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  1. I definitely took a few cold dips in alpine lakes with some Dr. Bronner's soap to clean up after runs. The days I was in Silverton for Hardrock, the high school gym (and locker room) was open as they were race HQ, so I had access to showers for those days. I found a laundromat that had pay showers in Durango (some truck stops do as well, which I've used on trips when I've gone for a run in the mountains and then had to head to the airport to fly home). And I have one of these camp showers, which at least gets lukewarm if left in the sun for awhile, and it served double duty as my wash station for dishes. So I took some form of shower/bath every single day, and rinsed out my running gear daily.
  2. I jogged a little today during a hike with Summit, maybe a mile, mile and half total during a 3+ mile jaunt. First running in about 2 months. No pain in the foot, so hoping I've turned the corner.
  3. Popped in just to give mad props to our own FKT holder @gruecd for his bad ### run! Really impressive dude.
  4. Not quite the same thing, but I took a 10 day trip a few summers ago. I rented an SUV and set up a bed in the back, a few bins of stuff, and went from the Bay Area to Flagstaff, on to the San Juan mountains in CO, to Moab, and then home. Camped for free the whole time, much of the time on BLM land. Hiked, ran trails, fished, hit breweries in each town, and met some cool people. One of my favorite vacations ever. Really grew to enjoy the “routine” each evening of getting some ice for the cooler, some firewood, filling a growler, and heading out to a beautiful campsite for the night. So the van life thing is super appealing to me. But at this point in my life I’m more thinking about doing the rv thing in retirement and seeing the country that way.
  5. Loved that show. And Corinne Bohrer, especially the ice machine scene in Dead Solid Perfect with Randy Quaid. Teenage me may have worn out my VHS with that one.
  6. Thanks, appreciate the response. I hit Submit too soon, and added that I'm trying to identify SPACs that fit the bold like QELL.
  7. You SPAC guys, you know of any focused on EVs or renewables? Came across QELLU, wondering if there are others. I've been googling away and looking, if you have a good SPAC resource I could dig through, please share that as well. ETA - I'm talking about earlier stage ones that haven't announced a merger yet, but have indicated in their prospectus a focus on EVs or renewable energy.
  8. Just saw that cougar clip and came in to post it, of course you guys already saw it. Amazing how long she chased him.
  9. Agreed. I've basically been treating it as a savings account, collecting dividends. With this climb I'm only a couple of points above my cost basis, but I've made 19% in the last 22 months or so (I'd already sold shares acquired before then) with the dividends that have been reinvested. All that said, I'm out after January 1.
  10. About time they started trying to unlock some shareholder value. It's my largest single holding thanks to 5 years working there and an ESPP, planning on unloading what I have left in January once I get the full tax benefits.
  11. Thanks! That led me down a YouTube rabbit hole and I landed on this new one from her and Amy Lee from Evanescence. Awesome stuff.
  12. She does like her covers. Not rock, but this one is my favorite, and you get to see her flirt with Ariana Grande. (NSFW language)
  13. My trailing stop triggered on DPHC this morning, took out my initial investment and free rolling the other half. It was at $31.70 yesterday morning, bouncing off a low of $22.76 right now.
  14. Damn, very impressive! Glad to hear it went well, and agree that an 8:24 pace sounds doable (which is insane for a back-of-the-packer like me)! You'll obviously need to be a little quicker than that to account for aid station stops, but if you can be efficient with those you'll be golden.