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  1. Well now you can say you learned something new today. Take the rest of the day off!!!
  2. It didn't pass mustard? I think you mean "muster" GB.
  3. If he can't get a separate black ink cartridge, it's likely because he bought a crappy cheap printer. You get what you pay for I guess. Mine is definitely separate cartridges and I have to buy quite a few before I would hit the cost of the printer.
  4. I've been watching Life in Pieces. Surprised I missed this when it was on regular ol' TV. I like the short, quick stories. A very easy watch.
  5. Works as well as letting Joe Q Public decide whether to wear a mask or not.
  6. I'm at 3.52% on a 30 yr fixed. Is it worth it to refi if I plan to be in the house a max of six or seven years before selling? Could be as little as maybe three years if the economy recovers. i.e. It is till retirement then getting the #### out of the city. So swapping to a 15 year not really a factor. I'd prefer to stay with 30 and pay extra each month towards the principal if anything.
  7. Funny thing is, baseball was the one sport everyone thought would do well due to the natural distancing versus other sports. Doesn't bode well for the NFL.
  8. If my boss said that to me, I'd sign up for Facebook under a pseudonym and make a page for the plan. Then email the link to the client. Maybe with a cc: for the boss. "Hey boss, totally socialized the plan."
  9. I like Dave Butz, and I cannot lie.... Actually, this makes me wonder... If I wanted a throw back jersey, what would it say on it? BUTZ on the back and "Football Team" on the front??
  10. Well good to see the Texas Governor and AG learned well from infecting their entire state with COVID. They wouldn't allow Mayor's to control openings in their own cities and we had an explosion of cases we still haven't recovered from. So when the Mayor's stated they wanted health officials to have the decision of whether to open schools for in-school attendance, the Governor and AG... (wait for it)... over-ruled everyone again and said nope, up to the schools. Because it worked out SO WELL THE FIRST TIME! I honesty just can't fathom the thought processes of these... people.
  11. Is the issue really the kids? I figured the bigger issue is the older students infecting teachers, their parents, etc. and so on. I'm sure most the HS age kids will be ok. But how much might it lead to spread in a large number of neighborhoods? Or take out an entire teaching staff?
  12. Yep. Nothing would make me feel more confident in my local law enforcement than knowing they pick and choose what laws and mandates they want to enforce.
  13. I think this page needs a group hug or something.
  14. I agree that mask usage isn't a necessity outdoors unless you are in close proximity for a time. Though your statement after "How do I know?" confuses me a bit. If everyone is wearing masks indoors but not outdoors and your rates aren't changing, couldn't that just as easily lead to the conclusion that not wearing them outdoor is offsetting your indoor usage? Unless you are saying that before now, they were wearing them both indoors and outdoors, and the only change has been in outdoor usage?
  15. I don't think a total lockdown is necessary. Localized ones for the places that earned it (I live in one of them), yes. Otherwise, proper PPE use, proper precautions, we could lick this thing. Unfortunately we are a country of idiots running around yelling "muh rights!!!", having massive block parties, Governors opening bars and refusing to allow cities to enforce mask policies. So yea, there is a WHOLE lot of blame that squarely belongs on the American people and the government. This isn't rocket science. It's so simple a 5th grader could figure it out. Which speaks volumes about the two aforementioned groups.