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  1. I know it's a one year sample size, but due to Mayock's penchant for Clemson players I can see Higgins being taken at 19.
  2. If the team is thinking QB in next years draft, I tend to agree here. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I've watched Herbert's whole career, and I haven't seen anything that makes me think hes a generational talent. Hes definitely shown flashes and seems to have an NFL caliber arm but he hasn't had any signature games or stretches where he's put up huge stats like Burrow, Hurts or Tua.
  3. Yes STC it was a reactionary response but there's just no excuse for the nose dive this organization has taken the past 20 years. This game is a microcosm of how this team has screwed over their Bay Area fans. Yes, I'm from the Bay Area so it hits me a lot harder than most, I'll admit that. Back to this game, and current team, how do you just let this collapse happen? We can blame the refs and injuries, but there's just no excuse in my mind to let a rookie QB on a bad team drive right down the field like the defense wasn't there. Shame on them for that defensive effort. Where's the heart? What happened to the team that beat Chicago and Indy on the road? That all falls on Gruden. They better sign some high end free agents next year to support all these rookies, because, to quote Sienfeld, they "folded faster than Superman on laundry day" this year.
  4. Fitting ending for those loyal fans. Thanks for nothing Raiders. What a dumpster fire of an organization. As a professional athlete, how do you let a team just drive down the field and score a winning TD at the end of the game. Just boggles the mind. That's the best this organization has to offer? Eff them...
  5. You are absolutely right. Bottom line Carr has 2 or 3 years left in Oakland/Vegas. Who knows what his career trajectory will be. He may be a valuable veteran backup for the rest of his career somewhere else like New York or SF. But he's still young enough to have a resurrection somewhere like say, Denver and kill us twice a year. Wouldn't that be typical for that to happen to this organization...
  6. Exactly... Carr is just 1 of 53 plus the coaches, albeit, he plays a very important position obviously. But when you make Ryan Tannehill look like Peyton Manning, you've got bigger issues than Derek Carr being average.
  7. All this Carr talk doesn't mean a thing when you cant play defense. There are literally WRs and TEs running free all over this defense. I know they're depleted, but man, this is terrible!
  8. Oddly enough, I started to get a feeling things were going to go south after the Cincy win. A 0-10 club with a rookie QB should never be able to come into a playoff caliber team's house and give them all they can handle. I don't know guys, I feel like the defense was playing well before things got out of hand. Jacobs had plenty of room to run early. I feel like Carr is regressing and I'm not sure what's changed over the past few weeks. He really hasn't any stability at WR all season. He just seems to be locking on to his receivers and DBs are picking up on it. I'll always support Carr, he puts in the work, he's a leader and a winner at heart. But unfortunately we all have our limitations. Look around the NFL, dynamic-super athletic QBs are taking over. I know everyone thought that the NFL would change when Vick took the league by storm 20 years ago. But I think this time, it really might happen. I do think it might be time to at least start looking for the QB of the future for the Raiders.
  9. All these injuries just shows the lack of depth that still plagues this team. They are who they are. A middle of the pack club, not one of the worst teams in the league and not the one of the best either. They are still rebuilding. IMO, the good news is Mayock's rookies can play. I have a lot more faith in him and the overall vision of the organization than I did 8 months ago.
  10. There's lots to be excited about for Gruden/Mayock's Raiders right now. Being 6-4 and tied for 1st in the division is something no one expected. Carr is playing like the second coming of Rich Gannon. The rookie class is playing well and contributing. But the Oline play was concerning yesterday. I might be wrong but this might have been the 1st game that all the starters played from start to finish. They should have played better. Atkins got the best of Miller a few times and I think that was the most sacks they gave up all year. Maybe because this was the first time they all played together they needed a game like this to get on the same page. Let's hope so. All their remaining division games are on the road. Regardless, the playoffs are within reach, I never thought I'd be saying that in 2019. Go Raiders!
  11. Praying Brown plays tomorrow night. He absolutely shut down Bosa in the playoffs last year when he was with the Pats.
  12. There's definitely a different vibe to this team. Focusing on the positive, the offense is really starting to create its identity. Carr looking very Gannon-like which is a good thing. High comp % and low yards (in today's NFL standards) is typical of Gruden's offense in the past. The Oline is keeping Carr clean for the most part and giving Jacobs plenty of room to make his one cut and go. I'm noticing the Raiders are no longer being talked about as one of the worst teams in the league. They're really not being talked about at all, which is good. Keep it all under the radar for all I care. They are a 7-9 to 9-7 team, without a WR1 and still a very suspect D. Their 2 first round picks look like they are going to be early mid 1st rounders which hopefully means they can land a top corner and a top WR. Or maybe they package them to move up for Chase Daniels for that edge pressure they still sorely need.
  13. Guess we'll find out how much Conley remembers Gruden's playbook.
  14. Aaron Rodgers will make any shaky secondary look bad. If the offense could have scored on the goal line the game score would not have looked as bad as it did. Not sure if Conley was the scapegoat or not (I still think hes going to be a solid corner in this league for years). I just feel Gru/Mayock felt it was time to get Mullen some valuable experience. Let's not forget Isaiah Johnson either. I believe he was hurt on the first play in preseason. Supposedly he's ready to go. They probably want to see what they have in him as well.
  15. I just got back from Vegas this past weekend. I few things I noticed. There's a definite buzz and excitement around town for the Raiders. I wore a Raiders t-shirt and I got a lot of high 5's all day long. They love their Golden Knights hockey too. Which makes me think the Raiders want to make a huge splash like the Golden Knights did, going to the NHL finals in their inaugural season to win over the fanbase. Just pure speculation, but Vegas is a "big splash" town. The Raiders are going to have to bring in some big name free agents. I don't know who obviously, or what they're going to do with their draft picks. But they need to come into Vegas hot! They need to win over that town instantly or they will be in big trouble. Las Vegas doesn't want to root for losers or else every game will seem like an away game.