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  1. At the moment, L/U #2 is holding on to a $6 cash, with only Kepler still playing. That game is tied at 1 in the bottom of the 8th.
  2. Yeah, Teheran killed one L/U; so are the Phillies stack.
  3. LU #2 [both GPP's] SP/ Syndergaard, C-1B/ Olson, 2B/ J. Harrison, 3B/ Villanueva, SS/ Turner, OF/ Judge - Happ - Kepler, UTL/ C. Moran. RG's Quick Build app did this one, for the most part. It wanted to have me use Jay Bruce and I was very much not enthusiastic with that pick. So I put in Moran in place of him.
  4. 2nd on Teheran. LU #1 - SP/ Teheran, C/1B/ Austin, 2B/ C. Hernandez, 3B/ M. Davidson, SS/ T. Anderson, OF/ Stanton - Herrera - D. Fowler, UTL/ J. Harrison Stacking up a couple oh Phillies & a couple of Yankees. Herrera is hotter than ** EDITED ** right now; Hernandez w/ good Woba/ISO numbers against RHP in front of him. @needanap - also liking Fowler, as evidenced above. Also like Josh Harrison for Pittsburgh as another value play at $2k from the leadoff slot.
  5. Ended up with a small cash last night; up $1.75 for the night ...... guess I'll book that cruise now. Oh well, at the end of the day, I'm doing it more for fun anyway. Gonna get started on today and see what looks good.
  6. Been a bad week after a good first few days once I jumped in this season. Want to do a few small GPP's for the 7PM main slate, but. really leery with the weather situation. looks like half of those games can or will be affected by rain. So far, have come up with the following: 1) SP/ Paxton, C-1B/ Suzuki, 2B/Robertson, 3B/ Anderson, SS/ Camargo, OF/ Trout - Haniger - Choo, UTL/ S. Castro 2) SP/ Severino, C-1B/ J. Abreu, 2B/ Kinsler, 3B/ Cozart, SS/ Peraza, OF/ Trout - Choo - DeShields, UTL/ Kepler Trying to limit exposure to the weather as much as possible for now. If I can check in again later, I'll see what the weather is doing.
  7. Thinking the LAD/MIA game might be low-scoring; the Dodgers apparently can't hit & Buehler has been on fire. But threw Utley & Turner into a $0.25 line-up anyway.
  8. And Beermakersfan on Rotogrinders said Leake would be a good value play last night ............ come to think of it, five of his six-pack did little to nothing at all. Hope his percentages improve the rest of the season.
  9. Yeah, last night was a great example of why I don't make my living as a weather forecaster. The games I thought would be Ok weren't, and the ones I was concerned about were no problem at all. ** sigh ** .......
  10. This line of storms seems to be moving along fairly quick now, so, I think they will all still go on. Albeit, perhaps, with some delays - which is why I'm not trusting the SP's there. Agree on the LAD's. Liking some BAL too against Pivetta and his .376 Woba, .245 ISO to RHB's.
  11. Yeah, rain is definitely making tonight a big concern. I think the CWS/PIT game will be Ok; PHL/BAL, NYY/WAS, TOR/NYM, OAK/BOS are all iffy. I certainly wouldn't use a SP from those games, but, if the storms just move through as a line, which for BAL & WAS, they may be, the bats may still come in to play. I think the TOR/NYM & OAK/BOS games stand the better chance of being PPD. Still liking Cole & trying to find as much value as I can to fit him in. Barring that, I also like Greinke tonight - the Brewers look like they K an awful lot. Still working on bats, but, liking Brandon Belt tonight, Nelson Cruz & Whit Merrifield. I also think the Dodgers present an interesting stack possibilty.
  12. Hi guys. Finally jumping in to some MLB DFS for the first time this season. Deposited a small amount yesterday and, just for giggles, took a line-up that my Roto Grinders quick-build App came up with & threw it into both a small $5 GPP and a 50/50. 158 points netted me both the 50/50 & a 5th place on the GPP for $15, so, guess that's not to bad a start. We'll see how long it lasts. Basically doing the same thing tonight, but, tweaking the quick-build line-up a tad. Using Scherzer for both. Definitely liking LAD bats against Harvey, but, lot's of options to like tonight, including Houston RHB's against Hamels. Gattis could return some really good value. Good luck tonight, hope to be on here a little bit more the rest of the season.
  13. That may be, but, without Shazier, gonna be very difficult to do, as evidenced by the 436 yds & 6 TD's that they gave up to the RB position on the ground the last 4 weeks of the season, along with over 200 yds & 1 TD to the RB position through the air. Fournette is probably the only JAX player that I will roster anywhere.
  14. I have struggled so bad this year that I just don't feel like I can offer much. But I will say this: RB's below the top-tier seem to me to be to much of a crap-shoot. I'm basically building around Gurlery/Kamara/Fournette & Ingram, mid-tier QB's like Ryan & Smitth, going for contrarian plays at WR [think T. Gabriel for starters]. I also have no problem saying that I am running out Sam Ficken as my K. $4.5K, team should give him plenty of chances and I think he may not be very popular.
  15. FWIW, another potential GPP dart-throw: Ryan Switzer - WR, DAL Cole Beasley will be out, Switzer is taking his place in the slot. Against a Philly secondary that has had it's starters getting lit up. Minimum price of $4500.