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  1. "My goodness, you've put on a ton of weight. No apple pie for you."
  2. Crispy is easier to get down in my opinion Chewy tastes better though
  3. Next time, pull out a tissue from your pocket and go "If you have an issue, here's a tissue" That usually pisses them off even more. Which is why I do it.
  4. Accept the things you don't control/can't change and focus on the things you can control/change. Be thankful for those "glory days." Some people do not have such times.
  5. Sig! Happy football Sunday! Quick question..... Full ppr......Odell vs McLaurin vs M. Brown (LAR) vs D. Henry......have to pick I nuts to bench Odell?
  6. On mischief night this year, go all out on their house/property.
  7. A lot of mine lately have been with texting. Who knows why 1. Text a random person something random. When they respond, go "wait wrong person." Most people are left wondering "who the hell is close to my name in his phone that he confused me with?" This one's especially good with girls. 2. This one's just straight up stupid: Late at night, again text a random person a drunk text. Do this every night for a week before moving on to another person. The next person has to be someone the first person knows.
  8. Other idiots.....idiots attract other idiots
  9. Never had one so I cannot comment on this.....out of my realm of expertise
  10. Hell no If a burrito is a taco, then hamburger is a sandwich Which it is not
  11. I don't know if this counts, but I was in a clothes store earlier today. This lady must've been calling her son. Her son's name was Marco. So she's going "Marco" I'm in the complete opposite corner of the store. I hear this. And I go "Polo" out loud for everyone to hear it This happened about 5 times.