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  1. I’m not sure why this is an 11 page thread. Under the first amendment, Americans have the right to assemble. What am I missing?
  2. Perfect timing on this draft @shuke's brother @shuke fan @shukespregnantsidepiece Now I can watch the tournament in peace.
  3. Thanks for the help today @Notorious T.R.E. I held up the fity cent hoops draft up a little but it was worth it. Saw a dumb criminal try to run away and do a complete face plant on some new asphalt. He’ll be picking that out of his skin for days.
  4. I think your suspended for crossing squisy. Welcome to the club! Also Blake Parker prolly not the closer.
  5. I’m serving warrants tomorrow, if I don’t answer a text in 20, skip.
  6. Is “China” a “dragon?”
  7. Look how far Mike Pence has gone not believing in dinosaurs.
  8. Recently Browsing 2 members FishTacoTuesday larry_boy_44
  9. Faria has five walks and no Ks this spring.
  10. He’s the AL 3B version of Hunter Renfroe
  11. Take that to the bank, brohan. No seriouly they might have someone from the Russian bride draft leading off.
  12. Cody Bellinger was sent down last year also, not like Beltre isn’t gonna die and that LF platoons gonna hit.