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  1. We’re pretty tired of espn’s lack of keeper integration. I was wondering if anyone has experience with yahoo, or maybe some other service they use for their leagues. One that doesn’t charge a fee is preferred but if the cost isn’t too much that could work as well. Thanks
  2. Here’s who I expect to be available at 4: Cook/Mixon/Fournette/Jacobs/Cooper/Lockett/Montgomery Most everyone else in top 25 RBs and Wrs are kept already. We can’t keep 1st rounders. is Cook the definite choice at 4?
  3. Full pp keeper, we keep up to 5, lose rd player initially drafted, 10 teams keeping Chubb 12th Kelce 7th AB 5th Im already trading AB for the 11th overall. And I’m drafting from the 6th spot. I am going to offer the Bell owner my 6th overall, and the 11th over for him. Bell is a 7th rd, is that enough to get the deal done? What would you think is air compensation?
  4. I’m sort of in a rebuild mode in my keeper league. It a full ppr we can keep 5. Currently don’t have 5 worth keeping but here’s my list and the round I’m losing to keep them. Drafting from the 6 spot. AB (5th) Trading him for a 2 and an 8 round (I know probably not great but I want to be out of the AB business) Kelce (7th) Chubb (11th) i know for a fact at least one other owner is looking to grab Hunt at some point. How early would you try to grab Hunt if at all? I think if I wait past the third round this other owner will draft him there.
  5. Owner in my dynasty league just cut him. I’m blowing the rest of my faab in hopes to snag him, my season is just about done sitting at 5-5 two games back with 4 to go.
  6. In my one dynasty league an owner used 190 of their 200 faab on fitz, next highest bid was 75 , craziness
  7. Offer made , 1ppr dynasty league. I receive Julio Jones, give David Johnson. My other RBs are Zeke, Ajayi, Clement, Drake. my WRs are OBJ, Josh, and Sanders
  8. Tyreek owners would you take AB straight up in a dynasty league?
  9. Currently 6-4 (2nd in div) in my big money league. 10 team keeper. 1st round drafted not able to be kept QB Brady 8th) RB: DeMarco(2nd)/Henry(7th)/Martin(4th)/ CMc(1st)Collins(FA)/Burkhead(FA) WR: Brown(5th)Baldwin(6th)Cooper(3rd)/Doctson(fa)Coleman(fa)Westbrook(fa) Te:Gronk (13th) Dst: Jax I wanted to upgrade at Rb, the Titans situation was too frustrating, though their remaining schedule is pretty nice. I sent an offer of Murray(2nd),Henry(7th),Gronk(13th)...In return I get McCoy(can’t be kept), and Kelce(7th). The owner accepted. It may feel like a desperation trade in order to keep pace to get to the playoffs. What do you think good trade or should I have stayed as is? Thank You
  10. No they are sitting the player commish has run this league for the six yrs of existing yes we are best friends actually
  11. Good call. But that was the best I had well besides sitting Coop
  12. Team I’m playing told me yes they are an owner. idk I think I’d feel different if it was just another owner, would still be annoyed, but when it comes from someone that runs the league I guess I feel they should be a bit impartial
  13. We do have in our league rules what a starting lineup is to be. But no mention of what happens if it isn’t set correctly. Besides my annoyance with the commish think it’s a weak move by the other team, Put your best line up out there...don’t take the fantasy equivalent of a knee. Thanks everyone nice to hear I wasn’t out of line
  14. In regards of helping other teams. I am down 122-121.2 going into tonight’s game. Figure it’s a done deal for the most part. However our commish decided to “suggest” to my opponent to take Smallwood out of their line up and leave the roster spot open. Just in case he produces negative points cost them the W. i would have no issue if my opponent came to this reasoning on their own, but being that it came to them unsolicited I’m a little annoyed by it. Am I out of line here? They claim when they offer advice it’s whats best for the league.
  15. Getting my first L this week that Julio TD did me in tied at 122 going into tomorrow opponent has Smallwood,even if he blanks I lose as they have the tie break over me.