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  1. That may be, but, without Shazier, gonna be very difficult to do, as evidenced by the 436 yds & 6 TD's that they gave up to the RB position on the ground the last 4 weeks of the season, along with over 200 yds & 1 TD to the RB position through the air. Fournette is probably the only JAX player that I will roster anywhere.
  2. I have struggled so bad this year that I just don't feel like I can offer much. But I will say this: RB's below the top-tier seem to me to be to much of a crap-shoot. I'm basically building around Gurlery/Kamara/Fournette & Ingram, mid-tier QB's like Ryan & Smitth, going for contrarian plays at WR [think T. Gabriel for starters]. I also have no problem saying that I am running out Sam Ficken as my K. $4.5K, team should give him plenty of chances and I think he may not be very popular.
  3. FWIW, another potential GPP dart-throw: Ryan Switzer - WR, DAL Cole Beasley will be out, Switzer is taking his place in the slot. Against a Philly secondary that has had it's starters getting lit up. Minimum price of $4500.
  4. Nobody considering a Cousins/V. Davis stack, considering that they're playing the NYG?
  5. Seeming more and more like M. Thomas will be a game-time decision. Reports this morning put him at 50/50, even though Schefter seems to feel he will play. Looks like I'll go down a little at K in the cash game and pivot to K. Allen.
  6. Something else that was pointed out in at least one of those pod casts is that Elliott coming back actually enhances Prescott. Not going to fade him at all, although, I'm not going to have a lot of exposure to him either. If ATL losses, I also think that Dez Bryant will be in play, at $7,100. Running him out w/ a Wilson/Baldwin stack. Also trotting out a Prescott/Elliott stack, running it back w/ Baldwin. Finally settled on this for a cash L/U: QB/Newton, RB/Elliott - Freeman, WR/M. Thomas - R. Woods - K. Cole, TE/Kelce, K/Gano, DEF/KC
  7. Took off from last week - needed a break, been very busy with other stuff. Early cash L/U: QB/Stafford, RB/McCaffrey - Freeman, WR/M. Thomas - Fitzgerald - R. Woods, TE/Walker, K/Hopkins, DEF/KC GPP #1: QB/Goff, RB/Gordon - Freeman, WR/M. Thomas - R. Woods - Sanu, TE/Walker, K/Lutz, DEF/KC Curious if anyone has any thoughts on something I noticed in the IVC: DAL's DEF, at the minimum price of $4K, has an H-Value rating of 21.6. Pretty good for a minimum-priced DEF, considering that they're playing SEA & the highest-priced QB this week. What's the attraction?
  8. This a cash line-up or GPP? Like it as a cash L/U.
  9. $.25 entries: 1) QB/Wilson, RB/Gurley - Lynch, WR/Jeffrey - R. Anderson - Sanu, TE/Walker, K/Tucker, DEF/TEN 2) QB/Wentz, RB/Fournette - J. Williams, WR/Diggs - Kupp - Sanu, TE/Ertz, K/Lutz, DEF/JAX 3) QB/Winston, RB/Ingram - A. Collins, WR/Hopkins - Evans - D. Adams, TE/Walker, K/Lutz, DEF/LAC 4) QB/Rivers, RB/Fournette/L. Murray, WR/K. Allen - R. Anderson - S. Roberts, TE/Walker, K/Lambo, DEF/JAX Adding a freeroll: QB/Brady, RB/Gurley - D. Lewis, WR/D. Thomas - D. Parker - Ginn Jr., TE/Gronkowski, K/Lambo, DEF/OAK R. Mathews is out, so, going heavy on D. Walker. Roberts in the 4th $.25 is a low-ownership dart-throw that could pay off. Along w/ OAK's defense on the free-roll. I think Geno stands a better chance of shaking off the rust in the form of INT's, fumbles & sacks then he does in throwing for 250 & 2 TD's. Also just found a headline that I thought was interesting: Andy Reid to turn play calling duties over to the OC. Not sure how that affects their offensive output today though.
  10. My cash L/U, for better or for worse - QB/Hundley, RB/Gurley - Howard, WR/Hopkins - Evans - D. Adams, TE/Cook, K/Succop, DEF/LAR 1st GPP [single entry] - QB/Siemian, RB/Kamara - L. Murray, WR/Funchess - D. Thomas - D. Parker, TE/Gronkowski, K/Lutz, DEF/LAC Gonna throw in a few $.025's in as well.
  11. Been a busy last week so haven't been able to post much. Double-ups are killing me right now; cut line going up the last two weeks and keep missing by less than five points. Seems like the 'chalk' guys aren't so much at times - one week, it's the RB's, others it's the WR's. I am so done with anything KC. I don't know what Andy Reid is doing right now, but, I'm not sure he does either. Oh well - on to week 13!
  12. Sitting at 113.89 points for the Thursday slate; $1 GPP. Still have two players - Vernon Davis & a dart-throw as Thompson's replacement, Byron Marshall. Currently winning $2.50, so, at the least, hoping Davis will push me up a little bit. Anything Marshall gets will be a bonus. Revising my Thurs-Mon GPP, running with the following: QB/ Flacco, RB/Ingram - Hunt, WR/A. Brown - Maclin - R. Lewis, TE/V. Davis, K/Rose, DEF/JAX
  13. Just with a quick glance, here's another name to throw out there as a QB GPP option; Joe Flacco. Houston's DEF, it's last four games - 1372 yds through the air, 12 TDs vs 3 INT's. Stack him w/ either Maclin and/or Wallace; even a Flacco/Watson stack wouldn't be out of the question. At home against the Texans, if Flacco is gonna have a break-out game this season, this is his best shot. I can see low-ownership of him and any of his targets. And if the BAL pass offense still doesn't excite you, then consider their defense instead, against Tom Savage. *** Actually, I forgot that the HOU-BAL game is Monday night, so, guess you'd want this game on a Thur-Mon slate. ***
  14. Trotting out one GPP for Thursday's three-game slate. QB/Rivers, RB/Gordon - Murray, WR/K. Allen - S. Shepard - Doctson, TE/Davis, K/Forbath, DEF/LAC I think the WASH/NYG game has the best shoot-out potential, but I think Rivers will be lower-owned than Cousins, Dak or Stafford and has potential to put up big numbers. Dallas is done; no Elliott is killing them and the defense has been suspect all year anyway. If Sean Lee misses this week, I can see a Chargers blowout. I could have the wrong mega-stack, I suppose. But I like the idea of a mega team stack or game stack for this. Only tossing out $1 on it, so, what the heck.
  15. Current cash L/U, subject to change - I suppose: QB/Smith, RB/Ingram - Darkwa, WR/Hopkins - LFitz - Landry, TE/Kelce, K/Novak, DEF/N.O. Nothing I've been trying to run through the IVC is coming up anywhere close to the 120 point mark I try to use as a benchmark, but, I'll keep playing around some more