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  1. How's this for a little wrap-around BOS stack in a GPP: Vazquez [8th], Bradley Jr. [9th] & Betts [lead-off]?
  2. Yeah, definitely in play there. Was even looking at doing a mega-stack of the DET-BAL game, given the pitching match-up. Young guy w/ all of two appearances out of the pen for Detroit, racks up the K's but also has given up 3 HR's in the four innings he's pitched. Wade Miley from the Baltimore side, who hasn't had a quality start in over two months!
  3. I'll see what I can do on that for a GPP; Got to try to run w/ Pomeranz or Hamels for the SP in a cash game so may not be able to do much with them there. Stupid as it sounds, I may try to trot out Nick Pivetta at Coors Field for a GPP - he's been doing well lately, keeping the ball down.
  4. Shame - really want to use them too - nice match-up. Then again, that's probably why.
  5. By the way - here's a GPP name for you tonight: Kevan Smith. CWS catcher, hitting 4th, back-to-back multi-hit games, 4-game hit streak & facing Eduardo Rodriguez at Fenway - not a bad pitcher but not an ace either. FD price tag: $2100.
  6. Liking me some Cameron Rupp & Aaron Altherr tonight, assuming they start. Rupp should since Knapp is apparently dinged-up a bit.
  7. Against my better judgement, with a lite slate of decent SP tonight, I'm throwing a $2 50/50 in on FD w/ Severino, Posey, Y. Alonso, Jose Ramirez, E. Nunez, Difo, B. Zimmer, Pearce, M. Cabrera. Still waiting to see SF's L/U to be sure that Posey starts.
  8. And I still think they don't go a full 9 in Philly, but, having said that, Galvis just singled, stole 2B, stole 3B & scored when the catcher's throw was air-mailed in to left field ....... ** sigh **. That's double-digits in the first AB.
  9. Don't know - but I doubt 5 min's is going to matter much with the weather.
  10. Not seeing the ATL/PHL starting early; still showing 7:05.
  11. COL at Washington already PPD.
  12. FWIW, liking the CIN at MIA game a lot tonight as well. Romano has a Woba of .372 & an ISO of .212 to LHB, .395 Woba & .294 ISO to RHB. And the Marlins seem like they've been hitting well of late. Pitching for the Marlins, Worley has a .363 Woba & .208 ISO to LHB, of which the Reds have a number of. Having some exposure here as well.
  13. Forecast is for heavy rain in S/E Pa. tonight and tomorrow; and the radar ain't looking to spiffy at the moment. They may get started; doubt they go 9.
  14. I agree - I have a lot of exposure to the Rangers, Astros & Indians RHB tonight.
  15. Liking Quintana for GPP's. Had Roark, but, as already mentioned, very good chance that Colorado at Washington gets rained out tonight, along with Atlanta at Philly. Real shame too, cuz I really liked Freddy Galvis for GPP's tonight as well.