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  1. Isn't child care cost something you consider before deciding to have a child? I guess the fact your line of thinking bothers me a bit is just another sign that getting older makes one a curmudgeon. So add that to the list.
  2. Not asking for that at all. Also not asking anyone to violate the patient's confidentiality. But this city has at least a dozen hospitals. If the city is designated a quarantine location, I don't think it is unreasonable to to be honest and open about the hospital housing this/these patient/s so I can chose another hospital that simply doesn't carry that added risk if I or someone in my family needs treatment requiring hospitalization. What is gained by not letting this information be known? The government has asked the city to be accepting of being a quarantine city. I don't think expecting them to be honest and open about the situation in return is unreasonable.
  3. I think it's unreasonable to hide an untreatable and highly infectious patient in the middle of a possible pandemic too. Yet here we are.
  4. Apparently neither are the players, because they are likely going to vote it in based on the extra $5B (yes, that's billion) that will go to them with the extra games. It's not like the owners alone can make this happen.
  5. This. I can't help but picture him huddled over a bowl of soup trying to feed himself while shaking uncontrollably due to all the continued brain trauma he seems intent on subjecting himself too.
  6. San Antonio's confirmed case was housed 6 miles from my house. They have since moved them to another hospital but refuse to say where in the name of patient privacy. So we have a highly infectious individual that could be housed in the same hospital as your ailing parent of child but it's the carrier's privacy they are concerned with. The mayor, along with anyone who works in or knows someone, in a hospital are fairly unhappy right now. Nothing lowers the panic level like telling a city that they have infectious folks somewhere but you don't get to know where.
  7. Why did this take so long? Both kids are minors. If this path was available to authorities, why wait so long?
  8. I think it shows your judgment is getting worse as you get older. 😀 I told my kids the same thing my mom told me when I got married. I'm here for the occasional helpful afternoon watching kids in a pinch, but I'm not free full time day care. I can't imagine doing this in my 60s. But I realize everyone is different. Good luck!
  9. It isn't guaranteed. It's awarded at the end of the year in a lump-sum payment based on how the Executive Council rates performance. It comes in the paycheck under the heading "annual bonus." So yea, I'm pretty it's a bonus. That being said, they have never NOT paid it. If they did, there would be a mass exodus of the most employable folks as it would put them below the pay scale of their competitors and, simply put, those places would love to have these folks. Point being, if someone if used to a 15% bonus year after year and it suddenly drops to the point that your annual payment block on your W-2 is 20% less than the year before, then yes, you took a pay cut.
  10. My company pitches the bonus structure every single interview. It's always given and is a large part of the pay structure. It makes the pay quite good. Without it, they would probably lose quite a few quality hires. So your argument doesn't always stand true. Every company is different.
  11. I have to say, the level of whining in this thread and on the news in general has ensured I won't even consider turning on an MLB game this year. Can't imagine that not becoming a common thought amongst casual fans.
  12. I never saw a Boy Scout selling anything. Hard to avoid the Girl Scouts with the cookies. But the Boy Scouts seem to be a no show.
  13. "Leaving Cleveland is without question in the best interest of his fantasy value." I'm sure Hunt is very concerned with his fantasy value.
  14. Hard for me to imagine it has gone on for six months already and hasn't been reported.
  15. So thankful I live in a city where they are sending suspected cases for quarantine. I feel sooooooo much safer now.