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  1. I like what I've seen from this guy. Any chance he makes a push for relevance this year considering Baldwins continued health problems?
  2. How does this hurt his value going forward?
  3. What do you think you'll have to give up? I'm looking to get him this off-season but am not sure how much to spend for him.
  4. All you have to do is watch the tape and you'll know that Jones is not Starks or Green. He is SO explosive. Can he hold up to a feature back amount of touches for a whole season? I think that is the question. I think chubb has still not proved he could handle the load yet either.
  5. He's injured. We'll hear about it after the season.
  6. Not to mention he mostly had garbage wide receivers like O.J. McDuffie and.....? after Clayton and Duper because the Dolphins were so poorly run. Also no world beater RBs to help out either. It is such a sad thought to me that all of Marinos talent was for the most part wasted in Miami. Would love to see what he could do today with some weapons!
  7. I'm going Dak instead of Cousins because of the threat of the rain.
  8. That's exactly what he did. He's on the sideline with his helmet off. 😡
  9. Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. And he makes defenses game plan for him. Which helps Jones and gives him room to run and it makes him a top 20 RB. However, Jones also has room to catch because of that. But Rodgers most of the time looks for big chunk plays because he is Aaron Rodgers and he wears the belt. So many times though he ends up taking a sack or throwing it away. If he would take the 5-15 yards he'd get by checking it down, A. He would have less 3rd and long situations and they would have a much more efficient offense and win more games and super bowls. B. And more importantly, Aaron Jones would be a top 10 fantasy running back and I'd win my league.?