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  1. I'm new to "Rising"; I can't speak to the leaning part, other than to say how refreshing it is to observe a measure of respect, calm, and breathing room enough for an honest and open discussion between people with admittedly differing and in some cases opposing biases. Nice not to have smoke blown up my kilt for a change... I'll take that ANYDAY over echo chambers, sycophants, talking points, and blue/red flag nonsense that serves no legitimate purpose, aside from dividing us and maintaining status quo in the worst possible sense IMO. Also, I know Joe's format of 3 hour talks is a big ask - but if you are at all familiar with Chicago politics and can make it all the way to the Lightfoot comments - It's comedy GOLD!
  2. I know some of the language used in a Joe Rogan podcast is generally considered too "colorful" for a FBGs forum. I hope you will overlook some salty language to consider Joe's most recent conversation with two next generation political insiders, Krystal & Saagar, who make a career out of honestly discussing politics, and disagreeing without being disagreeable. Despite being on opposing sides they find a way to engage in real discussion with a lot less "spin" and intellectual gymnastics than similar panel discussions on your typical cable network pundit shows. ****Obligatory language NSFW warning**** Joe Rogan Experience #1485 - Krystal & Saagar (Youtube link) This is an incredibly timely example of the dialogue that can/should take place when those of us with opposing political views get together. It's a breath of fresh air for me personally, and some of us could stand to learn a thing or two from their example. YMMV PS - if you don't know who Krystal & Saagar are, see how long it takes you to figure out which one leans left/right, it wasn't immediately obvious to me...
  3. Glad to see Parkey ice the game with a long FG. However, Jordan Howard needs to have more than 18 carries in a cold weather home game in which you lead 14-0 at halftime and by 11 at the start of the 4th Qtr...
  4. I think Nagy just wanted to give Trubisky and the offense something to feel good about (before switching over to a more conservative/field position/ball control/eat the clock style of play calling). At least that's what I'm hoping...
  5. Nagy needs to add a "note to self" to his laminated play calling sheet... "When leading by two scores in the 4th Qtr - pound the rock with Howard and run out the clock"
  6. Damn good return and I'm more than a little jealous - but doubt the Bears ever had the chance to turn down that offer... Regardless, the best inside LB in this year's draft and a guy that Fangio is probably going to use similarly to the way he used Patrick Willis in SF is a hell of a consolation prize imo...
  7. Roquan is going to be there for sure now that the Bills have traded up to pick Josh Allen...
  8. Sorry. No can do buck-a-roo, way too hectic/busy/stressed/remaining leisure time dedicated to my boardgaming hobby/addiction...
  9. Ware being a beefy back is actually a plus in the cold - and it's one reason why I've still got him in my lineup. I think the run game benefits slightly - just not sure how TEN run D will be affected. IF I felt that the run D would suffer a bit, I wouldn't hesitate to leave Ware in there. I'm kinda feeling like Dixon has a coming out party over these next two weekends - but that's a "gut" feeling. Would hate to finally bench Ware after riding him all season only to see him plunge in a couple short yardage TDs to go along with 75+ total yards from my bench...
  10. Really struggling to pick between Ware, Dixon, Martin this weekend, yet I've ridden Ware virtually all season long. Ware's matchup against a tough TEN run D and frigid temperatures are breaking my resolve to stick with him despite feeling like he has almost guaranteed 15-20 touches. Meanwhile, Martin and Dixon seem to be on the upswing and Ware seems to be treading water as of late. Dixon especially intrigues me. So much riding on this week's game and feels like a damn coin flip decision...
  11. Meatheads - Smashburger - Tom & Eddie's - Fuddruckers are all better than 5 Guys IMHO Meatheads has the same fresh cut fries and better burger offerings - Smashburger and Tom & Eddie's have milkshakes that are ridiculous and Smashburger's olive oil rosemary & garlic seasoned "smash fries" are awesome, while Tom & Eddie's has better gourmet burger offerings - Fuddruckers has been doing gourmet burgers for about 3 decades and has held a place near and dear to my heart since I discovered them in Houston back in the '80s. 5 Guys is good but there are better offerings out there for the same price point. No In & Outs here in Chicagoland
  12. the animated movie they did with Strange is probably the best one they have done... most of their animated stuff is crap whereas DC does a good job with the animated films. having said that, i think dr. strange works best as a supporting character, not a lead. I wonder if they would ever be willing to try Moon Knight moon knight would rule, if done correctly +1 (loved the classic MK series back in the early 80s)
  13. I've scoured the ECF forum and googled reviews on them and gathered that their Seattle Blend (coffee/tobacco), Nuport (menthol tobacco), Vanilla Gorilla (Vanilla), and RY4 are decent. In particular some former menthol smokers really like the Nuport, and the Seattle Blend was highly recommended.Have any FBGs ordered from them in the past? If so any recommendations? How did this go? Reading good reviews from Gourmet Vapor. Anyone else tried them? I enjoyed their RY4 & 5 very much (was pretty rich IIRC) but this was quite awhile ago - I've since settled into ordering Bloog juices, cartos, and batteries for the past 18 mos or so. Bloog's RY4 and Red are good enough for me, and frankly I'm lazy and prefer one stop shopping. A couple times a year (holidays when discounts are offered), I'll just stock up and order a crap load of product.