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  1. Watergate was a hoax too. It was all the media and Dems trying to tear down a great president.
  2. I'm recently hooked thanks to this thread being bumped last week. Up to Rookie II status and around a 300 ranking. It's not easy to earn money for tournament play though. I think I'm decent given my current equipment situation.I Hope it gets easier.
  3. Mushrooms Green peppers Cucumbers
  4. Cherub Rock is the only one that's withstood the test of time for me. While I used to be a SP fan back in the day, Corgan's voice grates my old man ears.
  5. Ding ding ding. You have forever given up the right to complain about a lot of things that will happen in the future thanks to Trump and the current Republican congress. Otherwise you'll just be a partisan hypocrite.
  6. I'm sure you were equally appalled by the Republican tactics to prevent Garland's nomination. #Hypocrisy
  7. Great skit. The talent on that crew was ridiculous.
  8. I think this is why the PSF gets a bad rep sometimes. Shader is not a troll by any stretch. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're trolling. Opie and DFSGuy, OTOH....
  9. Let's say your chief editor of a news website. It's your call of which story to put at the top with pictures and bold lettering. What's your story for 9/14/18? CNN thinks it should be: Florence makes landfall: At least 200 people have been plucked from storm surge. Hundreds of thousands are without power. Fox News thinks it should be: Dems plan to burn coal: Pelosi vows to shutter 1 in 3 plants by 2020, reigniting Clinton war on fossil fuel.
  10. My wife's from Lakeland so it wasn't personal.
  11. He's from Lakeland. Science isn't their strong suit. Trust his opinion on meth, however.
  12. What is it that makes this a partisan debate? Is it because liberals care too much about the environment? Conservatives are more distrusting of scientists? I don't understand how a topic like this naturally aligns with the sides of the abortion argument. Enlighten me please.
  13. It's ####### annoying.
  14. I imagine you don't drive a car or play catch. You wouldn't react until the ball hits you in the face.
  15. A lot of things he does are based on ignorance AND malice. This is no different.