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  1. I just texted my sister that Xmas screwed up voting out Kevin. Really, Paul and Xmas both screwed that up. Kevin should have been in both their minds as the person to sit next to. Have a feeling they didn't give crazy Josh much of a chance with jury either though.
  2. I was ready for Paul to dominate the Q/A interview and final speech session vs Josh, and ultimately win something like 7-2. Then Josh manhandled him in the Q/A and I thought this has to fixed somehow. How could that happen? Mind boggling that the exact opposite happened...Paul acted like he didn't know how to answer anything and Josh pretty much nailed everything even if he was making #### up or over glorifying what he did/didn't do. Xmas gets a chance to help one of them out with the last question that wasn't scripted ahead of time and she basically asks an inside joke question to Paul. I thought that was odd. Josh follows up by butchering his final speech and I thought Paul nailed his. Once he botched in the middle, he started talking so fast I couldn't even follow him. In those sessions, Josh even did what other people have mistakenly done in the past....made multiple good points FOR the person sitting next to you. I'm pretty surprised that Paul lost even though he screwed the pooch in the Q/A. But like others have said, I wonder how many votes were left out there to be flipped by the time the Q/A comes around. I'm guessing it doesn't matter as much as we may think. Josh had to go to the super fan card and I thought he was basically saying everything he did was well thought out and part of his overall plan. I don't think people buy that even though most of them are idiots. They just voted against Paul. I have a feeling Cody was strongly against Paul all along and that swayed a likely undecided voter in Mark (who wanted to run the game with Cody), which in turn swayed Elena.
  3. I also thought Cody was going to vote for Paul before the show started as a dig at everyone who Paul owned throughout the game. Since Cody was not one of the sheep, and had the intuition (wrong timing, right play) to go after Paul and Xmas at the beginning of the game, voting that way would solidify him as one of the only good players this season. Then when they were with Dr. Will, Cody didn't say much, but when he did talk I thought it was anti-Paul. When Jess was brought on stage and said she'd for sure have voted for Paul, I thought Cody's look kinda gave away he voted for Josh. While I thought it was going to be Jessica, Cody winning the cash doesn't surprise me at all.
  4. Raven arm locked with Paul on the stage while also caressing his arm was priceless. The entire segment too through the Paul interview.
  5. See you in a few months!
  6. Was Winston ready? What about Luck? Manning? What did they combine for? A couple wins in 20 or 30 games, a few battered bones, and alot of INTs? The list goes on. Why is this situation "different"? I understand there are success stories on the flip side too. I also think this situation is "different" than them all because there is probably going to be a small crop of franchise type QBs at the top of next years draft. It's a heck of alot harder to evaluate Kizer standing around with an earpiece in. Might as well see how he progresses over a long stretch of games.
  7. How do you allow the rest of the league to have a shot at Higgins (they all say no thanks), add him back to the practice squad, and he's already being talked about as our #1 WR option after only 1 injury? Mind boggling. Kenny Britt needs to ####### go too...could care less what he's being paid or for how long. I'd rather have one of the 2nd year WRs we cut over him. I had a bad feeling about that signing too. That said, I don't get all the doom and gloom locally. It's like people thought 4-0 in the preseason actually mattered. Or that people actually believed we were going to go to Baltimore's home opener and win. Or that after the opener we were only going to get better and never regress. We had some chances in the Balt game and for one reason or another they didn't work out. That's going to happen all year. I think we'll still win some games and this is still a building year. I'm seeing some things I like over 2 weeks, including Kizer, and am on board with this staff and front office for at least through Hue's 3rd season, probably 4th. Makes no sense to rip anything out again, let's see what happens.
  8. Yep, I was starting to get the Golden State Warriors feeling when they were chasing 73 wins and I was just sitting back with a smirk on my face. Time to get the championship goal back into crystal clear focus.
  9. I think I could watch a couple episodes of that jury house right now over the last few episodes of the regular show.
  10. Josh told Xmas straight up that he was taking her. She did not return the favor, saying she was still undecided. I think that conversation was pretty genuine, but could still change.
  11. I thought he brought up a nice case to Paul based on what CBS aired. And I really think Paul screwed up. He still is the favorite to win, but if he was against Kev and Josh he would be nearly a lock right now. Paul must have thought he was sending a for sure Paul vote to the jury house, whereas if he screwed Xmas last night she could flip and vote for Josh against Paul. Paul has done alot of good things manipulating these people, so "kindly, with tears" sending Xmas to jury next would just be icing on the cake for his season. I could still see him taking her though.
  12. On the Cubs broadcast yesterday they said if you put down $100 at the start of the streak and let it all ride every game you'd be at like 1.5 million right now.
  13. Another interesting thing I noticed was how similar Crazy Eye Killah was compared to the Leon character. It's like the told Smoov to watch Crazy's episode and take that to another level.
  14. Seems to be rounding into shape, though. Here is what I'm doing if the playoffs started today, all 6 are on the ALDS roster. RHP - Chiz, AJax, Bruce LHP - Guyer, AJax, Bruce Bench - Allen and Almonte I don't trust Chiz in CF. Like Peak said, I don't trust Brantley being healthy either.