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  1. Hi Bloom. Thanks for all the help this year. 0.5 PPR Which one to start as my WR3? Josh Reynolds, Daesean Hamilton, or Robert Foster
  2. I'm trying to figure out Williams vs Jackson as well. If both Gordon and Ware are out, I'd lean Williams slightly over Jackson. I'd expect both to get 15-20 touches. To me KC is more explosive plus it's a home game for KC. Both RB should get RB2 numbers but I put Williams with a better chance at reaching RB1 numbers.
  3. Hi Bloom. Thanks for doing this. 4pts for TD- Jackson or Mayfield for QB? 0.5 PPR -. Who do you have higher wk 14-16- Pettis, Godwin, or C. Samuel?
  4. I ended up picking up Josh Reynolds because of the chance that Watkins might not play. My worry is that Watkins plays a couple of series and then is done for the game leaving me with a zero.
  5. Hi Sig Pick 1 WR. O.5 ppr D. Baldwin, SEA S. Watkins, KC T. Smith, NO Thanks Sig.
  6. Thanks again Sig, Have another one. 0.5 ppr David Johnson or Tevin Coleman
  7. Hi Sig, 0.5 ppr Sammy Watkins or Corey Davis Thanks.
  8. Agreed. Things are starting to come together for a healthy run offense. I, like alot of owners, started him wk 1 and have stuck him on the bench since. Im not starting him this week but am hopeful he will turn it around.
  9. I hope so. I'm starting Conner and Lynch over Henry. Just can't pull the trigger on him over Lynch.
  10. Lovely. That's the worst situation for Fantasy. Glad they are on bye this week.
  11. Yep with short bench it's tough figuring out who to keep. This league I'm in requires rostering two K and two Def so I'm holding on to three extra RBs and one extra Wr. Watkins, Julio,and Antonio are my other WRs. Have Conner , Howard, Henry, Ekeler, and Lynch as my RBs.
  12. I was offered C. Hogan for Lynch in a 0.5ppr league. Turned that down and countered Lynch and Corey Davis for K. Allen but that was rejected.
  13. Targets are steadily dropping for Davis. It's getting harder to hold him. With a short bench, it's getting harder to hold on to him, when Ridley, Boyd, Crabtree are on waivers. Does anyone see the Ten offense picking up soon?
  14. I'm trying to move Lynch as well. Maybe Edelman? He is out for this week but will be back for week 5.