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  1. It is like a ghost town around here. Anybody have a link to the depression thread?
  2. Brits vote to Leave. Cameron resigns. SJWs worldwide meltdown on social media. CNN hires Corey. Trump is about to speak in Scotland. (Chinese checkers yet again) It has been quite the past 24 hours.
  3. Tough day for the anti-gun nuts. Senate Votes Down 4 Measures Meant to Curb Gun Sales Even tougher day for Pocahontas So now the Orlando tragedy is ISIS related? Convenient. Obama and Hillary are going to be disappointed.
  4. Liberals deny Orlando attack motivated by Islam I am pretty sure one of our fellow FBGs lives in Williamsburg. Are all of your neighbors this mentally challenged?
  5. For those in denial, CNN just confirmed the shooter called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS.
  6. Only in the FFA is the response to a Muslim terrorist attack in FL a debate on gun control and Christian extremists.
  7. I know we were all praying the shooter would be one of those radical Muslim Republicans. Unfortunately, that is not the case this time. Omar Mir Seddique MateenFlorida Voter Registration Key Details Party Democratic Party Race Other Gender Male Voter Status Active Registration Date July 19, 2006 (9 years ago) Birth Year 1986 Address Residential Address Fort Pierce, Florida 34982 County St. Lucie
  8. Muslim terrorist kills 50 gay Hispanics in Florida. No doubt this has an impact on the election.
  9. wtf are you talking about. I know this tragedy makes people emotional but comments like this just make you look foolish. You are no better than the people you are criticizing.
  10. This comment and the 10+ likes it received show how truly out of touch some of the people in this place are. You liberal nuts can keep your heads in the sand as much as you want but it isn't going to save anyone's life.
  11. I think those isidewith surveys must be rigged to tell everyone they support Libertarians. I took it a few weeks back and had Peterson and some other LP dude around 80%, Johnson/McAfee/Trump/random LP candidate in the 70% range, Cruz and Stein in 60% range, then Bernie in 40% range, and Hillary around 10%.
  12. I am not sure anybody still considers Romney legit, other than Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck, and those guys make Rosanne Barr and Don King look good. I bet Johnson/Weld would prefer Romney to keep his loser stank away from them, unless they are just desperate for money.
  13. Not sure if the nut job is dead yet, but he got lit up by the cops: The video is intense.
  15. Through the first half of season one. And yeah that is being a little generous to Peggy but I dig that blue eyed innocent on the outside dirty on the inside vibe. After I made that post she started wearing the fat suit for rest of the season. Through two and a half seasons I would rank them (based on their screen looks, not real life looks): 1. Don's new secretary Jane 2. January Jones 3. Christina Hendricks 4. Alison Brie