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  1. Just another space to dump tweets
  2. Do you have a link to any of these reports? I havent seen them
  3. Just an FYI in case you weren't aware, game is in Williamsport tonight
  4. The bats are different this year. Great change imo, the games the past few yrs have been home run derbies
  5. So the Mets and Phillies are in town today for their game later and all the players are in the stands with the LL players. Kids are having a blast and the players too. I can't imagine being 12 yrs old and hanging out with the big Leaguers.
  6. I don't believe what Shaun King types
  7. Of course. The Kap apologists don't get this though. Or just refuse to admit it
  8. May I ask why you defend this man like he's your first born child? Just seems odd
  9. Me neither
  10. This coming from a guy who flips out when he thinks someone is trolling on a fake football message board
  11. LMFAO at comparing Kap to John ####### Elway