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  1. Cousins (Saints have played 2 good qb's and they have accounted for over 725 yards an 6 tds) Kamara Burkhead Doctson Landry Shepard Kelce Thompson Chargers
  2. In the 5th rd 12 team league Butt, Davis and Carr all still available
  3. I just grabbed him 2.8 12 team league. We start Qb Rb RB Wr Wr Wr Te FLex
  4. So when are we taking down the Pyramids? I also think Ben-Hur should be banned from TV
  5. Was really hoping Jones fell to us. But this Fabian guy looks just as good. Also this Anderson guy is probably going to be a crowd favorite. His quotes are awesome. Hoping for King or Butt with this first rd pick, but could also see Perine