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  1. I don't think he's all that valuable NOW.I can understand you not liking him long term because he is 31 years old. But right now he is ranked 13th (FBG scoring). What's not to like?I am simply not impressed by guys who are very good at averaging 70 receiving yards with intermittent TD's. He's a rich man's D. Mason in a similarly hamstrung offense. If outpointing another guy's 2nd WR 7-5 wins you dynasty games, well, bully for you, buy I'd rather bet on a guy like Harvin or Bowe that MIGHT blow up. That they've been PRETTY good most weeks when they DON'T is gravy.Please, keep on looking for 30+ WR's posting "WR 13" mostly yardage based #'s. That ain't gonna WIN you much of anything.We all get that you don't like Ochocinco. I'll even accept arguments against him continuing to produce for another 3 or 4 years at this level of production. However, when you start making statements like this one about the uselessness of a guy that's going to get you ~1100-1300 yds & ~8-10 TDs on the season, then you've either got a phenomenal group of WRs already, or you're just at this point. Give it a rest already, the guy certainly can help you win, heck he was the difference maker in a head to head game last week where an opponent in one league knocked me down from division winner expecting a week 14 bye, to the top wildcard fighting for my postseason life this weekend. He sure helped my opponent and significantly hurt my chances of finishing in the money.
  2. Okay you know I ya man, so I don’t want you to think I’m piling on or flaming you, I just think we’re coming at this from very different points of view... I will certainly admit that the outcome is not 100% certain at this point, so I do hope to see a lot more discussion on Garcon and the Colts young offensive weapons going forward. The Colts passing offense is a golden goose for fantasy football purposes, and it is well worth discussing IMO. However, with debate and examination I sometimes find myself either more secure in my analysis or at other times am forced to reassess my opinions based on quality postings of others, and new data or info that I hadn’t considered previously. Either way, I’m less concerned about winning or losing an argument, than being willing to be flexible and re-form an opinion when appropriate so that I can learn from the exchange and hopefully get the next one right, when a similar situation comes along.All that said, I don’t agree with you or believe that anyone who has contributed to this debate is trying to twist or obscure the facts or ignore any relevant data, or spread "quite a bit of misinformation" here. Instead I would say that we have a different interpretation of the facts/data at this point in time, and a disagreement over how to best interpret the Colts’ WR situation. Against NE Garcon caught 3 passes for 50 yards and 1 TD, a fine "fantasy" performance, unfortunately this wasn't a good outing in "reality" because he was targeted 11 times and only came up with 3 receptions. But what else does this outing really tell us?Consider that most WRs in the NFL typically require a year or two of seasoning before they emerge, and even established studs can have a bad game. We are talking about a developing 2nd year player here who essentially ‘redshirted’ his rookie season, and is now in his 1st season as a starter. Keep in mind also that he is making a pretty big transition to go from Div III to starting flanker for one of the NFL’s premier passing attacks on an undefeated Indianapolis Colts squad. That’s a pretty steep learning curve, so I wouldn’t be so quick to base my evaluation of Garcon’s development based on one game, or possibly an over-reliance on a few comments made by TV analysts of a single game. That’s just too small of a sample size and can be a very dangerous practice when forming one’s opinion on a young player’s development. At the very least we should look beyond this small sample size and look to the season in its entirety (or at lest the 3/4 that's been completed thus far). This big picture approach would seem to indicate that despite a poor outing against NE, Garcon has steadily improved and his role in the offense is being solidified, not diminishing or stagnating. I say this based on the fact that he has been targeted a minimum of 7 times in each of the last 7 games (since the Colts week 6 bye), and has steadily been improving his catch % that you have been particularly concerned about. This fits very well with the theory that Garcon is learning on the job and making the necessary progress to be able to hold down the flanker job in the future. Since the Patriots, Pierre has caught 6/7, 5/7, and 6/10 targets, and in terms of fantasy performance he has now moved into the top 25 in WRs fantasy points scored in non-PPR leagues! That’s higher than Gonzalez’s finish outside the top 40 last season, and it speaks volumes as to the richer opportunities available from the outside as opposed to those availalbe from the slot in this