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  1. In a vacuum this is a perfectly reasonable. The problem begins when they rationalize and defend conduct that's detrimental to the rule of law and undermines our democracy. At that point it's putting party before country. That's not reasonable.
  2. My sister had a scare a couple months ago. She cited the pandemic and politics really wearing her down. It's a tough time for everyone and, despite our differences, it's best to have some empathy for what others might be going through.
  3. Unfortunately, yes and yes. If it were up to me, it would be no and no, but my wife, despite being apolitical, has followed the lead from her Fox News watching family and assumes there's nothing to worry about and we can't live in fear. It has allowed me to skip out on some of her family events because I won't support being jammed up and maskless in her sickly parent's small house with 15 other people. When she does invite her daughters over to visit I keep my distance. ETA - Does anyone else live in a divided house where you and your partner aren't on the same page with this?
  4. Agreed, but they're not giving people a reason to vote third party with crappy candidates. Ventura is a great example of someone with personality and some name recognition. If the LP could get a Mark Cuban-type to run, they'd get some traction. But who in god's name is Jo Jorgensen? Why are dudes allowed to run around the convention with boots on their head? Act like a professional organization and put forth a quality candidate with personality. But back to my original point, it feels like those most appropriate to demand this would be people willing to vote third party. If the only thing third party voters are doing is voting third party every four years regardless of candidate, to Murph's point, what incentive does the LP have to reform?
  5. I understand the statement you're intending to make, but unless the candidate becomes competitive then the two parties remain without an incentive to change. Is Jorgenson's 2% causing Dems and Reps to reform? Shouldn't the Libertarian Party have spent the last four years making their party more professional, break down the barriers to entry, and find a candidate with some name recognition? Instead, we've got dudes running around with boots on their heads and another no name candidate.
  6. My son is a self-described Libertarian and will be voting for Jorgenson in November. He, like I imagine most third party voters, thinks Democrats and Republicans are a variation of the same thing. While I don't disagree with his opinion, I have argued that his vote for Jorgenson will have as much impact as a write-in for Scooby Doo. In four years, if he and the Libertarian Party do nothing else, he'll vote for another Libertarian candidate who has no chance of winning. Another four years after that? Same thing. This cycle seems a bit like putting the cart before the horse. First you want to get a legitimately competitive candidate. Then you vote for them. If you don't do anything about the first part, then the second part is kind of meaningless. I realize there are huge hurdles to overcome to break the two party system, but I'm curious what needs to happen and what those of you who vote third party are doing about it?
  7. I love to see Bloomberg upholding his promise to help Biden and the Democrats defeat Trump, especially in this manner where it's obvious that Republicans are attempting to suppress the vote.
  8. I still consider myself an anti-Trump, left leaning independent despite the fact that the Democrats do far less things to annoy me. For the first time in my life I became a registered Democrat in order to participate in this year's primary. Normally I'm a registered Republican who prefers fiscally conservative, socially liberal candidates.
  9. So Drunken Cowboy is both a Democrat (anti-Trump) and a moderate (pro-Trump). Dude is truly drunk.
  10. This is going to be a tall order in the short term since there are so many societal trends going against it. First and foremost is media and social media that are working to polarize us to more extreme levels. Moderate views are not in their best interest. Then there's the culture wars that need to play out. Whites vs. non-whites. Secularism vs. religion. Perceived socialism vs perceived totalitarianism. I don't expect the Republican Party to reinvent themselves any time soon because our political landscape isn't fertile for it just yet.
  11. Is this due to politics or something different altogether.
  12. I could be off and just taking things personally, but I sense a bit of arrogance and lack of nuance with your opinion on this. If political discussions with my family could be tethered to logic, which is sounds like discussions with your friends do, then there wouldn't be a problem. However, that's not my experience. I'm contending with the likes of "masks take away my freedoms", "Democrats want us to be socialist like Venezuela", "Biden is a pedophile", and 'everything liberals do is bad, and everything Trump does is perfect'. I wish we could have more logical discussions, but we're not even on the same planet in terms of what's real and what isn't.
  13. Trump smoke detectors Trump told voters to vote twice? What was really behind the boat parade disaster We don't want to live in Biden's bathroom.
  14. Artie Lange said it best a few years back on the Howard Stern show when discussing their 2002 joint tour. It went something to the effect of, "if I'm at a show and I hear Panama, Hot for Teacher, Jump, Runnin' with the Devil (and a bunch of other Roth songs), I'm feeling like I got a full show." You can't say the same thing the other way.
  15. If my options are to lose my hand or lose my head, I'm going with hand. Both aren't good, but I can live without a hand.