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  1. Officially official for Lollapalooza Paris Day 2. This is going to be....interesting. Anyone listed here I should most definitely listen to prior and catch at the festival? Vampire Weekend, Burna Boy, Haim, Illenium, Rezz, Alec Benjamin, Little Simz, Rufus Du Sol, Klingande, Griz, Subtronics, Boogie T, Whipped Cream, and Asdek. I'm sure I've heard a few of Vampire's songs, but other than them, Haim and Griz, I can't say I've ever heard any of these other acts. PJ hasn't been to Paris since 2006 I believe, so hoping for a good one!
  2. I think it's looped twice also. So only like 15 seconds of the actual song. Not sure if it's gonna be intro/outro/chorus...I think that will matter. Works with a light bulb for those who have not tried.
  3. The only thing I'm trying way too hard to do is move on. Posters here are happy he's reinstated and there is nothing wrong with that. People get plenty of re-do's in this game we call life, let's allow that to happen in this case as well. The action was completely wrong and the penalty was served in full. If people want to believe in their mind he's a "goon" forever or want to argue the penalty was still too light, then so bet it, but you can still move on with everyone else and stop antagonizing in here, or at least go post it in the Myles thread. I think it's pretty easy to see that nothing good will come out of it here in this thread. We're happy our star defender is back for game #1 next season and while I don't normally like speaking others, I have to imagine you would be too.
  4. Right, rock called him a goon. Anyways... Here's a hypo. Let's say Myles dropped the helmet when Rudolph made that charging move and Myles planted his right fist on Rudolph's jaw dropping him like a fly. Would that have been ok? If not, what are you proposing he should have done in the moment? To be clear, I'm not defending the helmet swing or saying that most people would have resorted to that behavior (I don't think that is the case at all). I just agree with daveR that this was not something premeditated. It was a very bad reaction in the heat of the moment where a reaction was very likely, it has nothing to do with whether Myles was scared , or not scared, of Mason.
  5. Steal them within the field of play, which I will extend into the dugouts, using one’s eyeballs. Simple as that really.
  6. I thought about that too so it could be another one....I thought it was sort of borderline to this discussion. Whether they achieve the same result I still think #3 is very different than the others. So different that MLB issued the warning, as you mentioned. #1 and #2 happen within the field of play and are situational with gamesmanship involved.
  7. My parents picked up the 55" series 6 yesterday...I think he said for $399. I believe that's a pretty good deal but I was only shopping for series 4 & 5 over the past couple months.
  8. Are there any other ways to steal a catcher's signs? 1. Lazy catcher signaling 2. Runner on 2nd base 3. Use of technology outside the field of play 4. ?
  9. Wilks def out, so that should make many happy. I was sort of indifferent. I am glad we're looking to improve though.
  10. I'm not aware of any recent technology-aided sign stealing scandals, let alone 100+ years ago. I could be wrong though. I guess some people will think about it in the terms you put out there. Being a long time player and coach, to me sign stealing and technology-aided sign stealing are apples and oranges.
  11. What were you seeing? Do you even know? Bound to secrecy?
  12. Still don't know alot about him, but Stef comes off as a truly genuine person. So when he says somebody else might call plays, I do believe him. Coaches usually have no problem telling the media that they will indeed call plays if that's what they intend to do. It's a power/security thing. Freddie is a great example, and you're right we just did this. I think if Stef gets the right person, then I think he'll let that person call the plays. Let's see who the hire is.
  13. Agreed, but I didn't think he was talking about exact seat locations. I read the claim as, he would not know GA/Reserved prior to the public sale. I believe it has never been like that in the past and that's coming from experience (and a bad memory). My buddy did send me some pics of arena maps with the 10C sections in blue. That's new. He said it did not drill down to see the actual rows/seats. I thought there was no way ALL of the blue could be 10C, just a number of the best rows in those sections. Some of the shots I saw showed almost every section facing the stage in blue.
  14. Not sure I completely agree with the Pete Rose treatment so I'd have to say no to your question. Steroids, Blacksox, gambling, Astros....these are all black eyes to the game and should all carry suspensions at a minimum. It's quite telling when pitchers are coming out and saying they'd rather face hitters using steroids before hitters knowing what is coming.
  15. Used to be fun sitting on the bench in HS trying to figure out the other team's signs. This is just as bad, if not worse, than gambling or cheating to lose (losing on purpose). I can't believe the players involved may not get punished.