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  1. Serious question before you cowardly ban me.... How are you not ashamed of what this place has become?
  2. Don't what? What the hell does that mean there was nothing wrong with what I said unless you're a total liberal bootlicker.
  3. Ever meet a black nationalist? Prepare to have your mind blown.
  4. Her stupidity fascinates me. She's kind of like a zoo animal.
  5. The MSM did everything they could to convince people like you that he was a Russian agent. They were 100% wrong and should never be taken seriously again. And they won't be by half the country. And you should be banned for typing that out. Mods c'mon, get this guy outta here.
  6. You like her don’t you 😂?
  7. Exactly. When PK is your biggest concern you’re in good shape.
  8. Maybe the Russia narrative but they have to try the next hit job. Sadler and weasel Schiff and Cummings will be the new saviors. This is how they wil draw breath until the election. They know they have zero chance discussing issues.
  9. Pace has built a very good young team, but I have to point out the glaring miss in the Shaheen pick. This big goof was a second rd pick, early one I think, and he can barely move. Burton wussing out yesterday definitely hurt.
  10. If you think that game yesterday justifies your awful and almost definitely wrong take you're a bigger fool than you've already shown.
  11. Just rewatched the damn kick like 3-4 times, to torture myself I guess. I think the tip actually gave the ball, which was going hard left, a chance to slow down and actually hit the upright. As if we needed more bitter irony. Hope Flap is ok. Don't think he's chimed in.