Colts offense. And it speaks volumes more to me in terms of trends going forward, rather than just focusing on the NE game and projecting Garcon to be kicked to the curb or relegated to sharing time upon Gonzo's return. Others have covered the fact that just because two players are the same height and have similarly posted 40 times doesn’t make them or their role in the offense interchangeable, and what I would add once again here, is simply that last season Gonzo did his work primarily out of the slot while Garcon is in Harrison's old spot, and that their differing roles within the same offense have differing impacts on catch %. Just as in any other NFL offense, not all WR roles in this offense offer the same routes, situations, and opportunities.If you really want to make more meaningful comparisons regarding catch % in Indy’s offense, then you need to compare Collie’s 68% this year from the slot to Gonzo’s 71% last year from the slot; and where Garcon is concerned you should compare his catch % with Marvin Harrison’s in prior years. I was only able to find target/catch % info from 2004 on (Marvin’s 9th season til his 13th and final season). Here are Harrison’s catch % from the last 5 seasons: 61%, 62%, 64%, 63%, & 56% respectively while working the outside in Indy. Obviously Harrison is a HOF caliber WR and Garcon is only in his 2nd year in the NFL, and 1st season as a starter. Therefore if you want an explanation for his sub-60% catch%, then I would suggest it probably has something to do with a young player’s learning curve, rather than proof that Gonzalez or Collie are better receivers. Regardless, over the last five weeks Garcon’s Catch % is 57% (including that stinker against NE) and over the last three its 71%. If Manning and the Colts were overly concerned about Garcon’s catch %, I doubt they would have thrown the ball his direction 59 times over the last 7 games. Either way, for right now I’m not as concerned about catch%, as I am about just seeing growth and signs of improvement as Garcon learns the position and develops a rapport with Manning. Happily that appears to be what we are seeing and Polian has come out repeatedly and indicated that Garcon is on schedule or exceeding the Colts expectations for his development. I will grant you that this all seems unbelievable given that this past offseason there was plenty of speculation about Gonzalez taking over Harrison’s old role in the offense and Collie appeared to have been highly drafted to take over Gonzo's slot duties. What may have also solidified this paradigm in people’s minds is that during the offseason Manning and Gonzo even worked on routes together in preparation for taking over Harrison’s old role in the offense, and as recently as early in August there was a quote from Manning, about his confidence in Gonzo taking over that very role in the offense. I myself assumed it to be an inevitable outcome. But then a very unexpected and funny thing happened… Also in August, Peter King started reporting that some guy named Pierre Garcon was really turning heads and greatly impressing in training camp, and that this relatively unknown 2nd year WR appeared to be better suited to the Harrison role that I just took for granted that Gonzalez was earmarked for. King admitted that Manning favored "Gonzalez outside to start, because he spent two days a week during the offseason working individually with him at the Colts' training facility, perfecting their precision and timing on all the routes he used to throw to Harrison in his sleep." But King still maintained that he liked Garcon a lot, and that "the Colts are likely to go one of two ways with their offensive sets: Wayne left and Anthony Gonzalez right, with Clark and rookie third-round pick Austin Collie in the slot; or Wayne left, second-year Division-III find Pierre Garcon right, with Gonzalez and Clark in the slot." This is when I originally started taking notice, although I can’t say that I bought into the idea immediately. A little research revealed that Bloom had very good things to say about Garcon as a rookie in training camp and that Anthony Borbely had pimped Garcon around the same time last year, as a diamond in the rough due to his Div III background, and 6th round draft pedigree potentially overshadowing his true ability. It still wasn't enough to get me to move on him, and I figured Pierre was still a long shot at best. Gonzo and Collie both had higher draft pedigrees, Gonzo had already performed very well as a 3rd WR and paid his dues, and he had gone to great lengths in establishing a strong working relationship with Manning and preparing for the 2009 move to the outside. That seemed to leave little room for an upstart 6th rounder to emerge anytime in the near future, and to grab one of the premier NFL WR spots in one of the NFL’s top offenses. However, I made a mental note to keep an eye on this situation – just in case. After all, if there was a relatively unknown WR in Indy who might one day take over this coveted job then it was worth