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  1. Pro: He's good, real good. The Panthers with a healthy Cam will have a good offense. Con: Cam threw him a lot more passes after his injury last year. A healthy Cam will want to push the ball further down the field this year limiting his receptions.
  2. This is where I'm at. Can play everywhere. Fast.......60 - 900 - 6.
  3. Yes I suppose this is true. Thinking back to last year though I recalled seeing a lot of incomplete passes down field because he was trying to force things (maybe receivers ie. MVS were running different routes than he expected so that contributed to it too) His completion percentage was 62% though which is only a couple percentage points below his average. The incomplete passes down field were probably pretty standard. I was just watching it closer last year because I had Jones. So I expect targets to Jones to be quite a bit under the 17% average (thank you theWinz) Rodgers gives to his RB's.
  4. This. Rodgers hates checking down. 50 catches would be a miracle.
  5. He's on my roster, I'd say that's paying attention and not dismissing. I hope he does well. But he hasn't proved himself yet.
  6. I am not an nfl coach or talent evaluator. But in my fantasy football experience, an undrafted wide receiver with 27 catches has not yet proven himself. In addition, most undrafted players aren't very good. I'm ok if you have a different opinion. Just something to consider. I hope he turns into something.
  7. I think this is jumping the gun. I own him and want him to be the real deal. But I am wary that he may just be another keelan cole. And really that's the most likely outcome.
  8. What do you think the value of these three assets combined is ; Robby Anderson, Sammy Watkins, 2020 mid first ; in terms of upgrading to a better WR. 12 team PPR.
  9. Here's a doosy. His 2019 1.05 and 4.05 For My Christian McCaffrey and 2.05
  10. Yeah I'm sure it's about getting money for something. The guy is running the UFFL website his name is Dave Torreano. He wins almost every league on there by cheating. I feel sorry for the other people that put money in that thing. I did the best I could to warn them but at some point I just had to walk away.
  11. 12 team PPR Team A gets 2019 2.01, 2.12 Team B gets R. Penny
  12. He was switching out players during games to make sure he won.