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  1. I don't know enough about how teams are using the G-league but I would think that is a better reason to extend the draft as others have mentioned.
  2. The first draft could be lengthened just because of the extra depth it should have, not sure if 3 rounds makes sense long term or not. Teams snagging '21 picks in trades could be onto something, if that ends up being the year.
  3. So DC must not be a fighter then. I can get on board with that.
  4. Espn had top 10’s airing late night and it was fun to watch the GSP Serra segment (#1 upset of course). Haven’t thought about that in a while. So crazy.
  5. I thought if GSP wanted Khabib or retirement, and Khabib wasn’t coming to the table? I could be totally backwards.
  6. This was a thought I had early on but don't think so anymore. The interviews do have a feeling of being a bit "off" though. I think it's just their way to get the show fueled in 2015 and possibly to link Season 1.