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  1. Unfortunately I believe this is how it plays out as well. The American voter's attention span is too short and will be quickly turned to how Warren and Co. will turn this country into a socialist cesspool and everything in our lives will suck if you vote for the Democrat. She's missing the likability factor of Sanders, Mayor Pete, and Biden and Democrats are making a huge mistake if she wins the nomination.
  2. What's your take on San Gimignano? It looks like it could just be a bus trip from the Siena train station.
  3. This whole episode just goes to show you how friggin arrogant and/or dumb these clowns are. "Whew. Not sure how we escaped that whole Mueller/Russia stuff, but it feels like we're home free. Hey, Rudy. Let's get Ukraine on the line so we can wrap up the 2020 election."
  4. Let he who hath no sin cast the first stone. God forgives. Oh, and LOCK HER UP!
  5. I've laid the groundwork for packing only carry-ons. I was packing my carry-on and she says, "that's all we're packing?!" I said, "that's all I'm packing. It would be great if you tried to do the same. I'm hearing horror stories about people not getting their luggage." Separate questions. I just called Chase bank and told them I'll be in Italy for a couple of weeks. Before I hung up they said there would be foreign transaction fees on money taken out that's not U.S. dollars. What's the most economical way to get Euros? Also, we decided to skip an overnight in Amalfi and instead stay another day in Tuscany. Right now we're scheduled to be in Florence for 3 nights and then Siena for 2 nights. What's a nice, easy to travel to by train town in wine country we could hit after Siena?
  6. As far as clothing, and packing in general, we're going to be over there for two weeks. I'm thinking about packing just 4 or 5 outfits and hoping we can find a way to wash our clothes over there. I don't want to be hauling a #### ton of stuff all around the country. Is this the right way to do it?
  7. There are multiple psychological factors at play in our current political climate and this is one of the most pervasive symptoms: Point the finger at the other team while defending those on your team. I'm not suggesting an equivalence of offense of Warren's lying to Trump's, but a person shouldn't be defending one while being disgusted by the other. If her story is proved false, it sucks that Warren felt the need to spin her story like this.
  8. I don't care who it comes from as long as you're equally concerned about lying from Warren and Trump.
  9. This will be an alright take as long as you feel the same about our current president. Otherwise, it's just partisan BS.
  10. Perhaps I don't understand the question, but how you can rate a board that's mostly liberal as not mirroring a mostly liberal public?
  11. I agree with this, but I'm not sure how that equates to an answer to this poll. I guess if 1 is sample = population, I'd go 3, but tbh I don't know what conclusion you can draw from 3 or 5 or 7 or whatever.
  12. You're right, and it highlights an issue with the fringe left. Unfortunately, Twitter amplifies their voice and makes it seem like they represent the entire progressive attitude. As Ghost Rider said, anyone who has a problem with ED and GWB being friendly is part of the problem.