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  1. I'm sorry, I love this guy, but he's just not gonna go in the top four.
  2. Well, hopefully this doesn't bite you in the a$$, although I fear that it will.
  3. There is absolutely no chance Dallas takes Elliot at four. None.
  4. Do you think it's a coincidence that in the last thirty years you can count on one hand the number of white RBs who have had seasons worth a damn? Is it a coincidence there are zero white cornerbacks in the league and there hasn't been one since Jason 'toast' Sehorn?
  5. Couldn't agree more. I don't care how many yards he rolls up playing against those paper mache pac 10 defenses, there are at least a half dozen RBs I'm taking in next years draft before I bet on a 205 lb white halfback.
  6. There's a reason some teams go 4-9 in fantasy ?
  7. First of all my opinion whether it be one line or a thesis as some choose to write is merely that, an opinion. I have my reasons for the picks I make and just because they don't always line up the prevalent herd mentality is not my concern. I'm sure if I had written,.." I think McCaffrey is gonna be just GREAT!!" You wouldn't have felt the need to make your snarky little comment. As I said, bookmark the post and throw it in my face if I'm wrong, doesn't matter to me. I don't come to an anonymous fantasy site wanting or needing to create credibility. I let the record of my picks do that.
  8. Bookmark it, then come back and tell me I'm wrong. He won't be a first round pick, he will not be an impact player, he'll be a niche back in a rbbc.
  9. Another nit who equates wisdom or lack thereof to post count. You've got 540 posts, figure it out for yourself.
  10. Best back in college? Funny considering at best he will be the fourth RB taken.
  11. "Christian McCaffrey is for real and he will translate to the NFL perfectly. Future PPR star." its not not a lie if you believe it.
  12. You don't draft Coleman at all, let alone trade a bunch of picks for him.
  13. Anyone that considers him an UDFA simply doesn't know football. He needs to be drafted by the right team and given some time to undo the damage done by Franklin, but he can succeed in the league.