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  1. Any updates on Josh Gordon has he been ruled out for the game yet?
  2. TY Hilton & Mike Thomas have been solid so far. As for the rest that is a pretty tough downswing in your luck.
  3. The only thing that messes up the whole Antonio Brown getting intentionally released conspiracy theory is his heartful apology to the team on Friday. The bipolar or CTE theories make more sense to me. His desire to win a ring might keep him on the straight and narrow on the Patriots but we shall see.
  4. We all know who Fitz is at this point. The first few weeks he will look amazing but eventually he will forget to only throw to players that wear the same color jersey he does.
  5. I always assumed the players voted on awards like this. In fact, just did a quick google search and found
  6. As a Rams fan that watched the game I just want to be clear that most of Kelly's touches came at the end of the game when Goff was benched as well. CJA dominated the snaps with the starters this week.
  7. Alright first thing first I can't get over this part of your post. No matter how many times I read this I have no idea what you are trying to say. I guess you are refering to my mention of a "back up plan." You are correct that if Gurley is inactive then of course the person you put in instead "wont be Gurley." But this is the fantasy championship for most owners so I do hope they can find a player to put into that RB slot and "replace" Gurley instead of leaving it blank. The rules clearly state "Threads that are asking for advice on how you should draft or manage your team belong in The Assistant Coach forum." So if a poster was to ask if Gurley doesn't play should I start Mark Ingram, CJ Anderson, or John Kelly? That would be frowned upon. But a poster simply stating if Gurley doesn't play then I have to start Ingram is certainly within the rules.
  8. The Mark Ingram discussion along with any other backup plans are very revelant to this thread. Espicially considering Cardinals vs Rams kickoff at 1pm (westcoast is bestcoast) so options will be limited for most owners.
  9. Hey Sig, I have a week 17 championship game and feel l need to get rid of some dead weight on my bench. Pick the player(s), if any, that are safe to drop for week 17: James Conner Odell Beckham Jr Thanks and Happy Holidays
  10. Very sad indeed. With the Martavis Bryant suspension last week and now this Josh Gordon news this week it has me thinking, who was the last NFL player that we can point to that actually successfully overcame addiction? Has there been anybody after Chris Carter? That should speak volumes to just how powerful a disease this really is.
  11. Is it safe to drop this guy in redraft yet for those in week 17 championship games?
  12. Three weeks of road games. This is nothing new for Brees. He has always been much better at home in his dome rather than on the road in an outdoor stadium.