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  1. I offered a guy 4 first rounders to get up to one and was turned away.
  2. I have, and if he’s over his health issues he’s gonna end up being one of the better RBs in this class.
  3. In my opinion, no player other than a QB should ever win the MVP. Probably the most absurd winner was Mark Mosely.
  4. It’s you that’s all about accuracy and completion percentage.
  5. Funny that nobody has asked Josh Allen to change positions.
  6. If you’re making that kind of scratch, you should worry other teams.
  7. Exactly. No defensive coordinator has ever woken in a cold sweat thinking, man we really need to contain Jarvis Landry.
  8. Love em both, but for me Michel is better equipped to be an every down back so I’d give him the edge.
  9. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone traded into the late first and grabbed him. I’m grabbing him in as many dynasties as I can.
  10. Somebody is gonna make a HUGE mistake throwing a lot of money at this guy.
  11. And yet I don’t see seven advisors trying to change Darnold, and Jackson and Josh Allen.
  12. Hilarious to hear a guy complaining about officiating when his team had one offensive penalty called on them in three total playoff games.
  13. If I’m a Browns fan and they trade the first pick and come out of the first round with Mayfield and Chubb I’m gonna be homicidal.