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  1. True. On both tds he had to make a slight adjustment with his hands to secure it. I've got a keen eye for these things so don't feel bad if you can't see it. He did make a clean catch with his hands on the 26 yarder though. That was encouraging!
  2. I'm not sure how good he can catch either. He slightly bobbles a lot of his opportunities. Including his two tds Sunday.
  3. He was covered pretty tight on all his routes.
  4. It seems like they don't have a toss or sweep in their playbook. Get this guy outside!
  5. Yeah I've got CMC and I'm going to bid quite a bit. But I almost hope I'll get outbid so I can have faab to get a league winner later on.
  6. Seems a little excessive for 3 games of RB 2/3 production doesn't it?
  7. What I am saying is, if you trade ceh for Barkley, next year you still have RB depth issues cause you're trading 1 for 1.
  8. Mr. Jones and me, gonna win a championship....
  9. To be a good NFL receiver you have to be able to make contested catches with your hands. He can't really do that.
  10. Oh yeah, you already said that, that's what I was responding to. I was just giving people a different opinion in case they were thinking about picking him up.
  11. Oh yeah no I know that was your post that I was quoting but my message was really for all those that still had a chance to grab Slayton. He is real good.
  12. We have to remember he was just a rookie last year, and only a fifth round pick to boot. On a team with established WR's. He wasn't expected to do any of that. He was proving himself when he got opportunities. He's had a whole off season and another training camp and looked amazing yesterday. Consistently getting open against a good defense. Making sure handed catches. He is DJ's go to guy. He has arrived. Don't miss out.
  13. Is Gage not a good player? Don't watch falcon games so I've never seen him play. Is he a good dynasty hold? He's only 24. Maybe he ends up being a number 2 somewhere at some point?
  14. I'm not so sure about this. I think Rodgers is on board with MVS at this point. He dropped 2 really catchable balls yesterday that would have been big gains and in years past that would have been it for MVS but Rodgers kept going to him. That's a good sign. It's been a struggle the last couple of years but I think all of the talk from Rodgers last year about Lazard and kumerow, although true, was also meant to send a message to MVS and he showed Rodgers what he wanted to see this off-season. It took a couple years for Adams to break out with Rodgers too. I'd hold.
  15. What percentage of faab would you spend for him at this point?
  16. I hear ya. I think he should be the third RB drafted that's all. People are sleeping on him a little bit.
  17. I would say if your strategy is working and you're winning, then keep doing it! Isn't winning what it's all about? I'm not sure that there is only one way to do it. My strategy is way different but it works, so I'll keep rolling as well!