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  1. No, it’s not. If you can get younger value for an older near retirement asset in a dynasty, you do it.
  2. Yes, obviously don’t give him away, but the better dynasty owners don’t let assets retire on their team.
  3. If you have Gronk in a dynasty, you should already be trading him.
  4. Guice Jones Johnson Penny Michel Freeman Chubb
  5. I’ll be amazed if Barkley, Guice, and Michel aren’t the first three RBs off the board.
  6. Why, there is no chance Chubb is the second RB off the board.
  7. George Kittle Big fan of this guy. Think he becomes Jimmy G’s safety blanket and puts up borderline TE1 numbers.
  8. I like him, but I don’t see him being more than a niche RB.
  9. If the Giants stay at 2 and Darnold is available, he’s the pick.
  10. As an Eagles fan, I’m praying the Giants don’t take a QB at 2.
  11. I really hope the Jets plan wasn’t to trade up to 3 for this guy.
  12. I’d say he’ll probably end up as an UFA and an eventual special teamer.
  13. As great as he is that would be a terrible mistake long term.