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  2. One less day of practice this week for the team, with a Saturday game and all, so definitely an item to keep your eye on.
  3. See ya Conley
  4. Currently watching TannerSlays on Twitch, and he partied up with CJ Anderson (along with TSM Viss) to play some Apex Legends. When they grouped up, CJ Anderson was absolutely pumped, talking about some huge great news that he couldn't share yet, but it's been news he's been waiting for and couldn't be more excited about. He said he couldn't say anything else about it now, but news should be out there soon. Obviously it could mean absolutely nothing, Anderson is very active in the gaming community and is extremely charitable so it might have something to do with those and nothing to do with football, but it may be worth a speculative add for those with deeper benches. Weirdest place I think I've ever potentially scooped news from though if there's something to it.
  5. Just moved Waller and J. White for Derrick Henry, 10 team 0.5 point PPR. I've got Kelce starting in my TE spot, and with Barkley out and Connor struggling, Henry felt like a solid target for a serviceable starter.
  6. Can I bank on a -.03 stat correction for my opponent?
  7. There's speculation that he murdered Tupac... Either that or the back/knee problems that have been reported are worse than initially believed. It could go either way.
  8. Bills getting Oliver with the 9th pick will be looked back on as the best pick of this first round, in my opinion.
  9. Fade me fam. Arguably my least favorite player in the league, and now he's a Raider. I now sympathize with the Bengal fans. Edit: Orginally said Steelers, because I'm a fool.
  10. This roller coaster might not yet be over...
  11. Nothing real, but Le'Veon Bell recently followed Derek Carr on twitter, and Matt Verderame posted:
  12. Le'veon has changed his twitter profile color scheme to include green. Bell to the Oakland A's confirmed.
  13. More rumors about cash flow issues, similar to the ones we've been seeing over the past few years: