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  1. I'm starting Hunt over Freeman this week, if Hunt does nothing I'm locking in Freeman the rest of the year barring injury. Went from so stacked at RB the beginning of the year to wondering if I even have an RB2 out of these two. Sucks.
  2. He will be good, I'm playing against Brown in a win or go home. Brown will go 200/3 so he will be OK.
  3. Im kinda looking at it as Arians vs Garret. When I think of it this way, its not even close. Arians can make a half time adjustment and get the chains moving.
  4. Am I crazy for starting Gabbert over him in a 2 QB league?
  5. Starting him due to Crabtree meltdown, my only other option was Agholor. Feeling ok about him in this must win game.
  6. Chris Hogan (shoulder) remained SIDELINED at Wednesday's practice. Hogan has been a ghost since going down in Week 8. We have no idea when he'll be back on the field, even for practice. Brandin Cooks remains a WR1, while Danny Amendola has played over 55% of the snaps the past two weeks. Linebackers Kyle Van Noy and Trevor Reilly and defensive end Trey Flowers were all present Wednesday despite suffering injuries against the Dolphins on Sunday. Center David Andrews (illness) and receiver Chris Hogan (shoulder) RETURNED to practice after missing last week’s game. ???
  7. I grabbed him as a free agent last week, no one wanted him. If he has another week I'll put him in my W/T slot.
  8. I'm about to be starting him over Dak in my 2 QB league. I only watched the highlights but he looked good, made his decision in within 2 seconds and either threw a nice pass or ran. Give me 250/2 every week Blaine and I love you.
  9. That spin move by Wentz and the rush for a first down, don't think I've seen a 6'5 man move that fast in my life. You aren't supposed to have that agility at that size.
  10. It would be nice if my fantasy QB would stop sitting on the bench for 4th quarters due to blow outs. I needed those points.
  11. He had 11 touch's combined his first three weeks, hes on pace for 794 rushing, 800 receiving. He has a damn good chance to go 1000/1000 for the first time since Faulk did it in 99.
  12. I don't know who to compare him to style wise, all is runs are up the gut the chunks and all his receptions go for chunks. Young Charles was busting his runs outside, Kamara is right up the middle.
  13. If Crabtree isnt suspended will he wear his chain next week? If so, the corner should tear it off the first play and send him to the locker room.
  14. What kind of person wears a gold chain to work? Is Crabtree a pimp part time?