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  1. Torres is like 18 and still appealing as a prospect. I definitely liked getting Mercado though and am glad we have him now.
  2. I know I'm totally doing this wrong, but I rinse mine out with hot water and wipe it most once a week.
  3. Anyone checking out the movie tomorrow? Just got myself a ticket. Looks good.
  4. Sure looks like it. I heard least of that one too. If anyone has unused ticket stub download codes from any shows besides Blossom I'd put them to very good use.
  5. How many times did you forget where you were during Ruby Waves?
  6. Anyone have a mask that does a 180 from the nose, to right above the ear, to the far back of head? Avoiding the top of the head and top/back of the head where most guys bald? Also waiting for somebody to take this jump ---
  7. Who can tell me what 614pts cashed on the FD $1 SE (big or small) and/or the $1 multi entries?
  8. Obviously I like your 1st LU. Should have just used Frittelli!!! 327pts and winning a free 20-man by 26pts. I knew I’d torture myself doing this.
  9. Watched some of the last 2 nights. I don’t see that shows attraction really besides hot chicks (ok thats a good start). Nothing has happened and I just saw the same conversation with the same dude and different chicks a few times in a row. Maybe not seeing the other eps matters.
  10. Kinda thought that was the point. I do the same. I’ll be on an anal hunt in 13 minutes.
  11. Can't figure FD out so I put in 2 free lineups. Niemann, Tringale, VTaylor, Im, Clark, Frittelli Morikawa, Hovland, Suh, Malnati, Hughes, Harman
  12. The NOVA - Back to the Moon episode that I watched tonight was pretty cool.
  13. I'm in Louisiana right trying to figure out how to get lineups in. I'd like to fade them in a few (and mix them into a few) and target guys like Harman, Im, Tringale, Clark, and a few others. Harman and Im won't be secrets this week, but might come in with less ownership than they would if these youngsters weren't getting so popular right now. On Yahoo, Morikawa and Hovland are still way closer to minimum salary than max. And Wolff stayed min. Crazy.
  14. Not sure what the field looks like this week but I’ll lean on the kiddos for at least a couple lineups. Got to til they go chalk or get too expensive. Some were nearing 20+% this week.
  15. Well, strategy was pretty much there. Had 4 $1 lineups on FD and one hit for 6 - Clark, Morikawa, Hughes, Hovland, DeCham, and Koepka. Kinda ticked I didn’t play Wolff at all, kept looking at him.