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  1. Does Frosty no longer post college hoops plays? Always enjoyed following those.
  2. Former Clemson player Eric Mac Lain has refuted this, says they spent only a week on Bama. I’m not sure which side to believe, but Clemson is one of the very few staffs in football that would be confident and forward-thinking enough to do this.
  3. Bama averaged 4.0 yards per carry while Clemson averaged 4.4, it took me less than 30 seconds to look this up. Please keep your lazy and uninformed posting in the cozy confines of the politics forum, thanks
  4. The only post regarding Carolina I ever made in the hoops thread was complimenting you and other Gamecock fans on your Final 4 trip. If you can find contrary evidence, I’ll happily donate $500 to one of your 2 preferred charities: Carolina Fans to Jail Dabo or
  5. Spoiler alert: It resulted in five dead hookers. Wait, sorry. That was Craig James.
  6. I could point out the numerous logical fallacies in this post, or make fun of the fact that you’re a grown man who earnestly typed “Tweet that” in a college football forum. But enough is enough, it’s time to follow Slapdash’s advice and utilize the Ignore feature. Take care.
  7. I’m just responding to one specific obnoxious poster that is obsessed with Clemson to the point that his new image is a hilarious dig at them. It’s strange that you haven’t called him out for his behavior as well, but strange bedfellows and all that. Also, I attended the playoff game and am enjoying this current run very much. But thanks for the tip.
  8. How does it feel to root for a program that is so irrelevant, getting shut out by Virginia barely warrants mention in this thread? I’d prefer institutional systemic steroid use to your existence.
  9. That’s a fair point. I think we’d be ok with one loss if we win the conference, but that isn’t a certainty. And I actually pull for you guys 11 weeks out of the year. Some of the best people I know are Gamecock fans, and the season’s a lot more fun when everyone in the state is invested. I just think it’s weird to take a shot at someone’s schedule when your team is on said schedule.
  10. “I’m annoyed Clemson doesn’t play anyone good all year and doubly annoyed that includes us.”
  11. Slush fund!!! Your reply exceeded my wildest expectations, thank you for this. Best of luck this season. Muschamp is doing solid work and you avoid The Citadel, so I understand the high expectations.