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  1. Henna face tattoo or corn rows for a week? No explanation to anyone, either, just show up and never answer when asked.
  2. i could never get tired of watching these videos
  3. Beej from a 5 or handy from a 9?
  4. Playing RISK, better strategy: South America or Australia?
  5. Did you ever get the urge to vote for GM in the EAT OFF thread, just because?
  6. What did you want to be when you were little?
  7. Gun to your head, which one?
  8. No, just a hypothetical
  9. If you were to die, right now, and go up to heaven, what would you want to hear God say to you?
  10. I probably wasn’t being clear enough. HF made an excellent point that,logically, ER usage should drop when universal care went into effect, because people would then have access to a PCP. They, then 1. wouldn’t need to go to the ER for care becuase they had a viable alternative and 2. Presumably wouldn’t let things go until they were emergencies. i disagree with it, anecdotally, based only on my perspective of consumers of healthcare. I think it’s human nature to put off going to see a doctor until things are already bad. Also, the heaviest resource consumers of health care (most of the times in pt’s that have Medicare/Medicaid, in my experience) could have avoided their urgent/emergent condition through compliance with an already diagnosed medical Plan of Care, as prescribed by an MD. I highly suspect that access to a PCP is not the silver bullet to that problem. But, i don’t have facts to back it up, and it IS an interesting point.
  11. I don’t know if I believe this. It might be true, but I’ve seen evidence of people’s behavior and their compliance with care (managing diabetes is a HUGE example) that suggests the exact opposite- that when people are given something for free, they take it for granted and don’t take into account things like cost/effectiveness. At the very least, i think a new universal system would have to include incentives to take responsibility for self-care and utilize the system in the most cost-effective manner.
  12. I’m of the same inclination, as long as the solution for single-payer would be put in an iron-clad lockbox, free of politicizing and free of all sorts of free rider pork and free of constant threat of funding/renewals. And, somehow, there needs to be oversight from real health care professionals. i think implementing a huge bureaucracy into anything makes it more effective in a lot of general ways: economies of scale, price control, greater transparency in data sharing and best practices, standardizing responses and developing algorithms to follow for certain criteria. But, it also makes a huge mess in a lot of other ways. The CEO of our corporation made a really apt analogy- a company our size can’t turn on a dime in response to changes in the market/regulations/new evidence of best practice. It’s like turning an aircraft carrier. You have to keep moving forward and start veering towards your destination, knowing eventually you’ll get there. Smaller, leaner companies can be more nimble and responsive real-time. It’s always a trade-off.
  13. Amazing. Hearing the crowd in that clip gave me goosebumps.
  14. It’s hard to say, definitively. On the positive side, I know, for a fact, that if we had completely guaranteed, no cost to me (was that implied?) health insurance, I’d have had roughly $125k to put toward other uses. Whether i would’ve made good use of it, I can’t say. on the negative side, I’ve seen some effects of government involvement in Health Care, and i fear that my family would not have gotten as good care as they have. I fear that navigating approvals for procedures would have been maddeningly time-consuming. I fear that delays in treatment would have led to premature death and/or unnecessary suffering for my family members. I fear that lowering salaries of practitioners of all stripes would lead to a watering down of the talent and compassion- we might lose the incentive for the best and brightest to work in health care. As a super-consumer of health care, and as a health care professional, i have a pretty unique take on the system. I am torn. I like the idea of Universal coverage. I don’t much like the idea of government-sponsored universal health care. I honestly don’t know what a good solution might be.
  15. When they showed the replay a couple of times during the broadcast, from a different angle, it looked very much like just running a route, and neither guy saw each other until the last minute. Hopefully, he clears protocol before the game.