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  1. Bobcat10


    Nice knowin' ya, Carlos.
  2. Bobcat10

    FanDuel Week 7

    Was just thinking about this strategy for tonight. Going to see if any ticket contests look nice in the next hour.
  3. Bobcat10

    2018-2019 NBA DFS

    Dunn is out so bump Holiday at 4500? McGruder and Jones Jr. for 3500 each might fit the bill tonight if the Heat have a similar rotation as last night.
  4. Bobcat10

    2018-2019 NBA DFS

    Yep was just thinking about this. Slot the best $3500 of the night and move on. If you need to upgrade that position, pick a $3500 elsewhere.
  5. I'd say his label was more top 3 or top 5 than #1, but maybe I'm wrong. I'd imagine a good marketing plan and agent can take care of it. His brother has extra time on his hands too. Coming back for those games and re-injuring himself, or suffering a completely different injury, would be way worse IMO.
  6. They barely tried in the Finals according to some. What makes you think they tried half as hard during regular season games against the non-playoff Lakers?
  7. There's been some Floyd/Khabib noise on the Twitters too.
  8. Bobcat10

    Terrarium TV

    I'm having Tony's experience....Movie Play Red (or whatever it's called, I've seen it listed a bunch of different ways) is working great for me. No ads or rebooting like what you're experiencing. I'm getting good feeds (on the first try), but I've only watched Ozark on this setup. I have gotten around 3-5 buffers during an episode, but they only last for a second or two. Last episode I think it was only one buffer. I wonder if there is a no-ad download that I luckily hit and yours was not. I talked to my one friend today and he said Cinema has been his go-to since this mess started.
  9. Bobcat10

    FanDuel Week 6

  10. Bobcat10

    FanDuel Week 6

    Bedtime duties tonight but got a few in. Ran out of time getting Beathard in at 1.5x so it’s all Rodgers. .50 - QBs and GB RBs .50 - QBs, Celek, StB, MVS .12 - Rodgers, Adams, MVS, Jones, Celek Also have Jones and StB in a $2 from yesterday’s late slate that’s currently cashing. St Brown was $2400 on DK so got a little single game going there too.
  11. Bobcat10

    FanDuel Week 6

    Bass, would u advocate both QB and all 3 GB rbs for a ticket contest? When I mix it up, I end up with Celek most of the time while going for St. Brown, MVS, etc