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  1. reel_smooth

    FanDuel Week 7

    Just a little food for thought at this late hour: Vikings at the Jets, Panthers at the Eagles, Saints at Ravens & the Cowboys at Redskins will all be dealing with strong winds. Not going to fade them completely, but, definitely going to limit exposure for the Main Slate. Minn/NYJ - winds 21-28 mph, gusts to 40. CAR/PHL - winds 17-22 mph, gusts to 34. NO/BAL - winds 17-21 mph, gusts to 43. DAL/WASH - winds 18-20 mph, gusts to 41. From the NWS.
  2. reel_smooth

    FanDuel Week 5

    Week 4 was not kind; some small GPP cash's, still can't hit a 50/50 to save my life. Is it just me or is the cut line for 50/50's getting higher & higher? The one I played week 4 was 167.9. Same old issue - making some great calls on the low-owned guys; the chalk keeps killing me. Anyway, on to week 5; the ATL/PITT could really be huge. But something for which I've seen no mention yet anywhere is the Vikings. Road underdog, revenge narrative & the Eagles defensive secondary, IMO, ranks up there with the worst in the league right now, while the run DEF remains strong. Liking some Cousins/Thielen/Diggs stacks, but, will wait to see projected ownership before going overboard on them. Hard to swallow a projected point total of 21 for Minnesota the way opposing QB's who can throw deep have been picking apart Philly's pass DEF. I can't help but think that Thielen & Diggs will both find paydirt Sunday, and I have to think that 300+ & at least 3 TD's for Cousins is not out of the realm of possibility. Current GPP placeholder: QB/Cousins, RB/Conner - A. Jones, WR/Thielen - Diggs - Jeffery, TE/Hurst, FLEX/Kupp, DEF/Tenn.
  3. reel_smooth

    FanDuel Week 4

    Cash LU: QB/ Watson, RB/ Elliott - Bernard, WR/ M. Thomas - Shepard - J. Landry, TE/ Cook, FLE/ Michel, DEF/ GB Core players for GPP's: the CIN/ATL & NYG/NO games. Low-owned contrarian plays: Offenses for LAC,CHI, SEA & NE - a LU each with Seahawk & Patriot stacks, a few with CHI & LAC stacks.
  4. reel_smooth

    DraftKings Week 4

    Want to win some money in baseball this weekend? Stack the Braves, especially the SP. The Phillies are just mailing it in at this point. The Bears will be playing the 2nd worst pass DEF Sunday; Mitchell Trubisky/Allen Robinson and/or Taylor Gabriel stack for GPP's anybody? I do believe I'll have a little of that.
  5. reel_smooth

    FanDuel week 3

    Nobody ......... I mean, absolutely nobody saw that one coming. Wonder how many survivor contestants went down on this one? One GPP LU with Ryan & Ridley saved my day and put me up about $3-$4 for the day.
  6. reel_smooth

    FanDuel week 3

    Really struggling to put a cash LU together. Bortles has a very high H-value listed, and entered an initial LU with him in it. But the more I think about it, as a double-digit home favorite, I'm just not seeing that kind of value here. Am I wrong about this?
  7. reel_smooth

    FanDuel week 3

    I wouldn't trust Philly's D to much. TB really exposed their weak passing DEF last week. I'm actually liking a Philly O stack and running it back with Hilton and/or Ebron for a GPP or two. Don't know what their price is on DK, but, at $3400, I am very seriously looking at the Dallas DEF against Seattle for a few GPP's; maybe even cash. 4th ranked DEF overall, 5th ranked against the pass, against an 0-2 Seattle offense that has given up 12 sacks and five turnovers in two games.
  8. reel_smooth

    FanDuel week 2

    Not bad choices there either; I think that's what's in my other cash LU. But when it's all said and done, based on volume alone, I think Coleman hits cash game value and has GPP upside. Of course, I've been wrong before, but, I feel very good about him.
  9. reel_smooth

    FanDuel week 2

    Another thread was started on this, but, since the question is here, I'd have to think this now makes him as cash game lock, given the price tag and increased workload. I have altered a cash LU accordingly.
  10. reel_smooth

    Tevin Coleman

    I would almost have to believe that he would be, given his price and expected workload, wouldn't he? I'm sure going to use him for cash.
  11. reel_smooth

    FanDuel week 2

    GPP heads-up: Darren Sproles ruled out for Sunday against TB - calling Corey Clement!!!
  12. reel_smooth

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    173.25 for week 1; Good start to week 2 as I have both Dalton & J. Brown. But I can't help but feel that, in 20/20 hindsight, my WR's won't get me far enough [Diggs, Goodwin, J. Nelson, A. Miller, K. Cole, J. Brown, J. Ross].
  13. reel_smooth

    FanDuel week 2

    Cash LU #2 - Projects better than the 1st one. QB/ T. Taylor, RB/ Kamara - Gordon, WR/ Sanders - Cobb [if Rodgers plays] - Agholor, TE/ Kittle, FLEX/ Conner, DEF/ LAC
  14. reel_smooth

    FanDuel week 2

    Cas LU to start: QB/ A. Smith, RB/ Peterson - Conner, WR/ A. Brown - J. Landry - E. Sanders, TE/ Kittle, FLEX/ L. Miller, DEF/ LAC. Line-up Optimizer gives it 132 points.
  15. reel_smooth

    FanDuel week 2

    Definitely targeting this game for GPP's.