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  1. Two months, three days. Finally put gas in a car. Still had a quarter tank but we were going for a drive so I said what the heck. Best part, it came to $12.85. At first I thought the pump had just kicked off early, which happens at times. But then I realized, no, that's it, full tank for under $13!
  2. Unfortunately this virus doesn't just strike the stupid. Others are forced to suffer on their behalf.
  3. Sad to see an OK mayor have to back off mask requirements because of threats of violence, including gun violence, against store workers. It's times like these that make me think maybe we deserve every bit of misery we are experiencing right now. It's pathetic what this country has become.
  4. Texas just topped 1,000 new cases for the third straight day. Bad timing on opening things up, and I don't think it will end well. Our behavior won't change. The only time we venture out if for groceries. We'll stay the course.
  5. I'll be interested to see infected numbers in three to four weeks. SA opened up yesterday, but I think many people are still nervous about going out and will keep numbers low. As infections don't initially skyrocket, they'll become overconfident and begin to venture out in larger and larger numbers. So, I think there'll be a little lag in the big jump.
  6. Finished the main game. Did pretty well on the last mission except I could not figure out WTH I was supposed to do with Rizzo. I had the NERO guy reveal the last(?) convo scene, giving me the paint scheme. But the mission page still shows me only 92% complete. Can't imagine there's any more. Other than that, only two things are not 100%, Hordes (which won't be. I did a few but there's TWENTY FIVE to go, screw that), and Ambush Camps, which I was shocked to see at only 71%. I don't have any unexplored areas of the map, so I don't get how that works. I am certainly not interested in driving around a fully explored map for hours trying to trigger those. So I guess I'm as done as I am gonna get. Next up, one of: Metros Exodus, GOW or Borderlands 3. Oh, edit to add: I don't get the knocks on Days Gone. Seemed like a pretty cool game. I have no complaints.
  7. Add 20 degrees to that and you have SA,.Nice day, but way to #### hot to even think about going outside. On the bright side, it is humid...
  8. There will always be someone worse off than you. It doesn't negate the way you feel or you right to feel that way.
  9. I wondered that myself. I missed some of it and wasn't interested enough to try and go back and figure it out. But I read the last few posts and they all seemed on subject, not contentious, etc.
  10. I'd love to join one of these but they are always at 8:00 CST, which is TV time with the wife.
  11. Careful. Statements like this may lead to panicked buying and hording of Cheerios. Then what will you do?