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  1. I'm not having a back and forth with anyone and I'm not making a joke about a bomb, but thanks?
  2. More specifically, Trump will say at his next rally that anyone who sends a bomb to the Clintons is his "kind of guy."
  3. Captain Cranks

    2018 Florida Races

    I'm in Wesley Chapel. You guys catch the racist Robocall? Also, as a registered Republican, I've been getting Republican-sponsored flyers in the mail. One I received yesterday had a picture of a mob fighting with police with the caption, "The liberal mobs are on the attack." To their credit at least the mob was white. It seems they restrained themselves a bit. If you don't want to be called deplorable, you might want to stop being deplorable.
  4. Captain Cranks

    Making A Murderer (Netflix) (Spoilers)

    I think it was 3 years. Anyway, just finished the first episode. I love this show although it would be so much better if they gave the opposing perspective. Zellner's a badass though.
  5. Good lord does he have amazing balance. Dude gets his legs hit constantly and he doesn't budge.
  6. Captain Cranks

    Giving credit where due

    They should because they are paying for it even if they don't know it.
  7. Captain Cranks

    2018 Florida Races

    I see Gillum approved ads as well as anti-Gillum Super Pac ads. They're attacking him for being too extreme, wanting to tax the hell out of people, and being supported by people who think America sucks. The anti-Desantis Super Pac ads are attacking him on his healthcare record. No mention of Trump on either side although the article I posted suggests that Tom Steyer wants to go that route.
  8. Captain Cranks

    2018 Florida Races

    Billionaire is donating $2M to Gillum's campaign
  9. Captain Cranks

    Golf Clash - who plays?

    We need some more to join our clan. The clan name has been changed to Holy Shuke.
  10. Captain Cranks

    I’m with Pelosi

    The Democrat running for Congress in my district is running an ad that says she needs to go. I thought that was strange coming from Team Blue but it might be a smart move given how much damage her persona has taken in recent years.
  11. Captain Cranks

    Thoughts on this video?

    Gotta say that chick in yellow is a badass. No way I'm rolling up to that dude and swinging let alone getting back up for some more. ETA - It's fair to substitute 'bad' with 'dumb' in the above sentence.
  12. Captain Cranks

    What do you call...

    Yup. That's the spot. The straw gambler and dead bees shelf?
  13. Captain Cranks

    What's with the high water dress pants these days?

    I'm with you. Angry and sick to my stomach. Where some friggin' socks, you chooch.
  14. Captain Cranks

    What do you call...

    the area behind the back seat of a car where old men put hats?