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  1. Cowboysfan8

    My Mom Died Wednesday

    Condolences to you and you family Joe Sounds like you had a great Mom
  2. Linehan sucked. There's some proof ^ There's also a story I read somewhere that the players were tired of the same old also. On Cooper's long td against Philly Dak called a play in the huddle. Cooper reportedly said "C'mon ..AGAIN?". Dak said "just run it". Then audibled at the line to the Cooper td play I highly doubt any of the players are sad to see him go
  3. "The Dallas Cowboys have changed little since 2016. The pass tendencies of this yearโ€™s iteration were nearly identical to the teamโ€™s tendencies in 2017 and 2016"
  4. Wait, you think he gave up being an NFL QB on purpose?
  5. Cowboysfan8

    The Nick Foles era

    I'm not comparing anything to Troy. Tom Brady is who he is as a football player because of coach Belichick and his staff over the yrs imo If you think he would have had the same career in Cleveland, or Cincinnati or Tampa Bay etc, we will just have to agree to disagree. Because that's crazy talk imo
  6. I know this isn't much, but it's a glimmer of hope lol
  7. Cowboysfan8

    Nick Foles Landing Spot/Contract Size

    58% , ~230 yds per game and more picks than tds
  8. Cowboysfan8

    Nick Foles Landing Spot/Contract Size

    25/40 266 2td 2 int vs Bears and 18/31 201 1td 2 int vs Saints isn't looking great
  9. Cowboysfan8

    The Nick Foles era

    You think Brady's a HOFer if he'd been drafted by pretty much any other team in the league? I don't
  10. Cowboysfan8

    The Nick Foles era

    On another team neither is Tom Brady
  11. Cowboysfan8

    Nick Foles Landing Spot/Contract Size

    Oh look, I have a stalker What am I allowed to discuss on FBGs Mr Stalker?
  12. Cowboysfan8

    Nick Foles Landing Spot/Contract Size

    Well, I've been reading on here for about a year that the Eagles were going to absolutely do what's best for Foles no matter what You telling me that the Eagles are going to run their business like a business?? Crazy.