoxious sportsbook/blackjack/craps people last week. Maybe I'm becoming an old grump as I approach 40 or maybe it was because I was flying solo in Vegas. I'm all for some excitement in those three realms, but every ####### play in basketball doesn't need clapping and yelling (somehow one of these idiots was always around me). I must have just picked the worst blackjack table on my final night...seemed like half the people that rolled through wanted to cheer every hand. And quit telling me good luck on my Ace when it only pays 6/5, leave that for the dealer that has her boobs in my face. Really I'd rather have a low card to double on a dealer bust draw anyways.
  8. I cashed on DK and failed on FD this past week. Stenson killed FD. Still not sold on this FD format. I know they added a bonus so your early round players can pay off if they finish well. They sent me another survey on it yesterday so I think they are still looking to tweak it.
  9. My original thought was Sano, Fulmer and Contreras....which is what @MAC_32 also said. Anyone else with an opinion? @Doctor Detroit
  10. Yahoo 12 team H2H league. R HR RBI SB AVG OPS / W L SV K ERA WHIP Only a 20 inning min per week and there are two UTIL spots in the hitting lineup. Keeping these 7: Bryant, Miggy, Starling, Xander, Polanco, Sale, Bumgarner Need 3 more from this group: Kipnis, Sano, Contreras, Brantley, Felix, Rodon, Fulmer, Hill The Kipnis shoulder injury and Felix falling off the value cliff has me rethinking everything here.
  11. Still full from yesterday from the massive meatloaf dish at HHaGG.
  12. Anyone like this BYU game? Thinkin about just going with the under.
  13. Just went to +1.5 at the book I'm sitting at in LV. What's the FFA backed play here? New Orleans is still -1 also.