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  1. I've scoured the ECF forum and googled reviews on them and gathered that their Seattle Blend (coffee/tobacco), Nuport (menthol tobacco), Vanilla Gorilla (Vanilla), and RY4 are decent. In particular some former menthol smokers really like the Nuport, and the Seattle Blend was highly recommended.Have any FBGs ordered from them in the past? If so any recommendations? I took a chance on the Seattle Blend. Went with that, Maiden Coffee, and a sampler of Watermelon Jolly Rancher (my favorite candy on earth so giving it a shot). Not expecting to be blown away but worth a shot at 30% off.Coupon code is about to run out, just got my order in...Went with RY4, RY5, Seattle Blend, and Bavarian Creme Brulee. Thought about trying to create my own flavor or ordering some nic liquid so I would have the option of mixing my own down the line, but chickened out. We'll have to compare notes on the Seattle Blend.
  2. Sorry for the short notice but here's the discount code gv30 for 30% off on juices from Gourmet Vapor. Sale started Sunday, but I've been busy the last couple days and didn't notice that they had emailed me. It ends at midnight tonight. Since I've never ordered from them before but had been considering it, I'm going to place a small order. Here's a post on an ecig forum giving a summary: I've scoured the ECF forum and googled reviews on them and gathered that their Seattle Blend (coffee/tobacco), Nuport (menthol tobacco), Vanilla Gorilla (Vanilla), and RY4 are decent. In particular some former menthol smokers really like the Nuport, and the Seattle Blend was highly recommended.Have any FBGs ordered from them in the past? If so any recommendations?
  3. Guess I'll be shopping at Home Depot instead! Thanks for posting this! Just sent the following email:
  4. Was kind of bored lately and decided to watch Firefly. Heard good things and there's only 14 episodes total not including the film that was released afterwards, and which I thought was entertaining. I figured if it was at least as entertaining as the movie I could get through 14 episodes when I didn't have anything better to do. Gotta admit this is a really great show, better than the movie. Great writing, characters, dialogue, and acting for a TV show that I was expecting to be campy and cheesy. I actually care about the characters now that I've seen some real character development and well several well written stories. Can't recommend it enough. Just the right mix of humor, drama, action, and sci-fi. Only 7 episodes in right now and impressed enough to suggest that if you haven't already seen this to check it out or add it to your que ASAP.
  5. I am very concerned and daily praying for the people in Japan, and I hope that your friends are safe and well and that Japan will be able to somehow rebound from the devastation that has crippled their country in the last week. I also agree wholeheartedly in the need for truth to be dispensed and not lies or deceptions, whether I like the truth or not once I hear it. It's perfectly reasonable and legitimate to be critical and to ask who/what is responsible for the seemingly inconsistent facts coming from the electrical company in Tokyo and/or the Japanese government. The Japanese themselves are reported to be doing so.However, it's not right to demonize a group of people or an entire industry as some kind of global conspiracy just because of the lack of accurate information coming out of Japan. I too am very disappointed in the conflicting and slower than molasses flow of information, and that's why I am leaning heavily upon sources outside of Japan to help bridge and fill in the gaps; since I don't fully trust the sources coming out of Japan. It definitely feels like there is at least an over cautious filtering (best case)of info. or perhaps even outright deception (worst case) from official sources in Japan. And it's indeed frustrating!Some of the more knowledgable posters in this thread have helped alleviate that frustration and read between the lines for us. I can't thank them enough for doing so. Otherwise maybe I'ld be reduced to fearing the worst, hoarding supplies and stocking up on iodide and making little tin foil hats for me and my kids.
  6. Hey I don't really care what people think of my opinions on this I am far from an expert on nuclear power. And no I don't think that what he or beuno have said on it is as bad as the press. I was just trying to make a point. I get tired of reading post after post minimizing the possible dangers of the situation which are very real and serious. I hold scientists to a higher standard than people in the media. So when they make baseless assumptions it bothers me a lot more. Oh I see... You're not an expert so you can say whatever the hell you want, including painting others as not being honest or credible because they don't agree with your self admittedly ignorant premise when it comes to nuclear power and this situation. And you were just trying to "make a point", becuase this thread is over populated by posts that don't hype the "possible dangers" enough to suit you and your uneducated position. Riiiiight... No shortage of "baseless assumptions" here...Let's 'be real'. It seems to me that you are the one taking an idealogical/political position and that you clearly have an anti-nuclear power axe to grind. If you want to discuss/debate facts surrounding the crisis, I welcome such contributions. If you just want to do the very things your accusing others of doing here, then be prepared to be called out on it. This is too big of a crisis with too much at stake to be trivialized into just another ignorant political/ideological crapfest that is par for the course all too often in the FFA. Please leave behind your whole 'nuclear power and/or those who manage it are the devil incarnate' rhetoric and hyperbole such as, condemning the entire nuclear industry as being "full of people" who are being less than knowledgeable and truthful about the very serious and real dangers that apparently no one else is talking about. Otherwise go start another thread where you can get your rocks off. Let's agree to let this thread be a place for sharing knowledge and updates and avoid telling people that are actually contributing and doing the heavy lifting in here that they are not credible and untrustworthy, just because they're not telling you what you want to hear.
