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  1. I tend to agree with this. Al Davis and the Raiders lost their mystique in the 2000's because they stopped valuing winning culture and character. Focusing on lawsuits over the product on the field (which Al had admitted to, or he would've drafted Marino.) Drafting purely on height, weight and speed (DHB) without a care for that player's character and dedication to the sport and team (JaMarcus). To make things worse, free agents were brought in and treated like hired "assassins ", like Moss, Sapp and Seymour to name a few. Sadly, these guys view their time with the Raiders as the "dark time" in their careers. Moss and Sapp have publicly stated their time with Oakland was a terrible experience. But that's what happens when you chase the money. All winning culture was lost. Gruden knew it, and saw the implosion of a once great franchise and I commend him for taking on the challenge. Because changing the culture of a losing organization has to be one of the hardest things to do in the world of big money sports.
  2. Man! Edwards has some great highlight catches!
  3. That pee test has Baun dropping like a stone. Possibly right into the Raiders lap?
  4. Ok... Moving on, with three 3rd rounds picks what do they do now? I see a need at guard maybe a speedy, twitchy little WR/PR like Hamler. Another corner would be nice. Maybe move up and grab Baun at LB. Looking forward to see how many fans they get upset on day 2.
  5. The difference now between Mayock and all the talking heads, it Mayock is paid to be right! No one cares if the TV folks are right or wrong. Theyre paid to give an opinion. Mayock's job and livelihood are on the line with every pick. Anyone who thinks Mayock and Gruden are sitting around their offices just guessing really needs to check themselves. They spend countless hours watching tape on guys we've never heard of. We should revisit this thread in 8 months and see how this all plays out. Everyone hated the Kolton Miller pick two years ago. And now we have a solid RT and no one even bats an eye at the pick anymore. Let's all just chill out and trust these guys for once.
  6. We also don't know exactly how this offseason is going to play out. They will need a plug and play corner right away without much practice. Just a hunch, but they must feel Arnette can be that guy.
  7. I know I'm in the minority here, but I like the Ruggs pick. He's more than just a speed guy. He can and will be a complete receiver. As for Arnette, I'm not going to try to defend or analyze a player I can honestly say I've never watched until tonight after the draft was over. Obviously, the pick was early, but it did start a run on the second tier CBs at the end of the round. Scratch our heads all we want, but Mayock is paid to study the film, he knows what he has in Arnette, way more than any of us. And it's a position of desperate need so I'm going to reserve judgment. Just because the kid wasn't on any of the hundreds of mocks by Mel Kiper and Daniel Jeremiah doesn't mean squat in my mind.
  8. 19 has to be a DB.. The Alabama kid Diggs. Mayock is determined to fill this roster full of Clemson and Bama players
  9. You all sound so dejected... This time next year you'll be glad they took Ruggs.
  10. I'm right with you... I'd be ecstatic if Simmons fell. They passed on Derwin James a couple years ago, he would definitely go along way to shoring up the back end of the defense. Facing Kelce, Fant and Henry twice a year, they need someone to matchup with those guys.
  11. If any of you guys actually pay attention to my half-buzzed ramblings on here I appreciate that. As I've said before, I totally trust what Mayock and Gruden have going. What other choice is there anyway? Mayock is probably one of the smartest personnel guys they have had since Ron Wolf (yes I'm that old). I'm hearing now there's a strong possibility they go CB at 12 with Henderson being the target. Which I'd be okay with. Sometimes we forget how bad their defense and particularly the back end has been. They didn't land Jones in free agency so CB is still a huge need, the argument can be made more than WR. Also, watch for these players with tough back stories like Josh Jacobs last year. These kids like the OT from USC Austin Jackson, who saved his sister's life and DE Gross-Matos from PSU who had to deal with loss at an early age and how they handled real adversity in real life. I get the feeling Mayock puts a high value on the character building from these traumatic events plus the physical gifts these guys possess. And of course, Mayock seems to like Clemson players, may have been a one year fluke, we'll see. But players like Higgins, Terrell and later in the draft Tanner Muse are on my personal watch list.
  12. As the 2020 draft draws near, two names to remember. Kolton Miller and Clelin Ferrell We have two people in charge who dance to the beat of their own drum. They don't care what anyone thinks, they are going to pick the guys they like, if Jeudy or Lamb is available and they pick one, great! But we need to go into this thing with the mindset that this is the Raiders. No matter what, something crazy and/or unpredictable is going to happen. Shoot, I'd be more shocked if they did the conservative or consensus thing and drafted Lamb/Terrell or a similar WR/CB combo at 12/19. Happy draft day fellas! Deep breaths.... And most of all, in Gruyock we trust! For now...
  13. If the WR they want isn't there at 12 does Gruden pull rank and make a draft day trade for OBJ? Just throwing it out there...
  14. I have faith in Mayock. Gruden not so much when it comes to the draft. How much influence does he have? Sometimes I get negative or cautiously optimistic around draft time because there are so many rumors and unknowns, especially this year. Now I'm seeing mocks and reports coming out that there's a good chance neither Jeudy or Lamb will be there at #12. Its possible Ruggs could be a Raider by default instead of design. I just have this strong gut feeling that either way Ruggs will be a Raider.
  15. Valid points... I just know, no matter who is in charge of this organization, they rarely seem to make a consensus first round pick. Mack and Cooper being the only exception in oh...., maybe the last 30-40 years. Plus Mayock really seems to value character and intangibles over other traits. Granted, we have a one year sample to judge him. My point being, be prepared for the worst and hope for the best when it comes to the Raiders on draft day.