monitoring for dynasty purposes, and I figured it would be something to watch for - probably more so in 2010 than in 2009. This was the part that really got to me when I first read it, and if you were then hats off to you, because I couldn't resist responding at some point, as you seemed to imply that I was playing around with the facts or in denial about the Colts’ plans for their WRs. Au contraire mon frere! Before Garcon’s emergence I fully expected that Gonzo would start opposite Wayne, and that Collie was going to work from the slot (and believed that he had been drafted so highly because their would be a strong need to replace Gonzalez's production in 3 WR sets). Still it seemed pretty far-fetched that Garcon could waltz in and earn significant playing time ahead of Gonzalez, so King's tweets and articles weren't enough for me to jump on the bandwagon and throw my chips ‘all in’ in an attempt to secure him on my dynasty roster. However, Gonzo’s injury and Garcon’s play in the first few weeks of the season, combined with Polian’s repeated praise heaped on the development and projected future career path of Garcon convinced me. IMO when you are examining a fluid and competitive situation such as the one emerging from Colts camp between Gonzalez, Collie, & Garcon, then it behooves you to listen when a guy like Polian goes way, way, out of his way to continually single one of them out as a potential HOF talent, exhibiting skills that he claims the prolific Colts offenses of the past have been missing, and saying that Garcon’s arrow is pointing up from here on out. Especially when that WR is being groomed for one of the NFL’s premier jobs on the right side with Peyton Manning throwing to him. Also as you mentioned this GM has a bigger investment in terms of draft picks in Gonzalez and Collie, yet it is Garcon he is praising and talking up as having the big role in the Colts' future. If anything you'ld expect that kind of talk about the guys who are higher draft picks. That in and of itself ought to tell you something...In summary Garcon is doing a nice job filling in for Harrison this year. Gonzo’s damage was done primarily inside and Collie is doing a nice job of filling in for Gonzalez. In light of the progress he’s making, I can’t foresee any reason why Garcon will relinquish the job in the future, but rather Collie may lose out when Gonzo returns. For now option 1 and 2 in this offense are Wayne and Clark, but there is an opportunity for Garcon to eventually work his way into Manning’s #1 or #2 option. I can’t say for sure that will ever happen, but I would give him a MUCH better chance of earning that distinction than Gonzalez moving forward.
  3. 1. Apples and oranges to compare their catch percentages, since Garcon has operated mostly as an outside WR with mostly medium to deep routes, whereas Gonzalez was a third WR who operated a lot out of the slot on possession routes last year. One would expect Gonzalez's to be higher.2. As you have shown, Gonzalez flourished in that WR3 role last year. Why is it so farfetched to think he would return to that same role and Garcon could continue playing well on the outside?I have none of these guys, but I've been impressed with Garcon when I've seen him play this year.All that said, I wouldn't be surprised if the grouping of Gonzalez, Garcon, and Collie behind Wayne and Clark will be sharing the WR2 and WR3 roles to the extent that none of those three will be particularly fantasy worthy for the next couple of years barring injury or departure. What Polian described earlier this season is translating onto the field on Sundays, and I've never heard him talk in these glowing terms about gonzo or Collie. Garcon doesn't play Gonzalez's postion in this offense. He is much more than a possession/slot receiver, his GM has lavished praise on him all season long, indicated that his career is all upside from here on out and compared him to a HOF WR, plus Pierre is only in his 2nd year in the NFL, is only 23 yrs. old, is developing much faster than previous WRs have in Indy in recent memory, and oh yeah he has that Manning guy for at least a few more years throwing the ball to him.As DoubleG and Colts' GM Bill Polian have mentioned, Garcon is noticeably thicker and stronger than Gonzalez which makes his unnatural combination of size/strength + burst/speed that much more impressive than Gonzo's skillset. In the words of GM Polian, just last week, Garcon is "turning into a run-after-the-catch threat that we've never had here." Think about that for a second... Now consider that Polian has been pimping Garcon pretty much all year long to the exclusion of Collie and others...I'm not at all worried about gonzo cutting into Garcon's numbers. Heck Garcon is only in his 1st season as a starter and next year Garcon is most likely going to play on the outside in Harrison's old role, and Gonzo and Collie will most likely play the slot. I would much rather place my bets on Garcon vs. Collie or Gonzo going forward. As a matter of fact, I already have...
