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  1. Was wondering that too. People were vocal and got their 90's show, not sure how many they'll do though. The video quality last night was better than a Live Phish show I watched on Monday from 2003. They enhanced it pretty good I assume?
  2. Get in there before they take it down, that 2nd set was fantastic.
  3. Yeah what a train wreck! Also didn’t think he came even close to winning the 1st round and he got two 30-27 cards.
  4. No doubt. And within the game it’s Jordan and Nelson. No surprise there.
  5. Rams battling the Falcons for the bottom in this years pack of changes, but unfortunately for the Falcons they will never relinquish that spot. Rams got the white version (bone on bone) all wrong imo. The blue/yellow combo is the only OK one. Another case of changing for the worse.
  6. Hurt the foot. Still thought he won r1 and lost 29-28. But all 3 judges went 30-27. Been some weird cards tonight.
  7. Thought there’d be more chaos and finishes, but still really solid fights for the most part. Hope Hardy gets chopped up here.
  8. Can’t say much more than what’s been said. Bryce crushed it again. Bout time he gets the camo gear!
  9. Souza/Hall is off if you had any parlays with that match. Thinking there will be a good number of ITD finishes tonight.