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  1. Which is also a slight contradiction from his comments during his introduction presser, right? Personally, I think less commenting on the previous regime is best for someone in Dorsey's position right now. Just do your job improving the roster, don't #### up this upcoming draft, and thank Sashi for fumbling the AJ trade and for creating an intriguing job opening for an out of work GM.
  2. It wasn't a long interview. Hammer is def all up in himself, unlistenable for the most part especially when Rizzo isn't there. Basically the big take away is Dorsey would not vouch for 2018 Hue like Jimmy has. Dorsey did not have kind things to say about Britt and also sort of dissed Sashi (and the current roster). Dorsey seems to have a little too much "rah rah" in him for my tastes, but I can live with it because he seems genuinely and fully engaged in getting the ship righted and he is 100% no-nonsense.
  3. Thurs-Mon slate is looking good for a TNF fade. Make sure your placeholders don't include scrubs from the Saturday games if you don't plan on updating until Sunday (I just removed Santos from mine, potentially devastating).
  4. That format is quite different. My first attempt: Flacco/Bortles, Collins/Drake/LMurray, ABrown/MThomas, Gronk Debating things like MThomas to Dez which gets Bortles to Rivers. Flacco-Collins stack seems workable against my Browns.
  5. Thanks, I missed the CBD interview yesterday. I'm sure if one of them is more "scripted" it's CBD, so maybe the RBS will ask the tough questions.
  6. Did anyone else almost stop their recording or change channel if you were watching live?
  7. Really? I know he died a year later, but thought it was always reported he just didn't believe in the HOF concept.
  8. GD was in a long time ago...mid 90's.
  9. I wonder this every year, never hear them mentioned either. It is a sham. Hell, they've had the '94 hot dog flying in that museum for YEARS. Phish actually took it out for New Years '10-'11 and returned it with fresh mustard and relish!
  10. Been eligible for years.
  11. Wow, congrats! I thought I had a chance to pull in my first 4 figure winnings this past weekend, I can't even imagine 6 figures! Had 2 entries in the $2 Snap, a Rivers led LU that finished 49th (too bad that wasn't a close game and SD went to run the clock out mode early) and a Wentz/Alshon/Burton stack that finished 10th for $75 (I had a path to 1st if Wentz doesn't get hurt). Really hoping to get back in here more as the season winds down and my work slows down a bit, but hopefully for sure next year. I've gained so much valuable info from these threads over the years, comparable to even the subscription info here at FBG. Just this past Sunday morning I popped in here and skimmed some of the thread....moved some of my money to Rivers because of it....then hit Dodds blog after Noon and his last post was moving his money to J. Williams and cooling on Miller so I had some easy switches there. Both of those moves easily made this my best weekend of the season.
  12. Even if we only bring in 1 QB this class, I still think he's gone. I don't think it will be Martell, yet. Burrow slotted in at what seemed to be a good time, 2 years to groom and be the heir to JT, but then the room filled up super quick with alot of talent.
  13. Agreed, been thinking that for a while now about the blonde. Also thinking it's not going to happen until the season finale and that will be Fiona's main story next year.
  14. Problem is, Mac, the Mayfield stuff is out of control, and you can probably say that about both sides of the spectrum. The people who LOVE him have a massive man crush (some of them actually are film guys with football takes) and the people who knock him just seem to be genuinely against him. What I do know, just like with Manziel, if a team thoroughly does all their homework (film study, live study, personal/off field study, etc) they should be able to come to the proper conclusion on him versus the other top QBs. This was not done properly by the Browns in the case of Manziel.