  4. Are we still keeping an open mind about the WR situation in Indy? This won't be truly settled until next year, but I think the 23 year old Garcon has a great outlook and based on his talent level, a potential for Marvin Harrison-like production in the next couple of years. He's more than a "one-trick pony"/deep threat (see Meachem, Robert and his 18.8 YPC & 8 TDs on only 39 targets), but rather Garcon and his role in the Colts offense is maturing much faster than I had even hoped earlier this season. As SSOG has pointed out elsewhere, when you have Peyton Manning leading your offense, all that is required to become a FF difference maker at WR is targets. Now that we're 3/4 of the way through the 2009 season, I believe it's now safe to say that Garcon is getting these on a regular basis. And based on the front office's public affection for Garcon, Manning's increasing trust in him (3rd in targets now on the team with 80 - behind Wayne's 121, and Clark's 97), and the fact that Collie/Gonzalez are better suited to play the slot, then I feel more confident than ever before to say that Garcon is the receiver to target for potential future stardom in this offense going forward. Meanwhile even if/when Gonzo returns, I think Collie will be negatively impacted moreso than Pierre. This offseason if you can grab Garcon without having to pay a WR2 price tag, I'ld recommend doing so... Edit to add: I am probably going to get flamed for citing Meachem, so maybe I shouldn't have chosen him. I know that many are high on Meachem lately and consider him to be the next big thing in NO. I wasn't really trying to run him down, or tick off his admirers. All I'm really trying to demonstrate is that Garcon receives more targets than a situational WR, NOT a comparison between Meachem and Garcon going forward. Go ahead and substitute whoever you prefer as a better example of a situational deep threat if you like. I'm not really interested in engaging in a Meachem vs. Garcon debate.
  5. That's getting it done! I need to take a page from this book, myself. I do a good job on draft day and in assessing future talent, where I've generally hit more often than missed. But I've often waited too long to make deals, and when I really want a player, I've had to over pay or pass on them altogether.Currently stuck with Palmer as my #1 as well, and whiffed badly on opportunities to obtain Romo, Brees, and others this year because of poor timing and not moving when these players where at lowest value.It's pretty tough to strike the right balance between being patient with guys on your roster or identifying the right moment to make a move for players you covet without having to pay through the nose for them. With players values constantly rising and falling, timing becomes a critical factor in trades. Great example!