  7. Renesauz and a couple of other knowledgeable posters have lent infinitely more to my understanding of this crisis than all of the fear mongering and MM hysteria combined. And it has been far more useful and helpful for appraising my family's personal safety. Therefore, I have GREATLY appreciated their contributions here, which have not been "the same level of misinformation", as news outlets that strive to find cataclysm even when experts tell them point blank the human and environmental cost of this disaster are not going to be as monumental as they seemingly want to hear.If you have some factual point you wish to dispute, then by all means dispute it; but please don't come in here and insinuate that the most knowledgable FBGs on the situation are not trustworthy and are hacks who are pushing some nuclear conspiratorial cover-up and accuse them of being the equivalent of the talking heads who have repeatedly demonstrated their ignorance of the situation and drummed up irrational fears. When you call them out and characterize them as such it actually only destroys YOUR credibility and the willingness of others to carefully weigh your opinions - not theirs...
  8. That sucks! Sorry to hear it, but if you haven't already, I'ld try calling the establishment where you think it may have gotten left behind.Unlike a pack of analogs or a lighter, the staff might set these things aside (just as they would a cell phone) instead of just throwing them away.
  9. The Japanese Shinto beliefs and sense of duty certainly are exemplified in a military sense, and the fact that Japanese culture doesn't lend itself to the kinds of poor behavior (looting/rioting) exhibited in other cultures is commendable. However, the human spirit and willingness to do whatever is necessary including making the greatest self sacrifice is not a Japanese monopoly by any means. You need look no further than our own brave WWII veterans who shared no less of a sense of duty and self sacrifice with a humbleness after they returned home from hell on earth, or to the many brave Russians who risked and in many cases sacrificed their own lives to contain the Chernobyl disaster, or more recently America's current servicemen in Iraq and Iran or the police/firefighters on 911 to see that same noble spirit.Not trying to strike up an argument here, just saying that while I admire and am praying for those in Japan, I don't want to sell short the heroic bravery and self-sacrifice that is one of the more beautiful capacities of humanity and counterbalances some of the ugly, selfish, petty, and otherwise despicable darker side that is otherwise known to plague our species.
  10. I don't know that the 50 employees are going to likely die, but IMO David is almost certainly right that this small workforce is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and is to be commended for their bravery and sacrifice whether they come out of this unscathed or not.
  11. How exactly have you determine that? The postca couple pages back says the radiation levels being released are still not harmful to humans.You mean the post from a couple of pages back before the prime minister of Japan later told people within a 30km radius to seal their homes airtight and not to go outside for any reason because of a very real threat to their health from radiation?If so you might want to revise current appraisal of the situation...
  12. Yes, all my TV juices have been sweetened. Ive had zero carto issues with TV juices, but I get a maximum of 30% VG so theyre not too thick. Ive actually started rinsing out a few of my sweet-juice cartos after 3-4 days with hot tap water, spinning the water out of them, then refilling, and its been working great. The sweeter and thicker juices tend to resin up inside the batting in the cartos, which affects the wicking ability after a few days of vaping. The hot water cleans them up good, and theres no need to let them sit for days to dry. I fill them within a minute of rinshing/flushing/spinning them.How do those "doubler" things work? Do you buy the nicotine and the flavorings separate and mix your own? Can you get it already mixed with nicotine? I don't see that option on his website, but maybe I didn't look enough.The first time around just order nic juice at your normal nicotine level. It's no different from the ejuice you would buy elsewhere to fill up your cartos. It contains nicotine and PG/VG at the ratios you request, and whatever flavor(s) you order. The doubler is exactly the same thing, but with zero nicotine.If you find a flavor you really like then you can start messing with doublers. First off, you will need an extra bottle to mix the two together, but if you order your nic juice in a higher concentration you can then add doubler to cut the nic level down to what you want to vape without diluting flavor.i.e. if you normally vape 24mg juice, then you order your nic juice at 48mg strength and add equal parts doubler and nic juice together, thereby cutting the overall nic content in half (24mg), while maintaining the same pg/vg and flavor ratios. If you normally vape at 18mg, then you could order 36mg nic juice and do the same thing to cut it in half; alternatively you could use 48 mg nic juice but you would either have to add two parts doubler and one part nic juice resulting in 16mg; or if you really want 18mg you would have to carefully measure out one part nic and one and 2/3 part doubler to achieve 18mg.
