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  1. Full disclosure, I only saw the 2nd half. No idea how PSU built the 21-0 lead. But in the 2nd half, that QB looked very skittish. I lost track of how many times he began to scramble away from phantom pressure when he would have been much better off staying in the pocket. Is that normal for him, or did UM just have him spooked?
  2. I appreciate the fond memory either way. Not to many of those to be found in this thread anymore.
  3. Bruce Allen at work. "Let's show Trent. We'll refuse to trade him, then end up with 1/4 as much next year when he refuses to play again. Winning!"
  4. Pretty sure that was the Halloween episode, not Christmas. You can confirm next week. And yes, Peanuts episodes are way more interesting than Redskins games again this year.
  5. Either you are totally missing my point, or I'm not stating it well. Either way, not real interested going on about it.
  6. I only meant that she was probably right to feel concerned. I don't know. Like I said, thought would have never even entered anyone's mind when I was a kid. Times have changed, and not always for the better. I'm glad it was the way it was when I was young, and feel bad for kids today when it comes to stuff like this. They are taught to fear the world around them. They are forced to lose a lot of that innocence kids used to have at a very early age. That's probably a little rambling, but I'm just not sure exactly how to put it in words.
  7. The fact folks are talking about the MLB team in the football thread tells you all you need to know about the football team's season.
  8. This made me sad. Not because you are wrong, but because you are likely right. So glad I grew up when I did. A thought like this would have never entered anyone's head back then.
  9. The Greg Nicotero-directed “We Are the End of the World” was also a new series low for TWD. Slipping 7% from the previous low of last week’s Season 10 opener to a 1.3 rating among adults 18-49, TWD was in a rare second place on cable with its viewership of 3.47 million. That total set of linear eyeballs was down 13% from the October 6 “Lines We Cross” episode. Compared to the then series low of the second episode of Season 9, TWD viewership fell 30% and 35% in the key demo.
  10. Counting this thread, I have now heard of this... once. So I admittedly have no idea if it is a thing here. I have certainly never witnessed it, but my kids are all adults.
  11. I'll add one. Flew out this weekend. Got to the gate and saw lots of people standing or sitting on the floor. Then noted it was mostly due to the massive amount of seating being taken up by some dooshes book bag, backpack, etc. I was totally flumoxed by the thought that these people felt it was much more important that their book bag have a seat than the guy and his wife that were now forced to sit on the floor. To summarize, people suck.
  12. Why would this be considered a rejuvenation when, as it has been pointed out in other threads, the skins actually rushed for 30 yards LESS than the average of what Mia has been giving up each week?
  13. Cut him slack. He's depreshed.
  14. I have to admit, I never realized what an inconvenience my keys were. Thank goodness for the FFA.