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  1. He’s been fire lately. The best safeties in the NFL tweet is greatness. Must be off meds or medicating his nose.
  2. If you follow Pete you know that’s not true. Lol. Stop now.
  3. Was anyone going to a TAB show coming up? Ray had brain surgery, so now it's the original Trio. Refunds available, although I'd assume few to be requested. My show in April is the 20 year anniversary of the original Trio show (or TAB depending how you look at it). Could be interesting.
  4. Did a receiver break stride once in those highlights? Maybe a half stride in one of the deep balls. Pretty video. Still wish they'd wear pads at these pro days.
  5. Right, Karmazin, or whatever his name is, is right with Goldhammer. Partners in crime.
  6. Hammer has pretty much ruined the station entirely on his own by always trying to be in the spotlight yet be the station producer. He's now doubled down on his horribleness by taking his act to Twitter.
  7. Agree, but not having 3.01 in my back pocket is what makes me hesitant of trading back up. Maybe trade two of the three 2nds to get back into the teens for a player top 5-8 on your board that you’re confident won’t be around at 2.01. I’m also more in favor of this option if they go QB-Saquon out of the gate (which I think is a mistake).
  8. C’mon, maaaaaaaan
  9. Can get CB (not Ward) and LT in those Buffalo spots probably. Wouldn't be horrible, but leaning towards us using #4, unless it's Barkley then they best trade. Also not sure I'm even engaging Buffalo if they aren't ponying up three #1s.
  10. Came to post that. Great news! Really want Davis to make the roster. Abe is next.
  11. I've read that he can move inside on passing downs. I've also read that about Garrett and Ogbah. To me, this potential versatility on the line spells h-a-v-o-c for opponents.
  12. What scouting reports do you read that make that projection consistently between prospects? said "multi-time Pro Bowler". I've read plenty of glowing reports on Chubb. I think the label you are looking for can be a conclusion one could come to. What CB/S players are you seeing actually projected to Pro Bowls?
  13. Right. If you read the thread this weekend you'd have sensed my sarcasm towards Ghost.
  14. Why would the Bills do that to get QB4?
  15. I also think the bolded is huge, as well as being limited on information as daveR noted (especially the interview portion, football IQ, and deep background checks). Mayfield Darnold/Rosen Jackson Allen Rudolph/White/Falk