  13. But I have spent a pretty good chunk of change on ejuice from several suppliers, only to find that TV blows most of them away in flavor and offers a really great quality product at a decent price so I couldn't help but share my excitement. I'm also pretty stoked that Geoff's blend is on special this week! With a name like that, I knew I would have to try it eventually and now I will!
  14. Have you reduced any of their stuff to below 12mg?Can 0mg or 4mg be ordered from TV or is it a double.double thing?? Got more Tasty Vapor today! Two more 12mg nic juices (lowest they offer) in cafe machiatto and bananas foster (they were two of last week's discounted specials) and a couple of 2oz doublers of the Cheesecake (70/30-pg/vg) and Cupcake (80/20-pg/vg). If I mix a 1 oz bottle of 12mg nic juice with a 2 oz doubler, then the nic level drops to 4mg (1 part nic juice and 2 parts doubler juice reduces the nic level to 1/3rd of its original strength). Also, the doublers are cheaper than the nic juice - only $10 for 2oz! So even for those who want more nic, if you find a flavor you like you can order a nic juice from TV as high as 48mg and then order a doubler to mix to your desired strength; and you'ld have a lot of really good juice at a great price. Zander, I know you and I are both looking for good low nic alternatives. Based on how much more flavorful TV has been, I have high hopes for these doublers as well, and will try vaping them at zero nicotine. I also ordered a couple of 6mg plastic bottles to mix smaller batches and play around with reducing the nic level. Hopefully the doublers will still satisfy my taste/vapor needs and if nothing else I can at least cut the nic down to 4mg. I want to let these steep a bit, and then try them and report back. I will PM you as well since you and I are both seeking out the best possible reduced nicotine vaping experiences, although we may be in the minority where that is concerned. Speaking of which, so far the best low nic options for me have been 4mg Bloog Red and RY4 cartos (waiting for them to start selling the juice so I can fill my own), and 6mg Halo Torque56. Unfortunately lately, I've been vaping quite often at 12mg TV Cupcake and Cheesecake, and 11mg Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe from V4L; all of which are messing with my nicotine reduction plans...
  15. Ahhh... I just began to assume that the smooth vaping experience from Halo and TV were because of superior quality ingredients and possibly also came at the expense of TH, since TV's 12mg is much less irritating TH compared to others I have tried so far.
  16. If you like Taste and Vapor production, then Tasty Vapor is phenomenal. They use the best possible ingredients and offer doublers of the same flavors so you can order one nic juice in your flavor at a high concentration and then a 2 or 4 oz. doubler to combine to get to your preferred nic strength. That way you can really get the most bang for your buck without having to totally DIY, but of course you would need an empty bottle for mixing. So for around $25-$30 you can get 3oz or ~ 90ml of primo ejuice, which is pretty economical for such a high quality ejuice. However, I don't know if you guys that are all about the TH will be satisfied with TV, probably not at the 12mg level I've been using...As a former ultralight smoker and current low nicotine ecig user who likes a little sweetness and doesn't like a huge/harsh TH, TV is fast becoming my favorite supplier. My current top 3 ejuice rotation: Halo's Torque 56 in 6mg N - very smooth and very lightly sweet tobacco flavor with just enough TH to know that I'm vaping TV's Cheesecake with a double shot of Blueberry (+sweetener), 80/20 PG/VG, 12mg N - smooth rich and delicious cheesecake and Blueberry flavor with just enough TH to know that I'm vaping TV's Cupcake with Butter Cream and Vanilla Custard (+sweetener), 80/20 PG/VG, 12mg N - sounds like it would be overly sweet, but your just going to have to take my word that it's subtly sweet and CRAZY Good!, smooth rich and again just enough TH to know that I'm vaping. These days I'm ordering ejuices exclusively from Tasty Vapor. Their ejuice is a noticeably superior quality product and outside of Halo and a couple of Bloog juices I've yet to find as smooth and rich a vaping experience elsewhere. They also allow you to customize some flavors like the cheesecake and cupcake (add whatever flavors you'ld like to them fruit/vanilla/chocolate/whatever), and customize the PG/VG content. They also make EVERY batch fresh so it really needs time to steep and they don't sell samplers so I'm trying their weekly specials (TV rotates four different flavors on sale for $10/oz, which is approximately the same as $10/30ml of ejuice). So far I've ordered the Cheesecake, Cupcake, Cafe Machiatto, Bananas Foster and will be ordering three of this week's four juices on special: Atomic Cinnacide, Geoff's Blend, Caramel Popcorn. All 3 or these come highly recommended on the Tasty Vapor forum over at ECF, and Geoff's Blend is one of their few tobacco blends so I can't wait to try it.
