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  1. Bobcat10

    FanDuel Week 15

    Fwiw, I'd have done 69 lineups. Good luck! I have a longshot single entry qualifier ticket tonight. The lineup I built today matches a DFS "pro" not on this site, which normally would make me think I'm on the right track....but now wondering if a bunch of people are going to use it.
  2. The Fan just said if they move Yonder without taking a big salary back, they will have cleared $24M this offseason. Will be interesting to see what they do whether they move him or not. Still too many questions overall to see the grand plan. One thing I think is locked in that nobody is mentioning, we're going to be comfortable throwing Martin in CF while getting Zimmer ramped back up slowly to give him another chance.
  3. Right, but mult are reporting Sea is flipping EE to TB. But I've also seen that's not the case. I ran with it.
  4. Bobcat10


    While there is no surprise with that post (timing, way it was written, full of...), I don't think he meant Baker is 1-4 on the road against top teams. I'm just waiting for the BS to update me on how Des has been grading out since we stopped getting them around week 3.
  5. Yep, that's the missing piece, so makes sense. I guess TB didn't like what they saw out of Bauers. Tribe make Tribe moves.
  6. What are the Rays doing? Sounds like they're giving up Bauers for Yandy Diaz??? I've been a backer of Yandy getting more time in Cle, but something must be missing here (and not the PTBNL I didn't mention).
  7. Bobcat10

    Physics and astronomy thread
  8. Bobcat10


    In other words, it doesn't usually work out when you force a coach onto a new GM. It's amazing Hue (and maybe Haley, but end of day the buck falls on Hue and I think this was part of the discord), being a QB whisperer and all, didn't start giving Baker more reps and a legit shot at starting earlier in the camp/preseason. I also wonder how much Buddy Boy had to do with this because he's the one who spent a 3rd on Taylor. Sure, hindsight is 20-20 and all that, but it's a very fair criticism considering Hue was the coach and was at all the practices, film sessions, etc....things that we are not privy to, although did see some insight during HK. Seems to easily be Hue's biggest blunder of everything he stunk at or said....and most of us probably came to this conclusion weeks ago.
  9. Bobcat10


    Just keep feeling dangerous on Sundays, boy.
  10. Probably comes down to a close decision like most of her fights. Never going to see Joanna at these odds again. There's no question she can win that fight.
  11. Bobcat10

    Terrarium TV

    Titanium is a Terrarium clone? What the difference between Titanium and Movie Play Red (or Movie Box, same thing) then? I've used MPR rather flawlessly since Terrarium went bye bye. I thought that was a clone of Terrarium. This #### is confusing as ####!
  12. Bobcat10

    Terrarium TV

    Do you watch TV series? If so, which is better for that? I'm not sure what a movie is anymore.