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  1. **Get in for $40. (This is 20% off 1st year dues)** **Deposit that allows for trading of picks/auction money 1 year into future, already paid** **Year 3 of the league. Larger prize pool to come in year 5** ** mid 2nd worth of comp auction $ in 2020 auction** League Overview * 28 teams , 2 copies of players * 22 player rosters; 3 man taxi squad; 3 IR * 10 player lineups * SUPERFLEX PPR * Annual rookie/free agent auction * Annual off season dispersal draft. * 100% payouts, less MFL league fees of $70/yr approx. * Holdover of approximately 10% of prize money every year in order to have a super pool for the top cumulative TPS owners every 5 years. *Beer themed league league link- scoring link - ... 62142&O=09 dispersal assets- ... p=drivesdk 2019 Dispersal Dispersal Auction *There will be a 7 owner 2019 Dispersal Auction. Each owner will pay $40 to leaguesafe, which is 80% of one years buyin. They will inherit the previous owner's $50 deposit, which allows for trading of picks/auction money one year into the future as well as incentive discounts for new owners *After the 7 spots have been filled and paid, we will begin the auction. The auction will have an 18 hour clock with proxy bidding. I will adjust the clock accordingly, if needed and if it doesn’t negatively affect any of the owners in the auction. *All teams will begin with their own full set of 2020 rookie picks. At the beginning of the 2020 season, the new owners who buy back in, will receive an extra mid 2nd's worth of auction money, $200. 2019 rookie picks/$ is included in dispersal along with players. 3 active roster QB maximimum.
  2. Got the itch to do a low in season maintenance bestball dynasty draft? $50 16 team Superflex Bestball Dynasty $100 the first year, $50 after, free to trade 1 year ahead picks Waivers, draft and trading in offseason, only trading during season. Low maintenance league. Draft starting as soon as full and paid/by next week Not my league, just in it Bylaws...
  3. ***All owners paid a 1 year deposit when they joined of $50 which you inherit (and eventually get if the league ever folds) when you pay your $50 dues for 2019. You will then pay $50 every year after.*** *** 5 year super pot means an extra $680 for payouts in 2020*** Overview of the league *Bestball scoring * 32 teams * 22 man rosters; 1 man rookie QB taxi squad; 3 IR * 9 starters * PPR * Annual off season dispersal/2nd chance draft * 100% payouts, less MFL league fees of $70/yr approx. * Designed to last for the long haul with league parity in mind to re-balance each year so the league stays competitive. * Holdover of 10% of prize money years 1-4 in order to have larger prizes (Super Pool Concept) every 5 years. link to assets available... *9 new/returning teams in draft* league... rules... scoring... # of orphan & returning teams involved in the dispersal draft – 9 Draft order will be randomized prior to the dispersal draft. The draft will be an nfl style draft that will snake. Owners may choose either a player or an 18 draft pick from the list with any pick of the dispersal draft. Please keep in mind there is a 2 QB max on the active roster (this doesn’t include IR or TAXI)
  4. This league is a 16 team superflex dynasty league, with bestball scoring. This is a no maintenance in season league. You can trade during the offseason, there is a rookie draft, and 3 waiver periods in the offseason. Rosters are then locked throughout the season until the next offseason (think, MFL10 but dynasty). Great league for those who are already in alot and dont want the added commitment of setting lineups and doing weekly waivers. 