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  2. When did the whole "old person" response become such a thing here? Seems like the excuse for everything. "It isn't dumb/stupid/inexcusable, you're just old!" Such a weak and easy response. Right up there with "snowflake."
  3. Hard to believe that the tech in that thing was less than what we carry around in our hands each day.
  4. I understand what you are saying, but this isn't a case where one witness is in court pointing to El Chapo and stating "That's him." A LOT of people witnessed the couples arguing in the parking lot, in daylight, before the coward pulled out the gun and started firing. The cops are basically looking for "What's this guy's name? Where was he likely to run too?" I doubt they'd ever have to be a witness at a trial or anything. So, if you aren't willing to do your part, then don't whine and complain after the next shooting that it is the police's fault for not having enough presence in the area, or that it was your loved one that took the bullet.
  5. I miss the wiffle ball days of my youth...
  6. Why people in certain downtrodden areas of town constantly complain about lack of police presence in their area. Then when there is a crime, refuse to cooperate with police. Point in case, just this morning, in a low income housing area, a man shoots three of his neighbors in broad daylight. Obviously folks know exactly who this person is. Yet the refuse to cooperate with police to help capture the person that just shot three of their neighbors. All this as they mug to get in the camera shot holding their small children. It completely befuddles me.
  7. To bad they don't .. never mind... Didn't realize the filter was controlled by six year olds that giggle at basic anatomical words.
  8. We finished our final Ms Maisal tonight, so queued up Fleabag as it's replacement. We have about three Sneaky Pete's to go, then we'll chose a drama in it's place. Likely will be Homecoming. Maybe one more. I like to keep three on rotation so they don't get to stale to quick. Really been a horrible summer for TV. Glad we finally have a chance to use Prime.
  9. I'd probably be online if I had time for tournies. But there's just no way my wife is going to go for that.
  10. I played Global Poker for a bit. No issues. Money in and out was easy. No need to "get around" anything. Haven't played in a year or so though. If you really want info on various sites, the forums at 2+2 are pretty much a gold mine. In fact, they have designated threads for the various sites.