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  1. for women: bath bombs and smell good sprays. lotions and soaps. hair scrunchies and special beauty products, like makeup brushes, makeup remover pads, gift cards to MAC or Ultra makeups places. scarves, beanies, gloves. gift certificate for a mani/pedi or a spa day. chocolate. new phone chargers, screen protectors, dashboard mount charger.
  2. Cool story, Clown Car! You have a beautiful family.
  3. Lol, that's what I thought, too. Well, my exact thought was "Man, her uterus must be made of adamantium, like Wolverine."
  4. It's great camping there, especially with the river basically in your backyard, but it's just camping. If you want more options for a three-day weekend, book at Penn Creek in Trinidad. It's actually two hours closer drive, and there are a ton of different things to do. That is part of the Redwoods National Park system up at Patrick's Point. I'd be able to fill up a week with places to go that are kid friendly and cool as hell.
  5. Honestly, there is not a ton around Richardson Grove. It is pretty secluded. Great camping and the Eel river is right there for swimming. Bring bug spray and mosquito candles/zappers. There were companies that used to book tubing and rafting trips down the Eel, I don't know any more, but that was fun. Founders' Grove is right there, too, which is a cool spot to see some immense redwoods and an easy hike. In the area there are a bunch of roadside Big Foot shops- worth a half hour, to stretch your legs and walk around and check out all the wood carvings and touristy, kitschy crap. The Benbow Inn is close, which you'll pass on the way. Cool old Georgian style hotel/inn and resort. The closest "city" is Garberville, but I wouldn't recommend anything about it, beside being the most convenient place to go to a real grocery store and stock up on beer, ice, and food. And firewood. If you want a list of places to stop, places to eat on your drive down, let me know. You're gonna pass through God's country.
  6. Hey, man, I don't post in here, but i have started reading again. Would/can you unpack your thoughts on these points? Like what specific policies he might enact that Dems have been talking about/done in the past that make you fear these specific things? Asking in earnest, not wanting to play "gotcha".
  7. @IC FBGCav you got a heart the size of Texas, man. You downplay it, but you're a generous dude. Very cool thing you're doing! To everyone: And this charity is amazing and fantastic! I have been on the receiving end of an identical charity in California, and can say it helped us so much when we really needed it, I can't even put into words how much of a godsend and a blessing the work bigbottom is doing is to the families they help.