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  1. Ha, I saw that. It happens at the finish of WS100 every couple of years, too. And I fall into this category, so who knows. Of course if I do I can guarantee it won't be after winning a race with a new CR like that dude did.
  2. Necessary???? I’ve been in Boston this week so I know the weather pretty much everywhere East of the Rockies is going to be FUBAR this weekend. So you’re all welcome to come hang out with me. If it does get up to that high of 79 on sunday, we can cool off post-run in the pool.
  3. I’m 46 but in my head I’m still a (young) thirty something. And then a mirror happens.
  4. Now this is ultra training. The “burrito run” is totally a thing - pound a burrito then go out in the heat and run. That is specific 100M training.
  5. My PR is 15 minutes, or .008% worse than that. I’m such an underperformer.
  6. Is 7 good for a VO2 Max? Asking for a friend.
  7. Thanks! Love my Jaybirds, but searching Bose to check this out I found the $99 wired headphones for $39 (backup, for flights, etc), and with a $10 Whole Foods credit I forgot about I got them for $29.
  8. One of my favorite places. Outdoor playground. That high desert weather is great, although it is super dry and can suck the fluids right out of you. (inevitable jokes in 3....2....1.....)
  9. I read a study on this recently, can’t find it now as I’m in an Uber heading to the airport. But basically it talked about how different adaptations take different amounts of time to manifest. Aerobic fitness takes longer, and de-training takes longer. High end anaerobic stuff manifests quicker, and you lose it quicker. That was the gist, anyway, although I can’t recall the specific time frames they determined.
  10. There’s no better place that the Pacific NW from July-September.
  11. Just keep in mind the general rule that it takes 10 days to "absorb" training, ie recognize any benefit. So you've really only got a couple of days to make any real physiological change. What you don't want to do is pile on extra training stress that will break you down while also not giving you any benefits for race day. So power hiking, which is relatively low stress, is probably a good use of your time in the next 5-7 days. Then just chill the F out, show up on race day, and do what you always do and grind that MFer out.
  12. Always benefit to training in heat. But if you can’t get 7-10 sauna sessions in during the next 2 weeks, I wouldn’t worry about it. As for next 2 weeks, hay is in the barn fitness wise. You maybe have 2-3 days to get in something that’ll help come race day. Otherwise, it’s taper time so keep the runs relatively short, and maybe mix in some strides. Of course all of that advice is for “normal” dudes. Your unorthodox style seems to work for you, so if you need to knock out multiple 2-hour runs in a 24 hour period to finish your cramming, then go for it!
  13. Sweet. Looking forward to having you all here next year for the Headlands 100. Won’t even need hotels since we’ll all be out on the trails all night.
  14. @Zasada? I’d love to crew that race some day. Absolutely zero interest in running it, but would be cool to experience it.