  6. Not in the ballpark, IMHO. I own Stewart and there is no way I would trade him away at that value. You have to keep in mind you are negotiating with a guy who probably used a top 3 rookie pick to get Stewart. Having done that, and waited out 2 years, he's that much closer to his payoff. Right or wrong you will probably need to pay starter value for Stewart in dynasty, based solely on his youth and upside.Exactly. This is such a key point of trading that many people don't consider. You have to put yourself in the other guys shoes... what did he do to acquire this player? What has he been doing with him? Has he been starting him? When you want a player like Stewart, you absolutely have to give the guy a top 5 pick or a currently very good player (say, Santonio Holmes) at the least to get his attention. It would make zero sense for him to have spent a top 3 pick, carried him for two years (during which the player has looked primed to break out), and then trade him for far less than was spent to acquire him. This was much like Mendenhall earlier this year. As the owner, I had several people lowballing me and I kept telling them I spent the 4th overall for this guy I'm not just going to give him up for nothing. It's a start 2 quarterback league, so I ended up getting Sanchez (taken with the 1.05). Both players have had their good and bad moments, but the key to making the trade happen was the other owner recognizing I needed to be compensated for the high pick I spent to acquire Mendenhall and my roster was in a need of a young QB. Perfect offer. I live in Oregon and am a Duck fan (smelling Roses this morning) who marveled at Stewart during his college days. I have always thought if he could avoid the injury bug (my biggest concern for him) he has top 5 potential. Not so far out to think he could have a year or two where he is the best. That said I have coveted him in our dynasty/salary cap league for quite some time. Just waiting for the right time to make an offer. The guy who had him was in a dog fight for first when Cedric Benson went down. His other weakness was WR3. At this time Justin Forsett had just gone off after the JJ injury. I offered him Forsett and P. Garcon for Stew. He said YES! I suppose the lesson there is to look at your league and be prepared to leverage panic/need to get someone you covet. Now I just need Deangelo to go away... Wow! Nice deal for you! I like Garcon more than most, but I don't see Forsett as much more than a short term band-aid. Even though I'm not as high as others on Stewart, at the very least he is a great asset whose value is certain to rise and could be useful as part of a future trade, and at best you just landed a core player and future STUD for pennies on the dollar IMHO.
  7. People have mentioned Steven Jackson twice already, and that's because Jackson is the best physical comp in the league today, although Stewart is actually a significantly better specimen, believe it or not. Here are their combine numbers:Jackson- 6'2", 231lb Stewart- 5'10", 235lb Jackson- 4.55 40 yard dash Stewart- 4.46 40 yard dash Jackson- 9'10" Broad Jump Stewart- 10'8" Broad Jump Jackson- 37.5" Vertical Stewart- 36.5" Vertical As you can see, despite being more massive (4 pounds heavier *AND* 4 inches shorter), Stewart ran the 40 almost a full tenth of a second faster, and had 10" more on his broad jump (although Jackson's vertical was an inch higher). When you watch Steven Jackson play and you watch how physically dominant he is over his peers, you have to realize that Stewart is potentially even MORE dominant. He's arguably the best physical specimen to ever enter the league at the RB position. Ever. We're talking off-the-charts upside potential, here. And this isn't a Matt Jones situation, where he's all potential with nothing to show for it- he's been extremely effective so far in his career in limited action. He's averaging 4.6 career ypc, and he's been very effective in short yardage situations. He runs with power and authority, and he has one of the filthiest stiff arms I have ever seen. When he gets a starting job all to himself, I fully expect him to produce in the MJD/ADP/CJ3/SJax tier. Worst case scenario, he finds himself in the Gore/Williams/Turner tier. What would you be willing to give up at the very most to get him? What's his maximum buy value, where at some point you say "I won't go any higher than this".I've been trying to obtain him for over a month from one owner, but I haven't been willing to give up much more than a 2010 late first and late second rounder for him. (10 team) Am I not assigning enough value to him or am I in the ballpark? If you are as high on him as SSOG, EBF and others, then clearly you aren't even in the ballpark yet. So if you want Stewart you're going to have to pay a lot more than a late first rounder in 2010. However, I wouldn't recommend it.Although it's not going to be a popular opinion around here, I wouldn't trade for Johnathan Stewart unless his owner undervalues him. He possesses great skills and on paper looks like a potential HOF'er, but he is also a bigger back with a history of lower body injuries. I am generally concerned about large RB and those who play a more physical and bruising style, and I believe that most of them have a propensity to break down earlier in their careers. I wonder if Stewart's bulk and the violence of the game are just too much for his lower body (joints, tendons, feet, etc.) to handle. I see potential red flags here that his legs may not be able to support a lengthy career as a bellcow RB in the NFL. But that's like.... just my opinion man...
