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  1. That sucks. But just from the way he looks and his age, I'm not totally surprised. Maybe that's bad to say, not sure...
  2. This I agree with. It's nearly undeniable. But I still say you are overrating the recent wins. Time to show up in the big games. But, it is nice to see them not have as stinker on the road against an inferior opponent. To me, that is the best part about the win streak, albeit only two games against Rutgers and Nebraska. Why does it seem like we have to play a night game whenever we go to State College, but they get afternoon games at the Shoe? Maybe it's just recent memory bias.
  3. I got through most of it, nice post. If there is a vet, or player, worth having on the "deep bench", RJeff is your guy. He's going to be a great presence for the young players that Denver is looking to build around.
  4. It's pretty comical reading that and then the next article by MKC.
  5. If it was in Boston I doubt lebron goes back there. IT prob there either way since he's hurt and helped bring Gordon to Boston. Def wouldn't happen in football or baseball.
  6. Likely ankle fracture dislocation according to David Chao MD on tweeter.
  7. Windy tweeting Bron already went to Celts locker room and IT has been in there with Gordon.
  8. Happy New Year! Anything happen since June?
  9. Thought he was a Vikes fan, but I could be mistaken.
  10. He's got work to do, bro. Pinned Tweet Mike Sullivan‏Verified account @MikeSullivan Oct 8 Through 31 games at Michigan: Harbaugh: 24-7 record, 1-1 bowl record, 1-4 vs rivals. Hoke: 24-7 record, 1-1 bowl record, 2-2 vs rivals.
  11. The top of the 9th was exactly why pulling Klubs that early on a workable pitch count was a mistake, especially since the plan seemed to simply be Miller-Shaw-Allen to get thru the rest of the game barring extras. He wasn't dealing his best stuff, but he was likely good enough to get one more out that inning and maybe start off the next frame.
  12. How did Shaw get that call after the 3 other pitches to Judge and Gardner? On 3 locations CC was getting all night too.
  13. Exactly. CC took adv of it. Klubs didn't. Or he's on your payroll !