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  1. Presumably sitting in a crib at 2.5 months of age. Based on the pictures I seemed like a happy camper.
  2. Except they played the Patriots two weeks ago. Niners this week.
  3. Yea most DST values (especially with extreme outliers like NE D so far) are dependent on turnovers and defensive TD's, which tend to be highly variable. Also has the added benefit of getting the Pats D out of my lineup, which given how they're playing might help me lose a few more games. If I won't win the title, then I'd rather pick 1.5 in 2020 than 1.7 or 8. Additionally the extra third helps. I've got 2 2020 1sts, 2 seconds, and now three thirds. The plan is to eventually consolidate some of those picks into a trade up or as add ons during offseason deals. Every little bit of ammo help.s
  4. In the midst of what was supposed to be a tear it down to the studs rebuild this year. Naturally started the season 5-1 (soon to be 6-1). All that said the top two teams in this league are so head and shoulder above everyone else I'm not going to pivot to make win now moves chasing 3rd place. This Thursday made a trade with one of the aforementioned juggernauts: I sent: Patriots D I received: Diontae Johnson Lions D/ST 2020 3rd (3rd party, likely pick 3-5).
  5. Need 6 points from John Ross. He could get double that in one play or throw up a complete goose egg.
  6. 10 team PPR superflex rookie/unclaimed veteran draft last night. Bolded picks are mine. First draft in a tear it down to the studs rebuild. 1.1 Josh Jacobs RB OAK 1.2 Kyler Murray QB ARI 1.3 David Montomery RB CHI 1.4Miles Sanders RB PHI 1.5 N’Keal Harry WR NE 1.6 Darwin Thompson RB KC 1.7 Deebo Samuel WR SF 1.8 .T.J. Hockenson TE DET 1.9 Noah Fant TE DEN 1.10 .DK Metcalf WR SEA 2.1 Dwayne Haskins QB WAS 2.2 Daniel Jones QB NYG 2.3 Darrell Henderson RB LA 2.4 Jacoby Brissett QB IND 2.5Alex Mattison RB MIN 2.6 Devin Singletary RB BUF 2.7 Justice Hill RB BAL 2.8 Myles Boykin WR BAL 2.9 Marquise Brown WR BAL 2.10 Andy Isabella WR ARI 2.11 (consolation bracket prize) .Parris Campbell WR IND 3.1 Forfeited due to illegal lineups 3.2 AJ Brown WR TEN 3.3Tony Pollard RB DAL 3.4.Damien Harris RB NE 3.5 .Ryquell Armstead RB JAX 3.6 Mecole Hardman WR KC 3.7 JJ Arcega-Whiteside WR PHI 3.8 .Diontae Johnson WR PIT 3.9 Benny Snell Jr RB PIT 3.10 .Drew Lock QB DEN 4.1 Ryan Fitzpatrick QB MIA 4.2 Hakeem Butler WR ARI 4.3 .Darren Waller TE OAK 4.4 Preston Williams WR MIA 4.5 Breshad Perriman WR TB 4.6 Irv Smith TE MIN 4.7 .Bryce Love RB WAS 4.8 .Keesean Johnson WR ARI 4.9Jalen Hurd WR SF 4.10 .Brian Hill RB ATL 5.1 Abstain 5.2 Terry Mclaurin WR WAS 5.3 Jakobi Meyers WR NE 5.4 .Abstain 5.5 Jace Sternberger TE GB 5.6 Hunter Renfrow WR OAK 5.7 Myles Gaskin RB MIA 5.8 Rodney Anderson RB CIN 5.9 Ty Johnson RB DET 5.10 Will Grier QB CAR
  7. That's exactly the scenario for Team A wanting Mack back. Current WR stable after losing Woods (start 3 plus two flex): Hopkins, Juju, Thielen, Corey Davis, Shepard, RBs before this trade: James White, Jordan Howard, Lesean McCoy, Dion Lewis.
  8. This went down in my league this afternoon, not involved. 10 team PPR superflex Team A sends Robert Woods and 2.8 Team B sends Marlon Mack
  9. I was born in 1989 so I remember my nanny watching the OJ Simpson coverage on CNN every day.
  10. If anything Press or Morgan should've done their best to pantomime that picture of Piers working out in public with 5 lb dumbbells. Would be a higher degree of difficulty for world class athletes to look that doughy but I would've applauded the effort.
  11. I'm very excited for someone on the US Team to cut a Dusty Rhodes "Hard Times" level promo on Sunday. If anything we need more celebrations. Would've liked to see a Revolutionary War reference mixed in yesterday. People forget England blew a 13 colony lead in 1776.
  12. 10 team PPR superflex. Had pick 1.2 and 1.4. After much deliberation have come to the conclusion that I had a pretty clear top 3 (Murray, Jacobs, Montgomery) before a relatively big drop off to the Harry/Sanders/Metcalf/Henderson/whomever else tier. Traded: 1.4 and 2020 2nd (likely late) 1.3 I had three 2020 2nds so was good with using the likely latest of the three to bump up one spot to ensure two of my three top players.
  13. 2007-2008, went with what I was playing the most at 18 years old. Viva La Vida- Coldplay Graduation- Kanye West Carter III- Lil Wayne Because of the Night-Kings of Leon Guilty Pleasure: Taylor Swift-Taylor Swift
  14. This went down in my league. Not involved. 10 team PPR superflex Team A sends: Fournette, 2.9, 2020 2nd (likely late) Team B sends: 1.9, 2.3, 2020 1st (likely late)
  15. Just completed another trade in my tear it down to the studs rebuild. 10 team PPR superflex. I sent :Quincy Enunwa, Chase Edmonds (to DJ owner) Got back: John Ross, 3.5 I was a big John Ross fan coming out. Granted he might just be not any good, but on a team that needs to be awful by design, made sense to take a flyer on a guy I was confident in at one point. Also cleared a roster spot which will help. (two 1sts, a 2nd and two 3rds this year in addition to seven 2020 picks. )