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  1. Michel is vastly superior to Yeldon. I agree with you.
  2. 0-16 teams don’t sign middle aged luxury RBs. Use all that money to address actual needs of which there are many. What makes anyone think Bell would sign in that wasteland anyway, it’s not like he wouldn’t have other competitive options to choose from.
  3. Why would you sign Bell when you could more than likely grab a guy like Michel in the second round. Grab a QB at one, auction off the fourth pick to a team looking to move up for a QB and go from there.
  4. You must have a lot of picks or not many needs to take two TEs that early. I like both guys by the way, especially Goedert.
  5. I was wrong about where he’d be picked, not his production.
  6. Perhaps. I see him settling in as a 650 yard receiver and a 550 yard runner. I’m convinced the Panthers draft a first and second down runner to replace Stewart.
  7. For me he tops out as a 1200 total yards, 5 or 6 TD guy.
  8. Totally agree. I think his stock will only rise once we get to the combine. Some team or teams will fall in love with him. I’ll be amazed if he falls outside the top 6 or 7.
  9. I really like Washington but I’ve seen wild fluctuation as to where he will go.
  10. That’s hard to understand. Dobbins is vastly superior.
  11. McCarron can’t play a lick. If he’d played at about any other college in the country he wouldn’t even be in the league.
  12. I think the Bucs spend some draft capital on RB this year. They cant keep running out the same set of jags they’ve been relying on.
  13. McNabb Wentz This is a joke. Philly fans can be crass and abusive, but at least they care win or lose. Dallas fans are some of the most fair weather fans in the league. They disappear when the team is bad. Also there is ZERO home field advantage in Dallas. Wine and cheese fans.
  14. I have Dobbins and Taylor well above Love, especially if his listed weight is correct.