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  1. Running from the law after public intoxication planting the flag on another teams field grabbing your junk at another teams sideline blowing off a scout trying to interview you I honest to God hope the Browns end up with him so I can listen to all your excuses when he doesn’t turn out to be your golden boy.
  2. I understand he’s your mammoth boy crush, but if you take off your blinders for a second you’ll see that regardless of his talent his actions over the last year are pretty much the definition of a punk.
  3. Do you think the scout is just doing it for the hell of it? Everybody else seems to be able to do it. That’s why you’re there, to answer questions no matter who’s asking them. It just speaks to the fact he’s a punk.
  4. Agreed, every team in the league would have taken Elway at 1 if given the chance. Talent wise he is head and shoulders above Mayfield.
  5. Considering the Jets recent history of QB selections this would be a logical pick for them.
  6. The Chiefs would do that in a second. Way to much to give up.
  7. Hard to shine at LSU with the garbage they’ve run out at QB.
  8. So that’s what you’re shooting for, a QB who doesn’t get to the playoffs? Sorry, but only a team that doesn’t know what it’s doing brings in Foles to be its starter.
  9. Yes, Foles is a very good BACKUP QB. Invest in him as your starter and see where that gets you.
  10. Is he their starting QB when Wentz is healthy? That’s what I thought.
  11. Only a badly run franchise will end up with a Foles as their starting QB.
  12. I think it’s hilarious when people proclaim this is not a strong WR class. This may or may not be true, but just to dismiss these guys is short sighted. We’re AB, D. Thomas, K. Allen, S. Diggs, A. Thielen, J. Nelson, D. Baldwin being touted as stud WRs coming out of college?
  13. What can’t be debated is that over the last 15 years the QBs in the AFC East other than Brady have been the absolute worst of any division in football.
  14. It sure as hell can be in fantasy. Nothing better than a QB who can throw for 160 yards and a TD and still have a 25 point game because of his legs. He may never be a great real life QB, but to overlook his potential as a fantasy QB is short sighted.
  15. I hope you won’t be to disappointed when the Browns choose a different QB.?