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  1. He does have a lot of spare time between at bats.
  2. I'm guessing Miller will be available just like he was in the ALCS after he threw 40 pitches. If the Indians can win tonight, they will go for it to ensure this thing comes back home.
  3. I get it but I think they were looking for "value" and Miller is the highest posted Tribe player. From the lines I saw, Ramirez was below (in order) Miller, Klubs, Kip, Naps, Santana, Allen, Lindor, Chis, Bauer, Naquin, Perez. So that screams "value" to me. Naquin won't even play during the Lester games. No idea why Jose was so low on this list. If I had money on this, I'd be on Klubs and Ramirez, and maybe Lindor.
  4. Kipnis is a bit hobbled after spraining his ankle celebrating the last series win. Should be good to go, but there were rumors yesterday he would possibly miss game 1. I'd throw Jose Ramirez in the value mix. He didn't do much in the TOR series, but who did? He had huge hits all year and would be one of those under the radar type guys to have a big series.
  6. I do this to an extent as well. I usually play 3 main slates and 1-2 1pm, but I think I should scale that back where possible. This was a nice week to do that. My problem this week was I didn't want to pair Rodgers/Evans or Hilton/Doyle in gpp or cash LUs and it probably cost me some winnings because of how I tinkered the LUs. I still did well, especially at 1pm, but lost exposure to Hilton and Evans because of it. Do u play these types of pairings, especially in cash games? Overall I had similar players this week in cash games. Ryan Brady Geno main slate, Bortles Mariotta 1pm. Ware Rodgers Murray in most cash LUs. AJG Evans Jones Hilton but I did dig deeper here after them then I should have. Davis Doyle and 1 Gronk Walker. I definitely had Janikowski inserted a few times but ended up ditching him. Still amazes me how important K and D are every week.
  7. I guarantee this is happening.
  8. You forgot about St. Louis. I think your hypothetical is closer to the middle. Maybe even now too.
  9. I hate how people (or scalpers) could buy 8 tickets per game. That goes for the season ticket holders, through the multiple "pre-sales", and finally the last public sale. Yes, I'm bitter for getting shut out and won't pay these ridiculous prices.
  10. Maybe if PSU was OSU's 2nd loss. But it wasn't, they still have plenty of motivation to win out and not to just look ahead to late November.
  11. Looks like a steal for the Pats.
  12. If you played mostly chalk on Thursday without jumping the gun on Gillisee, I suspect you are having a monster week. My 139 in the Oakheart will easily cash, but that lineup would not sniff anything today. I should have went with my gut more with Hill, only 2% owned on Thurs, and that's my only use out of him. I have no piece in the game tonight, so hoping my 147, 153 and 146 can stand the charge. None of my other lineups are cashing. Crazy that the cash cuts are higher than most GPP. Have a feeling I'll be watching the money slip away. Still will be a positive week, just a matter of how much now.
  13. Had a fantastic 1pm Only slate. My Zenner LU was over 150 crushing 5050s and was probably another play away from doing damage in gpp. Which brings me to my point. I learned a long time ago to put cash LUs in gpps, but for my 1pm LUs I only did the Mini-Squibs, which are $1 1176 entries. I cashed $3 finishing 47th. What am I doing wrong here? Or would a $2 only won $6 and $5 only won $15 (assuming that score is rather linear)? Ive never had success doing those 100 person contests and I'm thinking that will be 1 suggestion here. edit: just looked at my $2 Snap and yes that Zenner LU would have cashed $6.