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  1. There isn't. Mine is a combo air fryer/pressure cooker/crockpot, so it has the basket. I'd definitely prefer trays. I bought some tiered wire racks that fit inside off amazon, they work ok.
  2. What's your process? You parboiling them, or anything?
  3. I've seen Steve Irwin expose the cloaca... hold my beer
  4. Who is on this plane? And what exactly takes place on this plane? Is there money involved? Can you bet on anything? also, what's the title to the movie? it wasn't clear from the clip. i am in.
  5. funny, I noticed the same thing. I bet there’s something to it.
  6. Apparently not. He just wanted us all to be jealous that he still has it.
  7. Work update from a healthcare worker. Sacramento area is getting hit pretty hard. I work in one of the outlying counties, right on the border with Sac County and we are impacted: into our surge level 2 bed placement. We had been sending all our positive cases to our sister hospitals (large Level 1 trauma hospitals with huge dedicated COVID wards- multiple beds) they are all full. Had to shut down our regular ICU, and move all COVID negative patients into essentially broom closets and turn our existing ICU into a dedicated COVID ward. All 8 beds are filled, in less than a week. All this to say, I had relaxed my stance on the seriousness of this pandemic- I'm not anymore. For God's sake, if you're going out in public, wear a mask. When you see an otherwise healthy 30-something year old drop their oxygen saturations into the 70s just from getting up to use the bathroom, and take a good 10 minutes to come back up to 92% (low normal) with supplemental oxygen on, it is sobering. Politics and other bs aside, just protect yourselves and your families.
  8. small world. i wouldn’t want to paint it, though. go grab a cheesesteak from Westgate Pub for me!
  9. It's in the contract that this is the appropriate response to Otis.
  10. See my post above, grew up on the mainline/DelCo and we called it skitching.
  11. Cultivate your relationships with friends and family. Tend to those relationships like you're tending a garden. Choose your inner circle carefully and put in work for the people that really matter in your life. Travel. See as much of the world as you can. Especially while you're young. Manage your money. Pay yourself first, save, invest in real estate. Really wish I had known this when younger. I lived a pretty bohemian lifestyle, not giving a crap about money and being proud of it. Got a much later start than I wish I had, building a nest egg and preparing for retirement, kids' education, etc. Let time make you money. To reiterate what wikkid said: "Happiness begins where selfishness ends." What a great quote! That is truly the secret to life.
  12. I'll update. Now, you got me wondering how weird "super weird" is.