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  1. The lady who cuts my hair never says a word, but I see her surreptitiosly bring the scissors over to my ear and clip off a few stray ear hairs. The indignity.
  2. thoughts, good vibes and prayers for Jack, you and the rest of the clan. Be well, brother. i have a Native American healing ceremony this weekend, i will whisper Jack’s name to the Great Spirit.
  3. I used to think I was friends with him. Then I started to fight him. Then I just let him drift away like a red balloon.
  4. Man, it must be a generational thing. I love this song. To me, this is the Stones at their nitty, gritty best. They roll around in the gutter and find the groove and the soul to grow like proud weeds through the cracks in the sidewalk. Mick's vocals fit this kind of song better than anything else.
  5. Walk me out- Morning Dew Grateful Dead version The day after my youngest was born, my Megan had the worst back pain. And for somebody 4'11" and 100 lbs., she was tougher than $3 steak, never complained about anything. I knew something was wrong. After ultrasound, and MRI and CT scans, a friend of ours, her OB-GYN walked in her hospital room and just started bawling. Breast cancer spread everywhere: bones, lungs, liver. Their estimates were about 6 months left., and hospice care. After processing the news, and holding myself together, I walked out to my car for a smoke. There was a ####'s Picks Dead CD from a '79 show already loaded. This song came on and I just wept like a baby. Still chokes me up to listen to it.
  6. Placeholder. Tinder is ridiculously easy, and surprisingly full of cool, down-to-earth women. Of course, i am devastatingly handsome, so that helps. I have 2 dates tomorrow.
  7. That Faithfull version is powerful. Plaintive and vulnerable in a way Mick couldn't pull off. Made me weep, a little.
  8. You're usually so right about things, that I guess it's only fair when you are 100% wrong on something. This is one of those things.
  9. Congrats, dude! You're my inspiration, a lot of times. Awesome how well you've done. Since you've lost so much, Do You have any problems with saggy skin?
  10. not without adult diapers, it’s not.