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  1. I'm not talking about healthcare providers (e.g. doctors, dentists. etc.). I'm talking about the companies that stand between you and the healthcare providers. My experience, and others in my circle's experience, is that it's a frustrating nightmare to deal with them. They're disorganized, inefficient, and most of all incentivized not to actually provide benefits. More and more I see or hear coverage being declined or having to spend hours on the phone to get them to provide benefits. I can't be alone here. Why are many so desperate to keep this industry alive? It's as if your local police department was a for profit organization whose only incentive was to provide good returns to shareholders.
  2. Nothing to add here other than every time this thread is on the front page, my mind changes the 'h' to a 't' and I go
  3. Pulled the trigger on this for $450. I needed a new work laptop that didn't need a ton of horsepower but would travel well.
  4. In the morning I show him around the internet. He tells me he wants to be by himself for the rest of the day. I go to work and leave him to do his thing.
  5. Anyone care to share the things that routinely come to them in dreams? I, for one, seem to be stuck in high school. The characters in many of my dreams are my old high school friends despite the fact that I'm now 43 and haven't seen most of these people in over 25 years. The even weirder thing is that they're not usually of my closest friends, but more second and third tier people. The only themes that seem to reoccur are that hot girls like to ignore me and that I have an ability to float around when I want to.
  6. Kind of an odd take. While I don't always love the topics, I do appreciate that he tries to foster new conversations. I'm probably overlooking some things, but what are the last thread topics you've created?
  7. 1: quinoa, although if that's millennial, so is kale, couscous, and chia seeds. Therefore, I strike it as invalid and I proudly get a zero.