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  1. Yes. That's partly what I pay footballguys to do.
  2. I disagree. Don't think it was well laid out at all. I agree with your second point, though. My point is that fantasy football experts should not have ignored the warnings.
  3. I disagree that the risks were laid out properly. And, I think prognosticators should be to blame for not giving this situation the attention it deserved.
  4. Sure. But, it wasn't reported with the disclaimer and warning it should have warranted. He was a consensus top three pick. The risk of a hold out should have dropped his projection to end of first round.
  5. I'm wondering if anyone read any warnings about this Le'Veon Bell contract situation before the season? I don't remember seeing anything on footballguys. I'm an annoyed Bell owner, as you can see. I realize it ultimately was my decision to draft him, but I pay this site to warn me about possibilities and risks associated with first round picks, in particular.
  6. soydog

    Coby Fleener or D. Allen?

    I dont like reports out of NO on Fleener. Allen saw plenty of RZ looks last week. Id like Allen.
  7. soydog

    RB2 Dilemma

  8. soydog

    WSIS: Flex - WHIR

    Heart says Murray, but head says Snead.
  9. soydog

    Wdis, HELP. Will help with yours too

    Bernard and Sharpe
  10. 12-team, standard: I'd like to have one speculative RB on my roster before week 2 just in case an injury strikes the RB in front of them. Here are my choices ... Booker, Ajayi, or Washington (Raiders)? My team: QB: Stafford, Manning RB: Bell, D.Williams, Charles, M. Jones WR: Hopkins, D. Thomas, Moncrief, Lockett K: Catanzaro D: AZ