  17. If you are happy with the 11mg use caution when increasing nic levels. I have been vaping no greater than 6mgs up until now and just yesterday got an order of different ejuices from V4L in 11mg and 18mg nic strengths.HOLY CRAP! The 18mg just kicked my ###. Not sure I can even use these...I'm used to being able to chain vape 0, 4, and 6mg juices and cartos for the last couple of weeks, but right now after sampling these new arrivals, and taking about 10 puffs off a carto filled with 18mg juice, I don't even want to look at an ecig for awhile.I think 8-12mg is going to be my absolute ceiling as far as nic levels go, but I guess it's all just part of the journey of trying to find my 'sweet spot'.
  18. I have both and while I really like the MaxxFusion cartos, mine aren't any bigger than V4L's coolcarts. IMO the MF cartos are well designed, have less resistance, and produce a little more vapor. However, I wouldn't buy the MF cartos expecting them to be any bigger than V4L's Coolcarts or you will be disappointed.
  19. I think they dont use a lot of VG in their mixes, those juices were pretty thin compared to the V4L juices Ive bought.I mixed the last 2 or 3ml's of my Freedom juice and Torque together...Talk about a killer flavor and TH... I'm very impressed with these two juices from Halo, and will definitely try mixing them together after hearing your positive results. If you're right about Halo not using much VG, then I'm even more as these juices at only 6mg of nicotine produce a ton of vapor, plus a better TH than any of my other 4-6mg tobacco flavors. Of course I've only used my Bloog blanks to fill them so far. Maybe I'll mix this combo in a different style carto and see if it performs any differently...
  20. Hey C,Would you mind expanding on this a bit? Based on reviews from fans of AVE I was about to order $40 worth of samplers (two 5 packs at 6-12mg nic level) from them and would really like to hear more about your experience before going forward. Vapor production and flavor are REALLY important to me personally, and the only 6mg juices/cartos I've been satisfied with thus far are tobacco flavors such as Halo's Freedom Juice & Torque56, as well as Bloog's Red & RY4. The Halo juices provide surprising TH for such a low nic level to help curb my urges for analogs and the vapor/flavor of the Bloog cartos are pleasing enough that I keep coming back to them. However, I probably need to step up to 12-18mg range to get to my sweet spot and I was about to order several tobacco flavors from AVE in the 12mg range and a few non-tobacco flavors at 6mg. I'ld like to hear more from you about your experience first though...
  21. I was a very light smoker (usually 1 or 2 a day normally, and could go days without any), and the 6mg is a bit low for me as well. I gather from this thread that the more regular smokers fall into 18mg-24mg-36mg territory. Some previous posts also talk about how the nicotine absorption from ecigs is nowhere near what it is from an analog in addition to the throat hit (TH) being more realistic at higher nic levels, so you may find that you need to step up to 18mg or higher to find your sweet spot.BTW the convenience and non-impact on non-smokers is pretty freakin' amazing! Over the past two weekends I've shown off my ecigs at two non-smokers houses and in both cases the hosts invited me to vape away! I was floored by the acceptance I got, and was able to drink wine and vape ejuice to my heart's content in the company of some staunch anti-smokers. After all of the embarassment and guilt I've harbored in the past for having to step outside and remove myself from the company of good friends to 'sneak' a smoke and come back inside knowing I probably smell like cigarette smoke I actually felt a little guilty, like I was cheating or getting away with something. It's surreal to be sitting at a table vaping away clouds of water vapor next to non-smoking friends and those allergic to the real thing and not have to put the social gathering on pause for trips outdoors to get my 'fix'.
