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  1. The way Mitch is playing right now, Flacco was Montana. That playoff run by Flacco was one of the best playoff runs I’ve ever seen from a QB. Bad comp.
  2. Last year’s competent game manager with potential feels like ages ago compared to this years completely inept Mitch. He is surrounded by talent. He’s getting time. He cannot make simple throws. He doesn’t have a clue what to do if his first read is covered. He has no clue where to go with the ball when being blitzed. He is a disaster. Worst starting qb in the league right now.
  3. Wow. He’s helping the Bucs too much huh...
  4. This is huge. They played 5 damn games before the bye. They know their line is really struggling. Yet no attempt to give them help. I'd add to that... How about trying to throw your RB a screen pass or some short passes to get him in space if you think he can make plays. And I'm not talking about Cohen.
  5. The guy really doesn't get how running the ball works. Even if it's not working you keep doing it. He's so in over his head here.
  6. Imagine they threw this guy the ball a little. I mean something besides trying to run him up his lineman’s backs.
  7. So everybody knew there was just about no way he was playing today, yet they start him? What a #### move.
  8. Didn't Wentz get criticized last year for targeting him too much?
  9. What the hell does Helfrich do? Maybe he needs to start calling plays. Nagy is clearly in over his head. Raiders going to get a really nice pick. And two straight now Mack has been invisible.
  10. Man I was not ready to be the worst team in the division this soon again. That whole club dub bull#### made these guys think they were much better than they really are. What a bunch of heartless, gutless #######.
  11. Nagy/Mitch is a losing combo, I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end for both. The D is heartless. Maybe it’s Hicks, maybe Pagano, who knows. Doesn’t matter. Mack and Floyd have disappeared. It appears as though Smith is mentally checked out. Secondary is totally lost. Has Eddie Jackson made an impact once this season? This is one of the most disappointing teams I’ve ever watched. Bottom 3 offense with a middle of the road D.