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  1. Our home league Rookie Draft took place last Saturday! What an awesome event. You guys gotta see the video of the digital draft board I made. As far as the draft I had a major need for DE and with our scoring I didn't feel like Myles was a huge reach. I had just missed all my targets in the FA Auction and with the amount of picks I had I just went for it. I ended up grabbing Foster with the first pick in the 3rd so I'm pretty happy about that one as well. I went all offense after that but there is still some UDFA goodness I'm targeting for the first blind bid run later this week.
  2. That's certainly the hope from an IDP perspective. I'm still seeing some reports that illustrate how good of a coverage backer he is and the door isn't shut on him playing sam. I'm really tempted to see if I can get him at LB pricing but the speculative designation by Rotoworld may have closed the window.
  3. So the opposite appears to be happening with Carl Lawson Bengals are playing him as a hybrid rush OLB. He's impressing so far which I always thought he would do but man did I want to see him with his hand in the dirt.
  4. I feel like there should be a bit more buzz around the Bills signing Gerald Hodges. All of the existing linebackers seem to be interior guys and he was solid the past two seasons in Min/SF without getting a full workload. Only 26 years old AFAIK and the schemes the HC/DC came from produced WIL's Thomas Davis and Lavante David. From an athletic perspective Hodges was bigger, stronger, and had similar burst scores but was slower. He has trimmed down about 10 pounds from those days so while he's still probably not the athlete those two are with a full compliment of snaps and counterparts that may not be suited for the scheme the opportunity should be there to carry him to a career year. Sounds like an LB4 with LB3 upside to me and it seems like he's completely off of peoples radar.
  5. Also like McDowell if he sticks. Really looking forward to seeing the Dareus/Williams combo back in a 4-3 this year. Dareus was a late year stash for me so the transition has me pumped. I do wonder how many snaps they'll give to Washington who is another one with a solid prospect profile. Curious to see if Collins in Dallas or Brown in New England can take another step forward this season. Brown was flat YOY, but he and Collins both finished the year strong. I agree with the Caleb Brantley taek, wonderful things happening in Cleveland. Can you imagine trying to block Brantley and Garrett on one side while Shelton is anchoring the other interior spot?