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  1. Now who was fav and by how much matters? I'll take the Spurs and Pop all day vs these 90s teams. You can take the Suns and Blazers and whoever u want over them. Doesn't matter to me.
  2. Thank goodness the Mavs did. That team is probably a better comparison for some of Jordan's opponents.
  3. I haven't seen anyone say those teams suck. They just don't compare at all to the 6 Warriors and Spurs teams. Decent effort a few of you are putting forth though.
  4. C'mon, nonsense. All the Spurs and Warriors teams are far superior to anything you're trying to compare them too.
  5. It's very strange. People grieve in all kinds of ways I guess.
  6. What's all the debate on the last goaltending? That Kyrie had no intention of making the shot....just put the ball off the glass hoping the defender touches it right afterwards? Or did they really think it was a "clean" block?
  7. Too bad Vicki's mother didn't consult her before the mom went on a twitter rampage. I'm not posting that stuff in here. Hopefully it was taken down.
  8. But it was so much more physical when Jordan played. And the league was so much better.
  9. It will all be over soon for the Shamrocks. Then they can get back to rebuilding for post mental midget days.
  10. I still don't really know what I got, or was supposed to get, out of that episode. I liked Laurie's much more. I heard today that Sepinwall dude was raving about Matt's episode, maybe I need to hunt that article down. So is that 3 or 4 character-centric episodes out of 6 so far this season? Isn't that kind of how LOST went during it's final season?
  11. Kinda how I was feeling at times. The C's banked in two 3's (they might have changed Horford's to a 2 and Smart's was just awful), made some other horrible looks, got more perfect bounces on the rubber rim, and benefited from some crazy loose balls going their way. The refs were putrid for the most part both ways. Calls and non-calls. Nuts game. Props to the Celts for playing one full great game of defense between games 3 and 4. Felt like we were going back to Boston 2-2.
  12. Do they have a Pres? Or does that mean the Griffin door closed for good in Orl, if it was ever open?
  13. So when it's all said and done and Bron dominates all the stats that he isn't already dominating, you'll be the guy wanting to factor in 5 years of MJ stats?
  14. Generous? Were the Pistons not heavily favored and up 2-0 to start the series? Lebron put on one of the single greatest playoff spectacles of all time in game 5. Sheed and Ben, btw.
  15. Or maybe a couple middle fingers for not being included on the MVP list.