  8. I am perplexed about how to value Matt Ryan and Jason Witten moving forward. A week or two ago I thought of both of these guys as being worthy of at least top 5-10 status amongst their positional rankings (dynasty of course). However, their respective extended runs of mediocrity has both of these guys in the mid to low teens (positional ranking wise for this season) in my league, has really got me wondering now that we are 1/2 way through the season. Anyone have any insights as to why either of these guys are struggling, or do you think this is perhaps closer to what we can expect from them moving forward?
  9. I hear you on Roethlisberger. I really like Big Ben's skillset and moxie, but he's been up and down from a fantasy perspective from year to year. Plus from what I've seen he absorbs a lot of punishment and I wonder if either injuries or Pittsburgh's weather and traditional emphasis on ball control offense will keep him from making a long term jump into tier 1.Similarly, Cutler is taking a physical beating and his situation in Chicago may not lend itself to consistently producing like a fantasy uber stud, but I do trust him to remain in tier 2 on talent alone (much like Ben).I also like Matt Ryan's fast start in the NFL and the fact he plays in a dome/warm weather, but I'm concerned by his declining comp % and increased INTs in year two (I think Yards per attempt and Comp % are critical in assessing a QBs worth), but NFL pundits LOVE this guy as a future Manning type.I also like Rivers and Romo about equally well for opportunity/weather, good YPA and comp % (although in the past Romo turns the ball over too much and Rivers comp % has dipped below 60% this year).I'm just having a hard time commiting to which one to go after because they are so close IMO. Also, I'm really not sure what I have in Stafford right now. There's always the possibility that this #1 pick overall in the 2009 draft turns out to be as good as any of these guys, and keeping him instead of making a trade won't cost me anything.
  10. With that running back depth you really ought to be able to get a top tier QB. I wouldn't trade any of those running backs for any of the quarterbacks in that 2nd tier unless you were getting an additional significant player. Something like Turner for Rothlisberger AND Bowe for example.I don't see any tier 1 QBs being traded in this league... And yes, I would definitely be asking for more than JUST A QB, but situations are a little different depending on trade partners and I didn't want to go into all the possible combinations here. Rest assured that some combination of WR(s) would also be part of the deal, but I didn't want this to be an analysis of "how did I do" on a trade. Instead, I'm most interested in deciding which QBs to target for greatest upside, or conversely if people think it's a bad strategy to put a #1 RB back into circulation, given that I control four RB1s in a 10 team league which only allows 2 starting RBs per team (no FLEX). That's an advantage in and of itself, whether it's as a protection against injuries, or an advantage over opponents by limiting the supply of #1 RBs.
  11. I'd answer, but I am biased. LOL - Thought for a second about creating an alias and crafting a more generic question, but it's not like you wouldn't have realized it was me.
  12. Big Ben - One of the best QBs in the game, period. The Steelers' best offense clearly revolves around keeping the ball in his hands in an uptempo style.Ryan - You just saw his worst game of the year. He's fine for now and gold in the future. Return of slot receiver Harry Douglass next year will help too.Rivers - What's not to like? Not a superstar, but should be Top-10 for years.Romo - As Magaw said, Austin has "weaponized" him once again. He's a good bet for 30 TDs in any year where he has a legit No. 1 receiver.Flacco - Would love to see him with more talent at wide receiver, but he's a young Big Ben and making good with what he has. His arm strength, decision-making, and intangibles are off the charts.Schaub - Let's see how he handles the loss of Daniels. Still believe he's a better fantasy QB than NFL QB.Cutler - I got a good idea about that 10-cent head of his. Still think he's Jeff George Jr. He's a doucher.I have a glut of RBs and can only start 2 of them, but last year I got burned with Palmer's injury and no depth behind him, so I'm considering acquiring a 2nd tier QB before this year's playoffs (fairly confident I will make the playoffs).However I already own Carson Palmer and Matt Stafford (and would give up Stafford and a RB in a potential trade). Since I feel pretty confident that Palmer can maintain 2nd tier type QB production himself and doubt I can get Brees, Manning, Brady, I'ld like to trade for a 2nd tier QB that has the best or most upside or chance of becoming a tier 1 QB in the future. My choices are to stay put with Palmer and Matt Stafford (and hope Stafford can develop) or trade from my depth at RB to pick up one of the aforementioned 2nd tier QBs. I am solid everywhere and am a contender, but am waffling because I'm afraid I will pick the wrong QB to trade for, or that I will strengthen a competitor to the point of having them use the RB I trade them to beat me later on in the playoffs. (Ten team league, can only start 2 RBs and I'm hoarding MJD, CJ, SJax, & Turner - all four in the top 8 or 9 in RB scoring in my league).Any advice on strategy or strong opinions about which 2nd tier QBs to focus on acquiring?
