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  1. My Brantley expectations are set pretty low. But the lineup will look awesome if he's close to his normal self without anything nagging all season.
  2. Perfect fit, imo. Derrick Williams has been pretty darn good also. That's what happens when you aren't expected to be the savior anymore and you put someone with his athleticism with Lebron. They are running some lineup of Williams, Lebron, Korver, Frye and Jefferson. It's destroying opponents. Add in Deron hopefully soon too. With Korver, Derrick, and probably Deron (not Bogut as I previously thought), the Cavs crushed the "deadline". Come playoffs this version of the Cavs should be much better than last year's version as a whole, but it will be interesting to see how Lue distributes the minutes. He'll definitely have alot of buttons to push if a series with the Warriors goes 6 or 7 games.
  3. Eh, maybe it is Payne, not Morrow. Why can't these people just get the trade right?
  4. Does it even matter if it's 1 or 2 or 4 when you are talking about adding those players?
  5. Already working on a buyout. Might land in Cleveland with the open roster spot they have.
  6. Tarblooders year
  7. Depends from where. If you have Frontier or Spirit options, keep looking there. Also, what Zilla said about Southwest.
  8. Basically what i was going to post after reading through the Ersan trade posts. If you find one gem in the lot it's worth it. Also gives them plenty of extra assets to trade when you guys think you'll be winning championships.
  9. I don't remember anything being said about the thinner, bent up, piece of metal they found. Did I miss something? The episode was pretty good, besides the awful segment where those old ladies visited and it got all sappy.
  10. Saw this the other day. I was taking it quite seriously and didn't want to mess up. I assume hundreds of people see the same 4 images so if I miss something it should be picked up along the way.
  11. Opening day Thursday...leaving on St. Pats Friday late afternoon.
  12. Debacle yet? Just tuning in.