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  1. Props to both coaches for having all 3 timeouts still avaliable right now
  3. Any updates on Josh Gordon has he been ruled out for the game yet?
  4. TY Hilton & Mike Thomas have been solid so far. As for the rest that is a pretty tough downswing in your luck.
  5. The only thing that messes up the whole Antonio Brown getting intentionally released conspiracy theory is his heartful apology to the team on Friday. The bipolar or CTE theories make more sense to me. His desire to win a ring might keep him on the straight and narrow on the Patriots but we shall see.
  6. We all know who Fitz is at this point. The first few weeks he will look amazing but eventually he will forget to only throw to players that wear the same color jersey he does.
  7. I always assumed the players voted on awards like this. In fact, just did a quick google search and found