4 team dispersal Scoring: Rules: Dispersal draft assets: QB- Goff, Jared LAR QB Watson, Deshaun HOU QB Wilson, Russell SEA QB Winston, Jameis TBB QB Prescott, Dak DAL QB Rosen, Josh ARI QB Brees, Drew NOS QB Smith, Alex WAS QB Gabbert, Blaine TEN QB Kelly, Chad FA QB Kessler, Cody JAC QB Kizer, DeShone GBP QB Davis, Austin TEN QB McCown, Josh NYJ QB RB- Gurley, Todd LAR RB Cook, Dalvin MIN RB Jones, Aaron GBP RB Breida, Matt SFO RB Drake, Kenyan MIA RB Henry, Derrick TEN Ajayi, Jay PHI RB Crowell, Isaiah NYJ RB Ingram, Mark NOS RB Thompson, Chris WAS RB Bibbs, Kapri GBP RB Ekeler, Austin LAC RB Foreman, D'Onta HOU RB Grant, Corey JAC RB Jones, Ronald TBB RB Bernard, Giovani CIN RB Booker, Devontae DEN RB Murray, DeMarco FA RB Prosise, C.J. SEA RB Scott, Boston PHI RB Brown, Malcolm LAR RB Davis, Mike SEA RB Lewis, Dion TEN RB Peterson, Adrian WAS RB Artis-Payne, Cameron CAR RB Jackson, Justin LAC RB Sims, Charles FA RB WR- Evans, Mike TBB WR Hill, Tyreek KCC WR Kupp, Cooper LAR WR Boyd, Tyler CIN WR Godwin, Chris TBB WR Jones, Zay BUF WR Baldwin, Doug SEA WR Shepard, Sterling NYG WR Conley, Chris KCC WR Crowder, Jamison WAS WR Garcon, Pierre SFO WR Funchess, Devin CAR WR Williams, Tyrell LAC WR Moore, Chris BAL WR Patterson, Cordarrelle NEP WR Tate, Auden CIN WR Taylor, Trent SFO WR Williams, Chad ARI WR Crabtree, Michael BAL WR Doctson, Josh WAS WR Hansen, Chad DEN WR James, Richie SFO WR Miller, Anthony CHI WR Reynolds, Josh LAR WR Switzer, Ryan PIT WR Bellamy, Josh CHI WR Benjamin, Kelvin KCC WR Bourne, Kendrick SFO WR Byrd, Damiere CAR WR Cooper, Pharoh ARI WR Hogan, Chris NEP WR Holmes, Andre FA WR Jones, T.J. DET WR Kerley, Jeremy FA WR Lee, Marqise JAC WR Roberts, Seth OAK WR White, Kevin CHI WR Cain, Deon IND WR Cole, Keelan JAC WR Gabriel, Taylor CHI WR Ginn Jr., Ted NOS WR Lasley, Jordan BAL WR Robinson, Aldrick MIN WR Wallace, Mike PHI WR Watson, Justin TBB WR Wright, Kendall FA WR TE- Ertz, Zach PHI TE Burton, Trey CHI TE Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE Smith, Jonnu TEN TE Graham, Jimmy GBP TE Hooper, Austin ATL TE Vannett, Nick SEA TE Conklin, Tyler MIN TE Gates, Antonio LAC TE Heuerman, Jeff DEN TE Seals-Jones, Ricky ARI TE Sims, Dion CHI TE Brate, Cameron TBB TE Gresham, Jermaine ARI TE Picks- Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.04 Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.08 Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.14 Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.16 Year 2019 Draft Pick 2.01 Year 2019 Draft Pick 2.04 Year 2019 Draft Pick 2.08 Year 2019 Draft Pick 2.14 Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.01 Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.04 Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.08 Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.14 Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.01 Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.04 Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.08 Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.14 Please email me, mnagy711@gmail, dm me or reply
  5. I'd be down if no belt. In 2 of my dynasty there is a belt (it's only a reasonable $120, and they are for 96 team leagues so it's actually an accomplishment to win), but owners are able to take the cash in lieu of the belt if they want. $1,200 for a trophy to join all the other trophies in the basement seems incredibly pricey, especially if it's only a 12 team league, seems incredibly pricey. Just my opinion.
  6. Go ahead and throw me in there as Charlotte Independence again.
  7. Southern Fried Football: SEC/ACC themed Dynasty league 28 Team/Double-Copy 30 man rosters. No Taxi. No IR Total Starters:12 Number of Starting QBs:1 Number of Starting RBs:1-8 Number of Starting WRs:2-9 Number of Starting TEs:1-5 1 PPR for WR/RB 2 PPR for TE $100 per year, $100 deposit (allows for trading of future picks) Available teams: FSU, Virginia, NC State, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn Email Nathan @