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  1. lol, dude is spun up like no other. So Irving might not play tonight. That sucks, wanted to see him get extended action out there. Nobody needs it more.
  2. Alot of pressure on Kluber and Carrasco with the rest of the rotation struggling and the bats silent.
  3. Buncha catty #####es if you ask me.
  4. He's a freak off the edge!
  5. So very sorry
  6. He's been saying for 2-ish months that would be the case. Whether he sticks to that or not, who knows.
  7. Wrigley 2 seemed pretty great, my kind of setlist coupled with only a few throw aways. Awesome start then blasted through the 1st set. My feeds were solid til the 2nd encore, then everyone's I tried seemed to be choppy. Wrigley 1 always seemed to start to do what I wanted it to do, then take a few steps back, over and over. Would have loved to been there with a bunch of my buddies, but just a horrible weekend for it to fall on. Maybe next time. Share some experiences if you have a moment.
  8. These lock in tomorrow. I've leaned away from keeping all 3 defensemen as I don't want to throw away a potential offensive keeper for my team next year. I don't think in the end my base will be that competitive this year, so why keep all 3 defensemen? Bortles McCoy, Bernard, Duke, Crowell, Abdullah Floyd, Gordon Reed Mosely Thoughts?
  9. Who is fonzie/lion king?
  10. Man, Urb is killing it right now.
  11. Nate..until then (3) I ain't comin back. Lol so he said he came in injured and Conor should have finished him? Nice.
  12. Sounds right to me.
  13. What do you have? 2-1 Conor with him fading?
  14. Hammy's call was solid. I despise Underwood.