  22. I use the KR808D1s interchangeably (VaporKingXL, Bloog FusionMaxx & USB Passthru) and don't notice a significant difference. I will compliment V4L on the XLs though, I think they are a smidge better than the Bloogs (no 5 second cut-off) and the XLs certainly hold their charges longer being 102mm vs. the 78mm. I use the XLs and the Passthru the most, and frequently rotate, retry the various flavors to see if my opinions will change with usage and over time; but all of these personal vaporizers are close enough in performance that I enjoy them equally and don't find the cartridge performance to be lacking when I rotate between whatever's handy and fully charged.
  23. PVK-FRUITBOWL-4 Premium Vapor King Fruit Bowl Sampler Cartomizers (Box of 5) - 4mg 1 $9.95 $9.95 LQ5KANT-LOW Kant Nobacco Juice (5 ml) - Low 1 $2.95 $2.95 LQ5HILTON-LOW Hilton Nobacco Juice (5 ml) - Low 1 $2.95 $2.95 LQ5TOFFEE-LOW English Toffee Nobacco Juice (5 ml) - Low 1 $2.95 $2.95 PVK-CHOCOLATEBANANA-0 Premium Vapor King Chocolate Banana Cartomizers (Box of 5) - 0mg 1 $9.95 $9.95 WOW-MIXEDBERRY-0 WOW Vapor MixedBerry Sampler Cartomizers (Box of 5) - 0mg 1 $10.50 $10.50 LQ5REDHOTS-NONE Red Hot Candy Nobacco Juice (5 ml) - 0mg 1 $2.95 $2.95 PVK-Blanks WOW Vapor King Blank Cartomizers (Pack of 5)[Cart Color:Sampler #1] 1 $8.95 $8.95 PVK-BANANASFOSTER-0 Premium Vapor King Bananas Foster Cartomizers (Box of 5) - 0mg 1 $9.95 $9.95All of the preceding yielded less vapor than I am accustomed to with my 'reds', 'RY4', 'Torque56', and 'Freedom Juice' (tobacco flavors at 6mg Nicotine). At least the 4mg cartos/juices start to approach them, but are noticably weaker. And the zero mg juices/cartos, particularly the fruity flavors were very weak in terms of vapor/flavor. Out of the zero nicotine flavors, the banana foster and chocolate banana were the best flavor/vapor production, but were still a lacking in both for my tastes.I think I will order a coffee sampler (because of the positive reviews here) but step up to the 8mg or 11mg strength. I won't hold you responsible or anything, but just wanted to know if there was a very general minimum nicotine level that you might want to suggest...
  24. Hey dohsma,Thanks for stopping by. I do have a question for you as I recently ordered quite a bit of product from V4L recently, but at zero and 4 mg levels of nicotine, was a bit disappointed in the flavor/vapor department. So far only a few tobacco type flavors from Bloog and Halo have been sufficient for me in terms of low nicotine levels (6mg) and flavor/vapor production.However, I was very impressed with the three vapor king XLs I also ordered I and at least one other FBG (Zander who recently posted about this issue) have had difficulty finding low/zero nicotine cartos juices that retain much flavor/vapor/throat hit. Do you have any recommendations regarding which flavors hold up better at low nicotine levels, or minimum amount of nicotine levels that lighter smokers still tend to get satisfaction from?
  25. You hit my experience with the coffee sampler to a T. HIGHLY recommended. By flavor I rank Mocha on top, by strenth I rank Expresso on top (ordered 2 more packs of these). Cappucino was by far the most disappointing, by taste and strength.Good to hear, I just ordered an 18mg coffee sampler, but I opted for the WOW over the Premium, as I have no desire to try the cinnamon one...I also ordered another 30ml of the 18mg Cappuccino, I cant get enough of that stuff.One more note...I have been using the premium (cool) carts most of the time since I started vaping, but last night loaded a few blank WOW carts with some juice...tried them out this morning, and I gotta say, the throat hit and vapor production is better than it is with the cool carts. I think I read the WOW carts have a little less resistance than the cool carts, and maybe thats why Im getting better results...Im not sure why Im noticing it now and not before, but I thought it was worth mentioning.Then you may want to try some Bloog blank carts... I've found those to be my preferred blanks over the WOW blanks. One word of caution though, the end of the cart that you draw from pops out far more easily in the Bloog carts and you have to be careful not to inhale juice (keep the cart level or at slightly downward, especially if you are frequently filling. Definitely something to be aware of if you are using the more potent concentrations like 24-36mg.I have never had the juice spillage issues with the V4L blanks (or with the Bloogs as long as I don't angle the cart upwards), but the WOW blanks aren't as satisfying in terms of resistance, vapor production, and TH as my Bloog blanks.