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  1. Based on my internet research, BD and specifically Motobecane bikes, are good quality and you can save a lot of money if you know what components to look for and have an ability set up the bike. Savings on their lower level stuff might not be worth what you're giving up by buying elsewhere, but it sounds like you can save a lot of coin on their mid to higher end stuff. Some have given testimony that they take the bike to their LBS to have set up and the technicians are impressed by the result.
  2. How has your experience with BD been? Did you set the bike up yourself? If so, how long did it take?
  3. I stayed in one several times throughout April and May. I brought sanitizing wipes and got all the hotspots like handles, light switches, elevator buttons, and the remote. Social distancing was easy in the public areas since the hotel was pretty empty. The only concern I'd have now that occupancy is up would be the elevator.
  4. The lockdown has sent me into the biking world for the first time. At first I thought I needed a hybrid for neighborhood biking, but a quick, but tough detour through a construction site with my wife's hybrid made me realize I need something with more off-road capability. Thus I started going down the cyclocross world. Then my friend said he wants to get back into MTB, so I began researching mountain biking. Since I don't think I can find a 'do it all' bike, I'm looking to buy a cyclocross bike and a full suspension MTB. The cyclocross bike seems relatively straight-forward in terms of determining what I need. However, I'm completely lost in the MTB world. There are so many different frame designs, shocks, and other components that may or may not be tailored for the kind of riding I'd be doing. Where should I start in determining the kind of bike I need? Here's an example of a riding park near me to give a sense of my needs. Balm Boyette
  5. They're trying If your heart doesn't hurt for people like this, then perhaps you don't have one.
  6. Every single person on this planet experiences a life full of pain and suffering. The fact that this guy, who's lived a full life of wealth, fame, and admiration, is somehow excused from any harshness for his divisive, destructive antics because he's got cancer is about as silly as it gets. I know, I know. Don't let the door hit me in the ###.
  7. Cosby and Weinstein proving that hobbling into court with a walker doesn't garner sympathy with the jury.
  8. I like that Hillary has better odds than Warren. LOL.
  9. Yep. I've sensed this unfolding for the last few months. People don't learn. I really think the American people get what they deserve and unfortunately it looks like we deserve another four years of Trump.
  10. I just received one too (Florida). I'm back in on this guy. I still think he's the only one to beat Trump and that's priority one.
  11. Anecdote that went exactly as I expected: I'm watching coverage of Nevada caucus on Saturday and 20 year old daughter and her friend pass by. "Isn't that the socialist? Booo!" Then the next morning she asks, "do you like him?" I told her I'm not a huge fan although I agree that the US shouldn't be the only industrialized nation without public healthcare. When I asked what she thought about that, she said, "well I don't want my taxes to go up. I pay enough." People don't want to vote for Trump. However, it will be easy for Trump to sell "socialist" and "tax increases" to keep them from voting Sanders. Nuance is lost on most and it's all about marketing. Sanders will lose. Socialism isn't popular with most Americans