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  1. I would say if your strategy is working and you're winning, then keep doing it! Isn't winning what it's all about? I'm not sure that there is only one way to do it. My strategy is way different but it works, so I'll keep rolling as well!
  2. Ok NOW he's motivated. That's good, he'll be good now......
  3. That's right. And then why tell people he's Dr. Dan after changing his moniker? Its a strange situation for sure. There were a couple people though if I remember that were pretty upset with him and were challenging his doctorship and the medical statements he was making. Why anyone would care so much on a fantasy football site about any of that I have no idea, but they sure did.
  4. Oh yes Mr. Corevelay was also an importer exporter but it must run in the family because you also were an importer/exporter when you were dating elaine and were having troubles so George needed to meet with her to talk about her troubles and not meet with marissa tomei so susan wouldn't find out that George wasn't a funny bald quirky guy. That's a mouthfull.
  5. I have found it pretty surprising how low CMC's value is. I've put him on the block in a couple places even put out a few offers. I've had zero offers sent my way. And complete rejects of my offers with no interest of counter offers. I still think there are a lot of unbelievers out there.
  6. He's good for sure. I'm bullish on Jones too. They invested in the line and have a plethora of receiving options. He can run as well.
  7. Golladay was WR13 ppg in my 12 team PPR league last year. He's broken out entirely.
  8. 2 21 1sts if that's where they indeed end up.
  9. Well let's hope there's a season so we can see how it all comes out!
  10. You should watch him play. I get excited every time he touches the ball. Seriously, I don't want you to miss out.