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  1. Yeah but can he sell COBCF to a bunch of FBGs? (up 13% today, I see!) With you on EVSI, nice 12% bump in a week even with the dip today. You see this as a long term hold, or have an exit point mapped out?
  2. Speaking of hurt, my foot still does. It's definitely improving, and I'm walking just fine after not even doing that for a couple of days. But I broke into a jog crossing the street yesterday and instantly thought, "Nope!" In related news, I'm reaching maximum density volume. Enough is enough, time to start doing something about the diet.
  3. Yup, so common to see someone get a PR because they got hurt a few weeks/month out from their event and they had to shut down for a bit, so they got to the event truly rested. Hope it's just a niggle and she heals up quickly.
  4. Doing good today. Takes some of the sting out of CYDY. Hell, might just sell all my CYDY and put it into this thing. Sucks Etrade won't let me put a trailing stop on this thing.
  5. Yeah, sorry about that fellas. My Coinbase wallet was getting low, and magic flip flops ain't cheap.
  6. That’s because it never always gets worse.
  7. Congrats @krista4! Very cool that you got it done. Everything you described seems pretty “normal”, including the swelling in your hands. Have to admit, I can’t imagine just walking/running in circles for that long. But if you didn’t hate it, you’re a hell of a candidate for a 12 or 24 hour race.
  8. Is that like a poor-man's @chet? Does he have any good biotech stock tips?
  9. Oh I'm not "reading" this chart, just watching the price plunge twice today.
  10. A certain Tom Petty song pops in my head when I look at the chart....