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  1. Anyone entertaining the idea of the Jets D from Week 8 until Week 14? Jax, Miami (2x), Cincy, NYG, Oak, and Wash. And Darnold should be back by then. Might pick them up in Week 7 when they play the Pats...
  2. Love the kickers thread for some reason! Debating between keeping Slye (concerns about Cam and the offense) or picking up Badgley (if he's back), Gonzalez or Tampa's kicker. Decisions, decisions.
  3. Strangely, I was the only one active on the waiver wire this week. Dropped Pettis for D. Robinson and dropped CJA for Mostert. Not bad for being in the last position. I'm keeping an eye on Justice Hill as a lotto ticket, so Mostert is just flex depth at the moment.
  4. Had Badgley. Dropped him for Slye. Young kid came thru with two 50-yarders (we give extra points for FGs made 50+)! I will keep an eye on Badgley tho.
  5. I ended up dropping Anthony Miller for Malcolm Brown. Might be good trade bait to the Gurley owner in the future (or RB1 if Gurley misses some time). Dropped Coutee to tandem my defenses between MN and CAR. I'm keeping an eye on him--the Stills TD catch worries me. AJBrown is still out there (as well as McLaurin) and I'm holding Pettis one more week to see what emerges. So, Week 2 I'll probably decide between Coutee, AJBrown and Pettis.
  6. My take: I've followed the Chargers for a long time. Gordon is not that special--he's a good kid, but it seems he's always needed volume and a ton of TDs to produce his fantasy value. Football-wise? I think the Chargers are making the correct decision and hold all of the cards. They like Ekeler and Jackson in a committee-situation. Ekeler is not a bell-cow back; but he doesn't need to be one to produce RB2 with RB1 upside numbers. He's very dynamic in the passing game and provides a good change of pace when running out of the backfield. I picked up both as a hedge, in case they preserve Ekeler (which in the past, he seems to produce better with fewer touches) or he gets knocked out a game or two because of injury. Jackson will no doubt get some 1st/2nd down looks and goal line work so he has some flex value alongside his value as a good handcuff. Lastly, knowing the Chargers, they do not respond well to holdouts or demands from players. Outside of Rivers and Gates, they do not take care of their players (see Vincent Jackson and Eric Weddle as prime examples, but they also unceremoniously unloaded LT).
  7. I would worry about a rookie QB turning the ball over and not sustaining drives, putting pressure on the, I would pick up either of those defenses.
  8. Have the Vikes D. Picked up Carolina as a Defense by Committee partner for the next few weeks: Week 2: CAR vs TB Week 3: CAR vs @ARI or MN vs OAK Week 4: MN vs @CHI Week 5: CAR vs JAX or MN vs @NYG Week 6: CAR vs @TB Week 7: MN vs @DET Week 8: CAR vs @SF or MN vs WASH We'll see how it goes as we learn about the offenses in the league, but I would bet TB will continue to turn the ball over, SF doesn't convince me, and NYG will have a tough year. Chicago will regress as teams will figure out the smoke and mirrors of that offense--Trubisky is average at best.
  9. Anthony Miller. Might drop Coutee or Pettis for any Brown but Hollywood.
  10. Yeah, that was me. And I drafted because I wasn't sold on Guice. Picked up CJA instead (wasn't sold Washington defense/OL). Hmmm. That said, I'm eyeballing AJ Brown instead of anyone else (and hard NO on Devante Parker) OR I'll just save my #1 priority for next week. Have Dante Pettis, Anthony Miller, Keke, and MVS as my WRs-in-waiting. For RBs, Malcolm Brown and Gio are available so I might stash one them as my RB lotto pick (along with CJA). Malcolm looked good running the ball yesterday and I think that Gurley will be rested and/or miss a game or two with that arthritic knee of his.
  11. Baltimore. At home. Just held KC to under 30 points in overtime. Winston will throw a pick guaranteed.
  12. I’m debating between Chicago at home against GB and Houston at NYJets. Decisions, decisions. I need upside against the #1 seed. We have yardage and points penalties. My decision point might well be this: which QB will give up a TD through a strip sack or pick 6? Rodgers or Darnold?
  13. Yeah...average for the last four weeks: Consistent usage? Check. Carson (17 rushes, 1.5 targets) vs. Davis (3.75 rushes, 1 target) vs. Penny (6.75 rushes, 0 targets) Highest snap %? Check. Carson (51%) vs. Davis (26%) vs. Penny (20%) Highest Red Zone Carries? Check. Carson (14) vs. Davis (6) vs. Penny (3) Basically, high floor RB2 with consistent usage and production in my opinion. I'm probably rolling with him over Ware and Ekeler in my flex this week (standard league), primarily because of the injury worries and Carson has a good matchup against SF.
  14. Have some of the same thoughts. I have HOU stashed as well, but I don't like the Indy matchup in that game. Picked up TENN, but they are just meh, but probably will bring a modest positive score (yardage and points penalties). Yes, I have three defenses. Doh! So, if I don't roll with TENN, then my options are NO @TB or NYG @WASH (Sanchito will turn it over for sure). Anybody banking on NYG??? I tend to like home defenses (is this a thing with defenses?), everything being equal, which is why I scooped up TENN last week. And, on cue, netted me a so-so 4 points. In regards to next week, I'm not too worried about GB with the Bears being at home and GB in turmoil, but I will probably roll with Houston @WASH, depending on how Sanchez performs this week. Week 15 I play the highest scoring team in the league (and the team is stacked), so I need upside in a big way.
  15. Hi Sig, Pick two this week in standard league: Mixon (Den) Ekeler (@Pit) Ware (@Oak) Carson (SF) Backup WRs are John Brown and Josh Reynolds (start Tyreek and M. Thomas). Should I pick up Conley and drop Brown? Like Balt schedule, hate the QB situation. Have Bears and Houston DSTs. Week 14 looks bad (Rams and Colts respectively). I can pick up Tennessee preemptively (Jax), but who should I drop: Herndon (have Brate) Brown Thanks a bunch!