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  1. Just a hunch, but I think the Latino guy from the GBI gets offed tonight, chasing after the ex-con tiddy bar owner.
  2. No, I'm sorry. I've conferred with the other judges, and this is not acceptable.
  3. No sir. I did, however, have to check out his john thomas for signs of bleeding.
  4. How could he have any pudding, if he hadn't eaten his meat? Actually, we went backwards. Clear liquids, progressing to soft foods. I did not have the pleasure of seeing how his diet progressed from there.
  5. Charles Manson. Wish I had an interesting story, but he was disappointingly mundane. I gave him some pudding.
  6. 🤫 hmmm, after much consideration, I'll allow it.
  7. If you don't eat peanut butter, what's the point of even having jelly in the house?
  8. Man, we are eerily similar. How are you at remembering dates/events? I struggle to remember birthdays and anniversaries. When I am talking to people about stuff that happened, I have a hard time remembering when it was. Usually, I can pin it down to sometime between 1980 and 2005. Or, it was either last week or October. But my memory for spoken word is uncanny good. I can usually quote movie lines verbatim after one viewing, even lengthy scenes. In college, I could recall an entire lecture in my head, including what was being written on the white board or slides, even though it wasn't a visual picture.
  9. Dang, that's where I know him from. Just binged all the way through and got caught up. I like this show. I never read the book, and since I binged it all at once, it didn't drag at all. Now, I have to wait like the rest of you schlubs, though, so it will probably drag and frustrate me if more doesn't happen faster.
  10. Agreed. I said that when he went back-to-back with the big stop then the INT.
  11. Congrats @ChiefD Congrats, Big Red! Never been a classier guy in the NFL.