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  1. This a cash line-up or GPP? Like it as a cash L/U.
  2. $.25 entries: 1) QB/Wilson, RB/Gurley - Lynch, WR/Jeffrey - R. Anderson - Sanu, TE/Walker, K/Tucker, DEF/TEN 2) QB/Wentz, RB/Fournette - J. Williams, WR/Diggs - Kupp - Sanu, TE/Ertz, K/Lutz, DEF/JAX 3) QB/Winston, RB/Ingram - A. Collins, WR/Hopkins - Evans - D. Adams, TE/Walker, K/Lutz, DEF/LAC 4) QB/Rivers, RB/Fournette/L. Murray, WR/K. Allen - R. Anderson - S. Roberts, TE/Walker, K/Lambo, DEF/JAX Adding a freeroll: QB/Brady, RB/Gurley - D. Lewis, WR/D. Thomas - D. Parker - Ginn Jr., TE/Gronkowski, K/Lambo, DEF/OAK R. Mathews is out, so, going heavy on D. Walker. Roberts in the 4th $.25 is a low-ownership dart-throw that could pay off. Along w/ OAK's defense on the free-roll. I think Geno stands a better chance of shaking off the rust in the form of INT's, fumbles & sacks then he does in throwing for 250 & 2 TD's. Also just found a headline that I thought was interesting: Andy Reid to turn play calling duties over to the OC. Not sure how that affects their offensive output today though.
  3. My cash L/U, for better or for worse - QB/Hundley, RB/Gurley - Howard, WR/Hopkins - Evans - D. Adams, TE/Cook, K/Succop, DEF/LAR 1st GPP [single entry] - QB/Siemian, RB/Kamara - L. Murray, WR/Funchess - D. Thomas - D. Parker, TE/Gronkowski, K/Lutz, DEF/LAC Gonna throw in a few $.025's in as well.
  4. Been a busy last week so haven't been able to post much. Double-ups are killing me right now; cut line going up the last two weeks and keep missing by less than five points. Seems like the 'chalk' guys aren't so much at times - one week, it's the RB's, others it's the WR's. I am so done with anything KC. I don't know what Andy Reid is doing right now, but, I'm not sure he does either. Oh well - on to week 13!
  5. Sitting at 113.89 points for the Thursday slate; $1 GPP. Still have two players - Vernon Davis & a dart-throw as Thompson's replacement, Byron Marshall. Currently winning $2.50, so, at the least, hoping Davis will push me up a little bit. Anything Marshall gets will be a bonus. Revising my Thurs-Mon GPP, running with the following: QB/ Flacco, RB/Ingram - Hunt, WR/A. Brown - Maclin - R. Lewis, TE/V. Davis, K/Rose, DEF/JAX
  6. Just with a quick glance, here's another name to throw out there as a QB GPP option; Joe Flacco. Houston's DEF, it's last four games - 1372 yds through the air, 12 TDs vs 3 INT's. Stack him w/ either Maclin and/or Wallace; even a Flacco/Watson stack wouldn't be out of the question. At home against the Texans, if Flacco is gonna have a break-out game this season, this is his best shot. I can see low-ownership of him and any of his targets. And if the BAL pass offense still doesn't excite you, then consider their defense instead, against Tom Savage. *** Actually, I forgot that the HOU-BAL game is Monday night, so, guess you'd want this game on a Thur-Mon slate. ***
  7. Trotting out one GPP for Thursday's three-game slate. QB/Rivers, RB/Gordon - Murray, WR/K. Allen - S. Shepard - Doctson, TE/Davis, K/Forbath, DEF/LAC I think the WASH/NYG game has the best shoot-out potential, but I think Rivers will be lower-owned than Cousins, Dak or Stafford and has potential to put up big numbers. Dallas is done; no Elliott is killing them and the defense has been suspect all year anyway. If Sean Lee misses this week, I can see a Chargers blowout. I could have the wrong mega-stack, I suppose. But I like the idea of a mega team stack or game stack for this. Only tossing out $1 on it, so, what the heck.
  8. Current cash L/U, subject to change - I suppose: QB/Smith, RB/Ingram - Darkwa, WR/Hopkins - LFitz - Landry, TE/Kelce, K/Novak, DEF/N.O. Nothing I've been trying to run through the IVC is coming up anywhere close to the 120 point mark I try to use as a benchmark, but, I'll keep playing around some more
  9. RB's absolutely killed me last week; the chalk guys, well, they weren't. Just don't know who to trust at this point, outside of Ingram/Kamara. On paper, Gordon should be a good choice. With Rob Kelley going on IR, Thompson should get some increase; so should Perine. But on the road against, NO, would either be a good choice? On paper, I would say 'not for cash'. But this has just been such a screwy year, who knows? Are guys like Mixon, Darkwa or Drake in play for cash? RB's just don't excite me much this week - to many question marks.
  10. I would have re-thought some things if I'd known this little stat: the last three years, PITT is 0-3 coming off their bye-week. If things continue as they are, it will be 0-4. Can't believe how flat they are looking, all the way around.
  11. Using the info from page 1 that KP posted, this is my final cash LU: QB/ Fitzpatrick, RB/ Bell - Howard, WR/ Tate - DJax - R. Anderson, TE/Gronk, K/Nugent, DEF/CHI
  12. I'm gonna trot him out in a GPP; he get's that 3-45 or even 4-40 w/ a TD, even on FD, that's virtually tournament value. Hi risk? Absolutely - but we're not talking cash here. At $4500, I'll take a stab at it. The rest of that LU is Ben, Gurley/Darkwa, A Brown - Hilton [if he plays], R. Anderson, Lutz & TENN
  13. Yep - completely forgot that.
  14. The other end of the narrative street here is that he's going up against a former team, one that may be providing him a little more motivation than others, as I recall his tenure at the end being somewhat contentious. Having said that, I think if the Jets DEF were a little better, it'd be a different matter. The last four games, the Jets DEF has averaged giving up 280 Yds & 2.5 TD's per game.
  15. Not at all; I like him also and will have him in a GPP or two.