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  1. Hey Sig, always appreciate your insight. Hopefully you get to this in time. Full point PPR: Samuels on Sunday with the possibility of Conner coming back (As of now questionable) vs. Lamar Miller Saturday as a sure thing, but possibly less upside. Playing the underdog so looking for decently high ceiling. If I sit Miller then I have Mack or Dixon waiting in the wings if Conner sends Samuels to the bench. Bonus question: 0.5 PPR Help me fill my flex between: Mcguire, Peterson, Humphries, Pettis, Dixon, Anderson; also looking for boom bust more than a safe play. Thank you for all your diligent work this year.
  2. Hi Bloom, After Graham's broken thumb I dropped him, then Doyle's kidney leaves me with no TE. I've managed to get a bye for the playoffs, so I'm looking to maximize weeks 15 and 16 at TE. If I plan to carry two or three TE over the next two weeks in the hopes that one turns into a legitimate starter, who would you pick up? Matchups are included. Please rank: Herndon - Hou/GB Uzomah - Oak/Cle The two rams TEs Everett - Phi/Ari Higbee - Phi/Ari and Jonnu Smith - NYG/Wsh Again, the focus is weeks 15 and 16. You're the only one I trust with these questions! Much appreciated.
  3. PPR league Ingram or Peterson and Jeffrey or Hilton? Ingram's 1/3rd worth more than Peterson's full load? Jeffrey shut down against Jacksonville. Similar result for Hilton? How legit is Dallas D? You are appreciated!
  4. hey sig, Pick 2: Collins, Mack, Chubb, Allen, Miller Leaning Collins, Mack, but I worry saints go up and Allen is featured over Collins. Thank you!
  5. Hi Bloom, Winston or Luck? 5 pt TDs PPR Pick 2: Allen, Collins, Juszczyk, Mack, Lamar Miller. Do you think Juszczyk gets the volume? Thinking him over Collins. Sanders or Coutee? Worried about a QB change for Sanders Thanks!
  6. Morning, Montgomery, Collins, Buck Allen, Aaron Jones, Peterson Please rank. Thank you sir.
  7. Hey Sig, Pick 2: Smallwood, Allen, L Miller; A Collins Do you think Coutee is a start over Sanders? Keenum is starting to worry me and Watson has all the Mojo right now. You're the best!
  8. Happy week 4, Fitzpatrick or Luck? Was leaning Fitz, but with the last comments about a short leash, go with a higher floor with Luck? Could also pick up Tannehil or Eli Thank you
  9. Sanders or Cole? Leaned Sanders all week, but Cole is looking good today, just worried about game script. Thank you! Bonus: Peterson/Jamaal Williams/Buck allen for rb2
  10. Lost Burkhead and need to fill the flex. Options: Gilleslee, K Williams, K Cole, Penny, Bibbs, My WR 2 will be Westbrook. I could put Cole at flex, but is that a bad idea with 2 jax receivers? Gilleslee getting TD touches? Injury questions to be answered with Washington and Arizona. Thank you for the help!
  11. Hey Sig, Filling my 2nd wr slot as well as flex this week. Choices: WR: Cole, Westbrook, RB: Davis, Bibbs, Penny, K. Williams Leaning towards Westbrook at wr, but flex is all over the place. Do I dare put Cole at flex and start two Jags? Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  12. Burkhead has been a monster, there's your RB Lynch is also hot, there's the flex. Hopkins starts if he plays, no sitting him. Rodgers has said he's getting Jordy the ball. I'm playing him, but obviously still a little apprehensive Gordon could be put in place of Nelson, but I have a feeling the ravens are pissed, tough matchup. Good luck! Here's mine:
  13. Starters: RB: Gordon, Hunt WR: Dez, Nelson Flex: Burkhead Bench: DeDe, Hogan, M. Davis Would you make a change to this lineup? I've been struggling at WR and finally everyone's coming around, but who to pick? Nelson gets his boy back, but is he touchdown dependent? Dez has a nice matchup, but they could run all day. Preciate the thoughts!
  14. Hi Bloom. I'm planning on sitting Westbrook and Hogan out of this group although I consistently hear to get them into the lineup. What do you think? Current starters: RB: Gordon, Hunt WR: Dez, Nelson Flex: Burkhead Bench has: M Davis, Hogan, DeDe. Dez and Nelson come with questions, but enough to make a switch? Is the volume of Davis enough to pass one of the Rbs? He sure has looked good in recent weeks. Thank you!