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  1. ProstheticRGK

    T&P Please

    Thanks for the update, Kee. I have been thinking about you guys, hoping everything was good. Continued prayers for Jack and the whole family, and for good news on a clinical trial.
  2. Which begs the question "Why did all of the people involved in the campaign, from Trump on down, lie about their contacts continuously?"
  3. You're right to be skeptical, given the source. Here's an article from the Dallas Morning News back in May, that details more of Blavatnik's campaign contributions. Notice the huge uptick in amounts in 2016? Notice the usually bipartisan Blavatnik seemingly picking a side? Notice the connections Blavatnik has to Russian oligarchs, through direct business partnerships? Notice the oblique connections outlined to Putin and the Russian state-controlled bank? The pattern is troubling, especially given the recent reveals of political synergy in action during the 2016 election. And, if it comes out that he was funneling Russian oligarch money to the campaign, then it's bad news for Blavatnik. And, if it further comes out that McConnell and other Repubs were complicit in the scheme to funnel Russian money (hey, Maria Buthina and the NRA) then it's bad news for Republicans. I'm not making any claims, but as an outside observer with maybe 20% of relevant info, it sure looks like a conspiracy to circumvent political finance laws. And it sure looks suspisciously like Republicans knew about and encouraged it and were offering special considerations to operatives of foreign hostile powers because of it. I figure if there's evidence out there, the OSC will find it and then we go from there.
  4. ProstheticRGK

    Jokes/Laughter Thread

    A woman is sitting at her deceased husband's funeral. A man leans into her and asks: "Do you mind if I say a word?" "No, go right ahead" the woman replies. The man stands, clears his throat, says: "Plethora" and sits back down. "Thanks," says the woman "That means a lot." Credit
  5. ProstheticRGK

    Killed 4th scorpion in garage this week

    Pride has built a wall, so strong that I can't get through. Is there really no chance to start once again? i'm still loving you.
  6. ProstheticRGK

    Anyone lose hair on their legs?

    Stop wearing compression socks and/or yoga pants.
  7. ProstheticRGK

    Is a picture of deviled eggs funny?

    Are there lead paint chips in the deviled eggs, because that would explain it.
  8. ProstheticRGK

    Cardi B and Offset broke up!

    If it can happen to Cardi B and Offset, what hope do the rest of us have? seriously, what's the percentage of people in here who would have been able to recognize Cardi B from a pic? Or even knew who Offset is?
  9. ProstheticRGK

    Once in a lifetime opportunity - WWYD?

    I enjoyed it, too. Appreciate the entertainment and don't feel the need to critique. But, yeah, the unwatchable flash video was a letdown.
  10. ProstheticRGK

    Once in a lifetime opportunity - WWYD?

    I'm going to guess accurate. Also, Fruit Jewelry was the name of my Depeche Mode/Erasure cover band.
  11. ProstheticRGK

    support shuke snackcrate shtick

    We got people lining up to donate, hungry for videos. We need an ombudsman!
  12. The Teapot Dome Scandal happened, and I don't remember any outrage around here when it did.
  13. ProstheticRGK

    Poll: Wagon Wheel

    No way, bro.
  14. ProstheticRGK

    Poll: Wagon Wheel

    I thought you were talking about this one... I voted "Oh, yeah, turn it up."