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  1. It's probably the flattest 100K that's a qualifier. It's in the ballpark of most 50Ks I've done. If flat and cooler weather is really the focus, then I'd say your best bet would be the Tunnel Hill 100M in IL in November. Both Zach Bitter and Camille Herron have set 100M records (non-track) there, and it has less than 2000' of gain for 100 miles. I think you'd crush it there.
  2. Now we're talking! There are a few that are early season in otherwise warm places so not likely to be cold but shouldn't be too hot, and not too ridiculous in terms of vert.. Bandera 100K is in Texas in January, I think it's around 6,500' of gain/loss. Registration is open now (it sells out, not sure how quickly) Black Canyon is a point-to-point race in Arizona in January, 5,190' of gain, 7,050' of loss - so basically flat. Registration also open now. Sean O'Brien 100K in SoCal in February. It's around 13K' in gain/loss, so pretty decent vert but no altitude to deal with. THERE ARE TWO SPOTS LEFT!
  3. I just Graston'd the side of my foot (on the inside below the ankle bone) using the handle of a teaspoon. It was hurting this morning on my run, took a couple of miles to loosen up, so I wanted to de-crunchy it. It hurt. A lot. Carry on.
  4. I took me until the 2nd or 3rd time he was onscreen to figure that out. Love this show. They hit so many great notes that are just slight exaggerations of what these people (tech entrepreneurs, coders, VCs, investors, etc) are really like. And I'm going to miss Guilfoyle, for sure. Question - why does Big Head just pour out sodas? I'm sure that's a call back that I'm forgetting.
  5. It was weird being out of town this last round - power was out for 4-5 days at our place, but we left on a pre-planned 10-day trip to Oregon the day before so missed it all. Still have a second freezer to empty out tomorrow night - filled the garbage last week when we got back with everything from the first fridge/freezer. Glad everything is under control now, and hoping we don't have a round two before the rains finally arrive - which so far the forecasts don't seem to predict happening this month at all.
  6. So that covers why I didn't do #### from mid-June through mid-September. Noice! Doesn't explain my lack of any real training since then
  7. Third question - what's that now from 6:24-6:37? I know I haven't been around here much lately, but now in addition to beet juice and an early morning run, we're supposed to "release some pressure" pre-race? Is that like Ted before going out on his date with Mary?
  8. If you want a pre-made plan, check our Hal Koerner’s book. But if you’ve read Koop’s book then you have what you need to build out your own, which is what I did in 2017 for States. I’ll try and find mine from that year and share it with you, it would apply for a 100K equally well since I’ve never been a high mileage guy (I’m too slow and it would take too long to be high mileage!)
  9. @SayWhat? and @BassNBrew, get thee to Ultrasignup and register for the WS100 lottery. Let's get at least one of us in and have a party in Squaw the last weekend in June. @Zasada, looking forward to you joining the lottery party next year after you nail Miwok.
  10. Looks like I picked the right day to pop back in here after two weeks. Unbelievable and inspiring stuff fellas!
  11. Yup, sure did. Got it last night, saying power could be turned off in next 36-48 hours. You?
  12. If true, ooooof. All those power outages and they still are causing fires.
  13. So good, one of the most creative things they've ever done.