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  1. Gonna be in the 80s this weekend here.
  2. I have no idea where you got that. I in no way said it wasn't an affront to AA. I totally agree it is! But he said the fact that whites are ok with it being said to them is a case of "white privilege." And that is what I said is total BS.
  3. I get that it is an accomplishment. But I imagine by that point, it's work, not fun. Like... a job. I don't want to ever get there.
  4. Once again, not by anyone but her and her parents. Good luck in a life where no one gets your name right. That won't get old at all.
  5. I guess I'm a bit confused. So now if something is offensive to an African American but not to me, it's white privilege? Seriously? WTF?
  6. I will say, this isn't how I expected the thread to go. I thought it might start some debate on how health care is run, taxes, cost of education, etc. I really didn't expect it to center on how many excuses we could come up with as to why the US simply can't even bother to consider some of the concepts.
  7. I guess I'm just doomed. If this it what it takes just to simply respond to or greet a person nowadays, I'll end up standing there for five minutes just trying to run through the options, figure out all the possible ramifications of each one based on the "offendability" factor of the person I am addressing, consider all the peripheral effects on those not directly involved in the discussion but that may be in earshot... Screw it, I'll stay home and not talk to anyone.
  8. I need to look in to their imagration policies. Have to imagine it's hard to just up and move there and become a citizen.
  9. I always find these articles sort of interesting. Happiest and unhappiest countries. Finland dominated. If folks are so happy there, why don't more countries model their structure? Finland #1, US at #19
  10. Yea, killed it for me. Last time we went, just didn't really enjoy it. And the cost was outrageous. The Vegas I used to love just doesn't exist anymore.
  11. Yep, this is where I was. Almost turned it off a few times because I was bored. But it got me through my time on the elliptical, which is all I really look for in an episode anymore.
  12. They tried to put him in Texas. Texas didn't want him. When he got booted out of the CFL entirely?