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  1. Debacle yet? Just tuning in.
  2. I should have watched this before I posted it. Hilarious.
  3. If he has lost a step, or two, it's certainly worth the shot he comes back close to normal next year. It's a physical thing and a dedication thing. Nobody knows about the former, I don't know about the latter but I'm sure someone does.
  4. I didn't say not to contest it. But it helps to not make unnecessary contact. He could have been more vertical to avoid the foul call. Butler got a great look against a guy that thinks he played amazing defense on the play.
  5. Ya, I can get on board with this. I didn't really have a problem watching that yesterday, although I was rooting for the Bulls. It's still a tough call...and I still say I've seen alot worse not called. Not that it means much, but Butler did say he was hit in the elbow.
  6. Tough way to end the game and I've seen much worse not called. The ref had to think the contact was more solid, and maybe it was, I couldn't tell (but he did make contact). If you think about it, he had no chance at blocking the shot, not a "smart" play to reach out like that.
  7. Why would they start a 4 round NBA survivor tonight? I have a voucher, so it's not a big deal, but it just seems dumb.
  8. Sounding more like a risky proposition on this page. High ceiling, low floor fantasy play.
  9. So if one is going to HHaGG, are you going for breakfast or dinner?
  10. It won't be disappointing if he gets KTFO.
  11. Seems like Marty is playing an awful trick on Rick to me.