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  1. I tend to spread it out and don't do any big $$ GPP's. Mostly SE's and low-dollar ones. Although, I do seem to do ok on the low-dollar mini's that limit the number of entries.
  2. Running with 8 LU's for $16. Want to hang on to the rest since I'm going to be coming out on top for the season regardless. Six of them heavy on ATL/GB with a very small smattering of NE/PIT. But just in case, got one that's NE-based starting w/ Brady & one PIT-based starting w/ Roethlisberger.
  3. In theory, yes, I would agree with that ........... IF we're talking a normal-sized slate. With just two games, my thought was better to try and pay up, as much as possible, for the chalky-type guys from what should be the higher-scoring game and try to hit a home run with one or two low-priced guys from the other game because it might be harder to make up the point difference of fading the bigger names. Not saying I won't have some exposure to NE/PIT - just a much lower percentage ........ especially if the weather turns out to be crappy. Guys like Hogan & White will probably see a line-up or two. Heck, I might even get real brave and toss Matt Lengel in for one of them. :-)
  4. Just for giggles, I threw in a couple of $1 mini-squib LU's for the Sunday-only games and hit 1st on one of them for $100. That's a good day for a piker like me that doesn't go in for the high-dollar stuff. Also had some low cashes in 3-4 other GPP's. Winning LU for the mini-squib: QB-Rodgers, RB-Bell/Montgomery, WR-A. Brown/D. Bryant/T. Williams, TE-Cook, K-Boswell, DEF-Pitt.
  5. Don't know how many will take one more crack at the NFL, but, I'll get a thread started just in case. Had a little success this past weekend so I'll give it one more go. Early observations - huge drop-off in the RB pricing. Bell at 9500, Freeman at 8000, D. Lewis at 7000, everybody else below that. QB - Rodgers & Ryan jump up big; Rodgers at 9600, Ryan 9200. Also, the early lines from Vegas list the O/U on the NFC game at 60!!! O/U on the AFC game is 50.5, nothing to sneeze at either. Really need to keep an eye on the weather for NE. I think the plan is to go all GPP's again & focus on the NFC game [yeah, I know - thank you Captain Obvious] and try to figure out which AFC-game player will be low-owned and go off.
  6. If you want to stack anyone for a cash LU .......... heck, any line-up, this week, consider the following from Rich Hribar at Rotoworld about ATL & Matt Ryan: "Ryan already touched up Seattle on the road for 335 yards and three touchdowns for 22.6 fantasy points in Week 6, and that was with Earl Thomas patrolling the back end. In the five games since Thomas was injured, Seattle has allowed 19 pass completions of 20 or more yards (tied for the most in the league) after allowing 35 through their opening 12 games of the season (ninth best in the league). Going downfield is what Ryan did best this season as he ranked second in completions (69) and touchdowns (15) on connections of 20 plus yards and led the league in passing yardage on such completions (2,210 yards)." Gonna have lots of exposure to the Falcons this week.
  7. Don't know how much ATL's DEF has improved the last week and a half, but, I seem to recall that the DEF was not their strong suit this season. To me, without even looking at Vegas yet, I'd have to think that this game could have the highest O/U for the weekend. I qualify that with I can't say for certain that ATL's very potent offense will be enough to overcome SEA's DEF. But I can see the Seahawks potentially needing to run more plays & conversely, giving Wilson more opportunities. I think Wilson would be a decent choice for either cash or GPP. Personally, I'm probably steering away from cash this week & will be using Wilson in a few GPP's.
  8. My Steeler-free GPP .......... Rodgers, Ajayi/Zenner, Nelson/Adams/J. Landry, Ebron, Novak, HOU.
  9. Exactly what I was thinking - a Miller/HOU defense stack could be very appealing.
  10. Only concern w/ the 1st one isn't Wilson; I would think that Jennings & ODB Jr could be siphoning points off each other. Yeah, GB's defense has left something to be desired of late, but, so has Jenning's rushing totals, and he's gonna be splitting w/ Perkins, whose YPC has been much better - especially over the last month and a half. The projected team total for the Giants is 20 & they haven't scored over 20 since Thanksgiving weekend.
  11. Early cash LU for me: QB - Wilson, RB - Bell/Zenner, WR - J.Nelson/Baldwin/Crabtree, TE - Fiedorowicz, K - Novak, DEF -GB. I was thinking Perkins as well, but, I agree in that they most likely won't run the ball as much. Of course, if something happens to Jennings between now & Saturday, that changes things. Zenner would appear to be the man now for DET and Seattle, good as they are, have been giving up points to the RB position of late. Would have preferred another defense, but, Eli's probably good for a pic or two and perhaps a few sacks. Just didn't have the money to go up further for a better D.
  12. On GPP's, trying to focus on games like GB/DET & ATL/NO as well as DJ/McCoy & Freeman, then sprinkling in guys like McKinnon, D. Williams, Blount & Sproles for RB, Throwing Clay in one for TE, Watkins in one at WR, etc.
  13. How about #2, pivoting to Graham at TE, dropping Edelman & Baldwin; add Evans & Meredith? Would look like this: Wilson - DJ / J. Rodgers, Evans / Nelson / Meredith, Graham, Aguayo, TB? I know what you're saying about Edelman - I just think that NE is going to be b**ls to the wall & he could get 15 points on receptions & yards alone. I'd use Brady for cash if he were under 9K. And I also think that Doug Pederson wants the 'W' more than to see what Marshall has - I think Sproles still gets the bulk of the work, so, I guess I'd keep those two in one cash L/U at least.
  14. Wasn't sure either and just decided to throw in a few posts on the DK thread. Having said that, here's the two cash L/U's I'm settling on; #1 / QB - Rodgers, RB - Freeman/Sproles, WR - J. Nelson/Edelman/M. Thomas, TE - Kelce, K - Santos, DEF - NE #2 / QB - Wilson, RB - DJ/J. Rodgers, WR - J. Nelson/Baldwin/Edelman, TE - Kelce, K - Aguayo, DEF - TB
  15. Yeah, I got Williams in a few GPP's - may have to cut that back to one. The two cash L/U's I'm settling on [in FD, by the way, FWIW]: #1 / QB - Rodgers, RB - Freeman/Sproles, WR - J. Nelson/Edelman/M. Thomas, TE - Kelce, K - Santos, DEF - NE #2 / QB - Wilson, RB - DJ/J. Rodgers, WR - J. Nelson/Baldwin/Edelman, TE - Kelce, K - Aguayo, DEF - TB Thoughts welcome, as always.