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  1. I think it is sustainable. Even last year with the Rams he scored 12 TDs in 15 games played. Gurley has one hell of a nose for the endzone he has been doing it his whole career. I love the career milestone he achieved this weekend. 75 career touchdowns in 78 regular season games. Only LT, Jim Brown, and Emmitt Smith have reached that milestone in less time. I only play redraft so I can't really comment on dynasty. As far as redraft goes I couldn't be happier with this guy. I drafted Gurley expecting him to be my RB2 with RB1 upside and he has met expectations. His worse game this year was week 2 with 61 yards and no TDs. However I was thrilled that he had 21 carries that game. This season he has seen no less than 14 carries in a game and he gets the majority of goal line touches. I'll take any RB seeing that kind of volume.
  2. Congrats. I'm a Adams and Golladay owner that dropped the unicorn. So much regret right now.
  3. These tweets by @KalebIvy caught my eye. I've never heard of him before and he only has 57 followers so no idea how reputable these numbers are. Also I do realize there is the whole small sample size thing. Nevertheless it is enough to cause me to take a wait and see approach if Tate is active today then Slayton will be on my bench. Good luck for all those starting him.
  4. Can't go wrong with either one of these guys. Might as well flip a coin every play.