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  1. Can confirm max your body can digest is roughly 300. When doing 100 mile MTB races I did ~230 in drink and allowed for something to chew on. Yeah, 250-300 is a good rule of thumb. But it depends on the individual, and what the calories are coming from. I do know people that can push upwards of 400 but they focus on mixing different kinds of sugars (utilizing different metabolic pathways which maximizes uptake) and they train their stomach to handle that load in training. Then there are the "fat adapted" crowd that sticks to 100-150 calories an hour during events, but again, they've trained that way. I've settled on just trying to get 200-250 in as my stomach is just too prone to shutting down (especially in the heat) if I push up toward 300.
  2. Tater tots? Beat me to it. I haven't seen fried chicken but lots of "strange" things like pizza, quesadillas, piergoies, grilled cheese, avocado turkey wraps, mashed potato burritos, chili, etc. At Candace Burt's 200 mile races, several of the aid stations have made-to-order foods like burgers and sandwiches and burritos. There are a few ultrarunners that swear by it, including Camille Herron who has set a few American and World Records while downing a beer or two mid-race. I've had a sip (during Cascade Crest 100M), but no more. Yet. #lifegoals
  3. Your pockets would have been the least of your worries.
  4. Me at mile 98. "Just have one's wafer thin....."
  5. Ahhh, a chew or chomp. Like a single one. Not an entire gel pack, which is usually 100 calories. That makes more sense. You about blew my mind thinking about that.
  6. Wait, what? You took 100 calories a mile for 13-14 miles?
  7. I'd pour it over vanilla ice cream. In fact if @BassNBrew crews for me at Wasatch I may make him lug a cooler around through the mountains so I can have some of that.
  8. I think we've already talked about those, but Huma is one of my favorites. It's so much thinner in consistency than most that I find it just goes down easier, and I think it digests easier as well, even with the tiny bit of fat and fiber coming from the chia seeds.
  9. No, at ours it's in the same general area as the cheese, cold cuts, packaged meats, that kind of stuff.
  10. Who was our guy who lands on the white line with each stride? @JShare87? Good (and long) article this week from Joe Uhan on "running wide". Anyone experiencing IT band, Lateral foot pain, Plantar foot/heel pain, Bunion/great toe pain, Shin splints, or Lateral hip/lumbar pain might want to read as well.
  11. Are you guys eating before every run? And are you running in the mornings or afternoons? I'm pretty much a morning runner, and almost never eat anything beforehand, even if I'm not going to get out until late morning. Really the only time I do is before some long runs that I'll be fueling during, then I'll have a UCAN bar before. I did buy some beet juice shots, a whole case of the stuff, but I haven't tried it yet. On the fish topic - I do eat a lot of tuna and salmon, and always have some smoked salmon in the fridge as something to just grab a few bites of or throw on top of a salad. That's a great option for people who don't like to cook fish. Costco here sells a pretty big size (1 lb?) that's reasonable, helpful because smoked salmon can get pretty spendy. I also will buy a whole salmon or a few fillets a few times a year at Costco and smoke some up myself in my grandpa's old Little Chief electric smoker.
  12. Good stuff in here already. The only thing I would add for someone like you that hasn't gone through this before is to just try and get some interviews early on. You haven't used that skill in a long time (ever?), so you'll need to sharpen it. A recruiter contacts you for something below your pay grade? Take the interview. Something slightly outside your area of expertise? Take the interview. Just burn through several with the expectation that you'll make some mistakes but more importantly get better at it. That way when you do get to the point that you're talking to the right person about the right job, you're ready. Only other thing I'd add is that if you've been in the same place for that long, you're probably being underpaid relative to the "open market". Good luck, and focus on this as a great opportunity.
  13. She did unzip that outer shirt a couple of times I saw her....there was excellent midriff. That better describes a local favorite who I didn't see until after the race as she ran the half marathon.
  14. It's been awhile since we had any good race stalking, so in an effort to make sure that stays a thing in here.... There were three out and back sections into and out of the peaks on the Diablo course. So three times I ran back down to see an Eastern European vision in all black heading up. I stayed ahead of her until a downhill about 5 miles from the finish, and she then blew by me and finished 9 minutes ahead. Of course I googled her afterward and instantly felt a little better about getting smoked when one of the first google hits began with "Belarus National Track & Field medalist....."
  15. 10 minutes of this next week. The ground was all scorched around the sheep and goat skeletons. So I'm stuck wondering if the dragons can breathe just a little fire to cook the meat, but not incinerate the animals and leave nothing but bones.