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  1. I hear ya. I was trying to poke fun more than anything. I do get the feeling they hope he will lock down a starting guard spot. By the end of training camp I'm sure he'll drop some weight. According to what others have said he did an admirable job in Buffalo. If he can keep his head on straight it might turn out to be a solid signing until they can groom a younger guy to take over.
  2. Just checked out some pictures from today's practice. I think we're making a big deal out of nothing. Looks like Incognito is hiding a beach ball under his jersey. Unless he miraculously gets into shape in the next month or so, I doubt the guy makes the final roster.
  3. I'm ok with it. Best case scenario he fills a need for a year or two and keeps it together. Worst case, he causes problems and gets cut. No harm, no foul. If I remember correctly, if the HC in Miami at the time of Incognito's transgressions, had control of his locker room, things would not have gotten so far out of hand. I don't follow Buffalo too much, but I believe he did ok there for a few years. But I could be wrong.
  4. Is Mayock on vacation or what? Don't they know this is what happens when Gruden is left alone? Seriously, Incognito is a brawler and loves football. That side of his personality is what Gruden probably likes. I'm sure they're just kicking the tires, then moving on til they find the right player(s).
  5. Chance Warmack has to have more upside than this guy right?
  6. Just my personal opinion, but they're all in on Jacobs. 1st round pick, very low miles. Gruden is going to use him, and he's gonna use him a lot! Richard and Washington and possibly Warren will be there to give him a rest. But mark my words now, Jacobs is going to get a ton of touches out of the gate and health permitting, all season long.
  7. Now that Crowell tore his Achilles yesterday, currently there is no one standing in Jacobs' way.
  8. Hidden gems at guard and TE are what I'm hoping for today.
  9. Come fantasy draft time, people will change their tune and I bet he will be a top 3 dynasty pick. Anyone not sold on Jacobs, watch some highlights, the guy literally ran over an Oklahoma DB like he wasn't even there.
  10. Man, tough crowd! Funny how this time of year we all become draft experts (not trying to be insulting, myself included). Here's what happened... The Giants and Skins front offices' were in cahoots. They were talking, clearly Williams knew Jones was Gettleman's guy. There was no need for the Skins to panic and try to jump the Giants to get Haskins. That's why Gruden or Mayock leaked the whole "Haskins moving up their draft board " thing. They knew Ferrell would be there at 15 and would much rather have taken him there. But the Skins weren't taking the bait. Why? Because GMs talk. Look back at the top 15 picks, it seemed very scripted. Everyone had a good idea what players teams had their eyes on. Now the debate between Ferrell and Allen is a whole different topic. I think in the long run (and hopefully short run) Ferrell will be the better overall NFL player than Allen will become.
  11. I like Abrams here. Or the corner out of Georgia, Baker.
  12. Was it a reach? Yeah probably. Maybe they couldn't find a trading partner. They obviously liked Ferrell more than Allen, so they went with their guy. Honestly, how many people watched Allen play at Kentucky? I'll admit, not me... I did watch Ferrell plenty of times and he stood out. Allen might be a one year wonder in Gruden and Mayocks opinion, who knows. Ferrell's body of work speaks for itself. Let's let it play out, DE is a position of need and they got the guy they liked. Could've been a lot worse...
  13. Exactly! Carr is our QB for one more year at least. AB would not have come to Oakland to play with a rookie QB. Could you believe the drama?
  14. I think all the QB talk is smokescreen. That 13 total sacks last year has to be addressed. They get an elite defender at 4. Mayock can't screw that up unless Gruden falls off his rocker and pulls rank on him. The back end of the 1st will be very interesting. There are so many directions they could go. TE, OL, DB, RB or trade back. The possibilities are virtually endless. Where's my popcorn?