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  1. He might be able to play, a mutt league.
  2. As an Eagles fan, I’m praying the Giants don’t take a QB at 2.
  3. I really hope the Jets plan wasn’t to trade up to 3 for this guy.
  4. Not in smart leagues.
  5. I’d say he’ll probably end up as an UFA and an eventual special teamer.
  6. As great as he is that would be a terrible mistake long term.
  7. And completely meaningless.
  8. I offered a guy 4 first rounders to get up to one and was turned away.
  9. This guy doesn’t even exist anymore.
  10. I have, and if he’s over his health issues he’s gonna end up being one of the better RBs in this class.
  11. In my opinion, no player other than a QB should ever win the MVP. Probably the most absurd winner was Mark Mosely.
  12. He was nicked a lot of the year.
  13. No, if anything he’s underrated.