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  1. I'm hoping it's all just pre draft smokescreen talk. Carr is a good QB, he's proven he can play. Give him some stability instead of changing OCs every year. An Oline he can trust again (playing with two rookie tackles was uncalled for IMO). A running game and some sort of defense that can stop opposing teams so he doesn't feel like they need to score 40+ points every week and I bet he becomes a solid starter in the mold of Rich Gannon or Alex Smith. I may be biased, I've always been a Carr backer. He's started from day one with some God-awful squads and has been a model citizen and hasn't complained publicly about it once. He's been subject to a couple complete rebuilds before the age of 30, a broken leg, broken back and has yet to even hit his prime. Let's give the kid a chance. All signs seem to point to Gruden sticking with Carr. All the AB and Carr "bonding" videos circulating, the signing of a veteran backup in Glennon. The acquisition of Trent Brown are solid hints they are still committed to building around him. If Bosa, Allen and Williams are gone by the time they pick at #4 I hope they can fleece a QB hungry team and trade back and compile more picks. There are so many holes on this roster, finding a QB is the least of this team's worries.
  2. Roberts was dropped like a quick slant over the middle, pun very intended.
  3. He was the only Raider to make it to the pro bowl for years in the mid to late 2000 and early teens.
  4. Yep. If Lynch isn't coming back they need a guy to run between the tackles. Richard found his niche in Gruden's offense catching passes out of the backfield. Washington hasn't really found a role and Warren is a huge question mark right now. If he says healthy and tears it up again in preseason he, Crowell and Richard would be a decent group.
  5. How times have changed.... Burfict is a #####cat compared to an old Raiders legend, you know, "The Assassin ", Jack Tatum. A man who almost killed a guy on the field during a preseason game. Burfict was brought in to instill some attitude on a defense that didn't scare anyone, even when Mack was on the team. Defense is all about attitude and desire. If a 30 year old trouble maker of a linebacker has any impact at all, hopefully it's in the nastiness department, because the defense could use some of that. This signing will go one of two ways: If positive, he'll contribute like Bowman. Or else he will be a non-factor like Derrick Johnson last year.
  6. This also is my biggest fear. Pre-draft rumors are starting to swirl around Gruden and Drew Lock. And the fact that they let McCarron go reinforces the fact that they do need to bring in a QB, but if he wastes a 1st round pick on Lock I'm gonna lose it. My only hope is that Mayock can be a voice of reason in the building and be capable of talking Gruden off these ledges. Conventional wisdom would be to go defense with all 3 firsts. I could see them going defense, defense, TE or OG. I'd live with those scenarios, but anything else would be foolish in my mind. But this is the Raiders so anything crazy and unpredictable can and will probably happen.
  7. Then again... Looks like the Oline is being rebuilt and they're gonna need a TE. I know they cant fix everything in one draft. But they have a lot of flexibility to go in a variety ways this year. We all want defense, but who would be surprised if they went after OG, WR and TE? I know I won't be, defense seems to be an afterthought in Oakland lately.
  8. I can see Gru/Mayock trading down is Bosa and Williams are gone. Such a defense heavy draft there will be plenty of talent mid to late 1st. The Devin LBs, Clelin Ferrell, Greedy Williams, lots of guys to choose from this year.
  9. That's actually a good point. Those two would have to bury the hatchet, which isn't out of the realm of possibility, but highly doubtful if that ever happens. As for Morrow, I've always liked him. He seems like hes a lot more athletic than any other LBs that have been on the roster the past couple years. Problem is... That isn't saying much. For all I know, any other team he would be a special teams or practice squad guy.
  10. It was probably a "thank you" for participating in our dumpster fire season at the end of your career.
  11. If a team wants Haskins real bad and gives them a great offer and they can still draft a top edge rusher I'd definitely consider it.
  12. Agree, if they go defense, defense and oline in the 1st round and Fant is sitting there in round 2, take him!
  13. A couple underrated RBs I wouldn't mind them looking at. Crowell and Ajayi. Both are relatively young and versatile.
  14. Yes the Raiders overpaid for Williams but I think they had to. They couldn't bring in a WR like Brown and let him get doubled every game. If you want to upset your new diva WR, that's the quickest way to do it. They had to bring in someone to force defenses to pay attention to or else we could have another Randy Moss situation. If they don't keep Brown happy, things will implode even before they get to Vegas.