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  1. The half the distance rule is BS. If you’re on your 8 yard line and get a holding call, the ball should not go to the four it should go to the goal line.
  2. I believe what I believe, and that’s BS by the way, I’ve dialed my opinions back considerably these past few months to try and not step on so many toes, but on some topics (Baker Mayfield) I remain adamant.
  3. Eassssy big fella, you guys might want to just try to have a two win season first. Baby steps.
  4. It was pretty much a tongue in cheek comment. He didn’t get fired because of that opinion. I just am adamantly of the opinion that Mayfield at BEST ends up being a middle of the bell curve QB in the NFL and at worst a total flop.
  5. My top five,... Barkley Guice Michel Penny Jones
  6. I don’t disagree, but I’d put Penny in for Chubb.
  7. You can dismiss any mock draft that has Minkah Fitzpatrick going at 20.
  8. This is great! Don’t suppose you have one for devy by any chance?
  9. Maybe one of you Smith apologists can explain why in a league where nothing is more important than QB play the Chiefs can’t get rid of Smith fast enough.
  10. I’m sorry, but if you’re comparing Smith and Rodgers in terms of being clutch I’m gonna have to bow out of the conversation.
  11. He’s head and shoulders above Coleman in my opinion.
  12. I see all the things you wrote and still they can’t push him out the door fast enough, and I think it’s because of the one thing you can’t quantify with statistics and that’s when you need him to step up and make a play in a big game he comes up small.
  13. If the Titans have any idea what they are doing he will never take another snap for them.
  14. I guarantee you there aren’t 16 teams in the league that would trade their QB for Smith.
  15. He certainly has that Kevin Garnett level of fake intensity going for him.
  16. Yeah, because Ross was the only other player available when they chose at 8. ?
  17. Any nomination other than a QB is pretty naive. As soulfly said any great QB and they win a half dozen games. No player puts them in the playoffs the last two years.
  18. I just laugh st the people who dismiss the older players out of hand. Yeah, and Frank Gore was better than Jim Brown right?
  19. Part of why I didn’t think he was worth the 8th pick.
  20. If by bold you mean idiotic then I agree.