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  1. That's good. If it's not how it plays out, it should be.
  2. Social change is glacially slow. I hope my kids are more tolerant/aware than I was/am. I know I must have unwittingly contributed to my kids using homophobic language- and that makes me feel bad. I want to counteract that, by being an advocate with them for not ostracizing people for being different. But, the main reason I correct them now is this: if they were ever to come out as gay or bi or whatever else, I don't want them to have even a hint of self-doubt as to how much I love them and support them for exactly who they are. I don't want my kids to be gay, or bi or trans. Not because it's an aberration, but because I'd rather not see them struggle against other people's sense of morality.
  3. I have zero expertise on this subject. I don't even have any anecdotal evidence of stories of a cousin's friend. the only thing I can offer is some basic human empathy for that kid and the parents (and any and all kids and parents trying to cope with something so monumental). That seems very young to me, but I have no experience. I doubt many people would force their kids into acting/dressing opposite gender just to virtue signal their liberalness, given most people's refusal to mind their own business and/or be wantonly cruel. I'm willing to give the kid and parents some leeway and fredom that they're doing the best they can. as a related aside I went to High school in the 80s, played sports, had friends and hung out in lockerrooms where we called each other "gay" and "" all the time, because it meant you were lame. Even as an adult, it would sometimes slip out as an insult, though not meant mean-spirited. I've had several friends (usually gay) chide me that it was offensive, small-minded and hurtful. I listened, but mostly thought it was harmless and they were overreacting. My kids picked up the habit. I don't know whether they picked it up from me, or just from other kids. Didn't matter. I started calling them out on it, asking them what was wrong with being gay. Asking them how they'd feel if I went around using their name as an insult. Started having discussions with them about it, and how we treat peoples. Other races, other orientations, other genders, just others. i'm not trying to virtue signal how awesome I am. I am an #######. The point is, we are all of us #######s. Just try and be a little bit better and be human with others.
  4. ProstheticRGK

    Keto II

    Appreciate it. This is exactly why I didn't want to live or die by the scale in the first place. I get too impatient for 2 lb. drops every day. Holding steady.
  5. ProstheticRGK

    Dbag won’t switch seats—would you?

    Hey, what's ur guys' handles on seatsharks? Mine is whitewatchpowerdoosh6969.
  6. ProstheticRGK

    Keto II

    Lol, fair point. I just wanna be 185 by April, I guess.
  7. ProstheticRGK

    Keto II

    A little bummed at the scale number this morning, I won't lie. Seem to have stalled at about 18-20 lbs. lost since 1/27. been pretty rigorous about doing IF/keto at 16:8 or even 18:6. Could be hidden carbs sneaking in, could be fake sweeteners, could be too much protein kicking me out of ketosis, could be normal weight fluctuations. Starting a 96 hour water fast today to jump start and hit those fasting benefits. Then go back to keto and log as I add stuff back. one thing, I'm cutting out the stevia, erythritol and monk fruit. Taste like a hobo's bunghole anyway, so no downside to just completely avoiding them.
  8. You're both gonna feel really silly when the finale shows how integral smoking was to the show.
  9. F'ing cliffhanger. 😬 pretty good episode, though. Can't believe next week is the finale.