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  1. Honestly, I feel like you are under valuing Deandre Hopkins. Especially in the 2nd trade. I'm with most people here, not a big fan of your trades, and I'd be way more inclined on trying to take a shot on grabbing a guy like Taysom Hill, Bridgewater, or Mariota, and seeing if they work out. Not to mention hanging on to Newton. He'll be a starter somewhere next year without a doubt.
  2. 10 team .5 PPR Full Dynasty 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2TE, 2Flex Currently have: RB: McCaffrey, Hunt, Guice, Michel, Jacobs, Snell Jr. WR: Hopkins, Watkins, Cooks, Chark, DJ Moore, AJ Brown, Beasley, Marquise Brown I had no intention originally of moving Brown or Moore, but to be honest, this is a LOT of value coming back. You can also see I still have a good amount of depth at WR, and my RBs could potentially be shaky. What it really comes down to though, is I full believe 1.03 is going to be a very good player. This draft is pretty stacked. Am I crazy for thinking this even a close trade? I'm very high on Brown and Moore, and I'm so torn on this trade.
  3. I go with Team 1 and then Team A. It's not even really that close for me either. Team 1/2 trade: Gurley is a stud, and after the end of last season, I'm not really sure how you could want to shop him for anything less than a bonafide stud prospect. There's only one bonafide stud in this draft class, and he won't be there at 1.02. Team A/B trade: Similar to the logic behind the previous trade. Barkley is probably the best fantasy prospect to come out of a rookie draft since, well I can't really remember. He's the most sure thing you could possibly get in a rookie, more so than Zeke or Gurley were. I'm of the opinion that if you have the opportunity to obtain this player, you don't mess with that.
  4. Seems pretty even. If I was forced to choose, I'd probably take Cook
  5. If I'm the other guy, I'd be hardpressed to make that trade. Barkley and Jimmy G are fantastic prospects. If I'm him, I'd minimum ask for McCarron, 1.09, and one of the two 2nds. Even then, i'd still be hardpressed to let go of prospects of that caliber.
  6. I do have the #2 pick, which I probably plan on using on the QB of my choice already. I'd say my next weakest position was WR. That was my logic anyway. I'm leaning away from the trade anyway. He's "spiced it up" by adding in a 2019 3rd and a 2020 2nd, but meh. Those are practically irrelevant to me.
  7. So yea full keeper dynasty league. 2QB, 3WR, 3RB, 2TE, 1 Flex I have pick 2 and pick 4 in this year's draft as well as that mid pick next year. My Roster: QB: P. Rivers, T. Taylor, S. Bradford, E. Manning WR: D. Hopkins, B. Cooks, M. Crabtree, S. Shepard, M. Bryant, R. Cobb, Z. Jones RB: Kamara, Hunt, McCaffrey, D. Freeman, E. Lacy, Mi. Davis TE: D. Walker, ASJ Those are the only picks I have in the next 2 years. Am I crazy for hesitating on this trade? Seems like a pretty good idea, but I do love me some 1st rounders.
  8. Dynasty, 2QB, .5 PPR The overall trade is: I get: Pick 2 They Get: Pick 7, pick 26, Funchess, and either Bradford or Brissett Our rosters are pretty big, so I'm just going to list my QBs, since that's what's really most relevant here: P. Rivers, T. Taylor, E. Manning, S. Bradford, J. Brissett, J. McCown, P. Lynch, N. Foles. So yea a lot of duds and meh players. But I've basically already agreed to the above trade, just need to decide between Brissett and Bradford. I have enough old mediocres on my team, and while bradford has shown he can be good, he's injury prone and on the backend of his career. I'm leaning towards Brissett who definitely has more upside.
  9. Hey, just lost in the championship game in my league, and as frustrated as I am, I'm trying to shore up my obvious weakness. Here's my offer (I think): I get Jimmy G and 1.02 (I'll be picking Josh Rosen almost regardless of team) for Dalvin Cook, Jacoby Brissett, 2.09, 3.6, 2019 mid 1st, 2020 1st Full Dynasty, .5 PPR 2QB, 3WR, 3RB, 2TE, 1 Flex, D, K QB: Rivers, T. Taylor, Bradford, Manning, McCown, Brissett WR: B. Cooks, Crabtree, Hopkins, Funchess, Cobb, S. Shepard, M. Bryant, John Brown, Kendall Wright, Zay Jones RB: Kamara, Hunt, McCaffrey, Freeman, Dalvin Cook, J. Richard, Mike Davis TE: Delanie Walker, Hunter Henry, ASJ I'm basically trading the majority of my draft capital in this offer outside of a late 2019 1st. Good trade, bad trade?
  10. Don't see how you are upgrading your team at all. OBJ and Hopkins both have the same highs. With Watson, Hopkins was a bonafide WR1, and likely a top 3 WR overall. Watson on the other hand was a phenom in just 4-5 games. I just don't see how this trade improves your team at all. Even if OBJ completely kicks his injury problem, look at that offense. It's absolute garbage, and you're probably looking at a new QB in 2019, if not next year. Hold your cards my dude. Worse case scenario, you can do this trade at the beginning of next season when Watson is healthy again, and the hype rebuilds. You can trade him before he even plays a game. His value is about as low as it can be right now until next season starts.
  11. I trade: Matt Stafford I receive: Mid 2018 1st, late 2019 1st 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, 2TE, 2FLEX (.5 ppr) My team: QB: Wentz, Roethlisberger, Stafford, Garoppolo, Bridgewater WR: Hopkins, D. Thomas, Cooks, Watkins, Sanu, Ginn, Stills, Martavis Bryant, Marquise Goodwin, Paul Richardson RB: McCoy, McCaffrey, Peterson, Gallman, Jacquizz Rodgers TE: Ertz, Hooper, Fiedorowicz, Eifert I also have an Early and Late 1st in this draft, and a Mid and Late 1st in 2019 I'm trying to load up for this coming draft because I need some RB help, and the best way to do that in my league is through the draft (trust me, trades for RBs are impossible). Plus I can replace Stafford with a loaded QB draft this year.
  12. I like Howard. With a rookie QB, I expect them to try to establish the run early, and do it often. That O-line can move some bodies. Not to mention Howard is the more consistent player of the two in my opinion. Any help on my trade would also be greatly appreciated:
  13. Gordon, Cohen, Bryant all day, every day. Gordon himself is worth about as much if not more than Fournette. Bryant has shown that he is being targeted with the deep ball multiple times a game. It's only a matter of time before that connection heats up. Finally, Cohen is one of the most intriguing rookies from this year. He was with a BAAAD qb, and was still a high value performer. Any help on my trade would be greatly appreciated:
  14. I think this is a toss up. The TD last week from Henry at least makes me feel better about having him being a target in the redzone. That being said, his two goose eggs are pretty troubling. I think Henry is likelier to score a TD, but I think Graham is likelier to have a higher fantasy point total. Forced to pick, I start Graham.
  15. So the whole thing about me wanting to keep Brissett. No, I in no way think he'll take the job from Luck. You've seen this league though. The second a reasonable QB shows up, teams will immediately look for trade options for him. I think there is an above average chance that he is on a new team next year. I think he has more than acquitted himself in Indy, and has the chops to be a legitimate starting NFL QB. If you can tell by the roster size, it's hard to get those without making trades. Like I said initially, I'm leaning towards taking it, but I wanted a second opinion. Thanks.