  13. I know Youtube videos can make anybody look good by just focusing on their "greatest hits/plays" but look at the size speed combo and YAC potential here. Gotta admit it's pretty intriguing. Blows past DRC for 50+ bomb Displays excellent RAC on screen pass vs. Miami Garcon Catches on with Colts Better still, check out this interview from a week or two ago. I absolutely love his humble attitude and the revelation that Reggie Wayne has been mentoring him. Also, during this clip they show his ridiculous stat totals (albeit from Division III) and number of national titles won in college. Combine all that with his size/speed combo, winning track record, and Polian's gushing over him and I've officially got a mancrush on this kid!
  14. FULL DISCLOSURE: I went out of my way to acquire Pierre in a dynasty league and overpaid for him last weekend.That being said here are some reasons/answers to your questions: Last year Cecil and Bloom confirmed Garcon's raw talents (can't find a link right now), but coming from a Division 3 school (where he dominated) is the main reason for his being drafted in the 6th round. FBG staffer Anthony Borbely addressed this pedigree issue in the Pierre Garcon thread on 07-12-2008: Colts President Bill Polian has been addressing the talent issue and his statements last week caused me to pull the trigger and overpay for Garcon. Here's some of what Polian said just last week: As if that wasn't enough Bill Polian again followed up this week by heaping even more praise upon Garcon and his long-term future success with the Colts and talks HOF this time! I would be more concerned about Collie and Gonzalez if Polian was just talking up entire WR core, but he's not... Even though Collie had a great game this past week against Seattle. Instead he's still going out of his way to single out Garcon, and express that the Colts believe they have something very special in Pierre. I think this may be more than 'fluff'.Now combine Polian's strong feelings about Pierre with the fact that Garcon is best suited to take over Harrison's old role in the offense, and that Peyton Manning will be slinging footballs around Indy for several more years to come, and suddently Garcon becomes quite an interesting proposition IMO. So much so that I just couldn't resist acquiring him in an effort to stay ahead of the curve. I may be wrong about Pierre, and it wouldn't be the first time, but once the consensus on a player changes from "potential", "situational player", etc., into a must have "core player" it's probably too late to acquire him in your dynasty league...
  15. There's a mighty big difference between Wilbon saying he's not surprised because of Sean's background, and some shark pool tool saying that Sean 'got what he deserved'. I'm not a Wilbon apologist, but IMO this wouldn't have gotten him banned. I think Wilbon is making a connection between violence and thuggery in society and how pervasive it is becoming in pop culture and carrying over to the high profile lifestyles of celebrity and/or professional athletics. It's an alarming trend that has become frequent enough that it no longer surprises him. At least that's how I'm taking it...