  16. It makes perfect sense to the outsider looking in to nab Lamb/Jeudy if one is there at #12, and obviously, I wouldn't be mad if that happens. But I don't think it will. If they go WR at #12, I think its Ruggs. They have a WR2 in Williams, the crafty slot guy in Renfrow and Agholor for depth. They need a flat out speed guy to blow the top off defenses. And wouldn't he be such an old school Raider WR? Everything I've read says he's more than just a speed demon, he's tough, and can run other routes besides a go route. Imagine him running a slant in Gruden's offense and taking it to the house like James Jett used to. I think everyone is talking Lamb/Jeudy because they are smoke screening Ruggs. Hes the guy everyone is after. It might play out that Ruggs won't even make it to the Raiders. I've been reading Denver's interest in trading up in front of NY to take him. But it's all conjecture and what types of WRs teams are looking for. And we all know Mayock has his own draft boards, and honestly, who knows who he targeting.
  17. Thanks for the info Mass! With the WRs being such a deep class, it seems like everyone is very critical of the top guys like Jeudy, Lamb and Ruggs and maybe that's due to the fact that theres so many possibilities at the position this year. There is no Calvin Johnson type this year, but what does that mean for the Raiders? A Case can be made for them to wait. And honestly, I would not be surprised if they did. Gruden surprised us with the Miller pick 2 years ago and Mayock passed on Allen and Oliver for Ferrell last year. Clearly, Mayock knows his stuff and he has his own draft board, my gut is telling me Mayock/Gruden is going to shock us all again. I don't fall for all the QB nonsense that comes up every year, Carr is their guy. Highly unlikely scenario, but if Simmons or Okudah falls, Mayock runs to the virtual podium for one of them. Now for guys who will likely be there.... Kinlaw is very interesting to me. If he's there, and the Jets take their WR at 11, do the Raiders surprise and go defense? Or take their #2 WR on their board? Or Henderson? We all know CB is a huge need for this team. Bottom line, my gut is telling me the Raiders will draft 2 WRs this year. But one of them won't be at 12. I see a surprise defensive pick or a trade down. Mayock is going to shock us all again folks! Hang on to your hats... I can't wait!
  18. How many QBs in the last 10-15 years were starters as rookies and played all 16 games? How many QBs in that same time frame had to go through two full-blown roster tear downs and complete rebuilds and go through HCs and OCs like revolving doors? Name me another QB that has played for a worse organization in the past two decades than Carr? Ok maybe Matt Stafford. Not to mention, Oakland has had some of the worst defenses in the NFL while Carr has been there. All the while he has displayed solid leadership and held his chin up and hardly ever complained as he watched guys like Mack and Cooper walk out the door. Carr has become the ultimate scapegoat. I get just as frustrated as anyone watching the bonehead plays but every QB in the league screws up from time to time, and as fans, how are we qualified to say an INT or mis-read is 100% his fault? Like it or not, Carr is our QB, he's Gruden's QB and he's better than any options that are out there at this point and time. Mariota was signed as a backup, that's it, period. The Raiders haven't had a solid backup QB since Carr has been there. Theres no way Mariota will outplay him without any experience in Gruden's offense. Mariota was benched for Ryan freaking Tannehill! The guy was practically run out of Miami and the league. Props to him for turning it around, but Mariota was a high 1st round pick meant to be the future of the Titans and he flopped. Mariota is nothing but a reclamation project and a better backup than the team has ever had. Carr already has home in Nevada and he's ready to lead that organization to Vegas, and if Gruyock can give him a #1WR and a half way decent defense that can get off the field on 3rd down, he will be more than capable in getting them back to the playoffs.
  19. I agree. If Simmons or Okdah (sp?) falls to 12 do they grab them there and hope a guy like Mims, Jefferson or Higgins is there at #19? Or are they worth taking at #19? A case can be made that a playmaker on defense could be a greater need. With everything going on this year, I haven't followed the draft as closely as I used to.
  20. I know it's a one year sample size, but due to Mayock's penchant for Clemson players I can see Higgins being taken at 19.
  21. If the team is thinking QB in next years draft, I tend to agree here. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I've watched Herbert's whole career, and I haven't seen anything that makes me think hes a generational talent. Hes definitely shown flashes and seems to have an NFL caliber arm but he hasn't had any signature games or stretches where he's put up huge stats like Burrow, Hurts or Tua.
  22. Yes STC it was a reactionary response but there's just no excuse for the nose dive this organization has taken the past 20 years. This game is a microcosm of how this team has screwed over their Bay Area fans. Yes, I'm from the Bay Area so it hits me a lot harder than most, I'll admit that. Back to this game, and current team, how do you just let this collapse happen? We can blame the refs and injuries, but there's just no excuse in my mind to let a rookie QB on a bad team drive right down the field like the defense wasn't there. Shame on them for that defensive effort. Where's the heart? What happened to the team that beat Chicago and Indy on the road? That all falls on Gruden. They better sign some high end free agents next year to support all these rookies, because, to quote Sienfeld, they "folded faster than Superman on laundry day" this year.
  23. Fitting ending for those loyal fans. Thanks for nothing Raiders. What a dumpster fire of an organization. As a professional athlete, how do you let a team just drive down the field and score a winning TD at the end of the game. Just boggles the mind. That's the best this organization has to offer? Eff them...
  24. You are absolutely right. Bottom line Carr has 2 or 3 years left in Oakland/Vegas. Who knows what his career trajectory will be. He may be a valuable veteran backup for the rest of his career somewhere else like New York or SF. But he's still young enough to have a resurrection somewhere like say, Denver and kill us twice a year. Wouldn't that be typical for that to happen to this organization...