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  1. The way i see it is, I drafted Zeke for the playoffs. I am in a 12 team league that 8 teams make the playoffs. I will make it with or without him. So as long as he is good to go in week 13, i wont regret drafting him
  2. Every time i watched Jones in college, he was the best player on the field. He is a good leader and a good producer. Will be a good 15 year pro that will keep the NYG on the hunt for a Superbowl every year.
  3. I love this signing for Funchess and as a Luck dynasty owner. Look at what Luck did with Ebron last year. Funchess is a carbon copy. This offense is going to be very good next year and Funchess will approach 1000 yards and 8 tds. Excellent sleeper value.
  4. Why not GB? 3 yr window with HOF QB. 2 1st rd picks Name the 2nd option in gB's offense Strong enough qb to handle AB Thoughts?
  5. You can also look at the other side and this might have been easing him in and next week might be a 20 touch guy. No way they use Sproles like that every week. He is too old. He will be a situational guy
  6. ATL gave up the most passes to the rb last year. I think the game plan was designed to keep the pass catching backs on the field more. If you could guarantee me 15 carries behind that line a game for Ajayi, I would take it (in fact, that's what they have said they want out of him all offseason). Some catches will come (maybe 30-40 for the year) Just let the man stay in when they are in the redzone. It looks like he is taking Blount's role in the RZ and he had a lot of them, although he was not very efficient. I believe Blount had 18 RZ touches last year and only 1 td. Think what Ajayi could do with those. I am holding at a nice rb2 option with upside
  7. I LOVE Kenny Stills this year! Look at all the targets that left with Landry. Stills is the best wr on this team and i wont be surprised when he jumps into the top 10. Now just stand for the American Anthem moron. ?
  8. The old QB in NE Jimmy G will outscore the current NE QB Tom Brady Todd Gurley and Leveon Bell are both outside the top 10 this year Laquon Treadwell has the most points out of the Vikings wide receiving corp Trey Burton will be a top 3 TE
  9. I believe Drake is in for a good year due to Gase's past. He has never shown RBBC, he uses his rbs in the passing and has always given his lead dog the GL touches. Look at Moreno while he was in Denver, Forte while he was in Chicago, Ajayi in Miami and last year Drake once he was the guy. He wants his main back getting the load and his offenses have always been productive!
  10. I just got Michel at the 1/06 and am quite pleased. The Pats can be a dominating running team when they want to be. After the loss of their LT, Cooks and Edelman being suspended early in the season, is this the year the transfer from a pass happy team to a running team. Very odd selection of Michel in the 1st if they don't plan on him being an integral part of the offense.
  11. With a great oline and a winning team (which means more running late games) Agreed, whats not to love?
  12. I have had my eye on Burton for a while and I really like his landing spot. Every time he had a chance to play for Ertz in the past, it seemed he put up a good game. He has a nose for the end zone and is going to be running in an offense that has been productive for a tight end in the past. Also, usually young qbs like the te to rely on. He is a hybrid type te that can stretch the field and have a very nice YAC. I see a big year for Burton 60/800/8
  13. I like Butler and Wilson a lot in this category. I also like Danny Amendola if he qualifies.