  16. You can't compare a photo shoot in Playboy with her stripping/doing pr0n videos.Now I know you're
  17. I agree that grilling the wife isn't going to accomplish much at this point, but this isn't about a fact finding mission to satisfy MITYH's curiosity. I don't think he will ever get a satisfactory explanation. Where I really disagree is thinking that MITYH can be satisfied telling himself that nothing really happened in the bathroom and that he can just wish this whole episode and his wife's reactions to it out of his memory, and that he will not only be the happier for it, but will also have a better marriage. Sorry, but that's just talk GB... It is pretty clear that MITYH feels disrespected by his wife. If he doesn't get resolution of this and feel that his wife has acknowledged what he has gone through here, then how can he really put this matter to rest? How long before it comes creeping back into his mind? Also, and maybe more importantly, IMO his wife doesn't view him with enough respect to avoid putting herself in a really bad position, nor does she appear to want to do whatever it takes to set things right after the fact. This seems to indicate to me that MITYH may need to make some changes himself, and/or that his wife may have some deeper issues that need to be dealt with to make their marriage stronger. Why tell him that he shouldn't pursue the counseling that might assist in this process? I think to stick their proverbial 'heads in the sand' at this point is the worst possible advice... It's not about witch hunts - it's about getting to the bottom of why their marriage was put into this position. It's about identifying the real underlying problems that led up to the current state of affairs (not just the time in the bathroom). If they can agree to aggressively do something together to find out what they need to be working on then they can really put this all behind them and build a solid relationship/marriage.
  18. At this point it is unlikely that you are ever going to know how far things went in the stall. If you love her and feel that she still loves you and you don't want to divorce then just drop the whole thing. I doubt that either one of you would allow something like this to happen again.Stop at the florist on the way home from work, get her some flowers, and tell her that you want to move on. Tell her you won't bring it up and don't ever bring it up again. I guarantee that you and her will feel a lot better. NOT A I like your advice in some instances, but this isn't one of those moments. The problem here is that if Mrs. MITYH is not being truthful ('I don't remember', 'Let me have a few days to think about what to say about the incident after I have even more time to think about how to spin it', 'why are we still talking about me disappearing into a bathroom stall with your buddy Steve for 15 minutes', and 'I don't see the need for marital counseling'), then how can you guarantee MITYH that buying some flowers and telling his wife he'll never bring it up again is going to make him feel a lot better. It's far more likely that as time goes by, MITYH will feel unresolved, disrespected, and his distrust and pain will turn to bitterness towards his wife.
  19. MITYH I think this is great advice... This is a critical fork in the road in your marriage and in your life. 'I don't remember', 'when do we get to stop talking about this', and showing a lack of interest in counseling to help both of you improve your marriage isn't going to allow you to ever put this behind you. You and your marriage were not treated with the proper respect, and your wife certainly bears responsibility here, but you've got a lot of work to do as well. If you really want to have a marriage worth keeping then not only must your wife have a strong desire to preserve/fix the marriage, but also she must begin to see you differently than she did prior to the infamous bathroom incident. If you have your wife's respect, then you probably won't have to worry about her putting herself in these types of situations. You don't have to be a jerk, but you definitely need to become more assertive, strong minded, etc.Good Luck MITYH
  20. Good work once again F & L... Unfortunately about 1/2 of my dynasty league is probably watching and I've got some serious trading to do this offseason.
  21. OK, I would. Let me ask you this: Is Marc Bulger as good as he's going to get? I mean, he's in his prime, right? I think '04 - '06 is probably as good as it gets for Marc Bulger. He may be better in '07, he may be worse. So how good is he right now? Career high passing TDs = 24. That's Tom Brady in an off year. I'll tell you this much. I had Marc Bulger in a re-draft league this year, and I left him on the bench about half the games. What's the point of a top 5 QB if you're always looking for a better option? Marc Bulger is a pretty good fantasy starter. I'm looking for greatness. I see greatness in Young, Roethlisberger, Leinart & Rivers. If I don't receive that greatness on my timetable, there's always a gullible owner overlooking the Favre, Kitna, Leftwich, etc. on their roster who are startable in the meantime. Just a difference in style I guess. He's better right now then the ones you've ranked over him. Do you really see greatness in Young? How in his passing? TD? How many games must a QB start in order to see greatness? What's your definition of greatness? Worthlessberger has been horrid and Pitt is a run first team. Leinart has had some ups and down and really hasn't started enough. River has been good not great. If you've seen greatness in these player I need to keep my glasses on, cause I haven't seen it. Time for a new prescription?