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  1. Two things I know about Zay (which isn't saying much). He was found and arrested running naked and bloody in the streets of LA after an altercation. I don't know any details of what happened. But after surviving my 20's I'm willing to give him a mulligan if it was one bad night or trip. The only Bills WR I've even seen catch a pass the past couple years is Zay Jones. For a 5th rounder in 2021, doesn't seem like a steep price tag for a sure handed 3rd down WR.
  2. What's so impressive about this win? The starting WRs against the vaunted Chicago defense were Trevor Davis, Keelan Doss and Hunter Renfrow. Then add in a much-maligned, often injured QB, a reclamation project and another rookie at the TE positions and rookie RB carrying the load. Talk about a rag-tag group on offense. This statement win showed the league that this is not a 4-12 team anymore. 7-9 or 8-8 yes, but that says something. We are seeing growth right before our eyes. As much as the Gruden detractors hate it, this win was all Gruden. From flying the team in a week early (it made all the difference) to the game plan to cover up the weaknesses at WR and to keep Mack locked down. Gruden will forever get bashed and criticized for the Mack trade, but for one night, he was right. Kudos Chucky, now go take a nap.
  3. Hey, he's got plenty of experience with bad franchises.
  4. They man-handled the Bears up front today. This game wasn't even as close as the score indicates. Two horrible fumbles kept the Bears in it or else this would have been a blow out.
  5. I have to admit. I thought they were going to give this one away again. Congrats to Gruden for designing a game plan for neutralizing Mack and the rest of the pass rush. And I love the fight and determination they showed today to get the win, and put all the Mack business to rest.
  6. Just like the Kansas City game. They can't make the adjustments like the better teams can. Khalil who???
  7. I get that. Assuming both are playing lights out when their rookie deals are up, the Browns are going to have to pay up. And let's not forget Ward. If they keep Garrett and Mayfield it will be unprecedented. I personally don't think they will.
  8. Hold on a second! You bring up a great point Doc. The Browns are going to have to make the same decision the Raiders had to make. Pay the elite DE or the promising, up and coming QB. You really think they are going to keep both players on their roster with what will likely be $140-$150 mil contracts? If they can, more power to them, but I'm of the opinion they won't and Garrett could end an LV Raider some day due to that exact situation happening (hey, you never know). Why do you think the Browns are bringing in all this talent now? It's about windows of opportunity. When it's time to pay these guys the huge contracts, most of them will be shipped out.
  9. I look at the Mack situation this way: Gruden took over a team that was devoid of talent that surrounded Mack, Cooper and Carr. 2016 was a fluke. Carr caught lightning in a bottle, and when he got hurt the team sank. The core of that team had no talent and no fight without Carr. Where was Mack in that playoff game? He was double teamed, triple teamed, completely neutralized because there was no one else on defense opposing offenses had to worry about. While Mack was winning awards the rest of the defense was garbage. Gruden had a decision to make. Go the way of the Broncos and pay their stud DE QB money and flounder in mediocrity or trade his elite talent for as much capital as possible go through another complete rebuild. Signing a 10 year contract, the writing was on the wall, this was going to be a long and painful rebuild. Could he have kept Mack and still molded a playoff team around him? Who knows, but by judging what some other teams are doing around the league ie, Giants and Dolphins, it could be said that Gruden was ahead of the curve in a sense. The NFL is all about wins, if you're not the Champs, you're last. What good is paying an edge rusher $140 mil, if you can't even get out of your own division? The only way the Bears win the trade is if they win a Super Bowl with Mack on the roster. If they don't, and Gruden/Mayock are able to hit on their draft picks and create a culture of winning in Vegas then at least it wouldn't be viewed as a horrible decision. We have to wait and see. Unfortunately for Raiders fans patience is something we don't have much of anymore.
  10. I didn't see the hit but man, that sounds excessive. Are they going to suspend the Tampa Bay player that slobberknocked Peters as he crossed the goaline yesterday? Or the guy who knocked Josh Allen into next week? I get player safety but the officiating this season has been so inconsistent on every level, the game is getting unwatchable.
  11. There is one thing about this team that is beyond frustrating. And it's been an on going problem for years. 3rd down! On both offense and defense. Its drives me crazy to watch the defense hold on first and second downs, then on 3rd downs just flat out get out coached and/or played. Happens every week. Same for the offense. When they need a long drive or just establish some sort of offense, they sputter. The good offenses go out and score points when the defense gives up points. This O the past 2 weeks can't even get out of their own way. I'm not going to bash the coaches or players, or analyze everything (you guys do a great job of that already), but it's clear this is a team still rebuilding and trying to find its identity. And lacks depth in multiple positions. All I can do is hope the young core players on the roster hold it together and get better as the season wears on.
  12. To your first statement, kicking a rebuilding franchise while they're down is pretty messed up. Giving them the hardest schedule by far in the league, with the most travel miles just doesn't seem right. You can spin it anyway you want, but this organization is still paying for Al Davis' desire to sue his fellow owners. Even though a lot of them have passed on by now, they must have left explicit instructions in their wills, to always make sure to screw the Raiders.
  13. BLOWOUT! Jalen Ramsey doesn't play QB. Save those draft picks Gruden.
  14. Raiders hold Vikings on 3rd down, holding penalty on Conley, leads to Thielen TD. Then the offense comes in and promptly goes 3 and out! I'm bringing this up because this is what happened last week. Nothing has changed. Why can't Carr get this offense going?
  15. I don't think so. I believe Gruden thinks (or thought) Carr is capable of running his offense at a high level. He made Gannon an MVP and won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson. I'm sure he had similar hopes with Carr. At least his huge ego thought he could.