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  1. Yes, he is totally alpha.
  2. You do make a salient point. The only alternative to meeting 1:1 with Putin and leaking in the press that you might halt the NATO calendar for joint maneuvers that's been slated for 3 years already, is clearly nuclear war. Plus, after the rousing success in North Korea and their denuclearization, you'd think people would have a little more confidence in Trump's ability to negotiate with world leaders and strike a good deal.
  3. The only thing tougher than your imagined scenario would be the actual scenario when Trump asked him in person, a couple of times, and was told "no." Then he shrugged and said "see? Putin said they didn't do it. And I believe him."
  4. Yeah, I get that. In my head, I'm not overly concerned about a little beer drinking or pot smoking with an 18 yr old. But, my presentation to him will be a hard boundary. I have no desire/tolerance to get myself into trouble with liability for underage drinking or pot smoking. He is smart enough to not drive under the influence. As long as I'm not aware of it, I don't really mind if he does it. If I become aware of it- that's a problem.
  5. Eeesh. Sorry about your experience. I don't think my nephew is in danger of this. He is a pretty self-motivated individual. I already worry about one 18 yo failing to launch. I definitely dont want to add another.
  6. My MIL and FIL live in the boonies, about 40 minute drive from everything. And he has a gas guzzler. The aunt has 4 kids in a 3 bedroom house. We have a spare room in the house. And have always had a really strong relationship with this kid. He respects us.
  7. We get along well. I know their side of the story, already, and I know all of the history involved. I don't want to air out anyone's dirty laundry, but they're mostly upset with his "attitude", which is his being old enough to call them out on a lot of their issues. I imagine they'd actually be grateful to have him somewhere else, when all the smoke clears. I know he's not an angel, but he is a good kid. Solid. With a really good head on his shoulders. He just needs a spot to spread his wings and some gentle guidance on how to unlock some of his potential. And, yes, he works, and is in the process of looking for a better job now that HS is over.
  8. Appreciate it, brother. And, again, I can't say it enough- people like Tecumseh are my heroes. They help dozens of kids and their families every day. They get attached and go through the ups and downs of treatment and manage to provide comfort and care. I swear, working that job must be like a refining furnace, because I have yet to meet a pediatric oncology RN who was not a genuinely good human being.
  9. I'm hippling, I believe it's called, but he should have taken a page from a real American Hero notebook.
  10. He was just shy of his 16th birthday. Original diagnosis came when he was 11.
  11. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. The older versions of the game were too much button mashing for me. I'd love another HZD, but I don't need it to be that, either. I loved Witcher. Maybe this will be my next purchase when I get time to start another game up.
  12. Thanks for the kind words. He fought hard. First osteo, then leukemia secondary r/t the chemo from osteo.
  13. The trailers look really good. And I remember you liking Horizon Zero Dawn. Is gameplay similar? Or is it a button masher?
  14. "Hey, look! Somebody flew that Trump baby balloon to Brussels."