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  1. Hyper PPR league (e.g. 1 pt per yard and yardage doubled on TD's - so the longer the TD is the more POINTS you get). RB: Chubb, Mack, Cohen, Fournette, Ingram. I currently have Chubb/Mack/Cohen playing and sitting Fournette. Thoughts?
  2. That ain't right. You need to update the rules in your league to prevent this from ever happening again. My league is somewhat tough in where all rosters are locked after WK-13; so no add/drops during playoffs at all.
  3. Very frustrated. #4 seed took out the #1 and #2 (me) seeds. #4 has won 6 games (including the last two weeks); so was a 4-win team before playoffs started. I started Pahomes, Fournette, Chubb, Edelman, Thielen, Gronk, Cohen, Tucker and Bears. Set my lowest score of year and #4 seed even had Allen with a big fat zero. Did not have a perfect line-up as I sat Mack who would have won the game for me. The difference maker for #4 was his Kicker, Fairbairn who put 5 thru, AND 4 of them were over 40+ yards (bonus points). Seems the Fantasy gods hate me. This year's Superbowl is being played by BOTH of the #4 seeds. Double-WTF. Still going to fight it out for 3rd (moneyline). Good Luck to all playing for the trophy this week and as well as those fighting for 3rd...
  4. Yup, looks like an Egg this week in my line-up.
  5. Dunno if I should get excited. I went cheap with my QBs (Garoppolo/$12, Mahomes/$11, Mayfield/$4). Spent my money on Rb's INCLUDING Conner @ $4. Also have McCaffrey, Cook, Carson with Hill/Lynch out. WR - Kupp, Thielen, T. Hill, Fuller (out). TE - Olsen, Burton. K - Zuerlein & Gotskowski DST - Texans & Bears Low Score: 161.70 (WK5); High Score: 220 (WK2); have gone 200+ 5 times including WK9. Think WK12 will be my challenge w/Mahomes & T.Hill, Kupp on Bye. Only Thielen left to play (Fuller OUT); will need to lean on the RB corp to pick up the slack. Mayfield up against CIN WK12 so should be interesting. Should be good to go if I survive WK12. Best Value pick - Conner by far. Pahomes as well.
  6. Did a bunch of points for Yeldon just come off?
  7. Horsecollar on Kupp, still down, no update yet
  8. My first two picks DNF their games (Freeman/Fournette). Update: I also had Baldwin who had yet to play at the time I posted this. WTF. Lost by 3 points.
  9. Gronk owner here, was #1 on Waiver Wire which I used to pick up Bennett and was all happy with my move as I'd have a solid TE either way. WTF?
  10. Currently got him in line-up for Wk1 playoffs. Nervous! WR: ABrown, Hopkins (those two are easy calls). Flex: M Floyd Sitting WR's: TY & Travis Benjamin Travis was actually my first choice early this week with Manziel Q. TY - hard to trust Hasselbeck. Got about 5 more minutes to beat my brain then I'm committed. Hah. GL to all playoff teams playing this week.