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  1. That guy definitely like to take his time, nibbling the cotton candy.
  2. The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, featuring a yound Richard Dreyfus as a young wikkidpissah. Link above. it’s a thoroughly excellent film.
  3. It’s not cool to say, and I love them both. Like top 1 & 2 movies all time. But 2 is better. The only one who could’ve played Vito Corleone better than Brando is DeNiro.
  4. That couscous looked pretty good to me. I just hope it didnt have raisins in it.
  5. “No Pepper”
  6. Man, i love this thread. That’s two really excellent movies in 2days. Thanks for this link.
  7. That’s definitely a word. And words can describe things. I’m not sure if I’d use that word to describe those things, though.
  8. It’s clearly a rat head. Right?
  9. Can’t name my sources, but there’s some really big things about to drop on some of the most popular twitter handles that have been claiming insider info from the Mueller investigation. Wear a helmet!
  10. One of your neighbors has apparently fallen under the influence of a Colo Colo. And is also taking sculpture classes at the local JC. Call the local Machi, and leave a stretched canvas and some oil paints on the doorstep.
  11. Brilliant. Just finsihed watching it. Man, what a movie. Thanks for the rec.
  12. Ftr, I wasn’t trying to classify Ron, but answering his question of the act itself. I stand by my offering of the widely accepted litmus test. Also, ftr, Ron could have sucked the skin clean off that Puerto Rican ladyboys magic flute and I would think, neither more nor less of him, in any capacity. Do as thou wilt, but do no harm.
  13. I’ll consider it... but I notice the fine print says “plate stand not included”. Remove that verbiage, and I think we might just have a deal.
  14. Well, then, we definitely disagree. If officers are involved in a foot pursuit of a fleeing suspect, and that suspect produces a gun- that’s authorization of lethal force. Your standard of decision making doesn’t make any sense to me, based on all available evidence I have seen and supporting law and existing police procedure.
  15. Wasn’t JPP caught on tape, picking up Prince Amukamara and dumping him in the ice tub a few years back? It was around the same time as the Jonathan Martin thing in MIA, and word was out of some bullying in the Giants’ locker room.