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  1. 2007-2008, went with what I was playing the most at 18 years old. Viva La Vida- Coldplay Graduation- Kanye West Carter III- Lil Wayne Because of the Night-Kings of Leon Guilty Pleasure: Taylor Swift-Taylor Swift
  2. This went down in my league. Not involved. 10 team PPR superflex Team A sends: Fournette, 2.9, 2020 2nd (likely late) Team B sends: 1.9, 2.3, 2020 1st (likely late)
  3. Just completed another trade in my tear it down to the studs rebuild. 10 team PPR superflex. I sent :Quincy Enunwa, Chase Edmonds (to DJ owner) Got back: John Ross, 3.5 I was a big John Ross fan coming out. Granted he might just be not any good, but on a team that needs to be awful by design, made sense to take a flyer on a guy I was confident in at one point. Also cleared a roster spot which will help. (two 1sts, a 2nd and two 3rds this year in addition to seven 2020 picks. )
  4. That was my initial thought too. Both teams are likely contenders so its likely a true round leap for the guy getting Sutton. He also has Kittle but think maybe he could've gotten more. Both owners are guys I consider sharp fantasy players so I was a little surprised I felt so strongly. Most trades in the league are 50/50ish propositions.
  5. Went down in my league today, not involved. 10 teamPPR superflex Team A sends: OJ Howard, 2020 2nd (likely late) Team B sends: Courtland Sutton, 2020 3rd (likely late)
  6. People are working hard to feed their families man, that clearly invalidates this rich person's struggle. 🙄
  7. I think you might be alone on that island, at least among people who watched the show's entire run. Like I said, not every show, no matter how good will resonate with every viewer. Based on both critical acclaim and my own personal opinion, excluding it is an oversight. End of discussion.
  8. The Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic averages would disagree with that assertions (99% and 98% respectively). Not every show is going to resonate with every viewer, but it's exclusion from a list of best TV shows of all time isn't really defensible. If you didn't like it after watching the whole run, just must not have been your bag. I'm not trying to convince anyone it is definitively the best show ever. There are far too many excellent shows for any one of them to exist at the top of the pyramid by themselves. I was only saying that "The Leftovers" gets left out of these discussions due to lack of exposure to wide audience, not a lack of quality.
  9. Leftovers ends up being excellent. That said, even coming from the biggest "Leftovers" homer on the planet, the first handful of episodes are a little iffy. It's a shame if there are a lot of people in your boat who missed out on the incredible second and third season because of the inconsistency of the first.
  10. How "The Leftovers" isn't on here at least for discussion is baffling. It might not be for everyone thematically but it's every bit as good as Mad Men, The Wire, Breaking Bad etc. I think part of the issue is the first season is a little uneven. That likely turns off people who try and start. That said the collection episodes comprising season 2 and 3 are the best TV I've ever seen.
  11. No doubt the draft is deeper with second/third tier talents than true stud prospects at the top. I would imagine your view of this trade also depends on how you feel about the guys in that prospective top tier (Harry, Montgomery, Sanders, maybe a couple others).
  12. What am I missing on this one? Seems very light for that type of move up. I get the rhetoric is that this is the year to trade down, but I don't think that really kicks in until after pick 5 or 6.
  13. That was my thought too, especially since the owner receiving 2.8 is down his 2019 1st. Having two seconds alleviates that sting somewhat.
  14. Team A definitely operates in a different universe of player valuation that most of the fantasy world. The one mitigating factor is he had 5 (yes 5) 2nd rounders in the 2019 rookie draft. Owner getting 2.8 has Kelce, Rudolph and Graham so he could afford to part with a depth TE like Vance.
  15. 10 team PPR dynasty. Not involved. Team A sends: 2.8 Team B sends: Vance McDonald.