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  1. Total blood bath for me this week - WR's are killing me this year, I have to hope that CJA has relatively low ownership [which I kinda doubt] and to put up about 3X value to hit my cash LU.
  2. And apparently, I couldn't have been any more wrong on Ingram.
  3. Completely agree and have him in a few GPP's
  4. Still just can't pull the trigger on Ingram for anything. I like Kamara much better this week w/ shoot-out potential and catching a lot of Drew Brees passes. IMO, Thompson & J. Allen are viable plays. I know I've got a GPP someplace w/ Allen. He kinda scare me a little for cash though w/ Collins being in the mix.
  5. A GPP pivot I like, seems to get decent value rankings, is Alex Smith & Tyreek Hill. Everybody is going to be all over Hunt [rightfully so, too], and, I think these two may get overlooked somewhat. Potential for KC to put up a lot of points.
  6. Cash L/U that I'm settled on: QB/ Watson, RB/ Fournette & CJA, WR/ Hopkins - K. Allen - Thielen, TE/ ASJ, K/ Dawson, DEF/ WASH. IVC only has it at 120.1, but, I see a lot of guys here getting volume. As always, open to other thoughts/ideas.
  7. Just seems to me like Kamara's done more with his touches than Ingram, and at $100 less, I'd think he'd be more popular - although, his projected ownership is high as well. I guess it probably sounds like I'm complaining that Ingrams ownership is projected as high as it is, and I'm not; I'm just trying to understand why because history suggests that he's not going to come close to hitting tournament value, even with the 20 touches, which I'm not sure he gets. There has to be something more. But I do agree on the other guys; will definitely try to work them in.
  8. And there's something there that I'm not getting. I just looked at the ownership projection page and Ingram is slotted at 22% - what for? I don't get the popularity because he's never been a stud even before AP came along. Sure, he's had a few good games here and there, but, they've been the exception with him, not the rule. I've bought into the hype with him far to many times and got burned. DET's run defense is only giving up 71 YPG through 5 weeks & only three rushing TD's. Yes, they've also given up nearly 300 yds through the air as well, but, only one passing TD to the RB position - and the passing downs would be Kamara's anyway, wouldn't it? Somebody help me out here - what's the attraction w/ Ingram?
  9. Early cash L/U: QB/Cousins, RB/Hunt - McKinnon, WR/ Hopkins - Hogan - Allen, TE/Z. Miller, K/Lutz, DEF/BAL. After watching last night, really liking McKinnon at $5600
  10. Getting hurt some with injuries, but, Bell is just killing me.
  11. You and me both
  12. Agreed. And I'm having some of KC/HOU in my GPP's as a result, including a Watson/Hopkins/Fuller stack w/ Kelce as a correlative play. Also having some exposure to Gordon & Henry as well.
  13. Not going anywhere near OAK's offense this week. Am liking Cutler w/ Parker for GPP's.
  14. I think it's a fine choice myself - using him in a few GPP's
  15. Pittsburgh & Miami are looking better this morning, although, Pittsburgh will still have some precipitation prior to the game. If they have the field covered, no worries. Philly is looking at heavier rain & possibly thunderstorms, but, again, prior to the game. Not sure what to say field conditions may be like. Cincinnati is definitely looking like a good chance of in-game heavier rainfall, from both the NWS & Accuweather. Liking Cinncy's DEF a lot right now.