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  1. I've always had really strong ankles, have only sprained them a couple of times my entire life despite playing basketball and soccer as a kid, and trail running now for 10+ years. So when I mis-step and wrench my ankle off a rock or root, it's usually not a problem. But the downside of that is that when I do so pretty severely, like I did today, if my ankle doesn't give that torque has to go somewhere. And now the outside of my upper calf hurts. I think it's the Peroneus longus, based on that picture. Hopefully not a big deal, but this is kind of a new one for me.
  2. Yeah that’s great.....tell us about how you’re crushing your Western States training.
  3. Thinking the same thing. How big is this company? There’s a reason when I decided last year it was time to leave a 400,000 employee company that I only targeted small companies. I’m at a 150 person company now and it’s so nice not to have to deal with this kind of bs anymore.
  4. Yup, the more “shovels in their garage” the better.
  5. To me that’s the sign of a PT who gets it.
  6. Yeah I'd heard that part, that's what makes it such a great thing - tax free going in and coming out, and you can use it years down the line. To me that'd be the real win if you can swing it - build it up over years to a sizable amount and have it available to either pay for medical expenses during retirement or to supplement retirement income by reimbursing yourself for past expenses. I just wasn't sure on the logistics for reimbursement other than "keep all your receipts".
  7. Am I right in that the only need for documentation for an HSA reimbursement is if you are ever audited? I'm used to the FSA where I had to submit the receipts to get reimbursement, but as I'm doing my taxes for the first time with an HSA TurboTax just asked me the question of whether the funds were for medical expenses. They were, but I just want to be clear on the requirements.
  8. Not me at 10:59, but I'm in the aid station at 10:20. You're correct, there are only a couple of technical sections and the rest is smooth, buttery Northern California single track or fire roads. You saw how slow everyone is moving in that video, right? I listened to a podcast the other day that had a great take on ultra running, especially the longer distances. I think it was Ian Sharman talking, because he's constantly touting the benefits of hiking in training, and he said that for most people the biggest impact can be made not by maximizing your fastest paces, but my bumping up your slower paces. The thinking is that it's tough to make big improvements on the high end in a 100K or 100M, but if you can increase your slower paces you can make a huge impact in your finishing time. Because us mortals spend so much relative time at the slower paces, bumping those up can really make a difference. So get to where you can shuffle at a 13:00 pace on a late flat section instead of walking at a 15:00 pace, or hike up a hill at 14:00-15:00 pace instead of 18:00-19:00. Quite frankly it struck a chord with me because it's my strength - I'm a strong hiker, but a pretty poor runner. So I can make up 2-3-4 minutes a mile on others in the mid/back of the pack in some sections, and am rarely losing that much relative time on more runnable sections, especially late in the race. One more thing - breathe.
  9. You wouldn't be racing a 50K, you're just using it as a long, supported training run (if you have an actual race you can sign up for). If you do split it into a long back-to-back weekend, do the bulk of the vert on the first day. On that second day it'd be fine to run some mellow rolling hills, as that's pretty much what the back half of Miwok largely is, but the point is to be running as much as possible and not power hiking. And if you hit the downhills hard enough on the first day your quads should be feeling it, and you don't need to pile on more damage on that second day. Your fitness combined with your experience in the mountains set you up well for success at Miwok. You're much faster than I am, and the biggest issue a lot of people have in their first ultra(s) is that they've run primarily on roads and not the trails and hills - you don't have that issue. The only thing holding you back right now is confidence. I'll see if I can find a RR or two, I think I did come across a few.
  10. First of all, definitely exceed! My training for this has been far from ideal, especially in terms of consistency which I think is close to #1 on the list of things that are most important in training. A quick peak at your Strava shows you are doing much better with that than I am, so that's good. I'd keep that up and get in vert (especially on long runs) whenever you can, with a focus on running strong on the downhills. My main suggestion to you would be to run a hilly 50K 5-7 weeks out from the race, which is an opportunity to not only get in that distance but practice your nutrition, hydration, and gear. If you can't do that, then I'd suggest a back-to-back long weekend (or two), something like 4 hours on Saturday and then 2 1/2 hours on tired legs on Sunday. Ideally that Sunday run would be a little more "runnable" so you can push yourself to actually run or even shuffle on tired legs. There is a lot of runnable terrain in the back half of the race (before the final 3 miles), so if you can keep moving well through there it'll be huge. As for hydration, you're right in thinking to carry as little as you need. It's also so much easier to fill bottles at an aid station than a bladder, so I only use a bladder if it's really going to be hot and I know I won't be able to make it between aid stations without it. With a lot of the aid stations around 7 miles apart that can be pushing it for just 2 bottles, but it usually isn't too warm here in that area that time of year so I think you'll be ok. If it is warmer than expected be sure you've finished your bottles coming in to the AS, and ahead of the longer sections (especially leaving Randall) drink while you're in the AS as well.
  11. Finally making a little progress in my training the past couple of weeks with 8:36 and 5,230’ of gain last week and 7:51 and 5,443’ this week. I’ve got nine weeks left until Canyons 100K, so if I can stay in that 8 hours and 5K range for 4-5 of those and get a week or two peak of 10 hours and 7K or so, I should be in position to grind that thing out.
  12. Congrats on the 12-miler! GU tends to be one of the thickest gels our there, even more so when it’s cold. I still use them, but I’ve moved to less-viscous gels like Huma most of the time.
  13. True, and there’s a reason for that, it’s awesome here. Today after my morning trail run we went to the beach, then ate lunch outside. But it obviously comes with some pretty significant financial trade-offs for those of us non-hedge fund, VC, or CEO types.
  14. That’s pretty much me. I drive a 10 year old car, we live in a small 4-bedroom rental house that is one of the best deals in town, and I haven’t been on a tropical vacation that wasn’t paid for by work in years. The only “extravagance” in terms of spending is private high school for my daughter. But the cost of living is just so damn high here that it’s hard to save, outside of maxing my retirement accounts. And it’s not just housing, which is ridiculous, it’s everything - $400/month for gas/electric (don’t even have a/c), gas is $.50-$1.00 more a gallon, restaurants or a cocktail or two (which we don’t do often) are double what they are elsewhere, and a combo of high state taxes and sales taxes. Throw in child support (even though I have 50/50 custody and the ex is long remarried), and many months I do coast into the next paycheck on fumes.