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  1. Idk, but those laws were in affect when I decided to buy a car Oh, and I didn't drive to the state police barracks and get finger printed to buy a car either
  2. Nah, I read your post the way you meant for it to be read I believe. No worries I wasnt posting about you
  3. This is what happens in most threads in the PSF. There are 2 ways of thinking.....the group think way and another way. If you're not on the group think side, you're wrong/ridiculous/unsensible etc And it took awhile, but the post right above yours that I'm quoting here is the patented "you're Trump voters" lol Par for course 🙄 Edit to add: The "oops sorry, Gary Johnson voters har dee har har" should be coming soon 🙄
  4. I haven't given that as a reason for not wanting to register my weapons
  5. Day to day...not very much I guess. For 3.5 months or so starting in October, quite a bit. I'm a hunter. I don't carry. I don't even own a handgun. When I was younger, it would've affected my day to day quite a bit more. I used to shoot alot more often, target (rifles) and trap (shotguns). I've been shooting since I was big enough to hold a gun
  6. Ok Are you comfortable saying that any of these things WILL NEVER HAPPEN like tim is saying about guns?
  7. There are posters here, plenty of them, that would take my guns tomorrow if they could. So how can you be so sure that the government will never try?
  8. You have absolutely zero clue if that's ever going to happen or not. Zero I don't believe it will happen in my lifetime. But to say it's never going to happen, you just can't make that claim
  9. Ya, the racetrack I was saying that we had record rain here last yr, and nothing like this happened at any of the tracks in this area like what's happening at Santa Anita. That's why it's hard to believe that all the rain is the cause of all of these horse deaths at SA, but I'm obviously not an expert on the subject
  10. 22 now wtf We had all time record rain here in '18 and nothing like this happened at the track thats closest to me (70ish miles). Something weird going on at SA. It's sad