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  1. Whatever you do, keep her from getting her own attorney. A mediator is fine for the both of you, but as soon as her personal attorney hears what she's agreeing to, everything changes. Sincerely, Bitter divorcee who also thought their ex was reasonable.
  2. Captain Cranks


    , said the atheist.
  3. Captain Cranks

    Jeopardy Baby, Ooooh-ooh-oooooh

    Seems like it will be exciting. I'm interested to see how today's episode is formatted since single jeopardy is already done. Perhaps each episode will finish with single jeopardy.
  4. Kevin Spacey's character in American Beauty reacted to this
  5. Apparently this isn't the first time "Ham Flower"
  6. Update: Yesterday, we had our first session since I sent the counselor the email. She addressed my email right off the bat, confirming what she had read and asking how we were feeling about things. Both of us stated that we thought she spent too much time on something that isn't really an issue in our relationship. I also mentioned that it felt more like discernment therapy rather than EFT therapy. She responded to say that this was part of the process and since Christianity and anger with God was a part of my fiancee's past, it's something she wanted to dive into more deeply in her individual sessions. I mentioned that she spent a considerable amount of my individual time on religion too which she agreed, but didn't really have an excuse other than to say that she wants to prepare us both for a potentially difficult conversation about our religious differences. I wasn't really buying that this was her motive and even told her that I think her tact was poor if that was really her goal. Ultimately, I think she let her own faith compromise her professional integrity but isn't willing to admit it or, perhaps more likely, this is how she feels things should be done. The conversation ended with us agreeing to move forward with the EFT therapy and no longer focus on our religious differences. She never apologized for anything that she had said, including the use of "Cafeteria Christian." I didn't bring it up as I think my fiancee and I just wanted to move forward. My opinion of the counselor is certainly tainted, but the work she did the rest of the session was exceptional and confirmed our decision to stick with her. She does an excellent job of cutting to the core of a topic and is able to validate feelings on both sides of the debate. I'm also impressed with how well she seems to understand our situation with just a limited amount of time spent talking with us. As long as she stays on that track, which I assume she will after this last conversation, we'll be fine.
  7. Think I found a picture Actually, here's a real picture
  8. I'd like to meet these 20 or so folks who said, "Cabbage Blaster."
  9. Are you going to deliver the punchline, gb?
  10. Captain Cranks

    Best $100 you've spent

    This is mine It helped me move into and out of a two bedroom apartment by myself. Now it's great for groceries, yard work, and whatever else I want to save my energy and back on. What's yours?
  11. My dad is Pop Pop to my kids because that's what he wanted to be called. I call my grandparents Grandma and Grandpa because that's what my parents called their grandparents. I don't know if my grandparents or parents called that shot.
  12. Ha. Fair enough. Perhaps you can attest to what Getzlaf said.
  13. I'm about to be a grandfather in a couple weeks and haven't figured out what I'd like to be called. I don't want to go with the standard "Grandpa" which is what I called my grandfathers. I'm gravitating towards Grandpappy which I imagine will eventually morph into Pappy.
  14. Captain Cranks

    Son has a transgendered child in his kindergarten class

    You need expensive counseling because you're an angry person who's always complaining about something. Hth.