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  1. I think that may be a big factor too. Also, in an interview awhile back DJ said that his wife begged him to stop playing. Maybe he's complying with that request and just playing out the string for the money....All three of those RB's have blew up the market. I can't see any RB's getting close to that amount of money anytime soon. If I was McCaffrey/Barkley I would move to receiver.
  2. The word on DJ on local Phoenix sports radio, including recent interviews with jay feely and mark schlereth, is that DJ is showing signs of a player who is done taking the punishment of a RB. He has been consistently tip toeing up to the line looking for a danger free path. Maybe this is because he is injured, but there were signs of this last year as well. I think his days of being an effective runner are done. His only value going forward will be in the passing game. Getting hit by a safety is not as painful as getting hit by the big guys up front.
  3. Couldn't find a thread for this guy. Has anyone watched him play? Does he pass the eye test? Can he be elite?
  4. I haven't seen anything dynamic about this guy. And he seems to be on the shelf alot so far.
  5. The catch was downright awkward. It makes me worry. You can't be a pin the ball to your chest guy in the NFL.
  6. Lions tried to trade for D. Freeman. That tells me that they don't believe in Ty. I would bet they bring someone in soon.
  7. Sure, but I think you can get your hopes up at this point. It's OK
  8. I think we're way past this. He has proven he's a great talent on a high powered office who gets volume and goal line carries. The only thing that can stop this train is injury. Which is something to worry about and prepare for.
  9. That's right. This has always been the issue with Cousins. It is why the redskins didn't want him anymore. He has always put up good stats but can he win a big game coming from behind?
  10. Yeah, either they want Baltimore to forget he's on the team....or he's way back in the doghouse....
  11. What is up with thus guy? Missed last week. Never listed on the injury report this week. No news whatsoever this week about him. Anybody have any info?
  12. Well, apparently, he has a shoulder injury all of a sudden. So I would monitor that. But if he's healthy, I'd start him over scantling. He's injured too.