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  1. She can halt the eviction ceremony once during the next four (including last night, which she did not use even though she was OTB) essentially saving both noms. So, once her beau is back in the house, she will be able to protect him.
  2. I can't find an app for my phone that I like to replace MMAFighting. Trying 24/7 MMA right now, seems to pull from a bunch of different sources, but you can't get them all on one view.
  3. Problem this year will be the Cubs paid a very steep prospect price for Quintana. Not saying they overpaid, but Cease and Eloy is a haul for the Sox. If the debate is Sonny Gray for Meija or McKenzie....or Cueto or Degrom for McKenzie AND Meija....I'm not sure which side of the fence I'm on just yet.
  4. The Cleveland show was my least favorite MMJ show...that marked my 5th. Still great to see them, and now REALLY looking forward to Columbus since they have always brought it strong there.....but mid first set dragged in Cle, it's the only setlist this tour I've seen go down a path like that. Thin Line - Wonderful - Golden. Really not a fan of those bookends, and while I like Wonderful, I've seen it at most/all MMJ and Jim solo shows I've ever been to.
  5. I caught Ghost > Wombat > Chalk Dust Torture....that was fun. Saw first 4-5 songs of first set. Kinda came out slow for my tastes. Didn't see Maze which can make an entire set for me. Overall, not a set list that does great things for me ON PAPER.
  6. The dude that danced all the way to the cage behind Yoel is a king.
  7. I thought it was a pretty entertaining start, generally speaking. I do think Cody got hosed big time by having to nominate so many people, but there were several moments where he could have saved himself from disaster. Then he doubled down on disaster with what he said when he put Xmas up. He still could have cleaned it up for the most part after the last noms by not campaigning against Xmas and going with his group encouraging Jillian's departure.
  8. I like what you're doing allocation wise as I've seen the 5050 / double ups as pretty beatable most weeks. I've been playing even less money wise and win/lose a few bucks every week. Just don't have the time these days. Got messed up this week after a week and a half vacation...only got these in: $1 gpp - MKim, Taylor, Streelman, Reed, DLee, Bradley, Lingmerth, Simpson $1 gpp and $2 double - Hoge, Putnam, Schauffele, Reed, Finau, Mickelboob, Kang, Schniederjans First lineup had a great day 1 and is falling a little back today, hoping to go 8/8 but need MKim to hang on. Second lineup is doing better today but not cashing anything, and will have at least 1 miss the cut.
  9. During the pre-fight diary sessions Krause seemed like he wanted to be on the ground or at least welcomed it. Figured that wouldn't end so well, and it didn't. I specifically remember the 2 times Krause tried to take Taylor's back....they completely backfired on him when he could have got it back standing instead. Taylor was relentless on the mat. It's not why he lost, but Krause also had to be effected by the Elliot/house disaster the night before the fight. Was hoping for Krause/Baczynski tonight (although I'm glad Toothless is on the card) because Baczynski was acting like a total #####. I still don't know what Elliot said to make Buchholz go ape nuts either.
  10. Still underappreciated and generally speaking unknown. This past weekend I told a few parents and people that I coach baseball with where I was going just a few hours before we all travel to Ripken in Myrtle Beach and I get blank stares. Your morning what? They think I'm nuts. Enjoy! So pumped for Friday night!
  11. You're right. Woj: Cavs front office had difficulty in trade talks this week, constantly needing to address Griffin's future with rival executives. Tough spot.
  12. Had a lineup with 1 golfer making the cut lol. Lost 1.90 on the weekend. One lineup put up 439 with only 5 golfers making the cut, the other two lineups stunk. This is fun and keeps the tournament exciting, but it's also pretty difficult.
  13. What? You complain about D10. You post alot yourself. I don't get it. Just put him on ignore.